What Did We Exhaust Our Youth With #Shorts

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Two feet of the servant will not cease from standing before Allah on the day of judgment until he is asked about four things. So what the Prophet said a lot is going on the saying is that nobody is going to leave the questioning. Nobody's going to stand in front of Allah Tada data and the questioning will not end. Until these four questions come up. You ask what are those four questions? Number one?

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I'm from eau de FEMA, Na, and number two, one Shebaa b He FEMA a bla and number three, one enemy here mme Isla de And number four, one Li Ming a an actus Abba who are FEMA and the province that a lot is said and said that these are the four questions that a person will be asked about number, the first one being that the person will be asked about their life and how they spent it. What did you do in your life? That's the question how