The Khutbah of Shaytan #03 – Iblees Is a Manifestation of Allah’s Power

Yasir Qadhi


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Am also mentions that of the wisdoms of creating a bliss is that a bliss is a manifestation really of Allah's power in that look at the creation of Allah, all types of entities the perfection of Allah's creation, he has the best of the best. He has the angels he has Gibreel he has the melodica he has the gin he has the shell pain, and he even has a bliss. And so a bliss becomes a manifestation Believe it or not of the diversity of Allah's creation and power. And we learned that all of Allah's Maha Luke are equally dependent on Allah that the mahalo can attack other MacCulloch, but when the Muckrock has the harder when the McCulloch turns to Allah subhanho wa Taala then no one

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has power over Allah subhana wa Tada. So the wisdom of the creation of a bliss also manifests itself in US turning to Allah for protection because we realize that we will not be able to protect ourselves without Allah subhanho wa taala. Now one other point here as well, that what is the difference between Shavonne and Iblees? Well, actually the term shaitaan is broader. And Shavonne comes from SHODHANA. And shuttler means all those who cause you to go astray. And so shaytaan is any entity that causes you to go astray. Any entity that becomes a leader of evil, any entity that becomes somebody who is invoking others to be away from the slaughter Mr. Team, and in the Quran, we

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learned that shaitaan is not just a term for the followers of released from the jinn. They're also Shayateen an inci. Well gin sheltering of men and sheltering of gin. So the term Shavonne can apply to both man and to gin. Of course, the majority of Shelton or gin. Now, by the way, I said this in the previous lectures I've given not every gin is a shaytaan gin is a creation like us and there are Muslim agenda are righteous gin, there are good gin worshipping gin and there are also evil gin and the evil gin are called shayateen. But they're also sheltering of mankind as well. In this hadith in Sahih, Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that of the towards the end of times

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people will come that door to another of Wabi jahannam. They are dyes calling but not to Allah, either of Wabi Jahannam they're calling to jahannam and he said, that Shayateen fee salted incense, they are human Shayateen the Hadith literally calls them these are people that are human Shayateen that these are people they are of our flesh and blood, but they are the equivalent of the sheltering amongst men. Now these people they are those whose entire lives is dedicated to fitna and facade to build to bringing filth and misguiding others and we ask all those refuge now a person commits a sin. This doesn't make them misshapen, but a person becomes the door of sin in society. A person

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becomes the leader of evil inviting others to commit sins, then that is indeed a Sheltie. And it's and there are many examples and we ask Allah's refuge and Alfia from that

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