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Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi talks about death, funerals and how Muslims should deal with it – part 2/6


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and context of Islam in the Horn of Africa where Muslims are accepted and respected. They emphasize the importance of not acknowledging someone's actions and not giving up on love or fear, as well as the loss of loved ones and sadness. The segment also touches on the loss of family members and the sadness of losing a loved one. The speakers emphasize the importance of following laws and not giving up on love or fear, as well as the historical context of the womb and the concept of "has been spoken of" or "has been said." They also mention the womb and the importance of respecting it.
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Eritrea and Ethiopia today in the Horn of Africa, close to Somalia, that is the first land that accepted the Muslims.

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There was a king, who was Christian at that time by the name of nigeria, he, later on, he became Muslim hamdulillah the Muslims went to his land, they convinced him to become Muslim. Today we send students overseas, they come non Muslims back.

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If they don't come non Muslims in their salads, in their rabada, they come non Muslims in their behavior.

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What is this, we send you to seek knowledge to get the best of that community and society to come back to benefit the Muslims that we send you so that you become more than God forbids.

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So when Nadia she died, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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now, na hoona who he mentioned him and he mentioned and he announced to people that a good king called the Naja she has passed away. And it is said that he even made Salah to that ipsilateral Jenna's on him sallallahu alayhi wasallam number two,

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it is forbidden, absolutely forbidden for women, or men to cry out loud as to hit their faces, and to throw set to do something abnormal during the funeral. It is absolutely unacceptable in Islam, it is haram. We don't do that. What is lawful is to cry to shed tears. Because it's a human feeling. You lose a loved one, it's normal that you cry, but to hit the table to start breaking. I don't know what why me I still need him I still need her. You need Allah

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will lie allow the new need no one except Allah. If you understand people, people you're trying Subhana Allah to, to give them you give all your youth and all your money and everything. You sacrifice for them, maybe the moment of death, they don't even look at you.

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So you need a law. Remember that you need a law you don't need any human being.

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And anybody you need, besides the law is imperfect and he needs people. But the line is no one.

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So please master the art of returning to Allah.

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And say Allah as much as you can every day, at least by saying, Yeah, Allah. So you remember him. And when you remember him, it was easy for you to understand his messages.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in May it'll be vocal he

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had this idea. Indeed, the dead one Rasulullah saw some says this Hadith, the prophet is speaking, that that person will be punished for the crying of the living.

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And that's why all of you should say, when I die, don't cry out loud. Don't hate yourself for me. So that if people do it, you will not be held responsible to at least say, when I die My children. When I die, my beloved friends, brothers, sisters, students, don't hate yourself or if you cry and cry, but don't cry in Look what the PA the Arabs used to do a long time and they used to hit the face, and then scratch with long nails. And then they open their bathrooms. They take off the cloth. And they used to throw the sand on them. Just to impress the people that we love. And sometimes they are sincere and serious, but strong. That's not how you mourn a loved one.

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And by the way, that's not only with the atoms, it's in so many I was told even Chinese and Indians do that.

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Another Hadith, maybe Allah is salatu salam says moneyhub Allah He fell into who you are as the Boogey Man he had he Almighty Allah,

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that the person will be punished and tortured in the Day of Judgment the way the people have been behaving during his funeral. And that's why as Muslims, we should thank Allah, we should say in any level in Iran, and be busy in doing so and for our loved one and till he or she goes to his grave or her grave. No more than that. Please remember my sisters and brothers.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was taking back from women, he took me he took an oath and Pledge of Allegiance from sisters to but without shaking hands.

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When he was taking back from men, they used to shake hands with him. And he used to shake when women came. He was doing like this and they were telling him or messenger or for

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luck, we promise that we will protect you that we will follow the commandments of Allah, and we will follow all your commandments.

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And then one, one by one they used to pass. He said, What during that ceremony when they were giving him the beta Amata may Allah be pleased with her, the mother of one of the Sahaba yet present at the time, she said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, anybody on mina seleka will have our Shabbat. I am innocently sending them from women who will do this and this and this meaning hitting themselves and doing that. While he was taking beta from them, look how honest he was another political leader, what does it let me take them in a vote and later on, I can know during the vote during that

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I'm telling you that I am innocent from if you do this, and this, they accepted

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at that moment, so that if anyone likes to do that, she can say okay, I don't want to follow you. So if you follow me, follow me with these conditions.

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Crying is permissible, and also less awesome himself cried for his son, Ibrahim. When he was a 63, he was about to die.

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So it's normal, a man losing his son

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losing a loved one. And do you know that losing a branch is much more difficult.

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Losing parents losing children is more than children losing their parents.

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Is 10 times that pain.

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Why because

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it's love within love. But usually, when a young person moans for an old person, that old person, okay, you know, he's old, he's about to go. He's higher than me. So it means he's supposed to go. But somebody who's supposed to live longer yet gone? Is the sort of sola salatu salam said in the lionell utma. Were in the calculation when an Apollo 11 banner were in the pharaoh aka Ibrahim on Amazon. He said the beautiful thing he said, Indeed the I shed tears. Indeed the heart field said but we say nothing except what pleases Allah even insane we should say something that pleases Allah. And indeed, we are very sad for losing you or Ibrahim. He was talking about his son. But he didn't

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say more than that.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also cried for his granddaughter mama the daughter of say is a nap his daughter.

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See the Prophet sighs and then did not only lose his children, he lost his grandkids in his lifetime.

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What a beautiful example for me if tomorrow God forbid something happens. Well, am I better than the Prophet size center? Cannot because he lost

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all of his children in his lifetime except one Remember, all of his children died in his lifetime. Think imagine that happens to you? God forbid.

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Imagine just imagine Is it scary? Just to think like that?

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How about so when he lost Oh, mama. And it's a beautiful name to give to granddaughter? Who Mama, the daughter of Zaid his daughter.

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They saw him crying they said O Messenger of Allah attempt ki

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I want to tell her Anil buka or Mr. Phil, are you crying? Didn't you tell us not to cry? He said no.

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in the drama, this is a mercy that Allah has put in the hearts of mankind.

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Allah will show mercy to those who shoulders.

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Meaning you got me around when I say Don't cry, I didn't mean crying like this, I meant to hit yourselves. So I hope this is very clear. Let us move to another issue. It is prohibited to

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to more and more than three days except for a woman when her husband dies, and we set for months and 10 days. When the husband dies. His wife should mourn him and his wife who is still married to him. By the way, when a woman is divorced, she is no more a wife.

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Is this clear? Because somebody asked me

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brother so and so had the three wives. And I said three Are you sure what do you mean three wives he said he used to have one and he divorced her and he used to have another one. And he divorce her and now he has. I said divorce is gone. When a woman is divorced and after three months, within three months after the divorce

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His pronouns, its final, she cannot even inherit, that's it has she's no more wife.

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So please don't use the word spouse unless she is still and they're the household of her husband.

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So, now why a woman has to mourn for four months and 10 days who can quickly remind us why

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very good. Before this, this is a very good question, answer but but before that,

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because Allah said so

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for me as a Muslim is Allah, I, even if I don't know why,

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I really don't know why Allah said so in the Quran, the prophets as himself in authentic hadith. That's it. But now we know even science has discovered that four months and 10 days of Han Allah Subhana Allah

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is La ilaha illa Allah, I'm going to shock you today tonight with another fact that science scientists have discovered recently, four months and 10 days, lunar four months lunar calendar, not Gregorian, meaning shorter

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when we say lunar is shorter, because in Islam, we don't have 31 days in the moon in the lunar calendar, we have either 29 or 30. And most lunar calendar months are 2929 days, most of them carry 29.

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And like Gregorian 3031 28, like in February and this and that. So when you start counting, if a woman loses her husband today, she started counting, okay, tomorrow is 123.

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She says, Okay, what is today? Well, which day this day, okay, 10 days, and then the next month, and then the next month.

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They found out that four months and 10 days is the maximum period for a woman to know if she is pregnant or not.

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Meaning a woman might be pregnant and she doesn't know that she has a carry the baby because there is no vomiting, there is no sign. She didn't have the signs. But for months and 10 days,

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it's going to the kid the baby will turn in her panelo womb, and therefore she will know that she's that child should inherit from his father. So that his inheritance law and this and that.

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Also, it is proven panela

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I'm sorry to say this, but I have to

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because we need to know an analogy.

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The sperms of men in the womb of the wife, they leave trace, like a cord. There is a cord Pamela and that's why the womb is very sacred in Islam.

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And that's why Allah Subhana Allah Allah said in Surah Nisa in chapter four verse one.

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All you who believe.

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Yeah, you harness all mankind in a headlock Nakhon sakurako theory or law

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continuously and at the end, he said, What?

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law? Two times he said federal law, about what about the wounds, the moves that carried you that ball you should respect them, you should always respect the mother no matter what. Because that womb is very sacred. It's carried you allocated you nine months there.

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How can you talk rudely to her?

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And then after that?

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What did I say nine months, nine months after that Subhanallah sleepless nights. And of course, we are not going to the subject of the mother to tonight. But I just want our brothers and sisters to understand this is why Allah prohibited a woman to marry more than one men at once. Because the womb is very sacred, she can marry 10 men.

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If the first and the second and the third and the divorce are or they die, if she can. Nobody could stop her from remarry, but not at the same time.

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So there is a relationship between the sperm and the womb, the sperm leaves a cord on in the wall and in the woman's womb, and Subhanallah that's why when a woman divorces she has only three periods, but four periods and 10 days for a widow Why is the same woman? Here she is mourning. He is spiritually and emotionally she is hurt. Usually usually most women when their husband dies even when there is a fight. They feel sorry for

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them, even really when there is big fight, when death comes, she feels a little bit panela has said,

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I know some of you will be so happy to to kill their husbands even, not even.

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But usually spamela most women have loyalty to their husband no matter what, because of that emotional status,

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the code doesn't disappear in three periods, it needs one more period.

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And to be safe, Allah added 10 more days. So that that code will be erased so that it means it's ready for to receive another cord if she wants to marry.

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So please remember this is sacred in Islam. When we talk about the womb, and respect the wounds that bore you or less as why he talked about the womb why he didn't say respect the mothers. Why the womb because scientifically later on and after us, the science will discover other issues that people will be just so paranoid, because remember, if the prophets lie, Selim himself does not speak in vain. How about Allah? If the prophet who is a human being does not speak in vain like you and me sometimes we we talk nonsense, we don't even know what we are talking about. But not Allah and His messenger.

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So this is our law and this is our Deen and hamdulillah. We follow it when a if a sister loses her husband for four months and 10 days she stays home. And this is how it does she stays home and people take care care of her needs.

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And now you don't tell me but if I'm telling you the law, you want to follow it, follow it you don't want to follow it is up to you.

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The immediate thing to do is to pay the loans. I said loans pay the loans of the dead. Make sure if he has any loan to pay you pay it quickly. Why? Listen to this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said never should have more meaning more unlock attune be the heart.

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The soul of man is hanged with his debt until the debt is paid.

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And that's why it also was I seldom used to get so upset at certain Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them when they used to take a long loan, a loan to pay for one day, Osama bin Zayed may Allah be pleased with him and his father

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came to him telling him that he took a loan for 30 days. Listen carefully, alone for how long 30 days, not 30 months, not 30 years. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam scolded him and he said you think you're gonna live that long?

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So if Russell was to come today and see how Muslims are taking long loan of 25 years, I don't know how many years to pay the car. How many how many years to pay the house? What what is going to say to about us?

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He wanted to teach people that please live as if, as if you died tomorrow.

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Live as if you die tomorrow.