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Zoubir Bouchikhi
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a way to stay alive and not give up is emphasized, along with the need for patience and seeking medical treatment. The importance of visiting someone sick or in a bad situation to avoid becoming infected is also emphasized. The importance of patient patience, quarantine, and facing one's friend's face when leaving is emphasized.
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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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was Salatu was Salam O Allah and Avi he was Sunni he Mohammed Abdullah, Wanda and he was like the woman while de la masala Sallim wa barik Allahu Allah. The woman is standing ovation at waka Farah who is Naomi basan.

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The respective brothers and sisters, we continue in Sharla. What we did last week, we are talking about a phase in our life,

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which is death. This is a phase. It's never the end. Among the mistakes that you hear the Muslims

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saying they say

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he expired.

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He ended, it is not true, it's wrong to say that

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you can say he died,

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he died.

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But among the also the mistakes that you see many Muslims using is the word that

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he has gone to his last abode, who said that the grave is the last.

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We Muslims believe that there is life after the grave. So if you say the person has gone to his or her last about which means paradise on hand doesn't exist,

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which is wrong in our faith. So we have to be very careful what to say. And remember brothers and sisters,

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we are responsible about what we say. Allah we hold us accountable Yama, Yama, about every word we say. That's why Be careful even how to joke.

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jokes are lawfully in Islam, as long as they are true. But if you come up with a joke, that is not true, you are lying.

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Yeah, I mean, be careful.

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For example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam joked with a woman, an old woman who told him on messenger of Allah, am I going to be in paradise? He said, No. So she started crying. Then he said, No, I was joking with your sister, no Muslim, will enter a paradise in an old age. All of us will be in a very young age. And it is said the age of say, narissa they said Jesus 33 every Muslim, male and female will be in that age.

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Forever. You'll be eternally for that age.

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Guys, pay attention, you can live forever, either in paradise or in * choose and everything depends on what you do now.

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Everything depends on what you do now.

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So May Allah help us insha Allah to fear Him, love him enough, so that he will give us his mercy in the Day of Judgment. Me.

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So please do not use the word he or she has gone to his or her last place.

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No, no, no. Cover is not the last cover is one face.

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This is one face and it is the first step of the hereafter.

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A person when he or she dies, he or she is already moving towards the hereafter. That's it.

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Now Lost Planet Allah make it easy for us to die while he is pleased with us. I just want to recap quickly in in titles, what we have done

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last week for the sake of tape recording, but I just would like to quickly go please keep all your questions until I finish today. Since we have the record, if you have any question until I finish when I'm done inshallah we open the floor for questions and answers. We are talking about a camel Jenna is

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the rulings of janessa.

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Jenna Jenna.

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Jenna is plural of janaza. In Islam, we have rulings also how to

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prepare a person for his or her hereafter.

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We talked about the

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importance of having patience to be patient. Because when death is coming to any one of us, especially when that person is sick, he or she needs patient and those people around him

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or her needs also patients so everybody needs patience. Number two we talked about the importance of seeking medical treatment.

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It is worship that a Muslim keeps looking for medical treatment until the end, you cannot give up.

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Even if the person is terminally ill, he or she we have to keep doing our level best in sha Allah to keep to keep them in sha Allah with us number two and number three sorry, we talked about Joe as well is there meaning it is permissible to look for Rokia. Rukia is to either read or and for yourself or as someone to do it for you. But believing that Allah who gives the Shiva not that person, not shared Zubair or share Ahmed or Sheikh Mohammed, no, no, no, it is

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not the person. The person is a good man, asking Allah to give you Shiva that's all.

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And we said you can do it just for yourself. When you have say sisters and brothers, put your hand where it hurts where it is saccade and read some any verse of the Quran with the intention that you recover with a Lazarus help, it will inshallah happen. Number four, we talked about

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that it is haram. It is absolutely haram and became full of haram brothers and sisters because remember, we don't enter Jenna, with breaking Allah laws we and we don't.

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Allah azza wa jal has promised that people who do haram intentionally and don't repent, they will not enter Paradise.

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People who break our laws laws, intentionally especially major sins, and it is a major sin committing ship, such as hanging any kind of talismans

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to hang something that or if I wear it,

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if I put it on, I am always lucky, I'm going to win or get whatever I want. If you do that, if this is in your mind, it is a form of shear and allow me not forgive you.

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Remember that? Number five,

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we talked also about how Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to help people recover by making dua for them by visiting them by always keeping them positive, keeping them optimistic. Number six, we talked about the permissibility of Mosul Muslim seeking

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medical treatment with a non Muslim, can I go to a non Muslim and this is a very good question by the way, but today, because Muslims have broken so many laws, it is like we have to ask this question, it is a very valid question, can I go to a non Muslim and tell him about my secrets, because medical treatment, you know, sometimes you are very sick. And these are secrets,

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can a Muslim be touched by a non Muslim and also we talked about the permissibility of going to non I mean a woman doctor and a female Muslim going to a male doctor, in certain cases, it is permissible. Number seven, we talked about

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the importance of quarantine,

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quarantine, to put people who are facing an outbreak, such as the plague, God forbid, or a disease that is contagious, to put them on hold somewhere and not to mix with them. This is very important to keep in mind is Islam that talked about it 1400 years ago. For example, if somebody has a very contagious disease, that spreads through touching a contact, it is very unwise to go visit him or if you go visit him It has to be in a very special and specific way.

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Because the disease can spread and Islamism hamdulillah here to help people keep a healthy life.

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We also talked about it is where jib about the obligation of visiting somebody sick when you when we you know a Muslim who is related to you.

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Even if he is far related to your house, for example, he's not from the family, he or she is good Muslims. It's your duty to visit him or her.

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You're not doing him a favor or her. But we also talked about the importance of a short visit. When you go visit somebody sick, please do not stay long. For a long time just you know short and

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also we talked about the obligation of having good thoughts about Allah when death comes when death is coming to us or to our loved ones at that time.

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moment we have to keep very positive that Allah Subhana Allah can forgive that person no matter what.

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But Allah Xhosa can forgive and he's able to forgive and he will inshallah forgive.

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Number 10. We talked about Tolkien and maybe it's when somebody is dying, we need to sit next to him or her and say, Isla llama and never tell him you should say la ilaha illAllah and Stop panicking, British may say La la la la, la la la la, we could not do that.

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Let him hear it LA LA LA and then he starts shala repeating if not then hamdullah we think good of that person that's in his heart, he or she has said it.

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We also talked about the importance of facing the person towards the Tabler before that when he is dying, he or she let me refer to he in this case.

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Because in English you have say he or she in Arabic you just say

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he and that's it and it's known that females come from males anyway

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you know that

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if comes from who?

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from Adam, Eve came from Adam. So ladies, I'm not first

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he's wrong who said ladies first man first. So, if there is a whole man falls in it, so be smart.

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If you always say ladies first So, they can break a neck or a foot let the man first if he follows us

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Okay, so, please keep that in mind. We are so much westernized

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we are so much westernized in Islamic lens Pamela

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everything the West does we have to do know everything Mohammed Salah Salem did we must do and then we be good we be good Muslims inshallah.

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So, we said that when somebody time to depart comes, we must turn him towards the Qibla. So that at least his face should be towards the table and when it is time to go. So please, if you go visit somebody and we used to do this, by the way in the US, when we used to go to visit somebody we asked Where is the Qibla and when we know that that's it, he or she's up, we turn that bed, we ask of course take permission and we turn the bed and sometimes this non Muslims come and help us because we say it's a religious requirement and they come and they do it for you. They turn the whole bed for you.

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And somehow law Muslims in Muslim land or Tabata Allah, live him. It's good for him or her. Do you understand? Yeah, it's okay. Don't Don't, don't bother him.

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It's good for him. It's waterproof. As I said,

Sheikh Zoubir Bouchikhi talks about death, funerals and how Muslims should deal with it – part 1/6

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