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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah it's such an honor and pleasure to address the primary reason that epic really is epic. You guys are what makes epic epic. You know what epic means in English language? What is epic mean?

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What does epic mean? How do you translate the word epic? Cool. I like that. Okay, so you're cool. What else is epic mean? Epic doesn't mean cool in the modern language.

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Louder. Amazing. Very good. Yes. Epic means amazing. What else does epic mean? Yes. Excellent. Very good. All of this is right sisters. Give me another word for Epic. Awesome. Very good. All of this is legit. So Epic is awesome. Epic is cool. Epic is amazing. Epic is excellent. And do you know why it is so epic? I have said this on the hotbar. I have said this. During the fundraisers, I have said this one to raise $2 million. I have said this all the time. The number one program that makes epic cool and awesome and great and excellent. It's not any of the shoe. It's not me. It's not our Imams. Sob it's not our quality. sob. It is you guys. It is you guys. You are what makes epic, epic.

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Alhamdulillah, you are our pride. And I say this honestly. And half is that everybody knows this. You are what inspires us to do what we do. Because you guys are carrying the legacy. You guys, you've all seen the Olympic race, right? You've seen the race runs where they have to pass the torch down. There's like race relays. There's a Special Olympic sport where you carry the torch. And there's four people running. And it's a teamwork. And when one finishes and gets tired, they pass the torch to the next one. And he takes over. Well guess what? You're the group that we're passing the torch on to.

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Right now you're very young, you're five years old. 15 years old. 17 years old, you're young. But the time is going to come when

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you guys are going to be sitting here. And you're going to be taking charge. So what we're doing, we are prepping and preparing you to take on the torch. So you are our the English word is flagbearers. It's a big word flagbearers means you're the ones we're so proud of. You're the ones the attention is on. And we're so happy Alhamdulillah that all of you are with us. Now. I'm going to be a little bit blunt, which is my methodology, my way of doing things. I'm going to say things perhaps you haven't heard too often before, but that is who I am. Listen, I've been where you are. I have been sitting where you have been sitting. And when I was where you were sitting. I wasn't very enthused

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about sitting where you're sitting.

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I wasn't too happy.

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My parents told me I have to do have.

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My dad told me sat me down. He goes you have to do I have?

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I was 11 years old. Do you want to know how I reacted? Who can guess how I reacted?

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Yes. Ah, very good. See, we're seeing eye to eye here. I don't want to do it.

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That was my first reaction. I don't want to do it.

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And what do you think my dad said?

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Hey, you have to I guess we're on the same wavelength here.

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You guys know exactly what I'm talking about. You have to you have no choice.

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Do you think I wonder he won,

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he won.

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And now that

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37 years or something more than that have passed by since that incident a long, long, long, long, long time ago. Even though it's not that long, I'm not that old. But still in your guy's age. I'm very old. I get that no problem. But Inshallah, in my eyes, I'm still young. But now that so many years have gone by.

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I am so thankful to Allah, that he won and I didn't win.

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Now that I've had to go through, it was not easy. I know what it's like. And I've been through this again, I was in your shoes many many decades ago. I know what it's like and

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at this stage of your lives, you feel like you're giving up on

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the fun that everybody else has. And I remember that was my number one reason for being frustrated. Although my friends are going to be playing

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and I have to be sitting in a room memorizing.

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That was exactly how I felt. All my friends get to go and have fun.

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And I am trapped. I literally felt that way. I remember how I felt. I am trapped. And I have to do what they don't have to do.

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And you know what? I was right. They did have fun. And I was

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is trapped. But as the years went by

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what I have because I was trapped the treasures that I got the precious blessings that I got the person I became somebody very, very, very different than any of them. So when I was growing up it's way early on. Can you believe I knew you're going to be shocked at this? There were no computers. That's how old I am.

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There were no computers when I was 10 years old. There were personal computers. This was not a thing we could afford. Computers were only an IBM and other big factories and whatnot. Right? So we had to do old school. Guess what I did when we were bored? Who can guess?

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Say what?

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Pet Rock?

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No, I didn't have a pet rock nose and that boy yeah.

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Play with your friends. Very good. How?

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Soccer? Yeah, what else?

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Counting sticks. I didn't do that bikes.

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You know what a BMX is or is that too old school? You know? You're older. You're Bucha you're not amongst these guys. You know what a BMX is. Huh? It was the coolest bike. Is it still a bike? I don't even know there is the brass still around. It's still a bike. Okay. When I was growing up, all my friends got BMX is. And my dad said, No, I can't afford a BMX I have to pay for play for pay for his school. You know, we grew up it wasn't. Money wasn't easy back then. You know, it was difficult. back then. It wasn't the way it is. Now. Our parents came here with nothing in their pockets. They literally had to start from scratch. You know, the story goes, everybody knows this type of story.

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My dad came with less than $20. Right. And he had to work his way up. And it was a very difficult timeframe. But my dad said no, you have to do heaven. How do you think I felt when all my friends got BMX, and I didn't get a BMX and I had to sit where you're sitting.

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I'll tell you, I was very frustrated. I was very angry. I was angry. And I felt that I'm not getting a fair deal. But you know, what Allah blesses you with when you have the Quran is so so much more and it's going to come as a blessing throughout your entire life. So what you're going to sacrifice now, and it is a sacrifice, I know it because yes, your friends that are not sitting here. Your friends that are going to school and playing there. They don't have BMX is but you have PS whatever seven teens, I don't know what it is now and X boxes I don't know a number, whatever. I'm lost count whatever. Because I've gone through everything. All the iterations. My kids, not me. I don't know

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them anymore. But yeah, everything has gone through. I know it. Your friends have it. You don't have it. They have time to play and you have to do your Maharajah, you have to do your new Subak Birkirkara. Right. Yes. I had to pukka Carnahan, same thing. I had to make it back every day. By the way. I had the dandy you didn't have the dandy so thank Allah Hafiz hub. No dandy, right, please. I had the dandy. Do you guys know what the agenda is? Huh? Where is it? That they have okay, I had it when I was growing up. You guys don't have it? Okay. I had to do more. How do you know what motiva is?

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Who's going to demonstrate your your mindset?

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No, you don't want to do it. You don't know what the motor is. They don't know what it is. They know they know.

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They have it. Okay. They had a race with them. Oh, dang. Wow, this is worse than me, actually. Okay.

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I went through that. Yes, I went through it. Don't think I don't know what you guys are going through. I went through that. But you know what, you'll come out totally fine. You'll come out way better than anybody else. I'll tell you why. Because there's two separate blessings that come with memorizing the Quran. The one of them is the religious side of things. The one of them is the spiritual side. And I'll be frank with you. Most of you, at this age are too young to appreciate that I get that. I wouldn't have appreciated it either. If a chef came to me, and I was 13 years old, and he began going, we're over all the blessings of the Quran. I'm like, Yeah, whatever, okay,

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I mean, I get it, I get it, but I don't get it. You're not gonna appreciate the spiritual side. At this phase of your lives, that's fine. But I'm telling you, there's another side of blessings as well. And that you can appreciate right here and now. Because when you choose Allah, even when your parents choose Allah for you, Allah is not going to make life difficult. He's going to make life good. And there is blessings that come with memorizing the Quran that are going to impact you even in this world. And I'll tell you, some of them first and foremost, your memory.

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Your memory

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Your memory is going to be way better than any of your friends. Because, you know a lot of people think that a memory is like a USB a hard drive, that the more I add, the more packed it's gonna get. And then it's going to become clouded. I have to get a new hard drive No. A memory Allah created your brain the same way your muscle is what happens when you go to the gym every single day? What happens when you lift weights every single day? Does it become more difficult? Or does it become easier to lift weights tell me

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easier guess what, your brain is exactly the same. Your brain is exactly the same. The way Allah blessed your brain, the more you memorize, the more easier it becomes to memorize. And so the fact that you're doing HIV, you are training your brain to memorize and memory. And knowing things off the top of your head is a necessary tool if you want to be successful in any field, medicine, engineering, you know, whatever you want to do, you want to be a teacher, you want to be a professor, you want to be a doctor, you want to be an architect, memory is needed to study in school. And I don't mind telling you, you all my extended family here, and hamdulillah as you

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probably know, I was a very good student as well. I was a valedictorian of my high school class. And I was always the top of my class always, you know, great A's throughout the fact that I did have and the fact that I'm a valedictorian are not two separate things. You understand this point, they are related. Because I did have in middle school, because I had to give up in playing and in BMX, and, and whatnot. Allah blessed me with memory, because I'm training none of my friends. This was back in the early 80s. You guys you know, obviously working out even this is a different known and nobody was doing if there wasn't a fashion back then it wasn't a fad. Nobody did have it back then. My

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father's like, No, don't go, here's Karna. My father's you got to do it, man. Okay, none of my friends did it. And guess what, who ends up the valedictorian? I did. Because the brain is automatically being trained. So don't trivialize this point. Allah is giving you a regiment, a training, a mental gymnasium, you're going to be the best of your class. When you get back into your middle in high school. You're going to be the top throughout the rest of your life. You're going to see this if you want to because again, I'm being again honest with you. If you want to be lazy, you can be lazy as well. Becoming a half it doesn't make you Superman automatically, but it gives you

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tools not to be Superman. Do you guys even know Superman? Or is that something in the 80s? You'd have to you know, Superman? Yes. I grew up watching the original Superman black and white and you know, because color TV like this is a different thing. You guys have a different era. What is it Marvel Comics? I don't know, man, what is it? What's your latest superhero? Whatever you guys are.

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DC Marvel, whatever it is, okay, I don't my kids watch this stuff. I have a vague idea. Okay. But honestly, memorizing the Quran, you're not going to become whatever these comics are, but you are going to be better than everybody else. In the dunya in your grades in high school, and university, automatically, you if you want to. Because if you want to be lazy, you can be lazy. If you want to give up you can give up. But if you want to automatically, you will find it far easier to get an A than anybody else in your class. Why? Because you're sitting here right now. That's why another thing this HIV does. Another thing that Allah blesses you with. And this is a necessary tool for any

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successful person. Another thing Allah blesses you with is something that you probably have heard, but you don't understand. And I'll teach you a little bit about it is called time management. Maybe some of you've heard the term, maybe it's a bit advanced for you. But I'll explain to you what time management is. Okay. Time management, is to make the maximum use of your time to do the most. We all have the exact same 24 hours, we all have the exact same 24 hours. Some people do a lot more than other people in that same amount of time.

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You all know when you have a homework do and you don't do it till the very minute what happens? You're all panicked, you're all scrambling, you're worried what to do. When you are in high school. When you have to memorize your Subak every single day. And you have to do your dog and your Mirage Ah, right. You are training yourself for time management. Inherently you're going to absorb you understand. I have a deadline. Half a sub Khurana and Saba Verna Buddha, whatever you know, but a neighbor not have to do it. You're lucky you don't have to

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A tattoo but we had it back in the day, man I got I used to get sticks man, you guys are so blessed and fortunate. It's like it's like you're anyway you memories come back to I used to get it this isn't the 80s No is no laws No, no child protection services man, it was a different world man, you guys if something happens you call 911. That's it. We're not going to do anything. No, don't call my word as a joke. But you guys have a different era than me. Okay, so imagine I had to memorize the Subak daily, there is no excuse. Guess what you learn time management efficiency, you learn to get the job done. And that's going to come in handy. And again, I'm not I'm not trying to like brag

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about myself, but um, my own lifestyle throughout college is I never ever delayed an assignment to the last minute never. And I look back and I wonder why. And I say something perhaps even some of you in college will be shocked. I never pulled an all nighter in my entire 20 plus years of university education. Never once did I put an all nighter, never. You're not all nighters. You spend the whole night the day before the project getting the project done. You do the exam studies the last night, I never to this day have done an all nighter. And I went through two bachelors, three masters and a PhD. I've never done it. Do you want to know why time management? How do you get time

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management? One of the ways you do that is by what you're doing right now. Your subox Your Dora your your Maharajah, you learn, okay, I have to do this, I have to do that and you do it. So automatically, you're going to be more productive than anybody else. But again, if you want to, because if you want to be lazy, you can be lazy. Not every half of become successful. But every half of Who Wants to yes will be successful. You see the difference, right? Not every Hatfield is going to be the best is going to be successful. But every Hatfield who chooses to be successful will be successful. That is a rule. So you're sitting here frustrated that all your friends are playing,

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you're sitting here a little bit angry, like you think you're losing out on life. And I'm telling you know what Allah, He you're gaining on life, you're getting the upper hand, but you don't see it now. Now. You have to follow the routine and the regiment, you have to be trained, but the time will come very soon. I'm not talking about 1020 years down the line, the time will come in a year or two. As soon as you get back to the quote unquote real world. The time will come when you will automatically fine. Why am I why are my classmates not getting this? It's so easy for me to get Why are my classmates struggling? I get this done, and you won't even understand it. But I'm telling you

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it's because you're sitting here right now. This is in Arabic The term is baraka of the Quran. Right? You probably don't understand this term right now. But this is Allah says in the Quran that Kitab on mobile Conan's and now we have revealed the Kitab that is Mobarak Do you know what Mubarak means? I'll teach you this and then I'll stop and open the floor for q&a. Mobarak means everything that you want to do. The Quran is gonna make it easier and better for you to do that's what Mubarak means. Everything you choose to do. The Quran is gonna amplify it the quantum is gonna make it bigger and better. That's what guitar Boone Mobarak means is that you give one with the Quran is

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going to be 10 you give one hour you have the Quran it's going to be like 10 hours. Okay, so Kitab Boone mobile rockin and Zanna. Allah has given us a Mobarak book, when you have the book inside of you. When you have memorized the book, when you have a hamdulillah the Quran up here, then guess what your memory becomes Mobarak your time becomes Mobarak your efforts become Mobarak everything you do, because you have the Quran in you if you do it for the sake of Allah is going to be mubarak. So your life increases in quality in Baraka. Because Allah has blessed you to have the most blessed ID book which is the Quran inside of you. Guitar Boone mobile rockin Anza now and I said this last

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thing I'll just add one more thing. Allah praises the people who have the Quran inside of them. Allah praises those who have the Quran already memorized. Allah says in the Quran, Bell who turn by Jana to tune feels awful do the lady you know who to learn. These are clear verses that are inside of the hearts of the people of knowledge. So Allah has described the Quran as being protected by the hearts you are now allowing your heart to be protected by the Quran. Your heart is going to become protected because you will have the Quran fee saluted Medina Otto, and you're on your way to become insha Allah hooter

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Other people have knowledge I don't know go lecture on and on. I just wanted to give you encouragement that you're in the right place Wallah, you are in the blessed place. And it's your friends that are losing out not you, you are the ones gaining, you're the ones who are gonna have the upper hand. You are the ones who are going to benefit from this sacrifice because it is a sacrifice, you will benefit in this world. And then I didn't even talk today about the blessings of the Hereafter because honestly, that's another topic and you will appreciate it maybe later on Inshallah, in your lives. That's another time on place, but you are not sacrificing. You are not

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losing Wallahi I swear to you, you are the winners, and they go back to where I began. You are what makes epic, epic. So JazakAllah head on all our behalves. I want to thank all of you for making epic epic. Make epic epic by doing what you're doing by finishing your Subak and heavy and shallow data by progressing day by day by treating your molvi subs and Hafiz subs with respect Yes, they do deserve respect well lie they did respect thank Allah that Allah has blessed you with this group of scholars and who failed to teach you and inshallah if there's any questions and listen, I am your older brother. So if you have an awkward or difficult question, believe me, I will answer it. So if

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you have a embarrassing thing about your head about something, no problem, share it with me if you really have issues, you know, your mom has 10 needs your dad to say that talk to me. I've been through your face. I've lived your life. As I said, I have believed me actually worse than you because I was in a different type of Mother Teresa, but at home that I have lived your life on whether it is or wasn't as clean and fancy and gorgeous. One of you seven knows what I'm talking about. But so go ahead and ask questions. And sisters you also need to ask because I want to hear your questions as well. So brothers and sisters Bismillah my younger brothers and sisters who's

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going to be the first to show some bravery and courage and ask a question, raise your hand Bismillah.

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Yes, your name is Imran How old are you? I'm Ron 11 years old. Mashallah. What is your question Imran?

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Excellent question is, are there any do ask to keep memory, okay. Now,

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concept that if you say something specific a miracle is going to happen

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is not from our religion.

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In other words, when you say is there a door out for this? Is there a door out for that? As if doors are like a stop for Allah magic tricks? No. Allah doesn't work this way. Our religion doesn't work this way.

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It's not like you watch Harry Potter. And I know you all know Harry Potter. And you'd like I gotta say this exact spell. And if I say it, this happens. The religion doesn't work that way. Allah doesn't work that way. There is no specific dua that if you say it automatically, something happens nothing.

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The DUA is not on what you say it's how you say it.

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You raise your hands to Allah in your language, how many languages you speak,

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which is the other language? Whose back I was wondering, okay, who's back, okay? So that's the type of Farsi Farsi has multiple manifestations you have data you have and you have Uzbek, you have foreseen and also in Uzbek. You make do if you want and you will literally say Oh Allah, make the Quran easy for me to memorize, and make me never fake forget the Quran. It's not what you say. It's the fact that you say it from the heart. You understand? There is no magic formula. And I want you to memorize this for every situation in your life. So when you get older, and inshallah you're going to be applying, I don't know medical school, I don't want to put that idea in your head. But just

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suppose you're applying to medical school. Do not come to me when you're 20 years old, say Chef, what is the dua I need to make to pass on the USMLE exam phase one, there is no dua from the Quran and Sunnah about USMLE phase one, but you will raise your hands to Allah and you will say, Oh Allah, I have a difficult exam. And I want you to make it easy for me. Is that clear? So there is no magic formula for anything in your life. Dua is from the heart, and Allah cares about what your quality of dua is and not the words that you utter? Does that answer your question? Very good question. Okay. Sisters, who's going to be the first to break the ice Bismillah you have to ask some question.

00:24:37--> 00:24:38

Yes, go ahead.

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I can't hear you. Can you raise your wrist?

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What do you do when you burn out?

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That's a very good question. And it's a very frank question. Listen, we all burn out.

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It is it is what it is.

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If you in one particular day, you just really are having a bad day. And it happens sometimes for personal reasons you had a bad day at home, your mom screamed at you for something and it's gonna affect you, it happens or you're physically sick, what if you have a headache, sometimes you do burn out.

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Burning out, should not stop you from proceeding onwards, the next day. It's okay, every once in a while that things happen, it's fine. But if you cause a burnout, if you cause a day or two of let's say, you know, bad haircut or whatever, to ruin the rest, then that's where you have failed. Do not make a burnout permanent, do not allow a day or two of negativity to influence a lifetime of positivity. So it's, I'm telling you honestly, it's okay. If you know one particular Subak is not really pocket. I know how facades are gonna not like this, but I say it's okay. Make it pucker the next day. It's not the end of the world. Okay? One day it happens. Don't let it get to you on us.

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I'm a failure. I can never do this. No, you can do it, and you will do it. So failing once is not failing. As long as you come back bigger, better and stronger. Making a mistake not being able to do it is not a problem. If it's learning and you're like, you know what, today was a bad day, tomorrow, or even you have a week because you have a fever, you got something it happens. But don't allow a small failure to cause you to have a big failure. That is the real burnout, which is problematic. That's where you have failed. So small things happen. And yeah, maybe this and that. No problem. But make sure you maintain the goal consistency. You all remember the story of the

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the tortoise and the hare, right? You've done that story, right? The Tortoise and the Hare story. It's still taught at your age. I don't know what would you guys teach? Some of the kids who are just looking at me with blank stares? They have no clue what it is, you know, the rabbit and the you know,

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turtle? I don't know. You guys know what some of the girls in the goat with the boys don't seem to know it. You know it right? Yeah. Okay, so you are the turtle, you are the tortoise you're the one going slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. And the one who thinks he's going to do super fast, but his lazy, it doesn't get anything done. Slow consistent, every single day. How much is your sub upon average? How much do you memorize every day?

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One and a half,

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one page one and a half page. So when I was your age, I would do one page of the materials or 15 lines, you know, I would do that that was myself every single day. I remember some days I didn't do a good job. And yes, I would get you know dented and maybe even the end I would get that and it makes you feel really bad. But you know what, you get it done the next day and you keep on trying and some days mashallah I got more Suboxone. But, and literally sometimes I would think I would look at the Quran, I still have, by the way, the Quran that you use, it will become your most precious Quran for the rest of your life.

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I still have my Quran that I used to use in the 80s I don't use it because it's so old, but I have it, right. And here's my favorite Quran. And I don't know about you guys, but I would memorize at home. So sometimes some some sandwich would fall, you know, I'm stuck forever, but it happens. I got my peanut butter jelly, you know, I gotta wipe it off. And it's still on the Quran. You know, I got some doll silent, wherever it fall, I still have you remember this, right? Because you're memorizing and you're eating at the same time. So I still have it. And then sometimes you pull the page into tears a little bit and still torn, you put some tape on it. That's my most precious Quran to this

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day. It's my favorite Quran, even though I can't use it anymore, because it's 30 years old. But it's right on my shelf. And it's right there. So make sure the Quran you use, you keep the same one, no matter how old it gets you keep it. And trust me when you are in your 50s 60s it will be your most precious book, because all your memories are going to be over there. And I would go back to my story. I remember still to this day.

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And I'm doing a memory comes back to me. I'm doing Surah Baqarah, you know, and I'm like, Man, how am I going to finish this? flip through the pages counting the pages? How am I ever going to finish this? You know, my dad told me I have to do him. But look at this, how am I going to do it? And you just get overwhelmed like your Office app does half half. I didn't do half half, you know, this half. I didn't do that. You know, I did it a very different way because I had a different system. But anyway, I'm like, how am I ever going to do this? But guess what? Subhanallah every single day and you do a page what's going to happen? Eventually you're going to finish right? So only 604

00:29:51--> 00:30:00

pages, right? Literally 604 pages. Guess what? You do it you do it within a year and a half a year and a half. It took me a year and a half I

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

I did it And subhanAllah so don't worry if there's some hiccups along the way, don't let it demotivate you. It happens. Just continue, continue continue and the time will come when in sha Allah, you will finish that book and you're like hamdulillah it is now done. And that's the time my brother Muneeb has it today and every one of you in sha Allah will have it soon. Question next question. Who's going to be the next person?

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

Brothers Come on. I know you have questions

00:30:32--> 00:30:34

smirks is not a question give me a question.

00:30:36--> 00:30:41

Sisters back to the brothers are being shy today. So the sisters you show your intelligence Bismillah

00:30:46--> 00:30:55

Good question. Should you do the translation of the Quran while you're memorizing or after? Listen when I was young I'm still young sorry. When I was younger

00:30:57--> 00:31:33

I didn't do the translation because I didn't understand that it has should be done. But now I believe it is useful to do it at the same time. I didn't do it with translation I did it you know I started you know 1112 13 And I didn't understand that you should also I would memorize you did this Yeah, I don't speak Arabic growing up I learned Arabic in my 20s You know this I'm a DCi is bigger do I don't I didn't understand Arabic. So I memorize the whole Quran. And I didn't know what the Quran is. That's what motivated me, by the way to go study Islam that I felt I needed to study the Quran, how can I memorize it? I don't know what it means. So I felt I needed to go study, but that's

00:31:33--> 00:32:16

a different phase of your life. So my advice in hindsight, I wish that, you know, I had read the translation. And you know, when you do so you'll automatically start learning some Arabic words as well. Okay, so I wouldn't spend too much time. But why not? When you memorize it's one page, why not just go over the English as well. And automatically and you know, there's, you know, again, the world has changed so much. These days, there's websites and there's beautiful neurons that are translating word by word phrase by phrase, I didn't have this growing up. When we grew up, there's only use of Abdullah Yusuf Ali in English, there was no other translation I had access to these days

00:32:16--> 00:32:56

you have every single word has the English equivalent, so why not have that translation so that you begin to learn a little bit of Arabic as well, you should all know. Yeah, the moon and the moon is what you used to do. Okay, you should all know you know, basic words semi or an alien, kinda low foot or Rahima, you should know, you know, these are basic words you get to know. So I would recommend that it only take five minutes, have this open up. And as you do yourself up for today, go over some basic stuff as well that in the English and Arabic And if you have more time after you've done your hair later on, if you have more time, you also have access to so many to Sears, that I

00:32:56--> 00:33:31

didn't have access to growing up in so many languages as well if you understand what to do if your standard English online as well, which we didn't have, you know, online as well, you go over some basics of what is going to do believe it or not, is going to make your job of HIV easier. It'll be easier to memorize because you know what you're memorizing. So I do suggest if you're able to, to at least add a few minutes of translation and maybe even longer and in terms of see it doesn't even have to be daily once you finish, you know, pseudo use of for example, I have everybody has to do sort of say once you finish, you know, sort of telehealth, listen to what I've seen online so that

00:33:31--> 00:33:46

you get an idea and it's going to make your head with more pocket and you're going to understand what you memorize. So I do encourage and I wish this had been done but it was a different era when I did it so I wasn't able to do that inshallah. Let's do some final questions guys. You need to ask now come on the sisters are more questions than you Yes, go ahead. Bismillah.

00:33:47--> 00:33:51

Again, make longer louder. How do you make your head stronger?

00:33:53--> 00:33:58

This is a question that different her fault have different methodologies to do so right.

00:34:00--> 00:34:30

When you're memorizing the Quran, you know that you have to have your you know, Maharajah recent Maharajah right? The the weakest HIV the weakest HIV is the sub up you've just memorized yesterday and the day before. That's the weakest HIV so you need to make that backup before you move on. And that's why I'm sure your your profile have a routine I'm sure they have it everyone does it that not just today's sub up but the last how many days sub up do they have to do?

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

Ma sha Allah

00:34:34--> 00:34:49

20 days die, masha Allah HIV strict, strict, Masha, Allah is good, very strict. This is why he is who he is. He is a legend in the HIV world. This is why 20 days you have the strongest regimen and routine Mashallah. I had only seven days. So

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

that's why it's better for you. Good. That's excellent. 20 days. So once you do that, my advice to you is, once you finished him even when you're

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Still memorizing tell your parents when you're at least what 1314 15 At least you know this Adria and younger if you want to if you have the maturity tell your parents I want to leave taraweeh at home

00:35:11--> 00:35:16

this is one of the best ways and your parents will be more than happy to oblige that

00:35:17--> 00:35:55

you lead and so every single day you have to even if it's half a juice even if it's half is nothing is going to make your hair the more pukka than leaving taraweeh nothing and as the default here this is what makes it the most Bucha so I would recommend that even at this stage if you have 10 Jews 15 Jews just tell your parents I want to do those 10 Jews this Ramadan and even if it's only you know last 10 days or whatever it might be, but bring your family and friends your little cousins whatever and make it something that you do in your household that's my advice to you. Inshallah sisters any questions

00:35:56--> 00:35:58

Bismillah Allah the brothers are winning yes go ahead yeah

00:36:03--> 00:36:04

what does my what

00:36:06--> 00:36:07

my older view

00:36:10--> 00:36:11

Oh my Raja

00:36:14--> 00:36:15


00:36:16--> 00:36:25

I don't have the level of Maharajah that I need to and I'm not happy about that. But later on in life, you will understand people have different roles. And

00:36:26--> 00:37:06

I am not the field teacher, my shoulder the Daffy teachers have a blessed role. So if I needed to lead a new page in salah I would have to make Roger of it, you know, at this stage Hamdulillah I am half of those, you know, in multiple karada hamdulillah but I don't have that level of Maharajah that the profile to do and that's why I still make every mistake once in a while because I'm not to that level. So don't take me as a role model here. But I try my best to make Maharajah every single day you know, half a juice or something I try my best insha Allah that even to this stage you it's a you never ending, never ending and insha Allah a stage will come in your life where you know you

00:37:06--> 00:37:44

incorporate Quran in your Salah. This is one of the best ways as well you incorporate Quran in your Salah. So while you're reading Salah you are going to you know make the Quran a part of like you're going to start from Bukhara work all the way to Surah NAS in your Salah. Okay so what you're going to recite you just quickly read it and then you try to put it that's the ideal and if you cannot do this then at least you know after fajr or even ideally inshallah when you're older so lots of tahajjud is a great time. Allah mentions the Quran by the way you all should know this and certainly Israel will Quran Alpha God in the Quran and veggie Karna Masuda what does my shoe that mean? What

00:37:44--> 00:37:48

does my shoe that mean? We're sure our hidden womanhood. Yes.

00:37:49--> 00:38:02

Witnessed Very good. Or unofficially Ghana my shoe the Quran and Fajr here is allotted tahajjud Khurana Fajr the Quran recited before Fajr Kanima Shuda it is witnessed who witnesses serata tahajjud

00:38:03--> 00:38:23

the angels the angels so sister asked me about what I got one of the best ways to do this when you're older, you're still young now when you're older is to put in your mind in sha Allah one day I'm going to be implementing this verse while Quran and February in the Quran and Federica Masuda inshallah brothers you heard there was 100 of y'all ago

00:38:27--> 00:38:37

yes, the translation does make your memorizing easier I do recommend you to read translation so that you have a better idea of what you're memorizing That's why I told the sister you should it's a good idea inshallah. Inshallah any other questions Yes.

00:39:01--> 00:39:36

So in terms of how they're going to handle it, again, the world has changed so much, I wouldn't be worried at all these kids will do just fine. When they go back to school 100%, I guarantee you, the world has changed. And they are well connected. I was in a bit of a bubble in the 80s. These kids are not in a bubble. They know full well more than you frankly, what is going on. They will be completely in tune with culture and language. This is not even don't even give it a second thought they are not going to have an issue with regards to Ireland and adhamiya course. This is another longer topic.

00:39:37--> 00:39:54

And I'm just gonna say for now, that parents, parents that are here. I understand and it's fine to pressure your children to do have I have no problem with that. But you cannot pressure them to do Alinea. I Lamia has to come from the heart.

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

I'll immediately become an Adam to go madrasa. You cannot

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

I tell them to give up a career and become a imam or Molana that has to come from the heart. So that stage when they're 18, then conversations and come to me all the time parents come and have frank conversations and I says, I've been through that program and that stage as well. So don't don't ever live your dreams through your children.

00:40:27--> 00:41:11

Your children will become adults, and they have to live their dreams, not yours. Correct. Right now they're your children. Right now you are in charge right now you tell them do HIV and they'll fight back and you know Courtenay Karna okay Carlo Tika Kalia, but once they get after high school for how long are you going to micromanage their lives? Because you don't want them to then resent that Oh, I didn't want to do this my parents sent me no at when they're 1920 21 No, you cannot do this then. So the question of when to go should be asked only when the young man or young lady says I want to go then we get to the stage of where and when and logistics okay, but do not ever force a program that

00:41:11--> 00:41:47

is an adulthood that's not something that we do in shallow Okay? With that JazakAllah head it was my pleasure and honor and the good news is I'm right here so anytime you want to inshallah we can shallow data have more sessions and I'm here for you guys I say this all the time when I speak Listen, your mic community so any issues anything you want to come to me just come up to me after Isha after fajr and add and say she'll have a question or whatever and Sharla you know, we will ensure that your your my community, you my extended family, I'm all here for you inshallah. And once again, I'm really proud of every one of you. Don't, don't give up. Be brave, overcome the boredom

00:41:47--> 00:42:28

and repetition, repetitiveness, what you're doing is the most noble, the most blessing, the most epic thing you can possibly be doing. So be brave, aim high, and day by day continue doing and I guarantee you mark my words, memorize this, a day will come when you will thank Allah, and then your parents and then your more reserves and Imams, you will thank them for that. And Hamdulillah you forced us and you you caused us to be who we are today. That day will come when you will be very thankful to Allah because the blessings you're getting here are the best blessings you can get which is the blessings of the Quran. Have a soldier

00:42:46--> 00:43:29

No, no, no. So listen, it's one thing to say once you have memorized the Quran, you should understand it. I agree. 100% 100% But to say there's no benefit in memorizing the Quran. No, that's totally wrong. And I can speak to with my own life. I told you I memorize the Quran and I didn't speak Arabic. I didn't understand the Quran. I was a baka Hatfield and I didn't know one word of Arabic. I am Desi like you guys, right? know Arabic mafia, Mafia modem. So Allah is One No, no Arabic, okay. And I can see the benefits in my own life. I live those benefits. I was a valedictorian, and I didn't know Arabic. I was a magna cum laude in engineering, University of

00:43:29--> 00:44:06

Houston not too far away. I was a magna cum laude and I didn't know Arabic. I went through the whole university engineering, and I didn't know Arabic and it helped me be who I am. And it helped me maintain. I didn't even talk about the spiritual side today. Because again, I'm telling you honestly, it's too young for any of you. That's going to come one day, the spiritual side as a young man, the Quran protected me. The Quran made me a better person as a young man. The Quran allowed me to be a religious person in an environment where it was very easy to be non religious. Nobody's monitoring, but the Quran protected me

00:44:07--> 00:44:45

even though I didn't know what it meant. So no, I strongly disagree that with the claim that if you don't know what the Quran means, then it's useless to memorize it. No, I do agree. You should learn the meaning of the Quran 100% agree. But to say that there's no benefit that person doesn't know what he's talking about. I'm sorry to be blunt. He doesn't know what he's talking about. I lived I live the life of knowing the blessings of the Quran without knowing the meanings of the Quran. So I can tell you from firsthand 100% it will impact you and your life will change for the better and you will have Allah's baraka and blessings even if you don't know the meanings, and if you know the

00:44:45--> 00:44:54

meanings is gonna go even more. No doubt about that inshallah. Inshallah without Giacomo Lochhead inshallah all the best and until next time said, I'm gonna catch

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feel Bumi

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was gonna

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call the

00:45:09--> 00:45:14

men although I do love a

00:45:15--> 00:45:16

fee he wants

00:45:17--> 00:45:24

to shafa on. One you can have your own hormone warning