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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in a monastery, you know who want to struggle for the Horn of Africa they want to build I mean surely and fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, Mei de la hufa Medina who ma boo Farah, the Alon, monisha to Allah, Allah Allah Allah hula hula Sri cara, Vanessa Donna Mona Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Amoeba Paul along with the Baraka with Allah.

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For corneal Hamid, rubella umina shaytani r Rajim me Jami Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in at attune Harmon obiora being him was the DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA hahahaha takuna de la collina bo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Haji but in rubies Shahada a battle Jana Toby McCurry oakmark Allah Allah in His Sunnah to

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honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders it Karima that I have recited before you a lot of bullies that says after I terminate tuffa Allahu Howa wannabe of Allah Have you seen that person who has made his base desires His deity. In other words, he his life is governed and dictated by the whims and the fancies of himself of the light. Now, for the alano under the commentary of this I used to say, just as throughout the times and the ages, many images many idols many objects were worship, there also has remained a percentage of humanity who have chose to worship their base desires, who are not governed by any divine law by any faith by any religion, but rather follow

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their base desires. And if we look today into the world of entertainment, you will find this particular percentage is only gaining momentum. The nature of this knifes as the Quran says, in nannup, Salah Mr Ratan bestow a llama Mr. Obey the nature of the human ego is constant provocation towards evil. It constantly incites and provokes a person by evil. And furthermore, the hadith of Nabi sallallahu. wasallam says that if if man wishes to single out his worst enemy, then rest assured It is his knifes. If man wishes out to isolate his worst enemy, it is his nerves. For what reason? very beautifully explained in the Hadith, that the more a person succumbs to the demands of

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this knifes, the greater the threat it poses, the greater the harm, there is nothing like enough in the vocabulary of enough's. So a person might think that if I caused a nasty glance on this woman, perhaps it would set her it would satisfy the crave the anxiety, the restlessness in me, only to know it aggravates it, and from that gaze, it becomes a physical, lustful gesture. And Allah forbid, it then translates into Xena, a person might have financial problems and he sees the casino nearby. tempted to go there, perhaps I can make some quick money settle my debts, only to know he becomes a compulsive gambler. So the nature of this nups is that he constantly provokes a person. If we look

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around today with the Youth Day and youth awareness, and we look at the entertainment industry, it is safely said that America spends more money on entertainment than it spends on its military budget. And everybody knows what is the military budget in the military expenditure. You look at the life of a young child growing up in an American society, which unfortunately has become the role model for many youth across the globe. safely. It has been said that 20% of the children growing up in America do not enjoy a 10 minute discussion with their parents in one entire month. The entire time the mother the Father, the babysitter is the devil box. Hence by the time the child reaches his

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teens, he has seen x x, he has seen approximately 18,000 violent movies. This is the condition in which an average american sees six hours of TV daily This is the life in which he is living. And if you look at the marketing strategy, you look at the marketing strategy, the marketing strategy today, the most vulnerable sector to this of course is the youth the most vulnerable because the hadith of nebia. A Psalm says, A Shabaab al Shabaab terminology known that when a person is going through his youth, he's in his prime, and everything is brimming in his life. He's experienced in adolescence. nebulae, Sam says he loses his sanity, he loses his sanity. So you are putting such

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options before a person who is not fully sober, who is not conscious who's not fully aware of what is happening. A person for example, is provoked by his ego for Xena Allah forbid and protect one in all. He barely exit from his house. The first billboard that meets with his eyes is one of flirts. This is the reality of what is happening. He has a provocation away.

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Which is the devil and lovey dovey Sophia pseudo ranas, inciting him towards evil. As soon as he comes out the first Bellport that meets with his eyes is one of flirt. He drives a few kilometers ahead, and he sees the picture of the most seductive, most attractive, most charming woman. Again, it just arouses and increases this evil in him. And he thinks a little drive further. And then the next billboard reads, just do it. Just do it. I dare you. And these are the slogans on the T shirts that our children crave to wear. Just do it. How many youth aren't they, under the very pretext of just do it? They try to pull off one pill and have become addictive gambler I become

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addicted towards drugs and become addicted towards intoxicants. Can we imagine brothers

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reflect over what I say? How addicted society have we become towards evil, that the tobacco industry can boldly put billboards identifying the harms of cigarette yet not fear and loss insane how addictive a society have become, they will boldly print it out. It can create cancer harmful to a pregnant woman. It will cause the deform features all this year which are empty messages yet they don't feel a drop in sales. How addictive have we become we need them not to say our Navy said it 1400 years ago, either semitone B Javelin xylon makani fossa depot if someone comes in tells you that a mountain has moved? Tell the man I believe you it's possible. But if a person comes in tell

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you that young boy has abandoned his evil habit tell him I don't believe you know beyond a certain set the moving of a mountain is more easier. So, what has been happening around the atmosphere has been created conducive to appease this ego to satisfy this ego, there is nothing like enough in the vocabulary of this ego and these people have made this very ego their deity hence you find nevermind committing Zina, nevermind committing incest they have now stoop so low, committing those acts which even the animal kingdom do not commit, which goes against all human basic ethics and principles. And they have you know, taken a stance and have become vocal in their parades. And these this very thing

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has become the driving force and the determines direction in their life.

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Maybe on a Serato Sam says hokey but in narrow bisha wha, wha Haji batil Jana, to Bill makari. Allah has surrounded jahannam with things that are appealing to your naps. And Elias surrounded Genet with things that are undesirable to your neffs if you look at the entertainment industry, that is only going more and more, it is everything that is appealing to the nerves, just for the fun just for the buzz just for the thrill just for the cake. And how many of us have gone in and have lost everything in this very grave. Let me just give you one example from the Quran, where Allah speaks about this very mentality which is being promoted on a large scale. Just to do it for the fun for the thrill,

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you know, just to get the feeling out of it. We hear from those that are addicted Allah say one in all we don't want to understand its addiction. We don't want to comprehend but we don't want to understand but those that are addicts that come in relate to us they incidents that that addiction goes to such extreme extremes that our sisters have also sold the is that to get that very well. And this is happening on a big scale.

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We all know about the incident when say that our Moosa went to meet Allah tala and in that interim, he left Haruna a salat wa salam in charge. There was a person who was known by Sam Ed, whose actual name was also Moosa, but he was known by Sam at the Quran makes reference to him using the word psalmody. He had some miraculous sand with him. And in the absence of Musa it was this very person who initiated the worship of the calf. And he told them in a coma homosassa Fantasy, Allahu Allahu Moosa fantasy, lo, this is your God in the God of Musa Musa has made a mistake, he's going to mount to realize his God, and people you know, like, is the nature of anything unusual, you know, but

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supernatural, and the masses will flock towards it. So they started worshipping the calf, when Satan or musala ceram return, he first took his brother to task and he said,

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Oh, my brother, what stopped you what prevented you? yahara? No, ma'am Anika either I know. You seen my nation worshipping the cuff. You seen them deviating? Couldn't you use some force and divide them and stop this year? So Haruna is that was Sam first come down musala salam and he said yep, and oma La Bella Yachty wanna see first hear me out leave me come down, relax. And then I will tell you I had one of two options either a wage war in Bani Israel, but I feared a permanent decision dissension and division. So I opted the rather in a in a passive and a diplomatic way. I will engage them in

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Hence I did not use force against those who worship the calf muscle insulin was somehow convinced with das answer. Then he calls the summary. Yes. masataka summary what got into you as a young boy? Why did you start the worship of the calf? So you use this very thing. Now you hear the backtracking messages of the music, and the subtle sounds and whispers that come out. And these things that are ringing a message in the ear of the children. I mean, as I mentioned today, it is it is an absolute system of entertainment. I don't know much of journalism, but the little that I frown upon is you listening to a news caption you listening to a bulletin, and you hear about the tragedy that

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happened in Asia, and there's a massive earthquake and it has claimed the lives of 1000s of people, and then you hear about a plane crash and then they trying to locate the black box and so many people are gone, and is you are becoming emotionally affected, and then they bring in the newspaper or the sports wrap up. And the sport wrap ups turns your own emotions away turns your sentiments away and takes up the greater part of you barely talking about lives that have been lost tragedies calamities catastrophes and then dispute the sport wrap up takes up 15 minutes so when you end of the news you don't end emotionally affected it doesn't spark any sentiments interview but rather you

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follow that news and that is the last message that he leaves to you.

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masala Salaam as the summary, what is the matter? Why did you initiate the worship of the cup? He says it in one word of the Quran. What did you say? gallica so when lethally nuptse. You know why I did this because I felt like doing it. Now you will hear this statement coming out. Don't underestimate that statement. It was this very statement that was brimming in this child. Let me tell you who this child was this very Sameera. I don't want to digress. This very Sameera who initiated the worship of the cup. And when Musa challenged him why you did this. He said I felt like doing it. just for the fun of doing it. I wanted to do it so I did it. This child grew up in the lap

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of Djibouti in a Salaam. This child grew up in the lap of jabril. He was born the very year that Musa was born. When Pharaoh when he had issued the decree of children to be killed. His mother feared the well being of a child so she took the challenge. She says I cannot see my child being slotted in my hands. So she took her child and she left the child in a jungle and Allah made divine arrangements that gibreel used to come in the footnotes footnotes of Jelani, and this is written jabril used to come and nurture this child and nourish that child, the child and hence the pervert says fermeuse and linear algebra Luca Pharaoh musella VIERA Babu Farah Nomura salute that no person

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should become complacent. Remember the Moosa who grew up in the lap of Freetown he became the Prophet of Allah, and the Messiah who grew up in the lap of gibreel. He became the enemy of Allah, the Messiah who grew up in the lap of gibreel became why for the fun of doing it for the purpose of doing it, I thought briefly I run you through the youth that the Quran speaks about being Youth Day in youth awareness and whatever campaigns have you ever read about as Heartbreaker? If you haven't, let me run you through my thoughts. The Quran speaks about talented youth. And Allah says it's so beautiful in Napa noona Pasquale, Canada bill, let me narrate to you in great detail and in absolute

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truth, the reality of these young boys Allahu Akbar. Allah goes on to say we know they lived in the era after he sallallahu salatu wa sallam few centuries prior to the birth of Nabila ceram, but they were practicing is the teachings of Sri Ram. Hence they were true Christians in the true sense of the word, obeying the law and living a life of upright nobility and believing in the oneness of Allah Allah.

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Allah goes on to say in our own fear to man obey or be him. The first thing I will learn introduces this chapter, they will use in the prime of their life. We generally have in, you know, a notion when someone speaks of a pious man, a learned person, a great scholar, immediately the thought comes to mind is a man who's aged who's semi blind, who can walk properly, and he is someone on his right and someone on his left, then he is a very, very pious learned, respected person. Yeah, Allah speaks about the pioneers of the pioneers, the cream of his creation. And Allah says, fixya, they were youth. They were brimming in the year, they were in the prime of their life, a man or a beam, they

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brought him on and Allah was the Buddha, Allah says, then we multiplied them in their faith. There was a you know, get together there in the community, and they all were worshipping idols. So is these young boys coming from diverse backgrounds also came because they were part of the family. And as they observe the strange practices of the nation, and the inner sentiments of truth, Chase had no choice but to frown on the practices of the community. And they realize that this is not the way we can go. Allah has made me a young boy, Allah has given me talent, I cannot channel my talent in the wrong way. So one of them withdraws and sneaks away from the gathering. And he takes shelter under

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three but of course, he's marginal. He's one he's single out, and gradually the very sentiments of truth brings them together, so they all gather beneath the tree, but everyone is signed in, no one is ready to take the courage to dive

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The reason why he's here, after much silence someone breaks the news and says, Listen, folks, we are you're there, all the other people are having a big party. Why are we here in our youth? Why aren't we going to party with them? So one of them takes the courage and he says the Quran speaks about this year. You know, this is totally wrong. They're involved in so much self indulgence into vice and wrong. As a young boy, I cannot I cannot allow my youth to go in a large disobedience, when he says is the others they just amplify the same sound. And they say these are the very reasons why we also abstain, and we withdrew from our community. Very soon, the news started spreading amongst the

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people that there is a group of talented youth who have chosen to oppose the message of their forefathers and who have violated the teachings of the king, and it started gaining momentum these youth became a formidable group, the king summoned them and hence the Quran says, Katana Allah could obey Him His bar muh*a Laura Bona,

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Bona bersama wa T will lead me into de la la casa colina even Chateau the king summons them, and they were part of a royal family scholars have written they lived an absolute luxurious life. As soon as they forsake and they had abandon the culture of the people which was incorrect. They were stripped of all privileges all comforts on luxuries, they were brought into the court of the king, bearing in mind the interview of Allah sallallahu wasallam says the noblest form of jihad is the proclamation of truth in front of a tyrant ruler. We find how ambiguous our speech becomes in front of our boss, nevermind the title rule because our job is at jeopardy. When we have to present a CV

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for a proposal, we know how flashy we become, because we know otherwise we'll lose the proposal. So suddenly we start distorting the truth. Yeah, it is absolute. being explicit and emphatic in front of a tyrant ruler, with the proclamation of truth was invitation to death and nothing else. So they stood before the king.

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The king openly asked them who is your God who is your deity they said, Rob bonobos, sama was evil or nothing to fear, we tell you openly Our Lord, the Lord of the skies and the earth and the very law that if created you oking How will I

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mean Tony Alia your stands our nation that is cry partners, what Allah? Can they produce any evidence on these gods that they worship? And should they not produce, which they definitely cannot produce? Then they are no greater liars than them. That includes you. Okay. Now, you mentioned the Senate in front of the king. When the king heard just naturally, he became enraged. And let me pause at this juncture and implore the youth that have gathered here. The price today my brother and my young boy and my young sister, to preserve the deen of Allah is not to face a tyrant ruler. But yes, it is to utter the truth in the atmosphere of hostility in your campus. Well, yesterday I spoke

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about the Muslim time in that Hadith that the Navy of Allah said the one who will revive my teachings, at a time when corruption will dominate then for him his 100 the reward of 100 martyrs. For the simple reason scholars explain that when a martyr has presented his life for the promotion of a lesbian, he's lost his life once he's made a supreme sacrifice, but that marks His sacrifice, but a young boy reviving the beautiful teachings of nebulae Salaam, wearing his topi keeping his beard and my sister veiling herself, will become a victim to criticism every day, hence, he or she will be martyred every day. Every time you put foot in your office, you will be martyred. Every time

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you put foot in your campus you will be martyred. Now Vla Salam says revive one of my son nuts and you enjoy the reward of 100 martyrs. So this is the call and if today we will we will reflect the truth in this atmosphere of hostility. We hope from Allah He will give the youth of today the same reward he gave those people when they added the truth in front of the tyrant ruler. The king said move from you. I gave you two days and they after I will behead you if you do not return back to our faith. The Quran says these youth set together totally opposed by the entire environment. The odds are against them. They are few they are marginal they have absolutely nothing. How do you refer to

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Allah speaks? I wish the use of today you can take our time and read the Quran. Instead of reading the most obscene magazines and seeing the most filthy pornographic movies and see what Allah sees to arouse your sentiments to relate to the use of the past. What is their desire to move on? wama Yama, buena illallah wa ala cavafy. inshallah Kumara buco Mira Mati they gathered amongst themselves and they said we have to make a quick move now, at no costs, are we going to forsake our faith? We don't have the support of our families nevermind Anyone else? So one of them suggested Why don't we take shelter in some cave? Let's get in there. And we will you know, base ourselves there. And they after

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they said you're a local min America mirifica The question is food The question is drinks the question is our well being the answer was simple. When we separate on a last name, Allah will make arrangements and hence the Quran says they didn't go into this cave and they hibernate

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Assuming that will go will sleep and see what happens as they get into this cave these young people. Today you are not asked to go into a cave yes you are asked to avoid a party. You are asked to avoid a matric dance you're asked to avoid this this casino that that particular event, when Levine Alaia shadow nisour Allah speaks about the beloved servants those who do not even attend any evil gathering. Why is our Maru been lovely Maru kerama. And when they pass by casinos, when they pass by clubs, when they pass by places of Xena then they pass by lowering their gaze and hastening their pace. That is the manner in which a believer, of course, a believer is one who will never attain

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such a place, but inevitably you will have to pass by certain evil places the life in which we'll have the exposure to which we have. How does it believe a pass by the Quran says my robe in love with kerama they pass by lowering their gaze hastening their face, they get into this particular cave into the innermost part of the cave for the pleasure of Allah as they gave up a life of luxury. Now, look at how how nature makes divine intervention for these youth. how Allah comes into the picture. The Quran throws the picture Watashi wa Taala as our one can see him that mean Eva

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Shima Eva Hoon, FIFA Java teammates, they are many people today many youngsters they pop up a pearl and they wish to sleep. Now I tell you how nicely but like if these people and divine sleep given to them by Allah, so they pop up a pearl and they you know go into a high for a few days. And by the time they come back to sanity, they need to pop up another poll, this is what we are listening and we are in Allah save our youth and the youth of the entire oma.

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You would see for example, a mother when she puts her child off to sleep, then she becomes a very possessive and she being she, you know she she's very cautious about the sleep of her child. So what does she do? The child sleeps in the day she closes the curtains, and she Pampers that child, that the rays of the sun must not affect the sleep of my little child. Now, let me tell you how a lot changed and altered his system. A lot altered the system of the sun to accommodate these youth in the prime of their life, not to disturb their sleep because they separated from their families on the name of Allah. The Quran says What are shumsa eva tala does our one thing that tell me I mean,

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what is the resume that is Shomali FIFA govt mean if you observed whenever you have a law when the sun because it is either the early morning sun or the latter part that is the strong raise, you know, if it hits your eyes and you get up it can be rather disturbing as the rays you know goes through your your gaze and it can be disturbing to your sleep. Allah says you would have seen the sun I made it such that as it would rise in the early part of the morning, the rays would avert the cave, go beyond the cave. And likewise in midday and towards the latter part when it was set. The gays would go beyond the cave not to disturb these youth who are sleeping for my pleasure. One fee

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for 20 min. That's not all. Furthermore, law says the divine arrangements allow me to protect them. Every need that a young boy has Ella is accommodated of these youth. What after boom, boom record so many times today a young person comes out with wealth in his fleshy attitude in his arrogance, Allah forbid something some pretty Muslim and everything is gone. These youngsters were sleeping to get the divine arrangements of protection Allah made for these youth. Allah says you would assume them to be awake yet they were in deep sleep. Scholars explained they slept with their eyes open, so nobody would dare come close to them. Nobody would take them close to them. Furthermore, Allah says

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about these youth one oh kalibo Hamza tele amin Eva Shima, that Allah would send the angels to toss in turn them. Now you had seen a woman when a child is two months or three months old when the child cannot turn. Then she's in a kitchen and she runs and then she ideally turns the posture of her child to accommodate that maybe his shoulder his right shoulder is pain in his left shoulder. Allah used to send mala a calm to toss these people so that the insects of this earth must not feed on these bodies, but others you and I know when we will be lowered into our grave that very person who today applies the best of deodorants and the pressed of fragrance after three days open his grave.

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It gives us such a stench that you won't want to come close to that cemetery nevermind that grave and the insects of the earth will feed on that body. But who are these youth that Allah made the angels turn them scholars right so that not one insect could touch their body and they slept not for a day not for a month not what happened but divinely Allah gave them sleep for three centuries Allah gave them sleep peaceful sleep they slept I'm running you very briefly through it. Allah says love with Allah tala him lava later man whom Farah Mala Mala amin home

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muhabba if you had to perchance pass by the cave, they had different locations regarding this cave. One of this area has been mentioned in Jordan. When I was traveling in the Middle East I had the opportunity to go to Jordan and we were taken to the cave of the Seven Sleepers. This is one of the points that the historians point out too but there's difference of opinion of his precise location but nonetheless display still stands there. It is very close. It's in Amman, it has the you know bought the, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers and we did go and visit this particular site. Allah says if you had to see it you would be captured by all nevermind After finally Allah tala gives them

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Allah awakens them not against the spirit of piety in them. As soon as Allah tala awakens them they are tired they start rubbing their eyes one of them asked the other one coming up to him. How long did we sleep? cannula beef Nah, yo man, no Baba, yo Subhana Allah, everything is in the control of Allah. This is divine ecstasy, not filthy ecstasy. This is divine ecstasy. So one of them says I think we slept for a day other ones he's not I think it was a half a day. And they basically arguing then the other one says, You know what, leave it whether it was half a day or one day the day is over, take this money and going buying some food. Can you imagine? I mean, we hungry after one day

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when they're hungry after 300 years, hungry after three centuries. And what does he say for aliens or katama? Whatever happens make sure the food you bring is halal. Whatever happened These are the words of the Quran. In fact, this marks the exact half of the Quran when litella tough in Surah Kahf perhaps you observe it and be cautious in your movements. Let them not locate you get King past the time moved on three centuries has left these people under them. You know in their mindset. It's still the same King running in the same time. And he says whatever it is bring halal food today how many youngsters one youngster I told him nicely sounds like a joke I told you by nevermind i tell

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you the harms of drugs in the hands of cigarette. Why don't you read up the harms of drugs? He says since I read the harms of drugs I gave up reading.

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Since I read the harms of drugs I gave up reading this is what his answer was. So brothers what I am saying is they said that go and get halal food go and get halal food and then Allah speaks about them and the Quran discusses them. In fact the Quran speaks about the dog that joined them while other sees my message to the youth Allah has given you great talent. Allah speaks about the heart He speaks about Mousavi Romero de la Juan, who, who lived the life of absolute comfort, kind of

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the most charming young boy of Makkah. And when he accepted Islam, he gave up everything. One day he was walking in turn in tattered clothes. Maybe Elisa Lam looked at him and he couldn't hold his tears. He said Lacroix to masaba be maca. Mama be Makita fatten the other way he Minho la Tanaka, Danica Kula who have been de la jolla rasa Lee. You know this boy Musab. I remember when he was a non Muslim. I remember when he grew up in the lap of comfort. I remember when young girls were dancing around him. I remember when every youngster to get his pride to be associated with him. Today he's dressing in such torn indebted clothes. On the occasion of overhead. He stood with the

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banner and he protected nebulae Salaam, and when he was when the arrow hit him from the back, he collapsed. That is the time then a viola came, gave him hosel and then lowered him put his coffin on him and then a viola cried, and at that very time, levy le Salam said there was a time that there was a no more well dressed youth in him. Today there isn't sufficient cloth for him to cover his dead body. Maybe Elisa Lam then may draw for him, and maybe some toes the Sahaba come in visit the grave of Musab Wallah. Remember brothers. That was that was the leaders of this oma. It is said that the soma has forgotten its identity. We have become followers study our history and we will lead us

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since when have we stooped so low? Have we forgotten the talent that Allah has given us? I remember in my first visit, when I went to the States, I gave a talk somewhere in Chicago, it California. One youngster came to me spoke to me who was totally off the path. And I spoke to him to change his life. I you know, I said he didn't it was gone. Five years later, when I went back to the States and in that very machine, that young boy came to me dressed in the sun net. lavas he came running to me, he hugged me, he embraced me. He said, Chef, I must tell you that was the last day in my life, I turned, I gave up my wrong and I gave up my son, and today I'm graduating as a scholar I've studied

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in this institution, it brought such tears to me, I latch on to these little hopes and hope from my Creator, that inshallah some person who takes to my message and changes the focus of his life and puts the right compass before him maybe it can be a means of my salvation and the salvation of my teachers who have passed this beautiful Deen on to me we make dua to the Almighty Allah that He make us conscious young have died old have died wealthy or going poor or going how many channels has been these icy this This place is becoming deserted. Go and see the graveyard doesn't have place when while our eyes open? What more do we need to permanently repent? Allah give us the reality

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walkthrough down and come to life.