Haitham al-Haddad – Shia or Sunnah?

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam, as it relates to sex and relationships. They also mention a chef who caused confusion among Muslims, and the speaker suggests that people should read the entire Koran to discover the truth. The speaker also criticizes some people for insulting the Prophet sallavi, saying they are stupid and foolish.
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Do we have a question sisters? Yes. Why does it exist? Sunni and Shia Muslims when Sunni and Shia Muslims is the main reason why there is hate between Muslims. Why can't we just be Muslims and follow the Quran? Do you think Sunni and Shia are created to make hate and destroy Islam?

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Shia and Sunni,

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Shia Islam.

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Check Syed Hasan

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should we flip a coin?

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Okay. I'll give you a story. Very simple story. Allah, Allah moon. He was one of the ambassy caliphs.

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And he was a greatest scholar, despite his views regarding some theological issues. One time, in his meeting in his gathering with people, he saw a person who was Christian, and he became a sorry, he was Muslim and he became Christian.

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And then he told him, listen, you guy, I think you were Muslim.

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Isn't that true? He said, Yes, I was Muslim. He said, Why did you become Christian?

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You need to tell us, if you have an excuse or a doubt, then we will give you an answer for that doubt. If you have no execuse or no justified reason, then we will apply capital punishment for apostasy. Okay, as it is known in the classical Islamic text.

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So this guy, he said, I was so confused because of so many sects in Islam.

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Then morning, grabbed on him, he said, Are you telling me that there are no * in Christianity?

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Are you telling me that there are no * in Judaism?

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Are you following your brothers or sisters? Are you following the logic?

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Yes or no?

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So yesterday, I am staying with the chef. And he is my teacher. I told him, because I am staying with you. I want you to be my chef. So teach me about Christianity, because I don't have that many information about the Christianity. So does Allah he's giving me it slowly, slowly, because he's giving me tarbiyah because he doesn't want to give the how many years all of a sudden, yeah, to me. So he told me so far that there are six main sects in Christianity, and they all differ on the fundamental basic principles of Christianity.

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Brother herbal Islam, told me that Do you know that there are more than 1000 Bibles?

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I said what he said, people don't know this. People always say Oh, in Islam, there are different opinions, etc. He was a Christian himself, brother, herbalist Rama from South Africa is one of the students of the that.

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He said, Do you believe that there are more than 1000 Bibles? I said, Are you serious? He said, This is my my specialty. I studied this. So when this Calif, said to this man who converted to Christianity, he told him, Are you telling me that there are no * in Christianity? Are you telling me that there are no * in Judaism? There are, of course, more than the sect of Islam. Then, he said, I agree that there are some differences between Muslims. Some of them are major differences. And some of them are minor differences, those minor differences in order for us to complement each other and to enrich Islamic jurisprudence. So Islam can flourish in any space and any time and major

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differences Allah intended them to be there in order to test people who are following the true Islam and who are following the deviant Islam, because life is a test. So if there are no elements of testing people and some elements of confusion, then people will not put any effort to know what is the truth and what is the falsehood and simply we say, read the whole Koran. A few days ago, I think, here a brother asked me about she, as I said, read the whole or

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do you find the the principles that the shia sect is calling for

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Or are calling for. Are they mentioned in the Quran? You do not find any of the principles mentioned in the Quran. As simple as that. Okay, this is one thing. Then I told them just to briefly be because of time I'll just mentioned it. Okay, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Imagine Matheran imagine our brother chef said,

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Okay, he's a good person, but his wife was an evil person.

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No, no. Just cameras here.

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Imagine that his wife. Imagine his wife was an evil person.

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We close friends were evil people.

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Yeah, all of his friends were evil people.

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Will he be a good person? If his wife is evil, his close friends are evil people.

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Can you imagine this?

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I'm asking you.

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See, that's why he immediately said she's a good person. Because you cannot imagine a good person having an evil wife. You will say he is even ugly or not.

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His wife is evil, his close friends are evil. All of his friends except just very few are good. All of them are evil, then he will be even

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common sense. Yes or no?

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Okay. Someone told me the Prophet Didn't you know, I said, this is uninstalled a stock for Allah You are insulting the Prophet. Imagine a person who says that he is. Forget a prophet. He said that he is a leader. And he is intelligent, and he has integrity and he is the righteous person. And this person he is he doesn't you know that his wife is evil and deceiving him. He doesn't you know that his close friends are evil and deceiving him. What kind of person is that?

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It's stupid. Agree.

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He's stupid. He's foolish. I said to some of them, Fear Allah you are by saying by insulting Isha. The wife, the beloved wife of the prophet SAW Salem by insulting boubakeur, their beloved friend of the prophet SAW Salem and derma and a man and the other companions, you are indirectly insulting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you are indirectly either saying the Prophet has stopped federal law, either you are saying the Prophet was evil, or the Prophet was foolish.

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This is madness.

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And then people are saying we are confused Shia or Sunni. Come on, stop for a

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We have a

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