Thank God it wasn’t Muslims or Islam who did Paris Attacks it was ISIS

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This week our special guest a former inspiring Christian Minister who makes the point very clear by saying “Thank God! It wasn’t a Muslim that did the Paris Attacks, it was ISIS” and “everything about them is unIslamic” that’s Khalil Meek this weeks special guest, all this and more on this exciting episode of The Deen Show.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the recent terrorist attacks on ISIS, including a man holding a mask on a woman and a recent domestic terrorist attack on ISIS. They criticize the media for providing false information and calling people afraid of their actions. The speaker also discusses the importance of following Islam and the need for individuals to call it their own actions. The Muslim legal fund, a nonprofit law firm funded by the Muslim legal fund, provides attorneys with the money to defend Muslim rights in court and is a charity for Muslims to help them fight for their rights under the legal system. The fund is a nonprofit law firm funded by the Muslim legal fund and is grant funding to the law firm.
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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show my next guests gonna be talking about ISIS. And he's going to be talking about these armed individuals. One in particular who is stalking and terrorizing innocent Muslim women in front of a mosque that he goes to, to worship god alone. That's it. And we're going to be talking about a terrorist attack, many of them that are just going under the radar, they're not even really being even reported as much as ISIS is and how the mainstream media is actually recruiting for ISIS. All this and more here on the D show of my next guest. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. This.

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He's been with us a while Nicole.

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How are you? How are you? I'm doing a lot. Thank God. Good. Good. Good. What How long has it been since that? Well, we've seen each other here and there. But when we had that program at the Irvine mustard Yeah, it was the last time you were in Dallas a couple years ago, probably now you go there to worship. Like people, you know, they go to a house of worship to worship, but so many people, they don't come there to find a surprise that their churches, synagogues with people ak 47. I mean, is that where you're finding that you go to Irvine? Well, Irvine was

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protested by some

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anti muslim

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extremists, like I would say that decided they'd have an armed protest outside of the Irving mustard, but nothing happened and the police were there. So it was pretty

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much a non event, even though that people had to think about it and prepare for it. There's a picture right now people are seeing that went viral. You got the guy who's holding the was m 16. And he's right. He's like he's stalking this

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Muslim woman who's actually representing the mother of Jesus, Mary wearing the hijab. Have you seen this picture? No, I haven't. Yeah, so people are seeing it right now. He's like, actually right behind her. And he's got a mask on with the M 16. That's really scary, man. No, people are all worked up. There's a lot of fear. There's a lot of ignorance, there's a lot of anxiety. And it's directed at the Muslim community. So

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this is something that we have to be aware of, and try to work through Paris attacks. I mean, I think the people who, at the end, suffer the most I mean, when we hear this, I mean, we pray that it's not a Muslim, you know, it's, it's sad, and thank God, it wasn't a Muslim who did the Paris attacks, it was ISIS. And ISIS is as an Islamic as I mean, they're, they're hostile to Islam, everything about them as an Islamic, there is not one thing that I've heard or seen or read, or understood about this organization that has an ounce of Islam in it. So Alhamdulillah, I was not a Muslim who did anything in Paris. But my heart goes out to those who are the victims of this

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injustice and of this atrocity. And for anyone who suffers at the hands of either ignorant people or zealot people, or whoever's

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putting a label on something, and pretending to do something in the name of something that they have nothing to do with. I usually make this example. You know, when I talk to our brothers in humanity, and it's it's sad that most people, they end up believing everything that they're fed from the mainstream media. But it would be as though like, kkk was shown to them all day and night. And as if that were smart enough to know that that doesn't represent Christianity. And same disprove the same thing as if Hitler said, I'm a Christian, and you know, he invited you over for a bake sale. You know, I mean, this is absurdity. And I know that it's confusing because people only know what they

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hear or only what they see. And you have an organization that is making a lot of claims in the name of religion and doing atrocious acts of beheading and violence and just absurd, hostile

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events and and just, and pretending to be in the name of Islam. But I can assure you there's not one Muslim that I'm aware of, and my entire life is spent in the mosque, traveling the US every single day visiting another community, and all I've seen is 2000 mosques condemned the organization.

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In 2000, a mom say they have nothing to do with the religion of Islam. Every major organization, every out of seven, 8 million Muslims in America, I haven't heard one person support anything about ISIS. So this phenomenon that we're all up in arms about, and that is a real tragedy. I can't explain it, but it has nothing to do with my religion, not in my name. is this happening? Not in your name? is this happening? Not in any Muslims name that I know of in this country? is this happening? So but the people that don't know the faith are not exposed to their Muslim neighbors, people that aren't in a frequent in a mosque, or they don't know what's happening in the Muslim

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community, they have no idea. So they would have to judge by what they see. And if what they're seeing is someone or some organization making all these

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claims and, and acts. It just,

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it's beyond apologetics, it's, it's as simple as there, there is nothing that this organization has to do with the religion other than claiming they're doing it and aren't in the name of Islam. I've also it's a fact that they're actually killing more Muslims. There, everywhere you go, ISIS is killing more Muslims than anybody, even the the

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Well, that's, I'll just leave it that way that this organization is hostile to Islam, and every aspect of the Muslim community and to our faith into our, our teachings into our representation, there is nothing in this religion that would ever encourage

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beheadings or suicides or

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mass destruction of people or buildings or populations or innocence, nothing to do with my religion, nothing. So you have all the main screen stream organizations have condemned this. You have Muslims worldwide who have condemned this, why do you think the media just continues to give them the voice and the platform and kind of makes it like they represent? I don't know. But to me, it seems like the media is recruiting for ISIS, and I turn on the TV. And as much as I hate ISIS, all I hear is how effective and how smart and how big, and how strong, and how powerful this organization is, and we need to be afraid, and we need to be afraid. And I'm thinking of what I mean, you've got

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8 billion Muslims, or one I don't know how many Muslims in the world today, but

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one and a half 2 billion Muslims in the world today, who other than the few that call themselves this organization, or contaminate writing left telling them that has nothing to do with my faith. It doesn't have anything to do with a history of Islam. So we're, we're at our wits end as to how to move forward. Yet, in my opinion, the media, either through ignorance or through sensationalism, or, or whatever motivation they have, have actually, you know, hyped it to a point where it's beyond relevant, it is absolutely consuming the, the thoughts and the hearts and minds of

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people all over the world. And I'm not here to ever

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condone what ISIS is doing. But the media is making it worse by giving them a platform, a stage, presence, credibility, in every way, by telling us to be afraid, telling us that it could happen to anybody and all Muslims are suspect and every mosque is a threat. And every human you know, everybody that professes to be a Muslim is a potential threat, because of their belief is just inciting people to

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act upon the fear.

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without justification, we're gonna go ahead and take a break. And we'll be right back with more we want to talk about kind of the double standard because we had some, many recent domestic terrorist attacks have happened. We'll talk about those and registering Muslims, Donald Trump's whole new, you know, agenda, all that and more here in the deen show. Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back has nothing to do with my profit. Please just stop it. It doesn't make any sense. That's not the message he sent. That's not what he meant. That's not why he came. So you can claim as much as you want to. But I assure you, the men I follow was not the same

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siano woman who forbade the cutting down have a plan, who even spoke against those who had an ad. So why is it that I simply can't understand how we claim to follow the same man

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I mean, I know a man forbade us from harming the innocent, saying he who does so would not only be prohibited from Paradise but he would not even smell its scent. So please tell me how what you're doing has anything to do with the message that he sent? This is the man who forbade us from even scaring cattle with a nice saying You have no right to let the animal twice and when he was asked for advice he'd reply Don't get angry Don't get angry Don't get angry repeating it thrice please subscribe to the show Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the dean show.

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So where we left are with ISIS ISIS ISIS is just a Danish there is there a new This is actually the proper name Have you heard this?

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proper name is satanic, satanic, demonic satanic and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon often tell people he actually prophesies of this kind of group like this actually coming. You know about this? He said there will be people that come You know, every religion is talking about wolves in sheep's clothing. Yeah, this is our wolf in sheep's clothing or without the sheep's clothing. Yeah, so it's pretty blatant what it is. But someone says, Look, look, but they're screaming a lot. But you know, before they kill people, you know, this is Islam. What do you say, you know,

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because they're screaming This is this. Yeah, that they can pretend all they want that. They can say Arabic words, they can say Arabic phrases, they can say Muslim

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words and even quote parts of the Quran. But nothing that this organization has done has said, or I'm aware of has anything to do with my religion. And I consider myself a fundamentalist Muslim, in every sense of the word. And I would never hurt another human being, for any reason for any unjust cause I wouldn't ever do any of the acts that that this group has perpetrated in the name of religion, and it has, it's a king with no clothes, it can say whatever it wants, I could I could pretend to be a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Jewish, an atheist. And do you know anything I wanted and just pretend that I'm doing under the name of something doesn't mean that gives any

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credibility to you know, your actions speak louder than your words. People sometimes get spooked out when you say they've heard you say fundamentalist, but if you're a doctor, you you follow the fundamentals of medicine, of course, engineering, fundamentals of engineering, Christianity, fundamental that you follow the fundamentals of Islam, the ABCs, I mean, you know, I'm a fundamentalist Muslim in that. I believe that there's no compulsion in religion. I believe that God has sent guidance to mankind and says that, you know, there's god, there's Heaven, there's hell, there's a day of judgment, live your life accordingly. Treat others the way you want to be treated,

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act as if you're in the presence of God at all time. And be fair be just be noble, be steadfast, do everything that you can to be a better person, a better human being, and be helpful to others. And this is the essence of all religious traditions, and especially Islam. Now, what do you think? I mean, we condemned this obviously, this has nothing to do with Islam, obviously. But now when when other people, they look and they say, what about the rest of humanity coming out? If we condemn one, shouldn't we condemn all we have innocent people dying children? I mean, hundreds of 1000s have died in Syria, and Palestine. And what is your take on this? Well, I think that we should be screaming

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from rooftops about every unjust and

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unethical act performed by anybody. So what is happening to the Palestinians, what's happening in Syria, what's happening in Bangladesh, what's happening in Egypt, what's happening in

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almost every, or many countries all over the world today, there's it's just full of injustice, full of oppression full of just

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you name it.

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atrocities, and every one of those human beings that are being affected should have our concerns should have our heart should have our prayers should be somebody that we try to help. So my heart is for every one of the Syrians and every one of the Palestinians and all of the Jewish people or anybody that's being hurt, innocently, for doing nothing and being a victim of others aggression and

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Justice. Tell us, what do you want to see in this kind of disheartening? What's your take on this when you when just today you have this week in the news, you had a gunman who went in and killed a few people wounded 11 almost a dozen. And you know, it's interesting gunmen suspect every other name but what it is he committed terrorist terrorism, right. What did you take on this? Well, it's it's an obvious double standard. But again, I would condemn that individual as much as I would ISIS or anybody else.

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I think, today, the media has decided that only Muslims can be terrorists. So if anybody does anything equivalent to

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something that has been called terrorism, they'll find another word for a non Muslim. So it's kind of an exclusive club at the moment to be

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a terrorist activity. But you could definitely call what Assad is doing to his own people terrorism, you could say, what is happening in Bangladesh and, you know, new parties taken over and ruthlessly killing parties that you don't want to silence or opposition you can call

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genocide, every murder, every act of terror, terrorism, and you should if you're going to be consistent, but I think it's more of a political term than an accurate definition at the moment. When we come back when you get your take on some more current events. Here on today's show, don't go anywhere. We'll be right back. So what is it that we still don't understand when we claim to follow Islam yet we fail to follow this man. I mean, I know a man who was so caring and compassionate, who said that there is a reward in serving old things that are adamant. In other words, everything that breeds whether it be the animals, the trees, and every single human being, I mean, if a law called

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him rock, mutton, Neil al amin, how dare you call him anything else that contravenes? See this is a man who said that the Muslim was he who was soft, simple and lenient. A man who taught us himself to be cautious from falling into extremism. See, he was never given two choices, except he chose that which was easiest, not for himself, but for his people in that convenience. sanwa man who advocated for the freedom of the slaves, a man who taught us that the Muslim is the one from whom the people that say, not only from his hands, but even from the words that he says,

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See, this is a man who would never mock mimic nor ridicule, nor would he ever publicly rebuke an individual. This is the man I follow. So forgive me if this sounds unusual, but the men are not know was so much more handsome. So beautiful. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show, now you actually you except you came when we did our first sit down we had a meeting we talked about your your journey to Islam, you actually came from a Baptist Christian, you know, it was an aspiring Baptist minister that converted in 1989. So 25 years ago, I became Muslim. And how's it been ever since I'm done, I love Islam, I love the Muslim community. I want to do anything or everything I can to

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to help the Muslims or the humanity at large. So I I'm very happy to have 25 years of being a Muslim. And that's simply one I mean, always, you know, from doing the program that you just chosen to submit your will to the credit of heavens and earth just like Jesus did Moses, Abraham, they all submitted to god that's it.

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And when you hear people like Donald Trump, you know kind of they equate it to like what Hitler was gonna do with the with the Jews registration for Muslims what what is your take on this? Well, I think it's insane.

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You know, a national ID card for Muslims is exactly repeating history. And, you know, the cries of never again seem to be short in everyone's memory.

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If you'll look back on

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the most egregious

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for the lack of better term genocides, it all started with stigmatizing a group of people, dehumanizing them, treating them with, you know, ID cards and everybody separating them from the norm. And then people's

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anger, frustration and aggression eventually are being would be taken out against that minority and that can lead to nothing good. So it's it's a it's a solution that has proven itself to be a horrible and should never be repeated most of these when you had also not too long ago the individual who went into who committed act of terror also against innocent Muslims he went in and killed was in Texas also the three doctors was it. Young lady and her two brothers went and shot him point blank.

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Are you talking about the Muslims that got shot? Yes, yes. In North Carolina, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Chapel Hill, that's what it was. Yeah. When he was asked, Have you ever met a Muslim or anything? No, he had no idea. So can we be I mean, this when people experienced that human connection with Muslims, you know, some people in the rural areas never met a Muslim. But how important is for us now to really get out there, you know, to help educate to edify the people? Well, here's something that I think every Muslim should do. And that is, let people know you're Muslim, and then practice Islam, to the best of your ability and let people see your your manners,

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your etiquette and your your religion coming through you and your actions and not your words. And there have been studies on this, though this is something that there's empirical data that are not research that has been done, where hundreds, if not 1000s, of people been interviewed about their thoughts on Islam and Muslims. And this was after 911 people were asked, okay, so what do you think about Islam? What do you think about Muslims? And they asked him many different questions. And at the end of the survey, they asked each participant, the same question and that is, rate yourself on your own knowledge of Islam and Muslims. So you could pick, I know nothing, I know a little bit I

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know somewhat, or I know a lot, and you rate yourself. And you get the results of those surveys back and the overwhelming majority of all the answers are negative. So the survey tells you that there is a non favorable impression of Islam and Muslims. But if you take all of the surveys, and you sort them by, okay, who in this pile said that they, they rate themselves as knowing nothing? How many of you said, you know, somewhat, how many, you know, I mean, a little somewhat or a lot, and you have four piles, and you look at the ones who say they know nothing, you see the most hostile, venomous hatred towards Islam and Muslims. But if you go to the ones that say, I know a little bit about

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Islam and Muslims, their their answers were more favorable, if they know somewhat about Islam, and Muslims has their own definition of themselves more favorable. And the ones who claim to know a lot about Islam and Muslims had the most favorable impression of Islam and Muslims. So what that survey tells us is, the more information people have about real Islam and Muslims, the more favorable their impression becomes. So that means all of us as Muslims are put in a circle of influence and our life, our daily lives, whatever we do, and however we do it, we come in contact with people, and the people are looking at us as representatives of that faith. And we need to be the best examples of

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what we believe in our circle of influence, and we can change the world, we can change that before we cut out for this program, this week's program, tell us a little bit about the work that you do.

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You know, for people who want to get involved, help and maybe call you out. Well,

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hello, I'm one of the cofounders and the current executive director of a charity called the Muslim legal fund of America. The Muslim legal fund was founded in 2001. And it is what it's named proclaims is a charity that collects money. So all I do is go all over the US and I collect money from the Muslim community. And with the money that we collect, we spend the money on lawyers. We hire attorneys to defend Muslim rights in court. So we have taken cases like the Holy Land Foundation, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Dr. Sami eleri on the Irvine 11 to 16 moms, hundreds of cases involving ra moms, leaders, activist organizations or anyone who we feel is being dealt with

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unfairly by the legal system. And

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as a charity, we continue to grow. And today we've opened a nonprofit law firm where we've now after 14 years of working with some of the best attorneys in the nation. We've actually

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asked a few of them to close their law firms and to work full time at a nonprofit law firm called the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America. This law firm is going to be solely funded by the Muslim legal fund. It's grant funding to the law firm

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These lawyers will work full time for the Muslim community on immigration, civil or criminal issues nationwide, and for free. So if you like what you hear, you can donate if you need our service, give us a call. And this is a charity that really believes that, that everyone is entitled to fair and equal treatment under the law. And if we don't see it happening, we think that the community should support each other in that process. What's the website that people can contact, you can visit the [email protected] Muslim legal fund of America It's always a pleasure. Thank you so much for being with us. Look forward. Thank you, peace be with you. God bless you. And that was a special

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guest here with us on a D show. Hope you got the benefit. I surely did. Don't believe the hype. Learn about Islam from the Muslims call us one 800 662 Islam, get to know Islam. You see what happened when people knew a little bit, knew somewhat

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of Islam, the haze started to go away. But imagine those who really immerse themselves into learning Islam sincerely, right with the intention, the right intention, removing all those prejudices and hate hate that hatred that you've been taught because nobody's born hating. You've been taught to stuff remove it, learn about Islam from the Muslim sit with the Muslim because Muslim is one just submits himself or herself entirely to the one who created us. The one created the same critic Jesus worship and call people to worship. Those are the Muslims Get to know your fellow Muslim. And you'll see many of these apprehensions you might have will quickly go away. Call us again, subscribe if you

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haven't already. and tune in here to the show every week for a new exciting show. We'll see you next time. Until then, peace be with you. A man who taught kindness to the neighbors, who taught us to serve others without expecting back any favors, to spread peace to those we know when even to the strangers to walk with humility and to simply ignore the haters. But nevertheless, son of a man who still taught us to stand up for the oppressed from the men, women and children who called out to us in distress.

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A man who taught us to fight for these people, but by no means does this mean we have the right to transgress, for those who oppress have nothing to do with his name. So you can say what you wish to say and continue to defame his name. But at the end of the day, I assure you, the man

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was not the

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hunted Salalah

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