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AI: Summary © The host of a video show discusses the importance of finding "ingredients of happiness" in one's life, and offers advice on finding a gift for one's own success. They also emphasize the importance of finding a career in martial law and finding a gift for one's own success. The host emphasizes the need for a belief in oneself as a human, citing examples of how people struggle with identity issues and the need for role models to help them realize their worth.
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I indeed have a very inspirational woman on the line. What's of encouragement go a long way, don't they? In this day and age, many of us forget the importance of sharing positive thoughts and ideas with each other, of being inspired by the achievements and knowledge of others. Zahara. sawari is one person who understands the importance of sharing positive thoughts. The Power of Words of ideas is something that she uses all the time as a speaker, whether you use looking to put your life in order, or a parent looking to inspire your children to go the extra mile. Sister Zora has words and wisdom that will inspire you, and bring out the changes you want to see in your life. Now, I am so

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honored and excited to have sister so I have on the line, a cinema alaikum sister.

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Kappa How are you sister, Hampton? And how are you today?

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That's good. Now, earlier on, we were talking and I told you the theme of today's show is all about finding the ingredients of happiness in your life. Now, what words of wisdom do you have for our listeners?

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If it's okay, I wanted to start off with something unique that I usually start off every

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day like that. I like to actually start off with a student that the prophecy is on the east to start off all of his events with and it just brings them East for me it's actually pseudo well, as

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well as in no in Sano Luffy has in the Libyan army loose all it happened was I was so happy with Noah so

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I can handle it. That's my starting point. my starting point when I get

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well, let me tell you a little bit about what I do. And then I'll tell you what you're looking for. And as far as I'm which areas you want me to talk about.

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I'm an author of life business coach, motivational, inspirational speaker, and I'm a student of knowledge and I homeschool my own three children. So the areas that I focus on primarily is honestly with sisters and with the youth. And not to say that I don't focus on the brothers of hamdulillah. But the areas where I speak to a lot primarily are the sisters in the youth and to you know, universities and schools for our purposes. Where I think a in I was listening to your show a little bit earlier today on the law and where I see the youth having so many issues and like the 18 year old sister was saying,

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We've come to an area of place where Elijah was ill has blessed us with so much talent, martial law, and we all have a gift that we're blessed with. And the only problem is most of the human beings have no idea how to uncover their gifts and specialize in it and use that talent to make themselves successful in every area of their life.

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With that being said, I said, what I look forward to see is how can we take this out not only from the adults, but how can we develop this with our youth at an early age where they're still growing Mashallah, and get them to be inspired and find that gift. And instead of straying and wasting their time in the wrong areas? Why not them becoming what they want to become inshallah at a young age? So some of the things I teach is how can you become a millionaire at the age of 14 and graduated college early? I mean, it's, it's a conductive thing. You know, there's so much you could do and people go, oh, how do I do it? I said, the only thing it's everything isn't within you. It's in your

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head. Allah has blessed you all. I'm going to show you how you uncover it inshallah. That's it.

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Does that make sense? That makes complete sense. I'm completely captivated by what you're saying. But

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it's so true. So it comes down to it where you know what our kids need and the sisters and the same thing with a sisters Mashallah, you know, being a mother being I homeschool my own children myself. It doesn't mean I give up my responsibilities. Exactly what you guys are talking about proposal marriage, you know, so often people don't get married because they want to have a career and a life. So I'm coming back to saying as a mom, you can have a career like being a mom and being married. You don't have to give up your life. You know, you could just learn if you have the skills and you can learn to balance in a shelter. You could do it That is so true. I completely agree with you the yes

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Alhamdulillah and how I show that is you know with the slum Mashallah and then going by example of the promises on everything was by action and not just words that the Prophet was on and he said it alone and said this in a heartbeat that the possum lived according to the Quran, and that was his life, his matters everything. So if we can actually live by showing through our actions who we are, I think we're so much stronger martial art than just our words right? So I cannot and saying if these sisters can see Mashallah that another sister is doing it. Why can't they do Mashallah, why there's nothing that's different between me and all the other moms around the world. Mashallah,

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exactly Mashallah hamdulillah. And that's what we do me and sister Shahada, we try and show these woman that you are capable of everything Allah subhanho wa Taala put you on this earth for a reason. And being a mother being a caregiver, and having so many skills, talents, abilities, you really can conquer the world with that.

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I completely agree with you. Now, the theme of today's show, like I said before, it's finding the ingredients in in happiness and finding happiness in your life. Now you being an inspirational mode.

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National speaker, what would you say on this topic? Okay, first of all, I'd like to give your listeners something special that I actually created for your show. Oh, that's an excellent.

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That's called the five ingredients to happiness. And if anyone wishes to have this report, they can email me at Zora at zorse Award calm, which is the O h [email protected]. And they can ask for this and I will email this report for them and shut off alma mater today. Okay.

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It has the email address. Can you please just repeat it for us? Sure. No problem. z as in zebra, H. Ra [email protected]. Okay, great. Okay. And you're going to send him five ingredients to happiness? Yeah.

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Okay, this is to have a happy life as a fulfilled Muslim Mashallah, and it doesn't matter if it's a sister or brother, I use a parents, anyone can benefit from some decision a lot, a lot. JazakAllah. So much for that, that is so amazing if you have to do that. And but I'm gonna go through his assets, Okay, I'm gonna go through just two of these ingredients with you and depth a little bit to kind of give your readers your listeners something to see if they're interested in. Okay. My first most the most important ingredient, and I think we all have this in common, is obviously believing in the Creator, of course, and why I think this is the most important ingredient to happiness. It's

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when we know who we are, and what our purpose in life is. This is a single key to happiness that stands on its own. I mean, if we truly can understand this, then we've achieved happiness at a level that many will never succeed at. Because if you look around life right now, and you look around, whether we're in the West, or any other part of the world, you've seen suicide rates tremendously increased. You've seen people, I mean, not only is the divorce rate suicide, every kind of issue that's out there, it's out there, and it's becoming more and more apparent, and why it's because people have lost an understanding of who they are and why they're really here. And if they can come

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to the core of ideas of Hey, wait a second, what is my purpose in life? Why was I created? Why am I here? And if they can come back and find that out the formula and be able to connect with us, then they realize like, okay, now there's connect with the Creator. And now they're like, okay, the problem now I know, I'm here. Now, how do I make the best of this life and shall obtain the next one.

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So now you can go on and build on who you are as a human, and make that so happy that every day is a happy day? So you're not you're not worried upon the law? Does that make sense? Like you're enjoying your life now? Because you know, that this slide is what it is? And you also are aware of, why are you really living this life? Yes. And that's, I think, lots of people struggle with that with identity issues. And why am I and I always do say that, that Allah subhanho wa Taala puts us all your fault as a reason.

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And if we can figure and that's what I really try to uncover with people that I work with, whether it's through my books, which is I have written a book called nine steps to achieve your destiny, which has been approved by the scholars. Mashallah my most famous scholars, Dr. Bill also ups. And why I say that is because it's important that, you know, our work does get get looked through by other people to make sure we're not saying anything, a lot against Islam or lost the power of Allah. And being that is, that's what I really want to do is help people discover what are their gifts, you know, Why are they here? I mean, I had a 16 year old girl by came to an event. And she said, and

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this is an imagined, I mean, unimaginable testimonial I got and they just bought tears to my eyes. For the Friday night, I saw you Thursday night, I was making a list of why I was depressed. All of the issues I was having in my life and depression. And you know, she had a lot of things. And she's a Friday, I saw you, I bought the book in a week, I was like, support a lot. I have a whole new vision on life. So that's where you need to stay again. And we have the best examples from 1400 years ago martial law. And but we need to be living those examples today in order for our youth to see it and to say, wow, I want to be like them because they're living actually like a role models in

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martial law. They're not just saying it, like the process. I'm live like this. They're actually trying to live life that follows.

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Completely does make sense. I spoke about that before also, about choosing the right role models and role model for the youth and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam at the time, that is definitely so we should list our blessings instead of listing things that make us depressed. Absolutely. I completely agree with what you're saying.