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Zohra Sarwari
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I would really like to thank you so much for coming on Joe naanum Road, and sharing your beautiful stories and your beautiful book with that. We've learned so much. And I know that everyone well to our audience, and please, please, please get this book, believe me, you won't regret it.

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And you can change it, you envision this. And go ahead, and we have the website on our blog as well, we will have it. So visit WWW dot Zoda salary.com. And you can read a little more about her and the book and also order the book on online as well, right? We wish you the best. And this will be on our blog. And whenever you're back in California, for your second book, or even on another chapter that we will love to talk to you more for you to come back and reiterate some more information, something you've experienced, and you want us to know about so much for having me, I appreciate these sisters, and

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I appreciate everyone who's watching it and who's giving the time out to learn and get the knowledge from YouTube because sometimes we need others to guide us and we don't know which way to go. And you know, these two ladies, they know what they're doing and humble and they are here to help you.

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Thank you so much for john if there is

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if anything last thing you would like to say to our viewers, give us one of your inspirational endings there for them to just take away. Well, I'd like to do a two things one, I can give two minutes tops and then I like to end off with the suit that I started with because this is exactly how the promises I'm did he and began and ended all his meetings and his commitments with this one suit. And it's been one of my joys but I like to do that everywhere I go.

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I would just like to say you know, don't give up. Whatever you do, whatever your problems are, wherever you're at in your life, whether it's family, your in laws, you know, husband, your kids or whatever situation if you're a kid and you think it's mom and dad and it's school, it's just like, Don't give up, there's gonna be a day where that lights gonna shine inshallah and you're gonna be like saponify made it I made it and when that day comes, not only will you be thankful, tell us one topic you're going to inshallah change your view, but you got to hold on to that rope. And as you know, so many of us came as refugees than we held on and upon Allah, no one knew where we'd be

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today. So hold on to what you've got and no matter what comes in your way just keep chugging in even if you do it a little bit at a time don't give up Don't give up and know that you've got a community of people out there that you know that no matter what happens there's people out there for you and if you raise case please email me

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because I will be there I will answer your email I'll talk to you on the phone and know that you've got a sister here in this world and we're all here for the same reason the same purpose that don't think you're alone Don't think that you can't do it don't think that there's you know there's nothing for you You are here and you're special with what you with what Allah has blessed you with us and if you don't know what that is contact me and I'll help you discover and I just like to enter with the students will ask that I would watch it on YouTube as well as in no insaan Luffy Elon leadin are many more ominous all I have they what I was so bill hacky water was so bizarre but

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that's our carbon spirits. The odds are john as all Medina, thank you so much for being here. You were very inspirational and I'm sure you're going to be very successful. Thank you guys so much for having me. I appreciate everything your time. I know this is a funnel, it's not an easy journey for everyone to get here and what you guys are doing. Thank you guys for having thank you for your hard work for all your research so we can get along and say hey, I know what to do.

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So please purchase the book, and an email us your comments, your suggestions. And also go ahead and visit her website as well. And you guys have yourself a great evening. Good night. Good night.

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