Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-014A Translation Al-Baqarah 83-91

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh are with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Friday Saudi way a Sidley Emery wash Lulu rock that Emily Sani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was sadly Sani was slowed schemata call be Armenia Aruba, Amin lesson number 14 Surah Al Baqarah ayah number 83 to 91 Translation what is and when a hug now we took Meetha binding covenant bunny of children is la isla of Israel eel, la not Darboux Luna you are worship in LA except Allah Allah. We're Bill Wiley, Dany and with the two parents in Santa good with excellence within CORBA and the close relatives, Walia, tama and the

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orphans while Messiah keen and the persons in need were kolu and you all speak Lynn NASCI to the people her SNA good words or her SNA beautifuly what a p mu and He will establish a salata the Salah, what are two and he will give a Zia Katha does occur. Suma, then the will Latham you all turned away INLA except a Leland a few men come among you all were unknown, while you all morally alone are ones who turn away in a version what if and when? A hug now we took me Thau comb your binding covenant. learn not to speak una you all will shed Dima a comb your blood Wallah and Nora Ducati junuh You all will expel and forsaken your people. Men from the comb your home's Soma then a

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coral tone you all accepted what anthem while you all dish her Don't you all bear witness Soma then anthem you all have hula e are these taco Toluna you will kill and forsaken your people what totally Juna and you will expel for econ a party men come off you all men from the Eddie him their homes the Laguna you all join to back one another our lay him against them. Bill is me in the sin whether or Dhwani and the transgression we're in and if yet to come they come to you all or Salah as prisoners to file do home you all ransom them. Wahiawa while it Maha Ramadan is one that was made unlawful or lay come upon you all is Raju home their expulsion Eph I took me noona then do you all believe be

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Barbie in some al Kitabi of the book? What took Fotona and you all disbelieve be barreled in some firmer so there is not Jezza Oh recompense man for whoever ye file he does their Lika that men come among you all in LA except his Yun disgrace fee in El hayati, the life of dunya the worldly way, Elmo piano and on the Day of Judgment, your aduna they will be returned ILA to a shed the most intense Elijah of the punishment. Warmer and not Allahu Allah. Be la feelin is at all unaware are mad about what Dharma loon you all do? Hola Iike those a Lavina are those who is Tara Wu. They have purchased al Hayato the life a dunya the worldly Bill AF era in exchange for the hereafter. Fella so

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not you have fearful it will be lightened I'm home from them. Elijah boo the punishment wala and Nora home de Yun saloon they will be helped.

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Well occurred and surely indeed. Tina We gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab the Book work of finer and we made to follow mimbar the heat after him before soul the messengers. What are Taina and we gave Risa rissani his center ignor son Maruyama of Meriam l begginer. At the clear proofs, what a year the now who and we aided him Biru here

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We'll call those with the pure spirit of a call lemma then did whenever Jah a cobra Sulan a messenger brought you all Bhima what land not the Hua they desire and Fuso comb your souls is stuck bottom you all displayed arrogance for free you can then a party can debitum you all beleid warfare econ and a party Dakota loon you will kill we'll call you and they said Kulu buena our hearts whole phone are ones wrapped up, bail rather learner whom Allah Allah has cursed them because free him because of their disbelief. For kalila man so very little, you may known they believe while a man and when a home it came to them. keytab when a book Men are in de from Allah He Allah will cite the

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second one that confirms the truth. Lima of what Mara home is with them. What can you and they use to men color blue before? Yes stuff the Hoonah they seek victory? Allah over a Lavina those who can't follow the disbelieved. Philomathean when jra home it came to them man what Allah for they recognized. Kufa rue de disbelieved be in it. For Alana to so curse Allah He of Allah, Allah is upon al caffeine, those who disbelieve bit summer how evil is what is thorough, they have bartered be he in exchange for it and foster home themselves. And that yak Fuu they disbelieve Bhima in what Anza Allah Allah sent down Boolean due to outrageous behavior. And for the reason that unit zeal Allahu

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Allah sends down, men off fugly he his favor our Allah upon man whomever Yasha oh he wills men among everybody his slaves for about also they incurred behold Robin wrath Allah upon low bobbin wrath while it will carefully Rena and for those who disbelieve or that bone is a punishment Mahina and one that is humiliating what either and when peeler it is said loan to them, amino you all believe Bhima in what Anzahl Allahu Allah sent down our Lu they say no, me no we believe Bhima in what on Zillow, it was sent down our Lena upon us work for owner and they disbelieve Bhima in what what a who is beyond it? Well while while it Al halco is the truth we'll select the second one that

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confirms the truth Lima of what Mara home is with them whole useI for Lima so why did double Toluna you will kill Ambia prophets Allah He of Allah min cabello before in quantum if you all truly meaning are ones who believe all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses and as you listen please follow along in your juice look at the translation of each word and see how much you can grasp

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is it all Isla tabula in the law however below it the Santa

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will be luery they any sign

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well games solid

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matter to me

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oh we're

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gonna do

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to free Jonah

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want to carry Jonah 32 Three you gonna very

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early here believe me.

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We're here to come

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look at

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the mergers

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daddy coming

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in hayati dunya

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doula ILA should do

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one Allah will be Horfield in

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he can let in a stone duniya

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Tina Musen kita

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de Ville Busan

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well Auntie Now you said

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all those ethical dilemmas

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gobble to

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get into more theory

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people free him up on El

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he moves Lima

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Musa De Lima

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Babu yes thrifty hola Ludhiana Cafaro

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I thought it would be

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too long here

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will be

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a long Bolian Xena LogMeIn

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a zero along with ugly Jana me

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well either the letter

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A long long

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or mean will be

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cruel no

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law Hemu module

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