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handler. And then I'll give you a tip number two, and I'll also give everyone who's listening. Something that I do personally with my own family doctor give you tip number two, because this is something I do on a daily basis, and it's just been a great blessing. And we totally enjoy doing it as a family. Okay, but tip number two is living your life as one you, okay? This means that the way that you want a lighter adult to see you and the way that everyone should be able to see you. So if we want a loss of health, I like to see us as a pious, humble patient, Muslim, and we need to become a pious, humble and patient. Exactly. We can just imagine it if we want to live the world Delta see

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as other great mother, than we need to start working on becoming a great mother. So it's what we envisioned that we want someone to love to see us as. That's how we need to be in lunia. for everyone to see us, not just the lies the words, and it's not to show off to people, and it's not to prove to people, but it's when you're just one person, and you're not three or four different identities, it becomes so easy to live Alhamdulillah does that make any sense? And that's exactly.

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And that's exactly again, what the prophet says I'm dead. As long as the companions lived alone, they're all live like that there was one of Albuquerque because he lived the same way in front of everyone. It wasn't just one person at home and a different person as a halifa, a different person, as a mom, who was the one person Mashallah and that's what we need to come back to is being honest and truth and find who we are that one identity and say, This is who Eliza was always going to see. And we want to give allies with all the best face so not, why not give the best face to all of the world. I completely agree with what you're saying, you need to be that person that you want to be

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look at those traits, bring those traits inside of you and live them out through everyday life, and you won't be the person that you actually meant to be.

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Phenomenal. So one tiny tip I'd like to go with is if anyone's interested, this is what I do in my house. And I started this with my daughter. And I said okay, let's go grab a notebook. We grabbed a notebook, and I said every single day we put a date on that. And we write one thing that we're thankful for our lives or

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we can say every day we can say we're thankful for everything from the love for our health. But one day pick one thing that you're thankful for and it's amazing like what the kids will say my daughter was saying she was like yesterday, she hurt her leg and many resigning students as soon as as soon as we're done, she said her legs are feeling better. And she wrote that. I'm thankful that Allison McCullough healed my leg.

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These are things that when they get older, Mashallah, as a family, when we look back upon Allah, look at all the blessings that Allah has given us. And it only takes like 30 seconds to write this down. Yes. So why not start making a diary of everything we're thankful for. So when we look back in our life, what is upon Allah? What, you know, Elijah was blessed with so much that I mean, of course, we can never thank him enough. But this is just something to remind us to continuously be aware of it and be thankful for it. I am so thankful that you're here with us today. I am so grateful. I think that's gonna be the one thing that I put down tonight, saying that I am so honored

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and touched to have spoken to somebody is amazing and inspirational like yourself. Is that a lot?

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Fortunately, we are running out of time, but I'm sure you've touched so many people today. I know you definitely touched me into such a hada your words which truly truly inspirational and I really hope that we get to speak to you again in the near future. Absolutely. Zach Allah hi for having me in the metalizer just bless you guys for everything that you guys are doing. Just how much Assalamu alaikum Salaam Alaikum