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mangga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Muhammad Ali was my beloved brothers and sister in Islam all the listeners on radio voices escape. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, the most kind, the Most High, I should have a la ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah to bless us in this world of Juma We ask Allah subhanaw taala to send our greetings, pieces adaptations and our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family and for all those who have this Omar who follow the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, may Allah grant us to be on his son, I mean Alhamdulillah as I said, Alhamdulillah we are joined today. This is the first Juma of 2018. And we're joined with all the

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listeners of voice of the cape. So please be yourself Gemma to Slovenia on the A Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with a new year. Yes, we know that Haram is our new year. But every turn in fact, every day, every sunrise and sunset, it's a moment for us to reflect. And we as we mentioned last week, the last Juma of 2017, then we have only a limited number of days and years on this dunya. And these moments should give us pause, we should take time out of our busy lives out of our jobs to sit five minutes even to reflect on how much time has gone by today. For example, we know the matric results have come out. And I want you to think back when you

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did your metric. I was just saying to a colleague of mine, that it was finally 13 years ago that I got my matric results and how quickly as those 13 years passed by. So the lesson we learn when we see the calendar tick over is that life is continuously moving, and we never ever get that moments back. And an ayah which we've often repeated. Allah subhana wa Taala says to us and he summarizes our entire life in this very short though in this one is a demo animal hired to do Nia label Allah who was Xena, whatever who Romain acumatica emmalee will Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to you and me your entire life in this one I know and understand and realize or concern that your life, the

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life on this dunya starts off with play. Our kids will be two, three years old, five years old. They spend the times playing so Allah says you start your life playing. Well, I wonder who when you move from play to amusement. This is the games the teenagers plays, they're not playing with toys. Now they're busy with amusement, something more sophisticated,

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was Xena. And then you look at adorning yourself making yourself beautiful for the opposite sex

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and boasting with one another and competing in wealth and children. Your Life goes from playing with toys, to playing games, to looking beautiful, to competing and boasting with one another in money and children. And then you die. your entire life goes through these phases. And we each and every one of us sitting here from the youngest of us, to the oldest of us, we can think where am I on the spectrum. And Allah says that life then Allah explains life like a flower, it grows, it looks beautiful, but the flower ultimately dies. So you need to look at yourself and ask what of these things in my life? Am I going to keep with me when I go into the next world? What of these

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challenges these things that keeps me busy, our priorities are really important if we knew we only had a few months left to live, what are the changes we make in our life? So this is the point in time, the beginning of the year. And at the end of the year when we pause and we stop and we think what are our priorities and Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us to do this reflection now before we do the reflection at the end when Allah says Allah Hakuna Matata for Hector's or Tamil macabre. Allah says Allah How can we tackle the competition and the rat race and the challenges of the dunya keeps you distracted, it keeps you blind. It's a mirage, Hector's ultimately macabre. Until that

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night That day you enter the copper, while your eyes really open up meaning you're asleep through your life. Allah saying until the day you die, then you wake up, then you realize how much of time was focused on immaterial, insignificant things.

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The worries that you stress about will not really be important what is and the important things we didn't stress about enough callala sofa dalla mon McCullough sofa dalla moon. Allah repeats the ayah twice Allah says no, Jani Allah de This is under in the cupboard you're going to do

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realize you're going to know and i'll let you repeat it, you will only realize it once you enter the cupboard. What was the reality of this life? So it's important to have this introspection to say that Alhamdulillah we've made it through one year, we've come to a new year. This is the first jumar. We do we go from here. It's a new beginning, a new slate. And last week's hood bar. We did a review of the year that was, so we need to understand before we can move forward, we are we coming from? We said if we look at 2017 What were the big themes of 2017. We said here locally, the news was dominated by corruption. You know, government corruption, businesses being corrupt, big

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companies proving that they were corrupt. The rich stealing elite group stealing from the masses. We found globally anti Islamic sentiment throughout the Western world, governments are coming into place that are against Islam. They've made Islam the enemy got parties that since World War Two since the Nazis, they never ever had a seat in Parliament. They're getting 10% 15% of the vote. In fact, it was just over New Years, that a German Member of Parliament a lady, she was banned for a period on Facebook. Why? Because she lashed out at Muslims, the police in France, they send out a new year's happy message in English in French and in Arabic. And this politician said, Why are you

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doing in Arabic, you are only allowing rapists and murderers you're giving them a show. And she was banned. But this is a member of parliament speaking like this against Islam, you find laws banning women from wearing hijab, machines not allowing to have minara. This is in the heart of secular Free Europe. And we need to realize this is the trend last year was a wake up call for us. And of course, it was even worse than that how worse. We had a genocide with our brothers and sisters in Burma. We have we forgotten the Rohingya we lost service spoken about them. We realize that towards the end of the year, mosquito cuts came under serious attack when the United States and Alhamdulillah basically

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the United States alone, and a few tiny named countries supported Israel's claim to Jerusalem. The rest of the international community said no, but America pushed forward with that meaning another step further to the colonization, the occupation of Muslim goods. internally as Omar, we know that war continues to plague the oma, we don't, you know, we are our own worst enemies, Trump and Netanyahu and the rest of the world, they couldn't do a better job than unfortunately Muslims and harming ourselves from Syria to Egypt, to Jordan to Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, we find turmoil in our Muslim lands, Muslims harming Muslims, Muslims, the enemy of the Muslim.

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So when we look at on a global scale, we pausing now in 2017, we are we as an oma not in a great shape. I think one way or another donor that usually we don't agree with one another, but we can all agree that the woman is not in a great shape. Everyone in the magazine is nodding your head, yes, it's not in the great shape. And I'm sure at home, if you're listening on the radio, you're also nodding, we're not at where we should be as an oma, globally, individually, each and every one of us needs to assess the year that was in your own capacity. A lot placed you on this dunya for a purpose for a set period of time, and you will return to Allah, the purpose to grow closer to him. The

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purpose is to be a better person to improve society. And you need to ask yourself now that one year has come and gone. Am I closer to achieving that objective? If I've got and I say this often, basically, the lifespan of a human being is about 70 years. So if you're in your 30s, you're halfway there. have you achieved half of your objective to Allah subhanaw taala. We have to ask these kind of questions. And if not, Alhamdulillah every day that the sun rises, it's a new day to begin with my optimism. No matter how dark how bad things are. We are not negative. We saw from our history. We an oma that was born out of Jamelia, the light of Islam came in the middle of nowhere in the middle

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of the desert in La Jolla. And it was in a few years it changed the world. That revolutionary movement and spirit is always with us as an AMA. And this oma as bad as things might be today. realize we are part of a 1500 year history. We've seen worse days and this almost always bounced back. It's a promise from Allah that this oma will never stay down. It will never be defeated completely. It will remain until the end of time. It is just each one of us to decide how strong or weak this woman is going to be. How am I going to change this woman and the world at large. So if we look at the world

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We are set by what we see in terms of globally. And if you look at yourself and you think about your relationships with Allah, your relationship with your children, your parents, you think about the things you've done this year, good and bad. Naturally, we always know. And as part of the believer, we feel that we could have done better. And therefore we begin with is the far We ask Allah to forgive us. And we look optimistically to the future. And we never lose hope. And the Hadith, which is one of my favorite Hadees Hadees, could see Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to you and me how you could see means Allah himself says these words, Allah says, oh, son of Adam, or Mohammad, oh,

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Fatima, Ahmed, as long as you call upon me, as long as you worship Me, and you put your hope in me, you put your trust in Allah, I have forgiven you for what you have done. And I don't mind forgiving, no matter what the sin is big or small, no matter how bad it is, as long as you turn to Allah, He will forgive you. And then Allah goes further and says, oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky, and then you would ask me for forgiveness. 6070 years you were, you ignored Allah. And now you come back, gray and old. Now you come back to Allah and your sins have reached the sky already. Allah says, If you come to me like that, I have forgiven you, I will forgive you.

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And I don't mind. And then Allah subhanaw taala goes and shows His mercy even further, and none of us should get to that level. Allah says, oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me, meaning on the day of dharma. So the man committed sin, the first man he makes sense, and you make ecfr. Everyday he sins everyday you ask for forgiveness. Allah says, I forgive you. Second man, he commits sin 6070 years, now that he has cancer, he comes back to Allah, Allah accepts him. third category of person, Allah says, oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me with sins that are close to falling the earth, and then you were to meet me, meaning then you come to Allah with sins without the stick far,

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or a lifetime of sin. And now we stay far, but you meet me on piano without having committed any type of *. You didn't worship anyone besides me. You didn't depend on protection from anyone besides me. You didn't raise your hands into our to anyone besides me. If you come to me in PM, I like that. I will. And you come with a world full of sins. But no Schick and I will bring you a world full of forgiveness. So this is our rub. This is what Allah is. And you invoke him every day. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Most Merciful, most forgiving, most kind. That's who Allah is. So as bad as things are, remember, we have a lot on our side. And when we open up and they return to a law,

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things will be better. So how do we make things better? How do we make things that when we went in sha Allah, we give this footbaww 2019. We can review 2018 and and say, there was a term 2018 was better. We can look at the scorecard and say, we've moved in a positive direction, change won't happen overnight. So gonna happen immediately. It's a process. So each and every one of you and me, all of us, our family, when we go home, we sit with our wives and kids, we say how do we make life? How do we become beta, beta as people individually? How do we get closer to Allah? What's the way I change? And insha? Allah? How do we change the big things? How do we how do we solve the problem in

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Palestine? Or in Burma? How do we fix what's happening in the oma in Syria? How do we do it? Where do we start? We start with Allah began.

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Allah began with ikura. Read. So in sha Allah, the resolutions are good. We should have resolutions, we should have intentions and near and just three points I'd like to mention as a step forward, as a step in the right direction, three relationships, each and every one of us needs to be working on this 2018 relationship with yourself. Strengthening yourself through knowledge. Number two, how do you get closer to Allah? How do you build your taqwa? And number three, how do we fix society? How do you fix yourself? How do you fix your relationship with Allah number two, and how do we fix society? What is the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? And we said number one, we begin

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with knowledge. We cannot stress the small, every conference that we attend every lecture that we go to and we hear that Allah speak about the plight of the oma, the answer is always a return to knowledge. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Islam to a people of God, Leah, the situation was worse than our situation. I said even as bad as things are here, we don't find fathers, taking the newborn daughters and burying them alive in a hole. We don't find people doing that. We don't find people inheriting the mothers and the daughters and selling them off. This was Jamelia Arabia.

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Islam came to people like this. And Allah was to transform the society and bring out of those people Sahaba were the base of the base. And he began with ikura. He began with read. And if we turn the clock back even right to the beginning of, of time, the beginning of our creation, a lot taught us a powerful lesson. When Allah created our Father, I'm Elisa to ceram, out of clay, out of sand, and before him with the angels before him with a gene made of light made of fire, Allah subhanho wa Taala to nebby item, something which the angels did not know, the angel says to Allah, why are you creating this insane person? Who is going to commit mischief and shed blood and kill one another?

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Why are you putting these people on the earth? And unless it I know something special about them? And he believes looked at this, Adam and said, I made a phase made of clay, I'm superior, and he believes was correct. Fire is superior to that. But then Allah showed that in Sun as something in his ability and his potential, which even elevates him above all of other creation. And what is that? When Allah asked the angels to make sudo to NaVi Adam, what happened just before that, Allah says, and we taught Adam the names of everything. And then we asked, we tested the angels or angels, what are these things all quiz, the angels and the angels in LA LA Mulana, we have no knowledge, our

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law, this is in question beyond our capacity, we can't answer this exam, and then allow us to item or item you give the answer. And now the item could understand that which the angels could not. And then what then Allah said, Now makes to do to Adam. So we learned from the very beginning of our creation, knowledge is power. And knowledge will elevate a creation, like we are weak made of dirt, above that of God, above that of the gene and the fire, above every creation of the creations of Allah, we sit on the highest rung of the food chain of the ladder, not because we made of something superior, but we have a processor near the muscle in our brain, that if we use it correctly, and we

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apply it correctly, then we are elevated to the highest of creation. But if we don't use it, and as Allah says, tomorrow, that now as far as our feeling, then insulin goes all the way to the bottom of the food chain.

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The only superiority we have as humans as people as in Sun, is our capacity to learn and to excel of other creations. The most powerful and amazing creation that Allah has that we know of. Allah says to us, he created Adam with his own hands. For example, Allah tells us in the Quran, when he wants to decrease something and create something he says couldn't be and it was when Allah created gibril. Allah just said b and g video came into existence. But Adam, Allah says in the Quran, the one he created via D with his two hands a lot of fashion and molded maybe Adam with his own two hands in a manner which befits Allah's majesty. And that power, that honor and that razor that we have as insan

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is only exists through knowledge.

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Our ability to learn is what makes us different. You have animals that are faster than us, that are stronger than us, bigger than us smarter than us. But we are superior to them. Why, because of our knowledge, our ability to learn. And that's the same this is a universal lesson we should we should understand. Knowledge is power. And if this, if you want to elevate yourself as a person, or as a community, or act as an Alma, we have to be the smartest, most knowledgeable, most informed society on Earth. A lot also teaches you from the story of nebby Adam, that Allah will give Iza and power and honor to the one who knows, even if he's not a believer. Look at the countries that are

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successful today. They don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala but they have the most universities they don't have masajid but they have universities and schools and libraries. They they people have literacy and postgraduate studies is real, for example, half its population have a have a tertiary education, they gone to university, and therefore an entire, almost a continent of Muslim countries is basically bullied by a little tiny country. Why? Because knowledge is power. The one who knows will always be superior to the one who does not know.

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And Allah mentioned this thing about knowledge and I paused for a moment. It is the one blessing Allah does not give for free.

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Can you get wealth for free? Can you inherit billions? Yes, you can. Your father can be a billionaire. He dies, you got billions for doing anything. You can inherit power monarchs. The King dies, his son becomes the king. you inherited the kingdom without working one day for it. You can

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Hidden titles, beauty, strength, these things you get for free when you are born. But Allah will never ever, ever, ever give anyone knowledge for free. Your father can be Einstein. But when you are born, you know nothing about physics. Your father can be Shakespeare, when you're born, you can't even speak English. knowledge comes with sacrifice, knowledge must be earned. Even the children of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even the prophets also himself had to learn knowledge the hard way. And therefore our message, if we want to get more of learning, you're gonna have to sacrifice something, you're gonna have to give something up to earn knowledge. Knowledge is the

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route to changing this oma to bring us up. But that means every single person sitting here listening to this lecture, the entire oma, everyone needs to sacrifice something of your time of your wealth. Put some effort in to acquire knowledge, knowledge will never ever come for free. Our doesn't look at your bank account. It doesn't look at your physical power, but Allah admires the island the knowledgeable person. In fact, Allah says in the Quran, Allah yet edify levena am an omen como La Nina, ala Dora jack, Allah says I elevate the people who have Eman from you and the people of knowledge diraja levels, knowledge will elevate you.

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And this does not come for free. Another example. The first we know the first commandment of Allah was not worship me. Even though worship is what our Deen is about La ilaha illAllah is about worshiping Allah alone. But Allah did not begin with La ilaha illa Allah He began with ekra and we know the story. The Prophet peace be upon him was alone in the cave gibreel came and gibreel said to the Prophet peace be upon him sallallahu Sallam read the Prophet said I can't What did you video do? squeezed him? Yes, she videos squeeze the Nabi sallallahu Sallam extremely excessively and the Prophet peace be upon him was unable to be this he was about to faint pass out and jabril repeated

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this three times. Why did you video squeeze the Prophet peace of mind? Why?

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Why did he do that? To teach this is one one wisdom from this is to teach them to be so solemn and us knowledge comes with efforts. That was the price the Prophet peace upon him had to pay to acquire this knowledge didn't come for free, even from Mohammed Salah. He had to go through physical exertion to get knowledge.

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Knowledge is power. And knowledge is where we begin by transforming the oma for most of us, perhaps we stopped learning Islamic knowledge when sweet High School.

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Now you will not employ someone that came out of primary school, to even garden you alone, or to be your pa or to whatever it might be. Do we really believe that our youngsters are equipped to face the challenges of the world if all they have is a primary school madressa madressa education

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our kids are adults. We need to understand that the challenges of the oma the challenges of the modern world are constantly becoming more and more severe. You can't hide and run away of certain ideologies anymore. In the past, you could lock your kids up at home and that's it. They'll never be exposed to atheism or Satanism. Or this group or that group or this ideology community. They were in the house that was fine. Now you can't anymore. Those ideologies are being pulled onto the phone, into your bedroom into your homes, meaning we call a run from the fitna. The only way to protect yourself from the fitna is through knowledge. Everybody here responsibility is to increase exercise

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this brain, this muscle in your mind, make that a Nia of yourself 2018. And we know today is not knowledge isn't only Islamic knowledge. We're not just an oma about Islamic knowledge, we don't believe in the concept of Islamic and secular knowledge. All knowledge is from Allah subhanaw taala whether you study biology, whether you study astronomy, mathematics, this is all sciences, from the sciences of Allah, you are learning from the sciences, which Allah has created this universe

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are young brothers and sisters, they've got the material results. And if you were successful, my message to you is when you're successful in your exam, that's an Amana from Allah, not everybody is able to be successful in the academic studies. Some people try very hard, and they were not given that capacity. If you are able to be successful, and you could further your studies, you have an Amana with Allah, Allah has given you a great gift. You look at statistics only about 1% to so actually goes on to further the studies here in South Africa. You have a massive Amina, who if you are in a university,

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as a Muslim, young, male or female, you should not you should not let that amount

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Go to waste shouldn't be bunking class or failing. If you're at the university you have the capacity to do so you have been given a great, great gift from Allah and Subhana Allah, you don't know what's inside of you that could change humanity, you might have inside of you the ability to find a cure to a disease, you might have inside of you the ability to build, you know, bridges and bold, build up this communities solve our economic problems, find a solution to our energy crisis. No one starts off a scientist or professor, an inventor, you have to discover maybe Allah gave you that gift inside of you, but only through learning when you discover that. And if you are not successful,

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and life is about failure, even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam failed sometimes did not succeed all the time. If things didn't go your way. Remember, tomorrow is a new day. You start if you must start from scratch, we start from scratch, that this was not mean for you, but something else is meant for you that there is a path for you. There is a purpose for you in the dunya. Allah puts you on this dunya for a reason. You need to find your purpose. So don't give up. Don't lose hope. Don't become despondent, we are no matter what no matter how bad the situation is, we look for the positives. So my brothers, sisters that listen to the lecture, I hope that you're near this year as a student, or

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if you're a senior person, that you will increase your knowledge in 2018 will lie by reading a book, you are helping Palestine by listening to a lecture that benefits you, you unless you are helping the oma, you are helping to fix the problem in Syria. Why? Because if all of us do that, we will all elevate ourselves and this oma will begin fixing its problems. You will have to make learning part of your life.

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As I said, you can pick up a book in terms of Islamic knowledge. People often ask me, How do I begin Islamic knowledge? Where do I start? solokha What do I do? There are many courses out there many classes Alhamdulillah locally, there are many

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online, things to listen to. But some and we all have our favorites. If you want to start if you really would like a beginning that will give you a comprehensive learning is a lecture series on the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the biography the Syrah of the Navy salsa lamb. Perhaps our radio station can start playing it. It's the Sierra of yasir Qadhi, so she asked me to call the doctor yasir Qadhi. He gave the 100 episodes of the life of Nagisa Salam from start to finish. And when you listen to this lecture series, you will learn so much about Islam way Islam started, who the Prophet peace be upon him was, what is this Dean all about? It is good enough for evil to start

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with that. And even if you studied Islamic Studies in depth, when you listen to it, it will enhance your understanding of the deen it will cover our beliefs Sala jihad, it will cover issues between how to from the smallest thing how to use the toilet up until the how we run a government and how we fight with non Muslims. All of this will be explained in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. At the end of the day our Prophet is our teacher

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and only through learning his example will we understand how to live in this in our life. So if you'd like to begin the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Bashir, yasir Qadhi an excellent place to begin, that's why inshallah you should begin. So that's where you start the start of the changes of eco learning, make learning part of your life in 2018, and inshallah we'll see the changes. The next the next relationship that you work on, we all work on the methodology of the MBR is how do we get closer to Allah, all of us, we know we are not giving a lot of the HAC that he deserves. We are so focused on the work and kids and you know, paying the bills, enjoying ourselves

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when it's holiday time, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is not the priority as he should be. The first thing you heard when you were born was Allahu Akbar, your father, your mother, told you in your ear, Allah is the Greatest my son my daughter. Remember, no matter what happens in life, Allah is always more important, more important than your job more important than your wealth then your marriage then your kids a lot comes first. We say that as Muslims if we put on the spot would you love the most we say we love the most we love Israel second most and we love our mothers three times and then our Father, I have a young nephew when you ask him would you love the most not mommy not daddy Allah and

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then the Nabi Salaam in my mommy three times, then my daddy, right because he learned that at school. The reality of it is a lot more difficult. As an adult we know to mean it is a lot tougher to make Allah the Most Beloved to us is hard.

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So how do we get to a relationship? I want you to think about this. There are people in the past and people here today or hamdulillah that are truly connected to Allah that they love when they raise their hands in Salah.

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They feel happy. Why do they enjoy sada and we find it a burden because they're connected with the one that they love. How do we get the and why it's not that you're to my art is deficient and the art is the art of the year they have some Wali gene in the biology No, everyone started from zero. So how do I get to that point? Yeah, Allah that as some of the old ama. They didn't have alarm clocks, but they bodies forced them to wake up three o'clock in the morning. No one ever woke them up. They just woke up out of their own out of genuine love. How do we get the How do I become a valley of Allah? Let that be your objective Yala. The day I die. I would like to be a close friend

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with you. I mean, how do I get the Allah? How do I get there? There's a hadith of how to be a well if so Hadith of the valley, another favorite hadith of mine. So how do I build my taqwa my relationship with Allah?

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Allah Himself once again says howdy from Allah. Allah says, I will declare war against him who shows any hostility to one of my earlier one of my highest worshipers or my friends? And then Allah explains how do you become such a close person to Allah, and Allah says, the most beloved things, which my slaves come near to me, the way you come close to me, is through the things I've made compulsory, start with your Ferrari.

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So if number one on the list I want to be a Wally, first thing you do, perform your five daily solos on time quickly, properly. If you do that, that's the thing I love the most. But use aka on time, fast in the month of Ramadan, and prepare yourself to perform hygiene once in your life. If anyone does that, and if any of you are doing this consistently, correctly, and not performing schilke when you are 50 plus percent a valley of Allah then you're really a valley of Allah. But Allah says, obviously, if you want to go beyond that's the basic. That's the basic thing. All of us we've got friends, we were close friends, how do we become a close friend of Allah. So then Allah says,

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my slave incomes closer to me through performing additional deeds, which I love. And the more he does, the closer he comes, he gets to a point where I am his sense of yearning and his sense of seeing and when he walks, it's my hand man is walking with my legs and his hands when he grew up is with my hands meaning not meaning with the ends of Allah, meaning he's guided in everything he does. Allah keeps him on the path of righteousness. Allah puts in his way only goodness. And such a person was reached such a level of taqwa and the relationship with Allah. Allah says, If he asks me, when he raises his hands, I will give him and when he needs protection, I will always protect him. So how

00:32:47--> 00:33:33

do we get there? You begin with the basics, Salah, and if Alhamdulillah all of us I'm sure we're doing the basics. How do we go further than that? The Prophet peace be upon him teaches us. He says, If you want to change your life, do good deeds correctly. Sincerely, moderately little bit, don't do a lot. One thing at a time, five minutes, 10 minutes, then move on, don't do 10 hours and then you stop doing it. Start off with one little sooner. So part of unia the prophecies do good deeds properly, sincerely moderately and know ultimately your deeds don't make you into paradise. And the most beloved deeds to a lot of things Allah love the most of the deeds that are done consistently.

00:33:34--> 00:34:13

Even if there are small in number. So Alhamdulillah I've given usually annually I give this out at the back of the masjid, I have something called shortcuts agenda. Little easy things you can do. There's about 2025 of them don't do all 25 you can hamdulillah if you just take one of them and it's new inculcated in your life. It is getting close to Allah for example, the prophet peace be upon him says whoever recites ayatul kursi after every Salah nothing prevents him from entering Jannah The only thing between him and Jenna is just recite adequacy of every Salah one big step forward. The Prophet sallahu wa salam says whoever recites in the morning

00:34:14--> 00:34:27

I am pleased with Allah as my Lord. And with Islamism as my Deen and as Mohammed Salam is my prophet. When I guarantee him, I will take him by the hand and into him into gentlemen FTM short, easy to

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

take you five seconds in traffic. Make that a do I'd like to recite. I love this one the prophet SAW Selim says on the day of Juma, if a man who sells himself and he makes his wife to hustle as well. He either makes Genova part of the rituals, it makes her hustle and she hustles herself. And he comes early to the masjid and he sits close to the Imam and he listens before the Imam gets there. Listen to the reward, every step he takes to the masjid Allah counted as one year of fasting one year.

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00:35:01--> 00:35:20

now walking to the masjid is a maybe 100 steps, you might find on the day of piano you have 1000s of years of fasting 1000s of years of gadgets are they allowed that I get that just by googling, coming early to the masjid listen to the email once a week, something simple, easy, but a massive reward in terms of interning genda.

00:35:23--> 00:36:01

So these are about 25 shortcuts agenda. They are the you can if you'd like to, if you're listening on the radio, you can contact the radio station, you can call me, you can email me with [email protected] we gladly share this and if you know we share so many incorrect information on WhatsApp snapshot this and share it because if someone else does one of those deeds and you share it, you're going to get the reward as well. So spread the shortcuts to Jana and choose one or two of them and encourage your families This is how we build our relationship brick by brick step by step to Allah We walk to Allah and Allah will come running to us so that we hope in five years time we

00:36:01--> 00:36:06

have that level of that only our last panel Darla that we get them Allah Subhana accept from us.

00:36:07--> 00:36:10

So we see the three step approach. Start with knowledge, learn something new.

00:36:12--> 00:36:53

Listen to a lecture in traffic. Number two, do the basics and do one extra good deed that builds your taqwa with Allah. Number three, how do we fix the oma? How do we fix the oma? This is a big question. And no scholar on Earth has an answer to it. But we have pieces of the solution. And we look at a few highlights from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he speaks about fixing the oma fixing Palestine fixing Syria. Where do we begin? The Prophet peace be upon him says to all of us, all of us are shepherds, meaning first thing, understand you are part of this oma and you have to play your role as part of the solution. Cydia, Syria, corruption, Palestine, these are not external

00:36:53--> 00:37:33

things. These are part of your life, parts of your world. And you need to play a role in fixing the problems. Now, there are three we know from the Hadith the prophet SAW, Selim says, Who ever have you see something evil, and you have the ability to change it, change it with your hand, you see somebody harming another person, you stop him, you see someone stealing, you stop him, you see someone in your job committing some kind of corruption or fraud, you stop that person. And if you're unable to do it physically, then speak out against it, write a letter, make a noise. properly, respectfully, but we speak out against what is haram, what is evil, we speak out, we see something

00:37:33--> 00:38:14

wrong, we should speak out. And if we can't do that, at least in our hearts, we should make dua we should always make dua. So look at the problems in your community, in your society in the masjid, play a role in fixing it, speak out or make dua for for Allah to make it better. In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is asked by a Buddha, what is the best deal I can do? So the Prophet peace planning system, what are the best thing you can do? Is Jihad feasibility law, meaning you see a problem and you yourself go out and you say, I will fix that problem. So whether it be crime in your community, they are maybe these drugs in your community, they are children or not getting

00:38:14--> 00:38:56

proper schooling. So you say you know what, we will set up a madrasa, we will do make a Salah Hannah, we will raise funds for this problem, I will myself try and fix the problem. So I will not say well, if I'm unable to do that, I can't go out and fix it. So then the prophet SAW Selim says, then support the man who is a laborer, meaning if you see a problem, and you can't fix it yourself, support the people that are playing a role in society. We all part of the budget, we have managers in our community, all of us should be part of the masjid trying to make the masjid a better place. But if you can't be on the committee, support the committee that easily you listen to the radio

00:38:56--> 00:39:37

station hamdulillah if you the to the best of us are those who go and we actually help to improve something which belongs to the community. But okay, I can't myself, do it, I don't have the time, then go and support those who are they doing the job, give them advice, give them your da give them money, give them whatever you can give them a helping hand. And if you can't even do that, and the Prophet salallahu Salam says, then don't make the situation worse, keep your evil back. And that will be your charity. So whatever problems I want you to think about the problems in your family, in your community in the oma ask yourself, what can I physically myself fix with my hand? If you say I

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

can't do it, what can I speak out against? Can't do that? Who can I support so I can't help the Muslims in Burma myself. So I help the gift of the givers because they are there. If I can't even do that, then I should at the very least, I should not be making the problem even worse, and I should make be making dua Allah makes the situation better. And that's your charity. Every single one of us

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

needs to play our role in our society in one of those three ways. fix the problem will help those who are fixing the problem or make dua that Allah fixes the problem with the very least don't make the problem worse. Don't let it be me, that encourages corruption, I buy stolen goods, I facilitate crime. I am the one that spreads mischief fitna, whatever it might be. And if you stay away from that, that's enough of a charity in sha Allah, to invest into gender. And if all of us do that, one of us learn something new. All of us get closer to Allah, all of us stop doing making the problems worse. SubhanAllah how's our community going to be how's oma going to be 1.5 billion quarter of the

00:40:42--> 00:41:19

world's population, part of the summer, we will see if all of us did that. Within one year, this world will be a new year, a new world altogether. So these small steps these are the revolutionary steps, and everyone thinks these little steps in your life. And in sha Allah when we give this goodbye in a year's time, it will be a better world than we lifted. May Allah bless 2018 to be a blessing here for all of us. May 2018 be a year that we find goodness in our personal lives and our families in our own mind and the oma at large mala assist all the muslimeen that are going through difficulty and all the people of this world that are going through hardship Allah make it easy. Now

00:41:19--> 00:41:30

look, you are sick and have mercy on those who have passed away May Allah forgive them their shortcomings and into them into gentlemen. I mean, Jazakallah Haida once again for your attendance and for the listeners on voice of the cape.

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