Mufti Menk – Make this Promise to Yourself Before Ramadan

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the trend of people becoming aware of their liability and remorse for their actions. They argue that being a true believer is not just a matter of committing a crime or saying a disrespectful word. The speaker suggests that people should be aware of their actions and try to avoid being caught for their behavior.
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We also need to become conscious of our tongues, like I said earlier,

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that needs to start from before a man from now start making a plan and say, I'm going to become conscious of my tongue. I occupy it with the remembrance of Allah rather than with the remembrance of shavon. So what is the remembrance of shape man?

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When you swear, you deceive you lie, you're vulgar, you're hurtful. That is the remembrance of shape. Because shape pattern is actually just taken over. Imagine being abusive with your tongue, no matter who it is. Starting with your wife, your children, your mother, your sisters, your in laws, whoever they may be. Watch your tongue. There is no need to say a bad word or an evil word. A true believer does not utter dirty words or bad words or hurtful words. Are you really a true believer? You want to welcome Ramadan make this promise of Allah I'm not going to swear. No more swear words, no matter what. Today we have a trend of these F's and Bs and you know, m word and whatever else it

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is. It's really terrible people, young people say that, like salt and pepper as they're talking, especially in the first world countries and even elsewhere, actually. It's become a trend where people have become so

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you know, forget not forgetful, but it's just

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so Subhanallah I don't even want to use a disrespectful word, but they've just changed and to them, it means nothing at all. I'm just speaking Come on, how can you say that? It is terrible. It's written against you rather say a good word. What does it cost you to speak upright? To speak beautifully? What does it cost you to abstain from a vulgar word? What does it cost you to express your disagreement in a respectful way? Even the scholars are beginning to be disrespectful when they express their disagreement. And that's how you distinguish between the one who's actually wise and the one who's not. Because the wise person doesn't ever do that type of thing. A wise person doesn't

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stoop so low. But a person who's not wise would actually just come and vent their frustrations and say what they want and think about it later. SubhanAllah let's not do that.

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