Abu Bakr Zoud – Shabaan is like the Sunnah before the Obligatory Prayer

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month of ChMetro, which is the sooner time before an obligatory prayer. They explain that fasting during the month is difficult for individuals to achieve optimal success and that individuals should prepare their minds ahead of the time. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding overwhelming fatigue and being aware of one's weight during fasting.
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The third reason for why we should fast the month of chabanne is in preparation for mobile. sola, Allah the scholars they said that the month of Chabad is like the sooner prayer before the obligatory pray.

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It's like the sooner prayer before the obligatory prayer. So this is like the Suna month chabanne is the Suna month, and then the obligatory month comes which is Alibaba. And then after Ramadan, there is the Sunnah after which is six days of Shabbat and you know listen to this. So you can understand the point. You see a lot of social prescribed for us that we pray a sooner before we obligate to pray. So what we're supposed to do is make at home, come early to the masjid make it still for pray, the sooner sit, read Quran, all of this in preparation, then we make a comma and we get up and we pray the obligatory prayer.

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You see, it is difficult to achieve who you are if you skip all that.

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If you just come in on time of salad, and you sell more high quality feed em and you want to prepare the obligatory prayer, your head is still spinning from the affairs of this world the life business world children money, a million things that are going in your head, you know, so you won't be able to achieve optimal sure if you were to just rush into Asana Allahu Akbar. So you need to prepare your heart for the shoe or by praying sooner before and similarly on mobile on

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if a person didn't fast anything of Chabad which is this month now before mobile, and he never fasted anything before that, when Ramadan comes, what will happen to him? What will happen? How can you achieve who you are in your mobile? This is what will happen, you'll be tired, exhausted, he cannot wait for the day to finish. You know people will fast and they just hating the fasting can't wait for the day to the over because they're so hungry.

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And look at the state of people today. Look at the state of people today when they neglect shut down and don't fasten anything in shop and what happens most of the automobile is spent sleeping. Why? Allah Allah, we're tired, we're hungry, we're thirsty. We're sleepy. And as a result what happens all the reward of Ramadan is gone. Where's the goodness in all this? Where is the real worship? Where's the vicar one prayer and prayer on time in Ramadan Where is all this? It's lost because people did not prepare during the month of Chabad. The month of Ramadan. My brothers and sisters in Islam is not a month of sleep. Even the nights of Ramadan, we should be up praying. Yanni, then the

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night should be spent in worship. Imagine them the day we must be active in worship Allah. When I tell you people today that neglect cha ban altogether. They are sleeping during the day. And then at night it's spent in games and entertainments or layover we learn whilst combined social to safeguard us from that. This is why we must prepare from now now we're still at the beginning of Chabad so this is good news.

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First in the month of chabanne,

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the biggest thing it's going to do is it's going to remove heedlessness from your heart. It's going to remove laziness from your body and from your heart. It's going to remove this heedlessness out of your heart just like the sooner prayer does before the obligatory prayer

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so that when Ramadan begins, you're not tired from the first day. You're not tired. You're used to it. You've been fasting the last What if you fasted Mondays and Thursdays if you've been fasting about eight days. If you fasted more than that hamdulillah you're ready now to embrace the first day of Ramadan. You didn't have to deal with the tightness in the fatigue in the first and and then you've already got that sorted when you fasted in Chabad.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, we need to be aware we need to be careful

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