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ah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala stegodon mbi Eva Mursaleen. And my bad All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa taala, the Sustainer of the worlds in peace and blessings be upon the chief of all Prophets and Messengers, son Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We are here to talk about the unfortunate circumstance, which has occurred in the past few coming weeks. We have seen on social media that this topic that I am here to present before you has became the storm storm. And the last few weeks, we had an 11 year old boy who took his life and Bradford for simply being bullied. There is another video going around where you see a young brother be punched in the face several times by other brothers, just because he's standing alone, and he didn't want any trouble. We see another video where a young brother who is asking to be let go because he does not want to fight, being stabbed, being poked with a knife. And the other party's finding it

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The most disappointing thing about this, my brothers and sisters, is that the people being bullied are one Muslims. And the people that are bullying are also some of them are Muslims.

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i All often what drove me to bring this up today is I've had a few people text me saying how should we tackle the issue of bullying? How should we tackle it and ensure that it does not happen to our child. But in reality, I think in my own opinion, I say to individuals that the person being bullied you can help him progress and confidence. You can help him speak to many individuals, as many individuals as you can. You can maybe even change your school, change his company, or maybe speak speak to him to stand up for himself. However, once he is prepared to stand up to the bully, the bully will move on to another person who he will then bully, there will be many victims out there

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ready to be victimized. Now the problem that we have in the 21st century, I believe is that we need to get to the core of how does a bully become a bully because no mother no father wants their child to become a bully. No mother, no father wants their child to become a person who terrorizes other people and their lifestyle and makes other people stressed to such an extent that 11 year old boy today in front of you takes his life and thinks that this is this is all that life is I live in you're a boy doesn't have no stress doesn't have no no type of stress in regards to bills in regards to Job, anything just as young, simple boy goes to school, goes to school simply just goes to school

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to learn education, gets bullied at school comes home and commit suicide.

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I believe

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that as I mentioned in the gym, I thought about that last week

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that we need to come to the absolute core foundation of what and how a bully is created. How does our son and how does our daughter become a bully? Let me read a short story to you of America.

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There was a young boy at the age of eight,

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eight or 10

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He shot a police officer numerous times.

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When he was in court, the judge asked him young boy What drove you to shoot the police officer so many times and he said to park gunning down the law.

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If you listen to Tupac, and you listen to gunning down the law, you will clearly understand that gun down the law the title is self explanatory. Now we have other issues our sons or daughters or listen to people like to park people like Biggie people like 50 cent. The whole ideology the whole rock music as either about hitting someone is either regarding sexual conversation is either regarding the police are x y Zed, or the police need to be shot to the police need to be killed is complete hate towards the law. What happens is obviously, these rap artists are living a life where they're making money. They make their money, but they put in the mind minds of our youth that this is the

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life that they actually live, whereas it's just a fairy tale. And what happens is then our youth when they're walking down the street, and they've got to park gunning down the Lord on their ears, and they think that they begin to park and they start to believe

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people that they know, cannot defend themselves. This is how you've created Billy number one, Billy number two, from my own opinions is when your son is under the age of 18. And you go to the shop, when Grand Theft Auto is released,

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and you go to the shop and buy that for your son, you have bought him Grand Theft Auto, you have different three, four different types of gangsters within the game. Now, your son, or your daughter is playing a virtual game, while the going around stealing cars, shooting individuals for a laugh, drug dealing, shooting people to steal their money, so they can up their money and buy better guns, by better cause

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they're limited living a virtual life.

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What happens is they want to have that same respect, the same honor that that character within that game has, he has achieved the honor by bullying other individuals, because the person being bullied will always look at that person and run away, the person who's running away from will automatically feel like the person in Grand Theft Auto. That is one other issue.

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The other one is,

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is when our children

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go to other groups.

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And they get into some kind of argument, they get into some kind of fight. Because parents be negligent

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towards what their sons are doing in the public. For example, your son goes out, he's attended a group, he's fought in the group, you parents don't care how you fought what happened. And they don't even ask you, this person will eventually start building a reputation of how good he can fight. Once he's gained that reputation, he is now going to believe those people that cannot beat him, because he will never go to that person that can beat him. He will always go to a person that's below him. My personal advice and my final advice, which I said in Joomla huzzah is nothing more is nothing big because there is nothing is nothing that you know, you're going to think wow. It's just simple

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points. track two lists, track them. Number one as a Muslim, you should not be listening to music at all. Why? Because it has an effect on your heart, just the way it is has an effect on the youth. And if you don't believe me, everybody can agree. Everybody can agree. If you're driving on the MCAT or an M six, and you're going down at 60 miles per hour, and you're listening to some kind of let's say Bhangra music, or if you're listening to something completely fast with a fast tune with a fast rhythm, you will automatically started start to drive over the speed of 80 You start to drive over the speed of 100 You will even know because your whole body, your mind, your actions have moved

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starting to collaborate with the rhythm. Now, you put on the Holy Quran, or you put on something even lower something with a small rhythm, you will automatically drop your speed because your body has adapted to the rhythm. Music has a big effect on a person's life. Music, especially the rap industry ruin our youth.

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To such an extent, you've got youngsters going out there building killing, thinking stealing cars is a joke. It happens even though this even though this young, innocent boy has taken his life due to billing. There's other issues such as youngsters stealing cars, drug dealing, where do they get these ideas from? Parents blame the friends in reality is the game that you've bought them that clearly says 18 on it.

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It clearly says 18 And you bought it for a 14 year old.

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This is one issue. So my my personal opinion to the brothers and sisters out there to the parents out there. If you want to stop bullying, start by not creating bully bullies. And how do you not create bullies? It's just monitor what they play and what they listen to and how they react and what their friends and what type of friends they have. JazakAllah Haider Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Hey,