Ramadan Nasihah – Make Sure You Do Ihtikaf

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I will be let him initiate on the regime. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala say the Lumbee or even more Celine Ababa.

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Our praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala the sustainer of the world and peace and blessings be upon the Chief of our prophets messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Allah subhana wa Taala

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in this blessed month of Ramadan

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has given us a gift.

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And this gift me personally I cannot thank Allah enough for this gift. As an explain what this gift is, this gift is a take off

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when brothers sit in the masjid for 10 consecutive days and engage in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala

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when I was not practicing as I was today as I am today

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Allah subhanho wa Taala some way in some shape or form

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made me do it the cough in central mosque Glasgow central mosque when I went there

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and Glasgow central mosque and asked to do it the calf. The guys at office see me and

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you're not doing it the cuff. You need us you need a supervisor and I was like 1617 at 17 at the time. It's like why do I need an adult to stay in the mosque after and it's so bizarre that because I never really had that connection with the masjid ever. So I was like, Why do I have to kind of just stay in the mass? Is that a good thing do you get I'm saying so I challenged my mom right? To my mama. Watch. I'm gonna stay for 10 days mom's like you'd never gonna be stupid depending on the goals you watch. Yeah, I want to go south took my sleeping bag. Or even MSTP Mark Marisa mata ki and I ended up in the masjid. And everyone's looking at me like that. They've never seen that before.

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Who is this guy? And what happened and luggage is if hair. Allah reward the brothers that helped me and hit the golf. Brother Gushue. Brother asin Brother, no man. I say the names because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have feel felt attracted to them. They taught me how to pray. They taught me how to do the actions of Salah in Ithaca. So what happened is when I donate the car for 10 days, they taught me all the basics. No happen after 10 days.

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I feel so spiritually lifted when I came out of the masjid after 10 days as they

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had to go back. I don't want to come up. I felt so good. I felt as if someone gave me a bath of all baths Yeah, and all the dirt just came off me. That's how I felt.

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And you know no when I think about it, it was the fact that I

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focused on worshiping and dedicated my time to Allah. Allah cleansed me. Allah guided me and Allah showed me the sweetness of our religion Islam.

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So I send a message to all the youngsters

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and the uncle Geez.

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Who do not show you in Ramadan Ithaca, for snoring even though they snore more than us. But

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I sent a message that the month of Ramadan that's a take off these 10 days. If you have school, take it off. If you have work, take it off. If you have college university, take those 10 days off only for the One who created you. Allah Jalla Jalla anaco stay in the masjid for 10 days. You sleeping you get toward you eating you get reward. You're you're talking you're getting reward any action you do and those 10 days because you're in sunAt Ethica you're getting reward for it.

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Could you imagine the reward and you know, the best example that my teacher gave me he said to me

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that when you're an ethical self,

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just imagine it as such

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that you are at the doorstep of Allah subhanaw taala asking Allah for forgiveness and saying to Allah that Allah I'm not going to go from here until you forgive me.

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Make sense? So we are here in the masjid for 10 days. Out of thing that Allah we are here we are at your doorstep. We are in your house. We are asking you for forgiveness, Ya Allah forgive us. Allahumma Finley Allah fini. Forgive us. Make sense of stock, federal law stuff that a lot of stuff with a lot of demand could lead them to go Eli,

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you're asking Allah for forgiveness. You're asking for Allah's mercy. You're asking Allah to save you

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From the five Johanna, you're asking Allah to make your what is go away your calamities to disappear for you to be successful for your exams to be successful for you to become a successful individual in the dunya and akhira. This these 10 days do not take it as they're just 10 days. They're not random 10 days, make sure that you do a take off. Try your best to do a ticker. Encourage your friends and your sons, your cousin's your nephews, every single male member in the masjid should try to devote his time in Ethica this was a source of guidance for me and it is a source of guidance for many Muslims many Muslims it the cough is something that's called you know, self cleansiness You

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could call it you know when you go to Turkey and you go for that Turkish bath Yeah, if you have been for the the reverb I've heard about it Yeah. Then I scrub you with a stone and then put you laid on a stone you come out and apparently you feel as if you just dropped from heaven yet.

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This is the cough of promise you. I promise you when you come out with the cough if you have the ability contact me

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to confirm

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that when you left it take off that day after doing it for the first time you felt as if you've exited the most purest place in the world as being the masjid and now you've entered a place where your heart's not attached to it. without you even knowing it the calf your heart starts to get attached to the masjid gets attached to the love of Allah gets attached to the Quran. It gets attached to being there. Makes sense. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who are able to do a take off

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for the rest of our life. Every year comes we're able to do at the cuff and if we're not able to do at the calf, we should try our best to at least stay three days in Ramadan in the masjid. So Allah so we can ask Allah for forgiveness, ideally the last three nights, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the opportunity to engage in this ethic off and make May May we be amongst those who take full benefit of the city calf. I mean they are a billion I mean, Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh