Mohammed Faqih – Unit and Hold on Tight to the Rope of Allah

Mohammed Faqih
AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of multiple speakers discussing the importance of fulfilling missed obligations and staying true to oneself in order to achieve Islam's goal of happiness. They emphasize the need to be honest with oneself and not allow others to interfere with their bond with one another. The importance of valuing others' natural tendencies and attendants' natural tendencies is emphasized, as well as the need to appreciate and be mindful of one's natural tendencies. The gym is reopened, and the speakers encourage listeners to celebrate and reopen.
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In a Hungary law who was saying who are some people who I study? Well the villa he told me I should have seen LM in and say yeah Madalina Mayor de la huifeng villa with a little further ahead yella was

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Lola who the whole actually you can watch her do Anna Mohammed Abdullah Hiratsuka also who you haven't been fun to hear for Lila Bella risotto then a man also had he had the Luma Salah tomato salaam Who are they? Yeah, you're living in Tacoma hopper to party. Aleta Mattoon comes to the moon. Yeah, Johan. So taco rock documentary Holika come in. I've seen Wahida wahala come in Hezonja over Thurman, Homer region cathedral when he said what Tacoma haliaeetus Luna be here or ham in Allah can Alec MerKiVa Yeah, you hollering I want to talk Allah. Apolo Conan Sarita insolent locum Allah como la fille, locums and overcome, er mejor para la hora Sudha, Taka Japan's opposing Alima I'm sure you

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are as sick and tired as I am of the plight of our Ummah, that led to what we're seeing nowadays. I'm sure that we all sit around and we receive these messages in these posts, and we share them with other people that express how we feel about the current plight of the ummah. I'm sure many of us we look at a verse in the Quran in which Allah subhana wa Tada says that this ummah, this community was commissioned

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and was entrusted to carry

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the message of Allah subhanaw taala to the rest of humanity. I'm sure that when we look at the verse from Surah Al Imran where Allah subhana wa Tada says, coutume you used to be or you work or you are actually you are hiding your own machine, leanness, the best of communities that was ever brought out for mankind, you are established, you are erected, you are put together, you are formed for the benefit and for the prosperity of humanity going to higher on Mateen oak rigidly nervous to bring people out of the darkness of misguidance and falsehood and to make them experience the light and the beauty of Islam.

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Your example was that young man young man he was a teenager robbery given the hammer. When the person leader said to him, what brought you out of your desert homes out of your tents and out of your villages.

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You naked barefooted people, what do you want? You want money we can.

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So he says to him and he summed it up? Right clearly in a very simple message. No, Holman, we are a people if tatton Allah, Allah azza wa jal has called upon us. There is a calling here. Allah subhanaw taala has commissioned, commissioned this generation of ours, he was referring to the generation of Sahaba and he was a young man nanocone path and Allah, Allah subhanaw taala sent this we responded to his prophet, then the province was sent to put this responsibility on our shoulders. And it's a responsibility it's not something that we're pursuing for, for anything other than fulfilling our obligation and responsibility to Allah azza wa jal, because we will answer to Allah

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azza wa jal, we are an old mother, a showerhead.

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We know her, Janice to bring people out of Mineva definitiva Iriga Tila from out of worshipping other fellow human beings to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I mean, God at the end and from the wrongdoing and from the injustice of other ways of life,

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in adult Islam, to the justice of Islam,

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because it just sort of Islam is goes beyond, you know,

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it does not recognize any classes or any social

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barriers, and

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normally, you could dunya in assets, from the narrowness and from the misery of this of this life and these systems and ways, right to the to the vast blessings of Allah subhanaw taala in this life and in the hereafter. So this was, this is who we are supposed to be. But this is not who we are today. And most of us are, you know, we discuss this amongst ourselves. How do we get ourselves out of here, my dear brothers and sisters, we will not be able to get out of our out

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ourselves out of this mess until we first understand and agree on as to how we got here. How did we end up here? And obviously, this is not something that one can

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summarize in one hot one. So this is something that we need to discuss. But one of the reasons we're here my dear brothers and sisters, this model is supposed to be one oma in one body, right is divided

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into more than 57 countries

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and estates.

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So, in some countries, the the the average

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right, income of a person is, is $72,000 and other countries is below $400.

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And guess what?

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You have countries right now, competing to normalize relationship

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with establishments that have been torturing our brothers and sisters that have

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they're trying to normalize their ties with them establish economic and other relationships, diplomatic relationships, when the exchange between the Muslim countries is no more than 4%

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right. We're good at boycotting one another at fighting one another at

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you know, working against each other, but somehow we have people saying that one we need to reach out to others. So until we address this issue, and realize that, you know, what we need to start I need to start with myself, I no longer identify as anything other than really a you know, a Muslim, to be honest with you. Anything else is just

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it's a choice.

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So to you,

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that doesn't mean that one should not appreciate the geographical location from which they came

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or not appreciate their culture, appreciate your culture and celebrate it and study it know its history right. And be honest with yourself, but your culture, your language, your so called nationality, which is really a modern day phenomenon, right? does not identify you and it does not really define who you are.

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And if you insist on defining yourself as the person or the nationality that you find, then La hawla wala Quwata illa villa. That is the first thing that we need to get rid of. But we were an ummah, you think right now if some of the Sahaba were to come back, right, What nationality are they going to claim

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should ask yourself this

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right? Which one of us is going to claim them

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so the first thing that we need to do my dear brothers and sisters and understand that this post colonial

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reality we live is manufactured, it's made up it's not who we are, it's not who we're supposed to be. And then we can start insha Allah Tala, towards bringing this OMA together and once we're unified with Allah has, everything is going to fall in place. I say this and I ask Allah Subhana Allah to make you and I have those who listen and follow the best of who they listen to a call to how the polar sell from Allahu Allah confessor Furuya.

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala everybody letting us talk about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says it can be the Ummah

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maintain your Congo your unity your community. Right unity can Gemma Amis unity community coming together oneness ally Cambodia Mahalaya come on for call and do not divide yourselves. Don't settle for this division, don't say but just the reality of who we are and everything and just don't

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rebel against it. You don't have to accept it. There are a lot of things that we don't accept and we rebel against. This should be on the top of that list. Right?

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I like kombucha Ma. Well, yeah, come on for right. And Allah azza wa jal in the Quran says what it tells you you will be heavily Lehi, Jamie and hold on to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala all of you together. And Allah azza wa jal right there he tells us what is going to bring us together. The Quran hamdulillah is the Quran. Right, according to most interpretations,

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hold on to the Quran and to the prophetic tradition, where the same will be heavily Lehi, Jamie and Walter for Rocco and do not die.

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yourselves amongst yourselves. Don't divide

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and appreciate this brotherhood in this this oneness that ALLAH SubhanA. Allah has gifted you with what the Quran aim at Allah, Allah Allah is going to

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live available lubricant for us. Batum binimetinib Aquarena appreciate this, whoever that you have that Allah has established in them and what we know that

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maintain it, appreciate it, celebrate it, hold on to it.

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Right. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that we need to first of all appreciate this one that we have amongst ourselves protected. If you analyze the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and you can do this, go and analyze you will find anything and everything that may jeopardize or compromise our bond as a community, forbidden

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anything in business dealing in our interaction with one another, even in name calling, you know, anything that could weaken my bond with you Allah subhanaw taala forbade us from it and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam warned us against it.

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And anything that could actually bring us closer to one another, and allow us to love one another is encouraged in a celebrated and it's urged and Allah Subhana Allah will reward us. I'll give you an example of how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lintec kuru Jana Tata told me no, you will not intergender until you believe everybody knows this only I believe it will until you will. intergender and he said, What taught me you know how to humble but you will not be true believers you will not attain a man, you will not taste in manage and I love the process of selling in the Hadith says

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that of the three qualities that will ensure any one of us experiencing the sweetness of iman is what why you have been more alive caribou. Illa Allah to love your brother for the sake of Allah, not because he's from your home town or because he speaks the same language or because you know you have the same profession or because you have some, you know, business partnership with one another. No, not because you're married to the same family. Why your hip bow Illa for the sake of Allah azza wa jal when I see you I remember Allah Subhana Allah You remind me of Allah azza wa jal

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This is one of the signs of iman so the prophesy son themselves when I put me know hetta to happen until you love one another in another Hadith until you you love for your brother, which you love for yourself. And I do look I'm gonna show you then the promises kind of gives us a practical, you know, tip

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and I do look from Allah and che in either thermo to help them Should I not teach you something that if you were to do you will start loving one another, after Salama Boehner spread the the greeting of peace amongst yourselves. Greet one another respectfully.

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And in today's you know, in this situation that we're in my dear brothers and sisters, it's very important that we do the extra effort. So that's the gym I used to bring us together and we would meet one another regularly and Hamdulillah. Allah subhana is allowing us to come back this is perhaps the largest, you know, congregation that we have. And we're going to have a second shift in sha Allah Tala.

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So at the gym I used to bring us together now we need to do extra effort continue to come in sha Allah Allah hamdulillah we're you know, reopening tonight there is an update in sha Allah with the reopening process, and we ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to come back safely. And we ask Allah to bless us, right? So continue to come but also reach out to one another. Reach out to one another in sha Allah. Make sure that you keep ties with one another mail loss of hello to Allah. Allow us to appreciate the ties that we have amongst ourselves May Allah will keep you in every single member of your household safe. May Allah Subhana Allah keep you well may Allah Subhana Allah protect you and I

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from this disease and from any other disease we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our first responders and our you know, physicians and our nurses and those who are in the frontlines, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless them. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect them and preserve them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala alleviate the pain and the suffering of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah Subhana Allah give support to our brothers and sisters in Palestine? May Allah Subhana Allah be with them. May Allah subhanaw taala make their feet firm on the ground may Allah subhanho wa Taala increase them in in glory and indignity May Allah subhanaw taala reward them for

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their for their courage and for their resistance. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for not being there for them may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to support them may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to regain our lost dignity have been at Aqaba, Mina in Naka Anta Samuel le but together in a in a tentative level, Rahim Allah who met in Denis Lokomotiva rahmati Weiser II remember I feel like a seller mathematically is well let me let me quickly as possible Jana one Naja. Tamlin No. Allahumma is the is the one who see me every moment to the server

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Duffy here at Massey Murphy human model, we even have you here and in mooncup What do you feel about dissapear? Well, Alamy

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Allahumma so now electrons Ralina Lachman sadhana Wellington's Ralina Kula Nevada token Elena SIP now Let's rally in

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Ireland under the law in the law what will I do and certainly what you did you didn't cover when Harley fascia when I'm okay with that I look into the Quran we've got a lot of curriculum which guru holla and the only thing is it commanded the Corolla Akbar. Allahu Allah ALMA to own up the masala

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