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AI: Summary © The heart is the most important thing in each and every one of us, and the importance of showing faith in Islam is discussed. The Sabbath is implemented by the government, and people should show faith in their abilities. The segment also touches on the idea that Islam's success depends on people's actions and experiences, and people should not be afraid of their actions.
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Islam is all about the heart.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, in a futile gesture, the mandala either Salah had Salah hell Jessa Dupo Lu, well either first at that festival, just a Dooku Allah wa He'll calm there is a part of the body. If that part of the body is good, then the entire body will be good. And if that part of the body is rotten, then the rest of it will all be rotten as well. And that part of the body is the heart.

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When Allah subhana wa Tada describes the people of COFCO the people of denial and rejection those who reject Allah subhana wa Tada and reject the need to express their gratitude to him. Allah subhana wa Taala talks about the heart

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affiliated the ballroom for an Amana polo been up fair to her, then don't they reflect upon the poor n or are their locks upon their hearts? Allah says, and he says of Hannah, for in her letter Abbasov wala kin terminal Pulu boo Latifi so do indeed, it's not the eyes that are blind, but rather it's the hearts that are in the chest.

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Having a sound heart is the single most important thing for each and every one of us. And so this is one of the first stories or one of the first stories that ALLAH SubhanA hota Allah tells us in the Koran directly concerns the state of our heart, right there in the first Jews in surah. Al Baqarah, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a cautionary tale, a cautionary tale about Benny Yusra you and how their hearts became hard and lifeless. Allah subhana wa Tada says, Yeah, bunny ears caught on their materiality and I'm to article 104, we are the o vi de como El Faro. headworn. Oh, Benny Israel eel, oh children of Israel, remember My favor which I have bestowed upon you and fulfill My covenant, so

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that I will fulfill your covenant and be afraid only of me.

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Then he is raw eel, was set up for success. They had everything you could dream of ALLAH SubhanA was Allah sent them a prophets, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sent them a Book of Revelation. He rescued them from oppression. But those material circumstances which should have produced feelings of gratitude in them did not. And all that ALLAH SubhanA hota Allah asked of them in return was gratitude and faith. He said what I mean will be a man sell to Masada Lima from Walter corner well, we'll have caffeine in the water tested will be at salmon and barley. What a boon and believe in what I have sent down that confirms that which is already with you. And don't be the first people to reject it

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and do not exchange the signs that I have shown you for a small price and fear only me, Benny Israel eel did not heed Allah's warning. They did exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala told them not to do. They broke their agreement, and they gave away allows guidance for nothing.

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When Musa alayhis salam was summoned up to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah.

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This was a mystical experience. This is something that they should have been waiting with bated breath anticipating when the law would come down from their Sustainer What did they do instead? They took their gold and they melted it down and they made an idol in the shape of a calf and they began to worship it. Allah says what either were either Musa Otto Paronella for mental health tumor HLM embody when some Lolly Munna remember when we made an appointment with Moses for 40 Nights. Then right away, you took the calf for worship after he was gone. And you all were wrongdoers. What does the golden calf represent? It represents depending on something else besides the loss of Hannah

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data. They worshipped this thing. They believe they prayed to it, they sacrificed to it they believe that it could help them in some sort of way.

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That's not all. After that. They refuse to believe in Allah subhanaw taala the same one who was giving them guidance the same one who had brought them out of eat

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gypped unless they were allowed to see Allah subhana wa Tada directly they Allah says, according to him yeah Musa land nope Mina like a hat Turner Allah Jafra remember when you all said, oh Moses, we're never going to believe you until you show us Allah subhana Huzzah. auta outright.

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This represents from Benny is raw eel, denying Allah's favor rejecting His signs. What more did they need to know? What sign was missing that they needed to be shown Allah subhanaw taala had literally just dragged them out from under fronds oppression, and they're asking to see Allah subhanho wa Taala himself.

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Allah azza wa jal is not discovered in that sort of way. His signs are everywhere. For those who have faith. That's not all than it is right you then when they're wandering on the way up to the promised land, they start complaining about the food. Yes, they start complaining about the food. Allah said well it's called Samia mo Salah and now spirit Allah timing was fed earlier now Rebecca Euphrasia dynamin metrohm beetle metal out of them in battery have a pizza? For me hell Odyssey How about Salia Paula just stumbled on a lady who had an abalone who are higher if Beto Misra for analytical muscle tone. And remember when you all said, Oh, Moses, we can't tolerate just one kind

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of food, meaning we're eating the same thing day after day after day. Why don't you call upon your Lord to bring forth for us from the earth, the green herbs and the cucumbers and the garlic and the lentils and the onions. Musa alayhis salam was disgusted by this behavior. He was disgusted by this ingratitude. He said, wouldn't you exchange that which is better for that which is worse? If you want that kind of food, you can go right back to slavery under fit around and he will find what you're asking about.

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This represents this attitude of Benny Israel Isla represents preferring this world to the next. Allah subhana wa Tada saved them. Allah subhanaw taala guided them, Allah subhanaw taala was literally with them every single step that they were taking, showing them what to do, showing them what not to do. This is what you have to do to be successful. If you do this, you're going to fail. And they're talking about cucumbers.

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They're concerned about the food. They're concerned if they had been patient, if they weren't so attached to the dunya they would have had to wait just a matter of weeks, just a matter of months. And then they would have reached philosophy in the Promised Land and they would have had everything that they could have wanted. But they did not have the patience and they did not have the gratitude. That's not all, then Bennigan's, straw eel, they violated one of the laws commands, and that command is the Sabbath, Allah subhanaw taala said, Well Akata add him to malaria. And I don't mean to confess cept that canola home corn, okra Tenkasi in. And you had already known about those who

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transgressed among you concerning the Sabbath. And we said to them, the apes despised the Sabbath was a special day of rest, that Benny Israel eel, it was part of their city. Their city, I was somewhat different from ours, they worshiped on Saturday, we worship on Friday, they had a day of rest. And the purpose of the day of rest was so that they would show their trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. Imagine you own a store. If you want to maximize your profits, you want to maximize your revenue, you are going to want to be open as often as possible, as many hours as possible, you're not going to want to take a day off, you're not going to want to take any time off at all. Allah

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subhanaw taala said, If you trust me, if you believe in me, then you're not going to work. You're not going to lift a finger on one day of the week Saturday. And so what did Benny is taught you to do? A law explains it and another part of the Quran Friday night, just before midnight, they would do all their work. They would lay out their traps, they would lay out their fishing nets. And then the moment that the clock struck 1201 on Sunday morning, they would be out there collecting the nets and doing what they could do and working and working. Is this the disposition of somebody who trusts Allah? Is this the behavior or the attitude of somebody who trusts ALLAH SubhanA wa taala? No, it's

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It's as if they were acting like Allah subhanaw taala would not take care of them. It was as if they didn't believe that Allah subhanahu Tada would replace whatever they were missing on their day of rest and so Allah subhanaw taala punished them

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But that's not all. Then when Israel ILA was asked to sacrifice a cow, Allah says,

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He tells the story and this is the story where the entire chapter is named after Al Baqarah. Musa comes and he says, Allah commands you to sacrifice a cow, what's their attitude? What's their response?

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What type of cow?

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And then Musa asks a loss of power to Allah and Allah spawns Allah tells them it has to be this type of cow, not too young, not too old. Was that enough for them? Of course not. They say well, what color does a cow have to be?

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And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed to them it has to be yellow, it has to be brilliant color beautiful. Only one solid color not mixed or modeled. Was that enough for Benny Israel? Of course not. They said really all cows look the same to us. Explain to us clearly exactly what you mean. And by the end of it, eventually they do do it. But Allah subhanaw taala says, Paul energetica will help further but who has what market? Do we have Adam? They said, Now finally, you've come with the truth after all of their excessive questions, and they slaughtered the cow at last. But they could hardly bring themselves to do it.

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This represents laziness to fulfill Allah subhanaw taala has commands reluctance hesitance, they didn't really want to do it. And all of the scholars in the Motor City and they say about these ads. If they had just done what they were asked up front, it wouldn't have mattered what the age of the cow was, it wouldn't have mattered what color the cow was, or what type of cow was, but because they met it, they met Allah's requirements or his commandments, with an attitude of reluctance and laziness and obstinance that he then made it harder and harder and harder for them.

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After all of this

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event, after event, after events Allah subhanaw taala what he tells us what happened to the hearts of bene Israel eel and he tells us that they became hard, irrevocably hard, so hard that they could not be made soft. again after that. Allah says all my thoughts that go local Membury Derek here, Keller Hegira. Oh, I should do casa. We're in the middle kgr Atilla Marietta fed Jerome in whole and half. We're in the main Harlem area Chicago Fire Protamine holy map. Why in the minha lemma between Hashmatullah Well, Mala who live off at nonmetallic menu. Then he says their hearts became hard and after that, like stones, no, no, wait a second, even harder than stones. Because think about it.

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There are some stones from which rivers burst forth. This is something Allah said a couple of pages ago for those reading of the Quran. When Musa dropped his staff down and split the rock and it became water. We're going to hell Allah subhanaw taala is humiliating them by their own actions. There are stones from which rivers burst forth and there are some stones that split open and water comes out. And there are some stones that fall down out of society. Fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala what's harder, their hearts or the stones clearly their hearts are much harder than that. And Allah subhana wa Tada is not unaware of what you do.

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Brothers and sisters this story is not just about Ben Israel. The story is about you and me. This story is about us Are we so different from Bani Israel Eve do we think that it can't happen to us and politically Heather was still fairly well the family certainly Muslim in America them but still Pharaoh who in the hood of the former he?

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Hamdulillah He Allah if Sony was shook Allahu Allah Sophia Thank you auntie nanny, what should wonder ilaha illallah wa rulership Are you going to have him and he certainly should have and and Abby and I will say Eden and Mohammed and Abdullah sudo who are at level one so Allah who already are other early he was however he was when he was suddenly moto Sleeman cathedral.

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Are we so different from Danny Israel?

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Do we think that the same thing cannot happen to us? Is there something that we're doing

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that is similar to the golden calf? Or is our Golden Calf remember, the golden calf is something that you're depending upon, that you're relying upon? You're banking on this thing working for you and it's not Allah subhanaw taala

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you've tied your heart and your expectations to this thing. And you've forgotten

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about Allah azza wa jal whether it's manifesting, or your horoscope or the approval of others or fitting in thinking that getting the approval of other people is going to give you success in this life, philosophy, no data gives you success in this life. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that whoever tries to please the people with something that angers Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will not give him approval among the people or from Allah, he's going to lose both.

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But the person who tries to please Allah with what angers the people, he will eventually get the approval of Allah and the approval of the people. That's how it works.

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Status. Status is this our golden calf.

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We look up at the doctor, we look up to the lawyer, we look up to this certain person.

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And we rely on this thing and we act like this is going to save us. It has nothing to do with your piety. Allah subhanaw taala said in chromic Mandela he had spoken that the person who is the most noble and in sight of Allah subhanaw taala, it has nothing to do with your profession.

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It has nothing to do with your bank account. It has nothing to do with your tax bracket. It has to do with your heart. It has to do with your tequila.

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Is there a way in which we make the same mistake that Benny is straw Ian made when it came to asking for unreasonable proof? Remember, they had just been saved from Peter Allen and now they're asking to see Allah subhana wa Tada in a physical way.

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Are there things that we're doing that are just like that? are we holding out? Are we being transactional with Allah subhanaw taala? Well, I'm not gonna believe until I get that job. I'm not going to pray until I get that promotion or I get that car or I get that thing that I want.

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What more do you need?

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What are you waiting for? You think that you're punishing Allah or something you're punishing yourself?

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Don't hesitate. Don't hesitate. And don't ask for something unreasonable. Allah subhanaw. Taala is not a magic lamp. He's not a genie. He's not here to fulfill your every wish.

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He's the Lord of All the Worlds. He's the owner of the Day of Judgment. He knows what's best for you.

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And your job is to humbly submit to that plan.

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That we have something like breaking the Sabbath.

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Are there things that Allah subhanaw taala asked us not to do to stay away from

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that we refuse to submit?

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Yes, you bet there is

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selling alcohol, selling lottery tickets, selling for getting involved in Riba. These are things Nobody, Nobody disputes. We understand. It's right. In the book. It's clear.

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This is our except this is our Sabbath. We look for ways around is there an effectual somewhere? Is there an opinion that I can find that supports what I already want to do? Is this the attitude of a believer who trusts in Allah subhana wa Tada who trusts that your risk every single sense that's coming your way is already written?

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Are we trying to look for a way out?

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Are we trying to find a loophole? Are we casting our nets at 1159 on Friday night, and collecting them? 12 on one Sunday morning?

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What's our animal sacrifice? Benny, so I was told to sacrifice a cow. And they were lazy. And they were reluctant. And they held back and they made excuses. what's ours?

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Is it the salah?

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Do we have

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ways now to know when it's time to pray that the Sahaba could never dream of? We have apps. We have phones we have many of us hamdulillah in our home, we have live stream of Mecca 24/7 with the then clock, and all these sorts of things. And the then goes off and what's our response?

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To do we rush to fulfill that obligation? Or are we hanging back? Lazy?

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The dean is your soul brother. The religion is ease. I can pray later. I can pray when I'm old. I'll get it right later on. Brothers. This is our sacrifice. This is our animal sacrifice. We're doing the same thing as Benny Israel, you take account of yourself. Myself included. First and foremost, every single one of us take account of yourself. This is what it looks like when Allah subhanaw taala says don't exchange my guidance for peanuts. Don't exchange my guidance for pennies. This is what it looks like. Allah spawns Allah says if he sent down the Koran upon a mountain

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the mountain will crumble

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From fear of Allah

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and he sends it down upon the hearts of you and me.

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And we see that our hearts are harder the mountains

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May Allah save us.

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Allah spawns Allah gives us a reminder of this, the end of Surah Al Hadid. He says, LM yet neither Lilina Mo and Tasha Ikenobo home lead Aquila, human woman as Allah may not help.

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Hasn't the time come? For those who have believed to humbly submit their hearts with the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?

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Well Allah kono calorie Anna who told Kitab I mean, I'm talking to third Tala Ali, Ahmed photoset boo boo, what Cassie Arun mean home Pharisee Hoon. And don't be like those who were given a strip the Scripture before.

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What happened to them a long period passed from when they had been been given their scripture and so their hearts became hardened and many of them ended up being defiantly disobedient. Ramadan is the time to soften your heart.

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Ramadan is the time to come back. remembering Allah remembering the guidance that he sent down changing our habits proving to ourselves that we can do it we can fast we can pray we can obey those commands. We can stay away from food and water all day we can stay away from the Haram

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this is the way to soften our hearts and Ramadan shows us the way