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The importance of thanking individuals for their accomplishments and the use of blessings to anger and disobey God's laws is discussed. The success of gratitude is emphasized, as is the importance of showing gratitude to people when they receive something. A man named Abraham is interviewing a woman named Ham[[on about her preference for Allah as his partner, and she describes herself as a travelingman who lost her family and is searching for guidance. Abraham is ultimately left by the woman to find him and is searching for the man who had eaten him.

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In 100, Allah Muhammad who want to stay in who want to start a little when Oh, the biller human should already on personnel Mr. Medina, Mejia had to Hilda HuFa la medulla woma Yulin fella ha de la, WA shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Shetty color wash hadoo anna Muhammad Abu rasuluh you have levena Armano taco la haka Ducati one automaton Illa. One two Muslim moon. Yeah, you handed in. I'm gonna talk Hola Hola. Hola colon sadita Use loco mama hola como la comida Nova calm when my yo for a la hora Sula, who for pedophiles or foes on Alima and my bad for an obstacle Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Sal had you had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, sha Allah OMO remote data to

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hub what could

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what could live without Ambala Aquila dorthin Finau. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Today we are talking about being thankful to Allah azza wa jal for his blessings. Because many times someone will come to you and they will lay out all the problems that are in their life. And sometimes you get a sense that the person doesn't appreciate all the other blessings that they have in their life. And concerning being thankful to Allah azza wa jal, Allah Allah says in the Quran, we're calling Illumina Abba dia Shaka, and few of my servants are truly thankful. And this is a verse that should put us to shame when we hear it. Because every single one of us has so many blessings from Allah to

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the point that we can't even count them. Allah, Allah says in the Quran, we're into dunya, not Allah, He loves Suha if you were to try to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to enumerate them. Every single one of us has so many blessings that we couldn't even count them. So why wouldn't we all be very thankful to Allah azza wa jal, and yet Allah azza wa jal says, we'll call you Luminova Shaco. And in Arabic, you have Shakira, and Shaku the Shakira is the one who thanks Allah azza wa jal, and for the most part they think Allah azza wa jal for the usual blessings here and there, but a sugar is a higher level. And that's why when Allah subhanaw taala described

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nor the Prophet no Ali salaam, salt and Israa Allah azza wa jal says, The retirement hovel nama in hookah now, I didn't show Quran, not Shakira, the higher level. So then what is the difference between the two? They should call the individual who is very and truly thankful to Allah azza wa jal. First of all, they recognize blessings that people have taken for granted and they thank Allah azza wa jal for those things, and they thank Allah subhanaw taala, even at times of difficulties and calamities, because they know that Allah subhanaw taala is testing them, because they know that Allah subhanaw taala wants them to draw nearer to him, because they know that these difficulties and

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calamities will expiate their sins and they know that these difficulties will raise them and rank in paradise and Janna. So they're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala even at difficult times.

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In total insan Allah subhanaw taala describing the human being says in Medina who Seville immersion Kieran were ima Cateura. So Allah subhanaw taala says, We guided him to the path either he is thankful, and Allah subhanaw taala didn't say Sialkot here but thankful because that's where the majority of people will be the majority of people will people will be in the lower level of being thankful to Allah. As as we said, the few will be in the higher level. But when it comes to being ungrateful for here, Min Quran and NEMA and if I'm being ungrateful, Allah subhanaw taala use the higher form, not Kathira but kufra because most people will fall into this category, being very

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ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And so, the when we come to think Allah azza wa jal and that's what let's understand why Allah azza wa jal says we'll call you lumen anybody a few of my servants are truly thankful. When we come to thank Allah azza wa jal, the majority of us thank him for the usual things. You have a meal you think Allah azza wa jal, you see someone who's blind or injured you think Allah subhanaw taala, for your health, and so on and so forth. But there's so many blessings that we take for granted. And how many of us have paused and remember to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the specific blessings, just so many of them. Like for example, teeth, all of us have teeth. How many people paused and

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Thank Allah isn't just for their teeth. But we always give the example if one of them gives you a head splitting headache and it's causing excruciating pain, you rushed to the dentist and you give him money and he removes it and he throws it in the trash. And you thank him for getting rid of it while you had all the rest for years and years, and they never cause you any pain how many people stopped and thank Allah azza wa jal for their teeth how many people stopped and thanked Allah subhanaw taala for having good skin, or for having good hair or for having a full head of hair or having good eyesight, how many people remember to pause, we just take them for granted. You get in

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your car and it's hot in Texas, you turn the car on you turn the AC on how many people have stopped and paused and thanked Allah suited for that blessing. We just take it for granted. You turn the car on, you turn the AC on. There's so many of these blessings. Then on top of that, we have blessings that we might not even be aware of things that are happening internally in our bodies and our organs that are functioning things that if they weren't functioning in that way, our life would be so difficult how many people can first of all even know these things in order to stop and thank Allah azza wa jal for and then on top of that, how can you possibly thank Allah azza wa jal for all the

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potential bad things in the world of the unseen that you don't even know about? That Allah subhanaw taala protected you from? How many possible car accidents could you have gotten into that Allah azza wa jal saved you from? How many bacteriums Have you come into contact with that could have made you sick, but they didn't make you sick? How many times did you slip and almost fall and injure yourself or break a bone? But you didn't? How do we thank Allah azza wa jal for all the potential bad things that he kept away from us. And that's why the verse should put us to shame. We'll call it Illumina about the shocker, after all these blessings and after all this good that every single one of us is

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receiving few of us are at that high level of being thankful. It should have been everybody.

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And whenever you hear, clean this group of people, a few of them you aspire to be from amongst the few you want to be from that group of the few.

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The scholars mentioned certain etiquettes when it comes to being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala one of the most important ones they said that you should never use a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has given you to disobey Him. Allah subhanaw taala gives you a blessing and a gift, and you use it to disobey Him and you use it to anger him. And that is the case. Every time we sinned against Allah subhanaw taala we are using a blessing that he has given us to anger him and to disobey Him. That's why you've never seen a blind person who is looking at haram images, or a deaf person who is listening to something haram or who's eavesdropping on people. You've never seen

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someone who is mute, unable to speak, who is backbiting or using profanity, but it's only the people who have these magnificent blessings that we could not put a price on. It's those people who use them to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. So they said, when Allah Subhana Allah gives you a blessing, make sure you use that blessing in the obedience of Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah gives you wealth, use that wealth in the obedience of Allah. Allah Allah gives you health use it in the obedience of Allah azza wa jal, and you try your best to never use it in disobeying him. subhanaw taala is

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one of the righteous men from the early nations. His name was Ibrahim ignored hombre Hamer, hola. A man came to him and this man used to sin a lot. He says, I sin Allah against Allah azza wa jal. So give me advice. So Abraham, not him tells him I will give you five pieces of advice. The first one, if you insist upon sinning against Allah azza wa jal, then at least do not use any of His provision, any of the wealth that he gives you any of the food, any of the drink, don't use anything that you get from Allah, because you're going to disobey Him? So the man said, How can I do that? Everything I have comes from ALLAH. So he tells him, does it make sense that you disobey Allah while using of

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his wealth and his food and his drink and his provision? He said, Give me the second piece of advice. He says, If you insist upon disobeying Allah, while using his provision, then at least do not do it on any land that belongs to Allah. So the man said, this is greater than the first one. Doesn't all the land belong to Allah. So he tells him, does it make sense to disobey Allah on his land while you're eating his food and using his wealth? He said, Give me the third piece of advice. He said, If you insist upon disobeying Allah on his land while using his provision, then at least go and do it where he cannot see you. So the man said, everywhere I go, Allah subhanaw taala can see

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me. He says, then keep doing what you're doing. But when the angel of death comes to you, tell him just give me a minute and pray.

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to rock out and repent to Allah at that point, he says he won't give me that time. He says Then when the angels are commanded to throw you into the Hellfire just refuse to go with them. So the man said cut cut which means enough, which means I understand the message has reached. And it is said that from that day, he disobeyed Allah far less than before.

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So, when we're thankful to Allah azza wa jal, we're careful to not use the blessings that He has given us in his disobedience. And the scholars also added that part of being thankful is you also show gratitude to people. You when someone a blessing comes to you, by way of another human being, you must show gratitude to that human being. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in a hadith law, your score Allah Mala, your score, a nurse, the one who does not show gratitude to Allah or to people is not showing gratitude to Allah. So you have to show gratitude to people as well when a blessing comes to you through them. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed us the

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best way to thank someone. Carlos Allah, Allah, Allah Salam mansoni I lay him out of the car nullify really Jazak Allahu hyaluron cerca de a blob of Athena says whoever has something good done to them by someone else. And then they say to the one who did it, they say to them Jazak Allahu hyaluron. Then you have given them their due praise, you have thanked them to the most to the fullest.

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Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, where is the notebook? The ink of Khartoum? Let us see the nakoma

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in Chicago tulasi Dinoco? Well, the Inca photo in other Bella shaded Allah Subhana Allah says that your Lord has decreed that if you are thankful I will increase you. When in converting if you're ungrateful, My punishment is most severe. So in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala is saying that when you thank Him, He will increase you in blessings. That's why Ramadan Abdul Aziz, he used Rahim Allah who's to say, that clay you do near Allah, he be the kringla tie down. You want to keep something with you. You want to keep it firm, you tie it down. So he's saying tie down the blessings of Allah keep them there by thanking Allah azza wa jal meaning you think Allah subhanaw taala the blessings

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will remain. So in this verse, we said Allah subhanaw taala is saying, If you thank Him, He will increase you in blessings. That means, thanking Allah keeps the blessing for you. And it increases the blessing. And something that keeps a blessing and increases a blessing must be a blessing in and of itself. That means thanking Allah azza wa jal is a blessing. And what do you do when you get a blessing? You thank Allah azza wa jal for it. So you see, it's a never ending circle. We'll call you lumen ibird your chakra. That's why it is said that the Prophet dough would I know, he said, I said, Oh Allah, how can I thank you enough? When thanking you is itself a blessing that is deserving of

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thanks. How can we ever thank Allah subhanaw taala enough when thanking him, deserves thanks itself, and then that thinks will deserve thanks, and you get the idea.

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So this is the idea that when we are tested by Allah subhanaw taala, we don't forget all the other blessings that we have. And the scholars would say that when it comes to the dunya, you look at those who have less than you, so you feel thankful for what you have. And if someone has a tired beat up car, they look they don't look at those $5 million vehicles and then they feel that they don't have anything. Look at those who don't have a vehicle look at those waiting at the bus stop. Look at those walking in the heat. And so you become thankful for what you have someone who has a simple modest home, don't look at mansions, which is now the fashion people always looking at those

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who live like billionaires and lifestyles of the millionaires, and then they feel they have less they said look at those who have less than you, you will feel that you have more and you will thereby become thankful to Allah azza wa jal whereas when it comes to the religion, look at those who have more than you need someone who preys on and off, don't look at your friends who don't pray and so Allah hamdulillah I'm doing okay. You look at those who are higher than you and they're better than you and then you aspire to become better a cola COLA that was stopped for Allah Allah then they will come in January 1 off we're all fire foes almost of varying. Ask Allah Subhana Allah

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for its forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean what he was like to be a Jemaine My bad.

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So every

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single one of us, we have some kind of test, some kind of difficulty, some kind of calamity in our life. But those tests and difficulties should not make us forget the many other blessings that we cannot even count the many blessings that we have from Allah subhanaw taala. And so the idea is to focus on what you have more than your focus on what you don't have. And that's why you when you encounter people who only focus on what they don't have, they're living a very difficult life, and they are depressed and having a difficult time. Whereas if they focus on what they had, things would have shifted slightly. It was also another story of Abraham not to have rahamallah that he saw a man

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that was begging and he was begging people aggressively, and is as if he's anger that Allah for the situation that he's in. So Abraham, Abraham, comes to this beggar and he says, Why don't you thank Allah for the many blessings that He has given you? So the man angrily said, What blessings has He given me? He doesn't recognize any? So Abraham have not had makes him an offer? He says, Will you sell me your two eyes right now? Yeah, no, we'll remove them out of your head. And I will give you 100,000 gold dinars. The man refused. He said, cut off your tongue. I'll give you 100,000 gold dinars right now. The man refused. Cut off your ears, the man refused your arms, the man refused

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your feet the man refused. So Abraham ignored him tells him Subhan Allah, or aka Tom Lee, who me in a dinner near you and me out what the Hulu in the cafeteria, he says Subhanallah I see that you own hundreds of 1000s of gold dinars. But yet you say that you're poor. He was trying to get him to recognize all the other blessings that He has, and not focus on what he doesn't have an excellent illustration of this Imam at the heavier hammer hola mentioned a story in his books here Alama novella that happened to a righteous man from the early nations his name was from the from our own money, but from the early generations, his name was Abdullah hidden Mohammed. And this man,

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Abdullah, Mohammed says I was on a journey. And then I got lost. So I start to look for signs of human beings, so they can show me the way back. So he says, I saw in the desert from a distance, a tent, a small tent in the middle of the desert, just by itself. So I started to make my way towards that tent. And as I got closer to it, I saw that it was in very bad shape, it had huge tears and holes in the wind was entering from every direction. So I got to it. And I looked inside, and there was nothing, there was just one man sitting on the floor and the tent, he said, it was even in worse shape than than what I could see from far. But there was one man sitting on the ground. And he said,

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This man, his description was that he was blind. And he was without arms. And without legs, it could have been also that he was paralyzed below Allah. But the man is sitting without arms without legs, and he's blind. And he's clearly extremely poor, and there's nothing of value in the tent, and the tent itself is in bad shape. And yet this man kept repeating over and over and over again. Alhamdulillah, Allah, the for Balani, Allah cathedra, Minnemann Halaqaat of de la, he's saying, over and over again. Alhamdulillah he's praising and thanking Allah, who has preferred me over so many of his servants in so many different ways. And the man just kept repeating it and repeating it. So I'll

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do love Mohammed said, I said to him As salam o alaikum. And the man answered, and then he says, I'm a traveling man who got lost, and I'm looking for someone to guide me back on my way. But before that, I want to ask you a question. And the old man said, I'll answer your question. But you have to promise to do something for me as well. So they made that agreement. So I'm the London Mohammed asked him, he says, I see that you are poor, and you're blind, and you're without arms and legs. And yet you keep thanking Allah for preferring you over so many of his servants in so many different ways. So I wanted to ask you, how has Allah preferred you? So the man said, Do you not see that I'm

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able to speak? He said, Yes. He said, How many of the servants of Allah are not able to speak? He said many, he said, then Hamdulillah, who has preferred me over so many of his servants were unable to speak? Do you not see that I'm able to hear? He said, Yes. He said, How many people can't hear? So alhamdulillah? Who has preferred me over all these people who get here? Don't you see that I've seen mind and how many people are insane or have a mental defect? And then do not see that I'm upon Islam, and how many people are worshipping trees and rocks and worshipping idols? So in Hamdulillah, who has preferred me over so many of his servants in so many different ways? So then it came time

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for his favor. He said, What do you need? He said, I have a young boy and that's the only thing left my son, young boy

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That's the only thing left of my family. And he's the only one who helps me. As you see, I'm not able to help myself. But this boy went out yesterday. And until now he hasn't come back. So I just need you to go look for him. So I'm the loving Mohammed said, I went out and I started looking left and right, and I couldn't find any traces of this boy. And then in the sky in the distance, I noticed some virtual vultures were circling. And I know that they only do that if there's some carcass or dead body. So instead, I made my way to that area, and I found the little boy, the wolf had attacked him, and he had eaten him. He said, I didn't know how to go back to this old man who

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has nothing left in this world, but this boy to tell him that the boy has been killed by the wolf. He said to the point that I thought of not going back to him, just leaving him said, but I couldn't do that to him. I didn't know what I was gonna say to him. When I got close to the tent. I remembered the Prophet of Allah, a you. So when I entered the tent, the old man said, where do you find him? And he's so confident that I would find him. I said, Let me before that. Let me ask you a question. Who is more beloved to Allah? You are His Prophet, are you? He said, no doubt are you Valley Salah. So then who was tested more by Allah? You are a you ballast Allah, He says, Are you by

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the salah? I said it then said then seek the reward from Allah. I found your boy, the wolf has killed them, and he has eaten him. He said, when I said that to him, the old man began to Yes, happy honey. Take deep breaths like this. And he would say in law who I know, Roger own eyeshadow, Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. So I, I went to him and I took him and I put his head on my lap and he just kept breathing hard and saying eyeshadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, in Allah in LA Roger on where to Allah and to Him, we will return. And he kept saying that and saying that and to his soul left his body. He said, after that, I watched him and I robbed him. And I found a group of travelers. So they

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assisted me, we buried him and we and we prayed over him. Then I continued with those people on my journey, says, we reached the stop at night, and I fell asleep. And I saw the old man in my dreams. He said he was in excellent shape and in excellent health and he looked good. So I said to him.

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I said to him, how did you end up in the situation? And the old man said, Allah subhanaw taala entered me into paradise. And it was said to me salaam aleikum, be ma sabato Ferny Amar Akbar Dar,

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peace be upon you for what you have been patient upon. So what an excellent abode you get in the end, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, no doubt every single one of us we have a list of problems and calamities and complaints in our life, for which we need solutions from Allah subhanaw taala.

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But when we turn to Allah azza wa jal to help with these solutions, and to no matter how many they are, don't make them let you forget all the other magnificent blessings that He has given us. The blessings that we cannot enumerate the blessings that we could never thank Allah subhanaw taala in a form

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Allah Hamada and alcohol Converse Lokomotiva were in Alba Aquila, ba, ba, Allahu Medina fever and headache. While I finance him and US aid with our learner a few months our late Baba recliner thema our plate Lachlan ashore Rama cada it in Nakata indica doc the weather the lake in the hola the lumen wallet while I resume an update about Dr. Bana Obama with an eight year old camera he mean yeah a caramel acromion Yeah, Ebola Marine, Yama, ug Would ya Yama, you Hakka Raja Yama and Baba whom have to who Otto whom on North will fugly who you have to do a Euro Allahumma ns o Luca Aisha Nakia will meet it and so we will mark Coronavirus magazine Wallah father, Allah Hama and Nana Luca

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Jomi. Alfredo with our TV, when it's a Luca de la Giotto, La Mina Jana Allahumma fillerina Jemaine Illa Hannah a bream Luma to Islamic Omraam Rashida up Luca Arctic whale Daffy no Marcia tick, Murphy hibbett my roof while you in haffi Hanuman Korea Samia dua, also Allahumma barik uno both rotten and Alameen wa ala early he was here