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Warning Islamophobes Will Raise Your Blood Pressure While Deceiving You About The Quran And Islam

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Don't want to be

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judged oh yes dude.

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Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace. How are you guys doing another week another exciting episode? On the deen show, subscribe right now if you haven't Take a moment, take a moment, subscribe and get our shows delivered to every week. Why not benefit? We bring on so many enlightened guests qualified academics. Because how silly Do you look? There's an individual Look who goes on Fox News, for instance, who goes out there quoting certain verses from the verbatim Word of God out of context, as if that person is an expert? Well, we have an expert. Because if you want to learn first you got to be sincere, have the right intentions, and then go to the experts. And that's what we bring on here

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on the Dean's show people who are qualified to go ahead and explain the versus people who have studied the Arabic language academics in this field. And my next guest, Dr. Mustapha,

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is this week's special guest who's translated, the clear current verbatim Word of God. So you get a different feel a different understanding when you come because if you're his blood pressure, as

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he talks about,

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was going up from listening to Fox News.

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And many of the other media outlets who bring on supposedly experts, imagine how your blood pressure when certain verses are quoted out of context must have been going up. And the fear was developing that trepidation in your heart. Because some islamophobe

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got you caught up in the Islamophobia machine. And you're getting the mistruths misinformation

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directed towards you is very scary. It's very frightful. But thank God, you've been led to the D show. So you can go ahead and hear it from the Muslims from people who are qualified in this area. We have a very exciting show. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome to the deen show. How are you guys doing? We have another great and exciting show for you. I'm with our special guest, Dr. Mustapha, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. How are you? Very good. hamdulillah How are you Ben? You're coming in from Canada? Yes. Yeah. How's the Prime Minister there is doing well. handler He's doing well. He's making the connection with them. Yes, he's not building any walls or anything. No walls.

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I want to I want to time is short. I'm gonna get right into it. You know, there's there are a lot of misconceptions, misconceptions revolving around this book, actually the Quran? Yes. Right. People pick it up. And they say, Look, how can you guys be people apiece, we have all these violent texts in there. And you know, some of these young kids, they pick up this karate, and this inspires them to do some violent, no, quote, Surah 929, or others. Are you familiar with? How do you address this? Well, it's a book, and it has to be read in context. When you take something out of context, you can make the author look terrible. We can do the same thing with any book, including the Bible. There

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are passages in the Bible where Jesus said, for example, do you think I've come for peace, I have not come for a peace but a sword, or something like bring all my enemies who don't believe in me and slaughter them under my feet? This is not so wait. This is supposed to be the Prince of Peace, who we actually love. By the way, Jesus, many people don't know that. But so you're quoting from the Bible? Yes. All you need to do is put it back in context, and read the verses before the verses after in the Bible. And it's something totally different. Yeah. But if you want a twist in play, of course, you can twist and play course. Yeah. So all you have to do is of course number one, you have

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to ask for a reference, because most of the time I see you know, Fox News, other news channels, they say that the Quran says this, but they don't give you a reference. And if they do give you you have to go and read it in context. read the verses before and the verses after and you'll see that it talks about something totally different. Like the most frequently quoted verse from the Quran, kill them wherever you find them. So this makes you feel like oh, they're talking about kill them wherever you find them at Walmart everywhere. When you put it back into context, and you read the verses before and the verses after it, it says something totally different.

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Yeah, tell me what is the

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Difference between when you actually because many people, they'll pick up the Quran in English. And you've also had some authors who with some malicious intent they've actually translated they're not even Muslim. Yes. And have you come across these these translations that deliberately are meant to deceive people? Well, it's a very good question. So they'll have some right context they'll have some some right transit but don't know, because the Arabic explained to us how deep the Arabic is for you just put One wrong word, right? You don't know the, the, the the, the you're not an expert in the Arabic language, the the serum of the history of Prophet Mohammed, etc. And now you're trying

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to you know, in translate this cause the question always comes up. Why do we need a new translation? There are hundreds of them over the last 1500 years. And I say, Well, if you look at the translations of the Quran, the prophet SAW Selim passed away in the year 632. common error, and the first English translation of the Quran by a Muslim was done in 1905, which means for over 1300 years, the Quran was never translated into English by a Muslim. And this explains, of course, they were mostly done by orientalist by missionaries. And this explains why we still have some words in translation like holy war infidels, whereas we don't have this in in Arabic, right. And after this

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after 1905, so many translations were done by Muslims out of pride or out of zeal because they wanted to defend their faith. And they didn't have many of them. They didn't have the qualifications. They didn't speak Arabic, it's not their native tongue. They didn't study translation, Quranic studies, Islamic Studies, so they didn't have the background. And this is why the translation, you know, their translation is not better off than many that were done by non Muslims. So there are four things that I needed to achieve in this translation. And I think when you look at any translation of the Quran in English, you have to look at four things. Number one

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accuracy, how they understood the Arabic text, and because there are so many terrible mistakes and translations that were done by non Arabs, you know, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but when you translate using a dictionary, you can't translate the Quran by just using a dictionary right? You can translate the newspaper but not the Quran. I'll give you one example. A very common mis translation is in Surah ambia chapter 21 verse 87, where it says was annoying if they have a Mahadevan for one Allah Nikita rally. So everyone says that when john when

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when Eunice la Salim Jonah, he left his town in a rage, he thought that Allah had no power over him. Allah nocturnal How can a prophet think like this, this is not the correct meaning. But this is what you get when you translate using a dictionary. The actual meaning is, he thought that Allah would not restrain him. And this verb is used in the Quran, Allah Hurry up. So to this column aneasha away, aka restrain and he put him in the belly of the whale. So accuracy and understanding the Arabic and number two clarity when you translate from Arabic into English. You have to make it understandable. The Quran describes itself as alkaline and mobi and and this is actually the name of

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the translation that clear Quran, Quran and mobian. It has to be understandable because it's for everyone, Arabs and non Arabs, Muslims and non Muslims. So when you translate it in a very archaic language style, it makes it very difficult for people to understand. So that's number two. Number three eloquence the Quran in Arabic is so powerful. And when you read translation in English, it's it's not you know, it doesn't reflect the beauty and the power of data. And this is something we tried to do and you have the sample right there. And number four, the flow, how it flows. So we avoided all the parenthetical information like half a page of parenthetical information to explain

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one concept like moutoku, and tauheed, and all that stuff.

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You need to keep the flow going to be enjoyable to the reader. These are the four areas accuracy, clarity, eloquence, and flow. And this is I believe, what makes a trans the clerk on a good translation. We hear this often the two statements that you the two words that you mentioned holy war, and infidel and infidel. Yeah, that was from my studies. What I've seen is if we go from back to front, infidel, this is something that was coined by the Christian Crusaders at that time. Yes. Right. against the Muslims. Yes. So this is not an Islamic concept, infidel, they'll throw this out there as a dirty word. It's like, right, what's the proper translation coming because they translate

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that from what? Well from the word Kapha and local on a disbeliever. And guess what Muslims are called cafard in the Quran, because if you believe in something, you have to disbelieve in the opposite. For moniak forbartha. ot wildeman believe it Sam Sokka Bella

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What to do with Allah says, Whoever believes in Allah and this believer in false gods. So you are a believer in tauheed one God, you have to be a disbeliever in the Trinity, and in other forms of ship for example, so it's not a negative word in the Quran. It's not a derogatory term to non Muslims. Because if you believe in something, you have to disbelieve in the opposite of it. Does it mean to cover up the truth to conceal the truth when you get when you go into the deeper meaning, yeah, to cover a belief with this belief? Okay, so a disbeliever to one who covers the truth. Yeah, a farmer in the Quran and kuffaar Yeah, are called kuffaar in the Quran, because they're farmers, they cover

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the seed with dirt. Yeah. So it's not a horrible word as they make it seem like like infidel and all that. Yeah. So that you don't find that actual introduction, English word. So that's not that one. Okay. Another thing is holy war. So you guys, these these radicals out there. You know, Islam is encouraging to holy words, there's such a thing as holy war. Well, there's nothing holy about war. The prophet SAW Selim, even in his teachings, he said, let a man know Allah calado. Don't ask Allah to meet your enemy in battle. He said, don't ask for it. But if it's forced on you, you have to defend yourself. And in Surah, Chapter 22, it says that the reason that the believers are allowed to

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fight is to defend churches, to defend synagogues, and to defend mosques and to defend the weak and the oppressed. So it's, it's used for a good reason, not just to go out and push everyone to accept Islam because islamically you cannot force someone to become Muslim. So this is these verses of combat are in combat situations. Can you? Yes. And there's just war theory. Yes. That would equivalent to that, right. Yes. Okay. Let's take a break and be right back with more with Dr. Mustapha here on the D show. Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome back to the deed show. And I'm with Dr. Mustafa, who has translated the copy of the book is called the clicker on and you're responsible for how many put this together? Yes. Yeah. So give us some give us some you can give us some some examples of some mistranslations. Okay, please go ahead. Well, the story behind the clicker on

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August 2013, I was in Toronto, Canada, a visiting Imam. And I just gave Juma Hooda and I was coming back to the hotel Mashallah dressed up like an Arabian prince who just came out of the desert, you know, the thought of the flowing rope and turban and Mashallah. So if you have been to Toronto, I've met so many Muslim cab drivers, but that day It so happened that the cab driver was not Muslim. And I don't usually force you know, religion on anyone unless they have a question. So that day, the non Muslim cab driver said, You know what, Muslims are good people, but Islam sucks. I said, Okay. Thanks for the compliment about Muslims. But but by what do you think Muslim? Islam is an evil

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religion? He's insulting you in another way? Yes. So I said, Why? He said, because your book, The Quran calls me an animal.

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I'm half if I know the whole Quran by heart and it doesn't say that anywhere. And he said, No. Chapter Eight, verse 55, in the shadow of the web, en de la la Vina careful, and I told him the word debate in the Quran does not mean an animal it means a living being. And this is explained in another verse in the Quran Chapter 24. Verse 45, will love Allah colada but he must have no money of Shabbat. pneumonia, Mashallah. Mashallah. It says, Chapter 24, verse 45, Allah created every every living being out of water, some of them crawl on their bellies, some walk on two feet, like you some walk on four feet. This is what Allah says in the Quran to explain this concept. It says, This is

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what his translation said. So that night, I went to my hotel room, and I checked, there is a website, it's called Islam awakened the list like 4045 different translations of the same verse. And he was correct. Most of the translations said, animal or beast, they're both as bad, but a living being or a moving creature would be a good translation. So this is why we decided to, you know, to do a new translation of the Quran and correct some of these misunderstood concepts about the club because this can easily be used to give Islam a bad name like this one right here. In surah, three Al Imran i a 106. Yo mata biado joven. What is what do you do? It talks about the Day of Judgment.

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And it says on that day, some faces will be white, some faces will be black, or at least this is what most people say in translation. But it doesn't talk about black and white because beloved Allah who was a black man, and his face will be bright on the Day of Judgment. And Abu lahab or Abu Jamal, they were white people and their faces will be gloomy. It talks about you know,

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The fact that faces will be gloomy, even if they are white, and some faces will be bright, even if there are black, it doesn't talk about black and white. So when you read this in translation, that black people are going to jahannam the Hellfire and white people are going to gender. This sounds very racist to me. But the Arabic the actual meaning is bright and gloomy. And this is explained in many is in the Quran, it explains this concept. So this is another example. Also when people translate, and they don't know, the historical background of the verses, like say, for example, when they translate 5327, inner Levine allowed me to use a moon and metal, metal and for those who don't

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believe in the Hereafter, everyone says they give angels female names, they give them female names. And I'm looking at all the names of angels and none of them is a female. But if you understand the Arabic

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You know, belief at the time before the prophet SAW Selim the pagan belief in Arabia at the time, they believed that the angels were the daughters of Allah, but they didn't give them female names. They just classified them or label them as female and this is the right translation. They don't give their female names, they label them as female as the daughters of Allah. So this is the proper understanding.

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So these are some of the things

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also we tried to reflect some of the linguistic issues in the Quran. For example, this is a good one, Chapter 94 verse five and six for in amount mostly you saw in the model as user, we have to understand when something is repeated in the Quran, it is repeated for emphasis, even if obey Allah, Allah bukhoma to get the Burning Man 31 times, and this is no different than I have a dream Let Freedom Ring by, you know, Martin Luther King just for emphasis. But when you see a story, like for example, Moses is repeated all over the place, or Ibrahim Ali Salah. But when you look closely, the focus shifts all the time. So in Surah, for example, circuses the focus is Moses, childhood, how he

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killed an Egyptian by mistake, how he escaped to medion and get married, you read Surah aarav chapter seven, it talks about the persecution of Benyus lately, you read surah Kahf. It talks about his encounter with upset, the focus is always different. But here in America, most of us are in the most useful, everyone says in translation with difficulty comes ease, indeed, with difficulty or hardship comes ease. They don't understand that when something is repeated, and audibly. There is something there linguistically, for example, the tour is repeated here. Allows is repeated twice, it has L.

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If something is repeated with Al, it means the same guy I made the guy I gave the guy money means that it's the same guy use, which is ease is without the definitive, the definitive al the it means like, I met a guy, and I gave a guy some money, it's a totally different guy. So what Allah means here is one difficulty but two eases. So the actual translation is with with every difficulty comes ease, then, with that same difficulty comes more ease. And this is totally lost in translation, this linguistic aspect, but I think it's a beautiful thing if you put it in there. So so far, we have some things that are very, very important when someone is approaching the Quran, to be careful from

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being deceived, is a we can say the cut and paste, like taking, let's say, one verse, and they'd be snapping it through the middle, like, what can I think of the Quran says, don't approach prayer. Yes. Right. intoxicated, so if you cut that off the intoxicated part, but then someone can go further and say, Look, I'm not intoxicated, they can play with it and say, Now I'll pray. Now they'll miss out the verses where and and about

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drinking totally. And then the and then the deeper. So we have the cut and paste. You mentioned that before and after we have the linguistic. And then you have the historical context. Yes. What else? Am I missing? If you then just taking everything as a whole? Yes. You have to understand the Arabic the Arabic to be able to translate it into good English. Yeah. And have to reflect the beauty and the linguistic aspects of the Quran. Yeah. And how silly Do you I mean, do you how do you when you see some of these people that they bring up? This is just I mean, this is just mind blowing. You turn on some somebody like channels, Fox News, and have some like so called, like karate, or Islamic

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expert on the show? Have you seen them? Yeah, of course. Actually, I did my PhD dissertation on how Islam is portrayed on Fox News. Oh, yeah. For five years. I was watching five fox news day and night. And two things I have now that I didn't have before I started watching Fox News, blood pressure and heart attacks, sheer lies. Total lies, you know

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And they know that the people who are watching they don't have the background and they don't have the proper knowledge of Islam so they just they can spew hate and they can just say nonsense and many people are willing to believe. All you need to do is think for yourself. Is this a bad religion? If it's a bad religion and the Quran is a book of violence? How come that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? How come that so many people are accepting this religion? If Islam is so violent and abusive to women, how come that 75% of all reverts to Islam are women. My name is Yvonne Ridley, and my name is Nabila. As I hear the Muslim faith is under the spotlight

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again, and this time his detractors and critics are wondering why more women in the West are embracing Islam than any other religion. Yes, in their eyes. Islam is supposed to be a religion which oppresses and subjugates women, or that's what the critics want everyone else to think. And the profile of the new converts has them baffled. According to figures from a multifaith group called faith matters, those most likely to convert to Islam or career women in their 20s and 30s. The number who have converted has now passed 100,000 mark with 5200 recorded last year alone. They're choosing to reject the excesses of Western lifestyle, such as consumerism and morality. But

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before we introduce to Muslim women with amazing stories to tell, so there has to be something to it. So all you need to do is just read it with an open heart and open mind and think for yourself. You're an intelligent, you're intelligent enough, smart enough to read and think for yourself. Don't let other people with agendas, do the thinking for you. Yeah, capitalize off your ignorance. with fear we're gonna take a break and right back with more, don't go anywhere.

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Welcome back to the D Show. I'm with Dr. Mustafa Khattab. And you translated the clear Qur'an and we talking about giving the criteria for someone because they're not Arab speaking and someone said, Well, why did God reveal the Quran in Arabic? If he wants me to understand it? I speak English or French or German? How would you answer that? Well, it's a very good question. What if God if Allah revealed the Quran in Chinese, the Arabs would have said, Well, we need a Quran in Arabic and the French would have said, okay, we need the Quran in French, right? So a lot reveal the Quran. And we know that the Quran is the richest language on Earth, it has more vocabulary than the next five,

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seven languages combined. It's a very rich language. And so powerful I remember when I was working on this translation, it took us about three over three years to finish this work. And I you know, all these sleepless nights, I was awake up all night thinking about how powerful the Arabic is and how weak the English is, like it's, it's like when you have a bucket of water, and you try to pour this Bach you know, bucket of water into this small cup, it will be you know, overflowing, the Arabic is so powerful, so beautiful. So patola even people are moved when they listen to the recitation of the Quran in Arabic even if they don't know the meaning. But if they understand the

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meaning, they will be more moved and impressed with the with their istation of the Quran. So God knows Allah knows what he was doing when he picked this particular language to preserve the final last and final message to mankind the Quran he knew what he was doing and they don't you see it's ironic you know, many people these are some you know, if you're sincere, you're gonna see through it, but sometimes people you know, they they throw these things out there but that person who might have said that he learned like, you know, different languages to impress that woman he loves

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Yes, the Arabic language sounds good and it looks good when you see it in calligraphy it's, it's, it's very beautiful. Yeah. And I will give you an example how rich the Arabic language is. In English you have one word for lion, Li o and in Arabic, we have more than 37 words for lion in English. It's what will I in one. So now you have what synonyms and words for that? Yeah, a word that means line in Arabic. We have more than 37 Wow, that's deep. Yeah. So very rich language. Yeah. Let's continue on with some more of the Miss translations that you can share. Yes, another example from Surah 12. Use of Isaiah 33 Joseph. So for example, when Allah Subhana Allah says Carlotta

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decision or Abu lamb matter on any delay in their Arabic language, we have a preferential style we call of deal which means that two things or two people have one quality in common but one of them is precedes the other put it this way. So for example, tall or handsome, and brother Eddie is more is taller than me and he is more handsome. So we share a quality right?

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

But sometimes you see this style in Arabic And it doesn't mean this preferential style. Say for example, when Yusuf Ali Salaam, Joseph in this surah 12 verse 33. It says Rob decision will have will a murder when any lie is

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Is your law, going to jail is more beloved to my heart than committing adultery with these women? It doesn't mean that both of them were beloved by him. No, it doesn't mean this that he loved adultery, but he loved going to jail more than committing adultery. No, he said, and this is our translation, Allah withdraws rather go to jail than to commit worthy what they are asking me to do. So there is no preferential stylee when load loot Allison a lot is asking the men of his nation How will a vanetti hoonah autorola come? My daughters are here the daughters of you know, the singles have his oma marry them. Everyone says in their translation, they are pure for you in marriage, then it's

00:25:44--> 00:26:05

understood that he's comparing marrying women to being with these men, you know, so of course, it doesn't mean this. And it means that these women are pure for you. Men are not pure for you period. So there's no comparison in purity, they don't share the same quality. So when you translate it literally, then you have a problem in the understanding of the Quran.

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Tell me for someone now who's maybe tuning in for the first time. And some people put all religions in the same boat. Oh, maybe this crowd is just another scripture what differentiates the Quran from other like to say manmade religions? Okay. First of all, you have to read and think for yourself, as I said at the beginning, if you have a number of scriptures in front of you read all of them, and see which of them makes more sense, which one is applicable, which one is practical, and which one is closer to our daily lives here, when you look at the code on number one, it challenges you from page one, it says that you can get apple or a buffet there is no contradictions in this book, if you

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want to prove me wrong, find one. And it says if you believe this book is not from me, produce one like it, produce a Quran like it if you can't produce 10 chapters, if you can't produce one, they couldn't do it. So he's challenging you. We know that the Quran is not a book of science. It's a book of science. Right? So it puts a lot of scientific references in the Quran, about the you know, the developmental phases of the embryo inside the mother. The Big Bang is there in chapter 21. It talks about the constant expansion of the universe all the scientific references in the Quran, at least from the perspective of Modi's book i a French scholar, is that I did not find a single

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contradiction scientific contradiction in the Quran. So the Quran is always challenging you to, to read and look and reflect and to challenge the Quran to see if it's the word of Allah or not. Is there any other book like the Quran where the author states that look, I am the Creator of the heavens that revealing this book that is challenging the reader like the like this Quran that is making the claim that this is from the Creator of the heavens and I have not come across any that says that. No, you can just give a paper to your teacher and tell him I challenge you if you find a mistaken in my paper. No, but a lot does this in the Quran. Now, how would you contrast that to with

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the Bible? Well, if you look at the Quran, the Quran, from what I know is the only book that does not have the name of the author on the cover, or in the table of contents. When you go to the table of contents of the Bible. For example, there are so many writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and john and the Old Testament and Paul and so on and so forth. You can't find this in the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah does not have his name on the cover of the Quran. But He reveals Himself in every line in every verse in the Quran, on every page, a God Almighty, his name is mentioned on every Yes. And he describes himself he talks about himself. This is what I need from you do this, don't do this. He

00:28:45--> 00:29:19

speaks with an authority. He speaks with an authority and he knows people more than they know themselves, the way I see the Quran. When you buy a laptop, for example, it comes with a manual. Allah Subhana Allah is our manufacturer, he is our Creator, and he gave us the manual. If you live by this book, you will live a good life, you'll be able to function as a good human being, and you will achieve happiness in this dunya and salvation in the next life. What's the main theme of the Quran? What what what is the current calling humanity to? Well, two things and this is a message that was shared by all the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammad, peace be upon all of them.

00:29:19--> 00:29:58

Everyone said the same thing. Abraham, Moses and Jesus, all the prophets, they said, Have faith in one God and be a good guy, be a good person. If you look at the 10 commandments, the first four of the 10 commandments say worship one god serving them alone, and from five to 10. Don't kill, Don't lie. Don't steal, be a good guy. And Jesus Allison and peace be upon him said love God with all your heart and love your neighbor, you know, as yourself as you love yourself. So it's always about your relationship with God and the relationship with his creation. Be good, have a good relationship with God and be good to everyone, humans and animals and all of the creation of a lie around you. This is

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the common theme in the Quran. Work

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coming to a close we're going to wrap it up. You have this

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chapter for the cron Yes. Yes. Now this is a sample regarding Yes, the clear on my translation of the Quran. Okay, so this verse, chapter four 142 says surely the hypocrites sick seek to deceive God in Arabic Allah but he outwits them. When they stand up for prayer. They do it half heartedly only to be seen by people, hardly remembering God Allah at all torn between belief and disbelief belonging neither to these believers nor disbelievers and whoever Allah leaves to straight you will never find for them away Yes, so you'll see a lot of rhymes in the translation so that you can also connect with the with the translation so this is an example how you translate it how it flows yes

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yeah very very powerful idea as the whole Quran is powerful. The organization for con gives these out for free Yes, it will come foundation yes yeah so how can someone get this now if they want we got not a lot of not yet Muslims out there simply Muslim is what who surrenders. Someone who freely consciously surrenders and submits to the same guy Jesus submitted to Moses, Abraham, the one who created creation God Almighty Allah, and now they want to they want to connect with the Quran. Yes, you can order you can order a free copy online go to order a koran.com. And you can get it for free. Yes, and you can get the Arabic English for the Muslim audience. They can get it from for Khan

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foundation. This one here just 1999 this one is 2024 99 so it's affordable and reliable and authentic. That's teased with the Arabic And in this one for Congress for free. Yes. For the non Muslim Brothers the humanities in English only yes in English only because the the the original is in Arabic. This is the author's humble temp in English to translate it. Yes. All right. To give the meaning of the Quran, yes. How can people hook up with you? Well, my email is there is their info at Mostafa hottub.org so fox news they realized they got it wrong. They want to make up for all this blood pressure there causing not only the most harmful effects yeah the heart of the paper now

00:32:09--> 00:32:41

imagine you have the knowledge and you are you are getting like you know pumped up imagine those people who don't know how much fear is being propagated through people's ignorance you Wow It's amazing. So they can hook up with you if they want to bring you on CNN you know these. I'm here that's it bring out a real expert of the Quran shake. Thank you very Thank you. Thanks for having me to sokola Hi Salama. So that was Dr. Mustafa Khattab. translating the clear Quran the Quran is clear with a clear and simple message.

00:32:42--> 00:33:18

It's from the Creator, identifies to be as such, the message is simple, it's believable. It's from the same creator who revealed the 10 commandments to Moses, the Torah, to Musa Moses to Jesus, the NGO, and all the preceding messengers before them. They all called you to the purpose of life, which is to worship to serve the Creator, to worship the Creator, not the creation that pure monotheism, warning people about the Day of Judgment, paradise Hellfire accountability in this life and being good doing good deeds.

00:33:19--> 00:34:08

And nowhere in this book, The Quran does it call for any kind of injustice, and that will be an injustice to go ahead and kill innocent men, women and children and to reign havoc on the earth. So Islam is a just book from a just God, calling you to be just to be peaceful, and to live life according to God's will not your desires. That's the main theme of the Quran. And we got to clear up some of these misconceptions that I'm sure you've been hit with how to understand our approach to cron not doing the cut and paste or forgetting the before and after context, and the historical context, the linguistic context understanding and also taking the crown as a whole. That should tell

00:34:08--> 00:34:51

you a lot if you are getting your information with someone who's not qualified in this area. They shouldn't be speaking on it but we bought brought someone to you who was qualified. So I really hope that you got to benefit from this exciting episode of the new show. Take a moment right now and subscribe, like this video, share it right now go ahead and like it share so so it can get out to more people and more people. We can help alleviate that that fear what leads to that blood pressure going up bad health and all the other negative consequences sometimes people even turned violent, it's sad to say so call it call us also call us one 800 662 Islam. If you have any more questions,

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and you'd like them to get cleared up and answered, we're here to help. And that's out of the love, sincerely out of love. Thank you very much. We started with peace of mind.

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with peace, peace as salaam alaikum Peace be with you