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Then hamdu Lillahi wa inna Stein who have

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not stopped fury una went to LA the winner will be led image for Rory unforeseen our women say you add Lena who Philomel Bella one main meal that I had

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when I shadow in

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law. Sherry Keller was shadow a nurse aide and Mohammed and Abu Arasu Yeah.

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Taco taco party, hop auto party he will tell the hidden layer when to sleep.

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Taco moolah the document that so hidden hola Tomlin has

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left them in Houma region in Kibera when he said what a couple 100 meters. Ruby he was our home in Nepal How can I make rocky that?

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Medina Hamlet Taku I have a pool Colin said he that your snack No Come on. No Come you to come back. When they take the lead What are Fula who are the first 1000 Alvina M nearby in the asta Hadith eatable. Wa

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Well, you already had you Mohamed in sunny La la la he was said was shorter, a little more on

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the cooler that in Bedava color the dark in color level.

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And hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah that he hadn't had

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that he had an opening a lot. And Hamdulillah lianza Da Da Vinci he did have a wonderful year Jana who was

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mean or praise due to the auto Baba loadable words or phrases due to what was driving us.

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Not we would not have been able to guide ourselves and not have not a lot chosen our guidance or president or law was revealed the scripture to His servant and has made no crookedness there in

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heaven do we meet our praises due to Allah blesses us with this day.

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test us with this life. blessed us with this opportunity for eternal bliss and salvation. blessed us with this lamp. Ximen ideas related to have said loving Allah Hi.

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My name is dunya and Yakir. Can Islam.

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From the blessings of this world Islam suffices as a blessing as the previous tool caught by us that we were able to give in this beautiful masjid for around the hadith of turning a dead

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theropod cordon.

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Paul called our Civil War he so Allah Allah will send them at beam and they'll see her columnar vema

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Paula Lynette What if he What did he tell me he would he what he had in the Tools demeanor what mattered him so tell me tell me Let daddy Allah be pleased

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is related to have said that the Messenger of Allah Lina peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said three times at Deen on ma si de la si how Adina Nasi

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the religion is sincerity or sincere advice will condemn the man we said to whom? Kava and in that he said to Allah being sincere and our

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interaction with a lot

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and to the book of Allah being sincere and our interaction with the book of Allah, and to the Messenger of Allah or his messenger or through the heat, being sincere in our interaction with the Messenger of Allah, while making Muslimeen and the leaders of the Muslim

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to him and the ordinary folk. So in those two Clif bars we touched on being sincere to Allah, and then will be an O one being sincere to the messenger overbore. So not in the horror of the Hadith. Today we want to touch on being sincere with the book of Allah.

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Sincerity to the book of Allah means to love the book of Allah.

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And this is something for a believer that should flow naturally. Fall law says concerning the believers,

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woman as a man yet, women do need that hipbone to hipbone Biller, when they need an avenue, a shape, that they know that amongst people, they're going to take, likenesses that they love likenesses onto a month that they love as they should love Allah. Those who believe are more intense in the love for a much more intense and the love for a lot than the love for anyone or anything else.

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So we mentioned this in the context of sincerity to a love but if one loves

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one loves the words of Allah, and the Quran conveyed to us the words of Allah. So these are like love letters from our beloved. If you love someone and she sends you a letter, or he sends you a letter,

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you can't wait to read it.

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You might wait it to you all alone.

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And you're all of your work is done. Because you cherish those words, and you're eager to hear them and you're eager to contemplate them.

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And that's how our love is or if that is an expression of how we entertain or how we deal with words from our beloved in this world. And Allah Tala describes the believers who are more intense in their love for Allah subhanho wa Taala than the one who sent that letter.

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Whether the handle a shed the hip and the net, there was a love for the book of Allah.

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Push of your love for the book of Allah.

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Our sincerity with the book of Allah means to recite it frequently.

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To recite it frequently. If we love something, we can leave it alone.

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We love chocolate, always eating chocolate.

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If we go back to the love of our husband or wife, or fiance, we're texting them all day.

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Online is preoccupied with them.

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All day sending text back and forth back and forth, we preoccupied with them. If we love the book of Allah, we preoccupied with the book of Allah of Allah, every opportunity we get reciting it,

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to be sincere with it is to study him. And just as someone who claims they love a person, but they pay no attention to that person. They don't know what to know what that person likes what they dislike. They don't want to understand that person. So they might have find an opening to endear themselves to their beloved, or to elevate the rape of their love. Then you say something is wrong with the heart. They claim to love someone what they're doing nothing to know that person. They're doing nothing to understand that person.

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And so if we love the book of Allah, we want to understand them. We want to know it wants to know its vocabulary, the meaning of every word. And if we don't, something's wrong with our hearts, not because I said something's wrong with our hearts. A lot of times I mentioned foi, a cadet baronial. N allowed to move

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Do they not be flat in Thunder the message of the corral or other hearts laughter I know bluebird

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are their hearts locked up? And seeing Ben Ben Ron either to be him that can be a boon to their preoccupation with the dunion with the world with everything other than the loss of Hannah Montana, has,

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crowd has caused a cart to cross over. So that the light of guidance, the light of truth, the light of love, cannot enter their hearts. So we beside the book of Allah,

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we follow us in junctions.

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And the thinner Tina Mookie, Tammy gets new hot coffee there will

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be those who were given the book

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The scripture.

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There's following here too, there were these devout, they follow it.

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You have the Lord,

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you have removed the haram. They hold the things that for and declares to be lawful their whole awful the things they put in declares to be unlawful they hold to be unlawful, they follow It's my new details

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that sincerity to the book of Allah.

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If we're sincere with the book of Allah,

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then we

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our worldview is informed by its language, language informed worldviews.

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Chinese, the Chinese language historically,

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is rooted in the Confucian worldview.

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The Semitic language and languages generally convey a certain worldview.

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The Anglo Saxon languages convey a certain way of looking at the world

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and within the generality of the Semitic languages, the language of the court and provides a worldview, a unique, unprecedented worldview and their studies of this.

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If we love the Quran,

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then we want to understand the worldview that the Quran advances. And it's not a materialistic worldview

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at all.

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One of the great problems of our age is that people, particularly our young people,

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are being introduced and seduced into a worldview that's alien to the Puranic worldview.

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Because the language of the Quran is alien to their conceptual framework.

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The worldview many Muslims are being seduced into is a worldview that's informed by words like hegemony and privilege and oppression, a particular word defining and intersectionality and other words,

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which is the context in the context of critical race theory on the context of feminist theory, on the context of this or that theory might have some benefit. But no matter what the benefit, it has one great detriment,

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financial law.

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It has no room for a law and one should not be surprised because as architects, almost universally are atheists.

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Hey, I live there Omar Rhodiola Han,

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Dina Katina, aka Elena who are that who care with them, close and close.

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Calm. Hola, Tawana. Tatsu and in the in

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your religion, your religion, it is your flesh in your blood.

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It is your flesh in your blood is the essence of your being take from those who are upright

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and don't take from those who deviate.

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So how can a worldview presented are presented and developed and refined by atheists?

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Non believing people

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direct someone towards Allah can connect the heart with Allah.

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The Quran has his own vocabulary, and it defines its Quranic worldview. And it's infused with a message that was infused with Allah Imen belief in Allah cover rejection of Allah

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NIFA hypocrisy,

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sure, idolatry. Joining partners with Allah, Allah Allah and it then gives you what is the relationship between these these ideas and concepts are those who are described by them. And when we immerse ourselves in that worldview, we understand what is the proper relationship between ourselves

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and those who might enter into another of these categories

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and we go deeper into it and we find a very sophisticated, a system unprecedented in its sophistication.

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But it requires study, Fra peroneal. For in. It requires reflection. It requires love. It requires commitment. It requires dedication. It requires vision. What is our vision?

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What vision has the world given us?

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Most of us our vision is limited.

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We're like the caterpillar. Well, a lot of these fliers. They eat, they procreate.

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They die.

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Only the capital of benefit they provide high.

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They provide little

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leather, meat in the bones and what are of benefit? Well, what a human being is disconnected from the loss of Hannah what time

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he or she becomes destructive, either to himself or herself or to others.

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And we see it all around us and we don't have to look far.

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We see our society falling apart.

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The Quran advocates in his worldview, a cut and absolute commitment to truth. Yeah, I have a couple lava cooling Omastar delene Oh you believers. If you have faith in the Lord, faith in the Messenger of Allah, faith in the book of Allah, be mindful of Allah and keep yourselves with those who are right who are truthful and honest with Kudo my father in our society has descended into the depths of of a lie so deep. We talk seriously about alternative facts.

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One great lies has almost destroyed our political system.

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tequila Kumar saw the team.

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Be mindful blood keep yourselves with the truth. My dear brothers and sisters,

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we have to ask ourselves, are we satisfied with the status quo?

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Are we satisfied with our society's descent into darkness?

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Are we going along to get along? Or do we have the vision that things can be better?

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And that perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala sipped us to this land to help make things better?

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And now by some extraordinary rogue bees,

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but by committing ourselves to the Quranic vision for society, committing ourselves to to committing ourselves to our fame, committing ourselves to the uplift and salvation of others.

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That's at the heart of the Quranic message.

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Those who believe in the Quran and has benefited from the Quran, are enjoined to share that message the message of Allah the words of ALLAH, the book of Allah with others

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I'll conclude with this same

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it's related on the authority of diviner, Amara, the OMA one

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mentorship the heavier Coleman

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for woman

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Whoever imitates that people has helped them some people have used this hadith for dress but we can dress like undress and he told me it's learning as long as my clothes are loose

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and not revealing

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so our different Muslim we have different style Malaysian Muslims don't dress like Nigerian Muslims.

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They have their dress the Nigerian and other West African Muslim. I have the grand booboo.

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Curtis Muslims don't dress like Persian Muslim person Muslims don't dress like

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Central Asian, Muslim, etc. We have variation of our foods variation or our dresses, variations about customers within the parameters of this land

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So the Hadith isn't necessarily talking about breaths

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is talking it implies deeper things.

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When we imitate the thought processes, when we take on blindly the vocabulary, not the language itself, English is a beautiful language which we should master.

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Because our mastery of this language enhances our credibility when we speak to other people about our religion.

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Well, we adopt a language and language and terminology that's illogically ideologically loaded, that orient us towards supporting certain policies that may might be totally antithetical to our religion. That's when imitation becomes dangerous. Now give us healthy contests here. Now a lot it was cool, except for us make things easy for us facilitate our success. Apolo how we had to stop learning when we say miniato Mistakes

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You left them in. Also, that was a lesson you didn't wish city city the early. He was.

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As we know, oh, this is Christmas Eve Tomorrow is Christmas. And as Muslims handle it, of course, we believe in recently Santa Jesus, but not as God incarnate, but as a noble exalted Messenger of Allah subhanho wa taala. But this also is referred to in our conceptual universe as whoo hoo, wah, a Spirit

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from Allah.

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And this reminds us that at the end of the day, our religion is a spiritual religion. We ever respond, find spiritual system. And again, when we neglect that system

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that has incredible psychiatric insights,

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that has incredible what we want in our scholars, Western scholars referred to as spiritual psychology,

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rooted in the works of the likes of Manhattan passivity and others. When we look like that, and we imitate other people, then their faith becomes our thing. I'll give you one small example, as some of you saw a couple months ago report that Muslims are twice as likely to commit suicide than members of other religions in this country.

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How is that possible?

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Suicide was so rare in the Muslim world.

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That after I forget after the neck,

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the 1967 disaster,

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one of the Arab generals committed suicide and books were written about it.

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articles in newspapers so Muslim despairing in the Hula, hula Rohilla in little Cornwall Kathy room. No one despairs of relief of mercy from Allah accepted disbelieving folk.

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So if you're depressed, near suicide, aggravations, please yourself. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is

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when we turn away from our religion, or whatever leads us on our own.

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And we're left on our own, we come face to face with one of the most stark

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descriptions of human beings. There is also the core end

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instead of

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the human being created.

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The left

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or inseparability with my name with a lot of brothers and sisters, and we're weak enough ourselves.

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Our feeling was the man was the man when we need