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He says colossal, Allah says that people will summon each other will call each other to attack you. Just like people call each other to come and share a dish together.

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Like you're going to be afraid they will attack from all over the places And subhanAllah there is no better manifestation of this than what you see today in the United Nations and around the world.

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Everybody is racing, everybody is racing right down to show their true colors to the world.

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There is no doubt my dear brothers, so the loss of innocent lives no matter from which side and where it is, is definitely that tragic thing. A tragic and a catastrophic matter. No doubt about this. But when you see that everybody right is racing to show their support to the oppressor and gaslighting the oppressed, just unbelievable. This grave injustice by politicians, statesmen, sports people, celebrities, influencers, everybody who is completely has nothing to do with the matter. It just racing to have a share on that meal. Because now the oppressed been actually the one that has considered the oppressor. Brothers and sisters, that reminds me were the Greek philosopher,

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when he wants was walking with a lamp during the day, in broad daylight, walking around with the lamp.

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And then some will look at him he goes, What are you doing? What are you doing with this flashlight? Basically, in the during the day, color or fat tissue and incense I'm looking for, for a man looking for an honest man, in our modern times, will save a decent person, someone who could really be just decent when you watch the news these days you get sick and tired of this. You start with this question of yourself?

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Am I the one who has not really seen the reality what's going on in the world? What happened to these people when presidents repeating lies? When statesman reading glasses and they know their lies, but they keep lying about them, and then they will deny them after this and the line then again, subhanAllah it just like unbelievable. That is one of the greatest injustice that is happening to our brothers and sisters right now and Philistine and Reza, may Allah make it easy for the miserable Alameen. We see right now there are different battles, there is the the people's battle, the physical one, something we cannot do much about really, other than helping them out with

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whatever we can show along with the baraka with the IRA to ease their situation. But then we have the Battle of the minds. That's what happens in the media outlets. That will happen with people, with your co workers, with your friends around you with your neighbors. If you go right now to any app that you're part of on the neighborhood Subhanallah everybody just repeated the exact same lies over and over again over and over again.

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And sometimes you feel hopeless and helpless, truly, because of how people are willing to believe lies because they make you know more traction, more drama probably than the truth itself. And here

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when it comes to look at the hypocrisy of the world, we need to understand is nothing new.

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It was even mentioned to us in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us about these people telling us in the Quran, one of the best stories that was narrated in details in the Quran, the story of Musa alayhis salaam, Musa and the Quran, Allah subhana wa Taala is bringing us the example of what's happening today. When the oppressed or oppressor tries to make himself the victim and gaslighted the oppressed.

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That is when ALLAH SubhanA wa netsend Surah Surah sharara Coronavirus nada rabuka Musa until Comala limin when you Lord subhanho wa Taala he called upon Musa go to the wrongdoing people hold my friends around. Elliot Kuhn, the people the Pharaoh where they not fear Allah. Look, he asked him right now to talk to these to these people. He didn't just say the leader so the people spoke to the fiddle beautiful around Allah talkin showing the fear Allah subhanho wa taala. Then Musa like everybody else feels intimidated, a little bit caught up in the ACA you can devote my Lord, I'm afraid they're gonna reject me. You think I'm going to be lying to them while they are surgery?

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While I alternate Panasonic I want to be able to articulate all of you say that what it to say for Ursula Han. You are a beginner get harder with me my brother to help me out. And then he admits his fault. What Amala then I have made a mistake. I've called them and from there people call for a half Octoroon I'm afraid that they're going to take me for this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala he sends Musa RSM regardless of the circumstances and he says go, you need to go regardless of the circumstances Go and call for justice because the ground has been oppressing your people for too long.

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And Allah commands Musa Allah Sam kala, kala Madhava go and your brother, Biya Tina Inaba como esta Mian we're listening just go and Allah subhanho wa Taala sent him perfect TF around. Go speak to frown for Kula Inara Surah Bella

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Alameen were the messages of the Lord of the worlds and our Selma and ebony destroyed all what I'm what we're asking you is to bring justice to the people of Saudi spat on this in this time of ours right now, the whole script is opposite. It's completely reversed.

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It's completely reverse and I wish these people can go back to their history and learn from it.

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They understand the injustice that they're imposing again, against other people. And here Allah says, still Musa go to the ground, so I just need my people.

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They've been for a long time under this injustice. They need to have freedom, set them free. And that's when we talk about freedom as a mom, it was always that kind of selective benevolence

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what we call today the western democracies talking about you know how they did this good here and this kind of good here selected benevolence and that's what the for the frown also I said, and he talked to Musa alayhis salam, Carla LM Rebecca fina, well Eden, what is the phenomenon with Cassini? Is like such an ungrateful manual. Remember, we raise you and your child, you live with us for years, we took care of you. So like he's now telling him remember the favor I put upon you or made you who you are right now. And then he now reminding him with the mistake of gaslighting Musa Qala for ultra Vallarta Culatta valte. Were untamable Catherine and you did what you did when he pushed

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that man in an argument and that man, you know die.

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And it says that you are among those who are utterly ungrateful to us. Now Subhanallah if you look at this statement as your mom that's exactly what happened and today for our didn't bring his crimes.

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He didn't talk about the killing that he's been doing to Bani Israel. He didn't talk about the kids that he killed the children as a llama submission the Quran killing their kids as to how it is our home and slavery they didn't didn't speak about his crimes from now he remembered what what Musa did. Because remember, we took care of you look what you did.

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You killed one of us and you ran away. And Musa alayhis salam he admitted it Kaurava alto I admitted I failed to her. Either will anime not darlin? I was I was a straight at the time I didn't know what I was doing. He had no guidance in that regard. And that's when he ran away call off our for our two main co men come landmark have to come when I was scared what you're gonna do tomorrow, no way. But then in that in that in those 10 years when he went away, ALLAH SubhanA wa gave him to help him.

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Fella belly Robbie hokhmah Allah subhanho wa Taala chose me to be that messenger was your Allah noumenal mousseline and then now Musa reminding frown cloudconnect Mattoon, Turman new ally? Like are you serious? You right now we're going to talk about what you did the favor you bestowed upon me call an arbitrary Israel? Is that a favor that You bestow upon me when you enslaved all my family or my people?

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Love you so benevolent to me only? Just me. What about my people

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don't count.

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Today in the morning, I was listening to some politicians had stayed speaking about humanity and gentleness and kindness. And we have to touch humanity in the hearts of people. And I was just kind of like, what are they talking about? Exactly. very selective, very selective sense of humanity. They have here that selected benevolence they're talking about, we're talking about apartheid state. You have an apartheid world.

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That is choosing different set of rules of justice to apply to different people. Allah was done. But why are we surprised? throne was the master on the throne, Omar, Abdullah Al Amin, and now we'll move abroad to frown that Listen, let's apply justice properly. Let's apply the rule and the law properly here.

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For around being an arrogant Carlo amount of Bananaman who is that that you talk to me that I need to subject myself to? Like nowadays we talk about the rule of law and international law and United Nations UN resolution all kind of stuff. Who cares like who's that God you're talking about? caught up with some art you will automatically in our mind going to move on in the world of the heavens and the earth if you truly have that certainty. Now for our son in that argument, he start now mobilizing Parliament Hello electors to listen listen to this nonsense.

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This guy is gaslighting Musa. And that sense of speaking about the truth about Allah subhanho wa taala. And the flowers telling him Look at this. What's he talking about? What is he fabricating all these things from where is he getting that stuff from? Paula and he told him about Carla Ragusa to allow the OMA by nahama Incan to move Karina column and how they were allowed to stay Maroon. Ferrara boom, what Ababa, Camilla Pauline, my Lord, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers from before. Then for our now he went to complete nonsense. Stop talking about you know about facts and when

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To emotions, Bala in Nara Sulaco Mala the Odyssey local imaginal this guy's insane

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character assassination

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Are you gonna listen to a crazy person?

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So then tolerable mushiya called Mother. Muhammad couldn't talk Hello. If you truly believe in the Lord of the of the East and the West, then you need to make sure that you believe in him follow his rule. And that's when the ground when he felt that he's basically start becoming an okra a disadvantage in that argument, he went to two threats, threats and blackmailing. Musala is now forcing a narrative that he wants to believe in and wants the other to believe in Carlisle the hasta ilaha illa Jana Kamal must you need. If you're not going to abort ship me. If you're going to worship somebody, if you're not going to believe me, if you're going to follow me, then I'm going to

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put you in prison.

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Forcing narratives whether you like it or not, this is the case basically. And that's when most artists are called our object to kabhi. Che in movie here the evidence who the proof now for answers bring it. But he did for El casa. He showed him the truth. He showed him the proof. And that wouldn't move around. He kind of like felt intimidated himself as well. But he had to dodge that truth that within that proof, he's dodging it right now. Suddenly, he's calling other people.

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Carl Miller, even holy, Kyle Mela, the people around him Hello. In Hadassah Hunan him. He's a great magician.

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Oh my god. He's a great magician.

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And then he asked him he says, What do you think we should do? You read the you read you're coming out of the con busy hurry if Mr. Maroon he's done to take you out of your your country out of your home out of your land. He's not distorting reality, making captivity bless.

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He says he wants to take you out of your own land fermata AMone. What should I do? What do you order me to do? As if you settled right now he wants to listen to advisers around

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my dear brothers and sisters. These are all tactics being used for years and years there is by the tyrants, as you can see here.

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But in reality, no one wants to listen to the truth that it's a matter of 75 years occupation, 16 years of open air present injustice of all kinds of you know, Justices, the systematic daily killing and, and harassment of the peoples of hull of there. No one wants to hear about this at all. They want to see one thing, what they want to see what they want to believe. They're blinded by their prejudice, and their bias, the dogma that they believe in, regardless and what comes to apply in humanity. It has two rules. You're dealing with two different people over here. Brothers and sisters, they're attacking right now the victims and making it justified as a result of that. But

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frankly, how are you going to expect you know, justice from people who cannot even tell the difference between man and woman?

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You can't even define that anymore. How they want people taken seriously in that marriage. How can we expect that when they're completely blind by that field of injustice as Muslims, what do we do? What can we do right now? And no matter where Shira della TerraNova Karla Rasul, Allah has Salah Salem total movie in a theater or how many more toward them what out of uncommital just said that the example of these believers like one community, one body, when one aches, everything actually start now suffering as a result of that. What we need to do my dear brothers and sisters in time like this, because there is so much ignorance going around, I got messages and emails from friends,

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other faiths, who are sympathizing with you. So you're going oh, I hope you guys will families are doing well. I hope you guys are not, you know, having anybody there who's hurt and so on. So, and that was very genuinely approached from them. May Allah God our hearts are blind. I mean, so some of them, they have no idea what's got genuinely they're asking, I honestly don't know what's going on. What's the difference? Why is this happening? They completely indulge in their own life here. And they have completely disconnected from the reality of the world. They only see what the media tells them. And unfortunately, they believe, you know, of the media, they believe what they see on and so

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they need education.

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If you know somebody like this from your co workers, friends or neighbors, reach out to them, educate them. And before you do that, educate yourself as well about the matter. So when you talk to the people, you have the facts, and you speak in a way that they understand that

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rhetoric is not going to help you.

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But speak in facts with people and connect with them on human level will

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advocate for these people for the oppressed ones. If you have a handle or access to people who can influence and make big change, reach out to them as well too. And speak. supplicate never ever, never ever underestimate the power of the DUA Wallah. It is powerful.

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Especially when it's done, you know sincerely from the heart in

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The darkness of the night and if you can congregate with other people where you can inshallah bring change and influence in our community in our society, then make sure to do that for me Subhanallah when I listen to what's going on there, yes, there's a lot of atrocities happening there. But you will learn from the resilience that you see over there. Unbelievable. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the mayor of Bill Alameen when you do that, make sure that your aim is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala no one else but Allah azza wa jal don't make the hatred that you have towards people to blind you from being fair and being just Akula Cody Harada was tough for a lot of

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the money will come with a certain amount of stuff in nominal for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka, Amina Mohammed and while early was also limited Sleeman Kathira some bad Allahumma international la caja Africa Tina. Welcome Letter Hey Latina will have on an alumnus Allahumma inanda Studio can measure the lochsa Allahumma in NSW local Masjid Al Aqsa maestra, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yama, Allah Tala WADA and the Haryana Bella Alameen efforts on behalf of Dr. Manuel Rahim. worklet on biotic herbal Alameen Allahumma the Hala phallic wa funada Who Rubino decofurn sadhana one Satomura Bella Alameen wa sallahu MinnesotaCare Rahmani r Rahim Allah Who mustard astrolabe Obinna, what hamdulillah Verna?

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Your hamara Amin wala to kidnapping my father Silva Amina Allahu Allahu Nasser oma in an era Bella al Amin, Allahu McCollum Nasser on on your on your bill Alameen Allahu mana so dear can mesial Aqsa wa Philistine was Dr. Hashim wah wah was our agenda when he said our Fila Allahu Makoto will be have they come in coolly sooner but I mean, you're gonna follow him and Kulu Sunil Rahmani r Rahim. Allah Houma in Surah Masada fina Muslim and if equally McCann fibula, the Muslim Minerva Bella Alameen Allahumma Thuringia hammer home when a fiskardo home Allah Maharaj hammer home when a fiskardo home was the last hurrah team era Bella al Amin, Allah homophones Salafi and I'm gonna Muslim if you call

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them McCarran era Bella mean Mina Khalifa Philistine will fill him with equally mckernon era Bella Alameen Kula home nassarawa Marina and ja Rahmani r Rahim. Allahu Akbar Castro whom what Hamdard for whom? Whatever amerihome WaterFire Bella our whole mannheimia or Bella al Amin ham shahada was remodeled our home What are Dugu evohome whatever Lucia and Motomura but I mean, everybody Allah in Allah Malaika saloon Allah Nabi yeah you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mehreen what are the Allahu mancala fire Russia you know, Viva Kumamoto, asthma and valley one sir sabotage main woman

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tambien bsla OMA Dean, welcome Salam