Zoheeb Iqbal – 99 Names of Allah #09 – Al-Aziz – The All Mighty

Zoheeb Iqbal
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Today we start with the ninth name of allah subhana wa owner, which is an Aziza the mighty, the Almighty, meaning, Allah is the one to whom belongs the might, the honor in His entirety, the mate and the honor of strength of conquest. So you see that Allah is the Conqueror, that is never conquered and never harmed because of his might, his glory, his force and his pride, Allah that is in the heavens, and the earth magnifies him. He is of all the mighty and all wise you see in the Quran, that Allah subhanho wa Taala say, it will be said, sees him, this is on the Day of Judgment sees him and drag him into the midst of the blazing fire, this

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is going this is in the Quran. Surah dukane. There you see this, grab him and you know, drag them into the midst of the blazing fire, then pour over his head, the torment of boiling water,

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then it will be said to a taste, taste you this. Indeed you were pretending to be the Almighty, the Aziz, you are pretending to be al Aziz, the kind and it says pretending to be So did we need to come to terms of humbleness that Allah is the Almighty. Allah is the one that has the mighty power, there is no one beyond Allah is power, one should always recognize that you will be standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala one day and when you stand in front of Allah, you need to remember that that day is no day where you can run or hide. That day is no day of war or political war. That day is a day of you standing and you'll be brought to account and that day is going to be that day is going

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to be led by no other than the Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala. And the quicker we understand this, the better it is because Allah has already referred to the people who forget that he is the Almighty, that Allah has said that stop pretending to be Aziz, stop pretending to be so mighty. Stop pretending Humble yourself, know that I created you from dust, know that I created you from the dirt and the floor, know that I will take you back into the dirt in the floor. Know that I'll make you sleep and sleep and live with creatures and the earth creatures that you run from in this dunya and my own words. So the what happens is that Allah is trying to make you recognize that Allah is the

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Almighty Allah is Aziz, this is the way one should try his best to call upon Allah. Xia Allah that you are the Almighty. No, you know, if you if you were to read the last mile husana and you were to go through, you know, the Nasheed, there's so many initiatives out there are you to actually land them in a rhythm and to understand every name and to contemplate on Allah's actual attribute one is saying to someone that this is my boss, right? This is my colleague, but then sing with passion. Yeah, that this is my boss man. And I'm so privileged to be working for him margin, when in that same passion, with that same motivation with that same love. And you know, you could see the same

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kind of voice the excitement that one has, was to say, R Rahman r Rahim, Al manacle cudos yas xizhou. Allah, you are the Almighty. And whilst you're saying this, you're thinking your Aziz, who you are the Almighty, Allah nothings and I can do nothing without your permission. I can do nothing without your commandment. So we understand that Allah is Allah. And then it says that, you know, it comes here that a bedwin once came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam, and she says, teach me something to say. And the prophets Allah I sort of said, there is no God but Allah, the one with no partner, Allah is the Greatest by far, much praise be to Him, the Lord of the walls be praised, and

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there is no power and no strength, save and Allah, the Almighty, the all wise, the Bedouin said, the bedroom turns around and says, the prophets of Allah a son, and this is for my Lord, what is for me? Right? If you think that you're telling me to praise my Lord, when I want something for me, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then goes on to say that Oh, Allah, forgive me, have mercy upon me, guide me and provide for me. So you see that the Prophet Sonam taught her to call upon Allah in this manner, bow, at the very name of Allah, bow at the very name of the Almighty and in sha Allah, Allah will then have mercy be compassionate.

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Have that love have that you know that care for us that we have recognized that Allah is the mighty we are being submissive through the names of Allah, the initial names that you will understand that Allah is the one who we need to turn to through these names will understand that we are completely reliant on Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout our daily lives, and this is the one this is only one of the names amongst the 99 names here xizhou the almighty Jakob Allah Hayden, we're Arsenal jezza Hey,

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