99 Names of Allah #08 – Al-Muhaymin + A Dua in Times of Desperation

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh today hamdulillah with the father of Allah subhana wa tada we start with the eighth Name of Allah, which is today we start with ultra high meaning, meaning, the overall protector. Allah is the Protector, the protector of who, who is Allah the protector of Allah says in the Holy Quran, he is the king the all holy and all peaceable, that all faithful and all preserver, then we see that Allah is the Greatest preserver and is watchful over everything is watchful over everything. And there is no creature creature that crawls but he takes it by the forelock meaning that Allah is the Protector of all Muslims, Allah is watchful, Allah knows what the

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other you know the translation that could be given for the name is that ever watching just as you could use the overall protector, Allah controls creation and guards from corruption, Allah and loss except as He wills and the Quran has similar attributes you can see and we have sent down to you the book with the truth you can say that you know essays are confirming the book that was before it and guarding it. So last month that himself is showing that Allah is the Protector and last protected the Quran and last protected Allah can protect whatever ones Allah as the overall protector, Allah is Ever watching. Allah is the one who looks the one who sees all the hidden matters and and all

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that the hearts keep conceal the one whose knowledge in income, you know, excels everything Allah sees everything Allah knows everything. So from this name and Mohammed Oh, we see that Allah is watching. Allah is the overall protector. So this name can be used for you could say blessings for Allah to protect you for Allah to grant you the ability to start to recognize that Allah is watching in you start to read Yamaha, Aminu Yamaha you know as many times as you can. And then the DOE article with this is Robbie in De Lima and Zelda a year Minh hierin faqeer that may my lord truly I am in need of whatever good that you bestow upon me that Oh Allah, you're the one that watches me

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You are the one who sees in my heart. You're the one that knows what I think you're the one that knows who I talked to you the one that knows my deepest inner darkest secrets. guide me the way you pleased with the way you want me to be. So we should call upon Allah what they may with the name Elmo, Jaime, no, we should ask Allah for his blessings. We should try to remember these names by heart and what we should do and inshallah is the surah that I keep on reading here. hula hula de la ilaha illa Huwa el Malecon Kudo salam o me Norma Heyman en azizul Jabbar Mata Kabir Subhana Allah He ma Yoshi recon try to learn these try to learn the Surah Surah Al Harsha Nam you'll find that

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towards the end you could say

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I think is I in number 23 or something so you can maybe find it there and and try to remember this and remember that we have went through the name of Mr. Heyman Oh, we went through the name of Salaam we went through the name Allah we went through the giver of security, the king the holy and all these other different names that we went through these are names that we should be calling upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and these names are frankly there for hours to for to help us excel in this dunya so when it comes to ever watching, it goes back to the story of Luke Manali salatu salam, we can use this as an example, as previous as I mentioned, the look manelli salatu salam gives us

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naseeha to his son and the Quran, and surah and sort of lokman where he says to a son of a couple of things with nesea to give the one of them was that the recognition of Allah is that if even a mustard seed was to be hidden anywhere in the dunya, in my own words, anywhere in the dunya under any rock and the Sahara Desert, wherever you want to call it, for mustard seed was to be dropped, no one would be able to find it. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows where it is. Because Allah is that ever watching Allah as Mohammed? So for us to understand the name is very, very important. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us the comfort comfort us in ways nobody else can so me understand the comfort

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and ways that nobody else can desire Kabbalah Hyatt Santa Muerte combined with the lightworker Hey