Unimaginable Mercy, Ongoing Acceptance, & the Ultimate Covenant

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Know how to love and want to save yourself do what you don't want to do. What do you say at the end?

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What are you think?

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Why should I wonder?

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Why should one are

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you want to talk long enough that was a party. Well that's it for tonight I want to assume

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something more when Tango messenger

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WhatsApp Allah in

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all craze is it's a long lead exalted, we praise Him we seek His help his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in along the evils within ourselves and the evils of our sins. Whomsoever along dies, or they seek guidance, there is no assigning Sawyer and whoever he writes all the causes to be led astray, there is no one is for them. And either a witness says there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. And I remember going to stand with him not so long it was said that we see upon him is his servants and final messenger, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the normal was translated as all you who believe, or believers be conscious of a law as he

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deserves and do not die except in a state of submission to Him. May Allah sometimes I grant us that a man wants to keep a sperm until the day that we return to

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100 of your given life this year, not only on our lawn, but also God bless the days of the picture. And a hungry guy who went home to dinner that we were given life, to the greatest day of the year, the day of honor. And usually this time of the year, many people around the world would be somewhere else many people around the world would be completing their rituals. And

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just last year, I'm gonna share with you very briefly a small incident that took place something we experienced this miraculous on the day of Hanukkah, it was extremely hot, as is usually the case. And almost abruptly. Suddenly, it started to rain profusely. To the point where people who are sleeping or napping were tired at the end of the day. And suddenly everyone was energized and awake, and everyone left the tents, people went outside soaking. And they were raising their hands making them crying.

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And you'll ask people who are going to hatch for 1020 30 plus years, about their experiences on offer. It was one of the most unique experiences of it.

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And as it's raining and people are crying, and their hands are up making drop,

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accessing what we saw that day as the mercy of a loss of time runs out.

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It's very interesting. Now one year later, with all of this pandemic, shutting down much of the world and then people not being able to go to Hajj this year. It's very interesting to reflect on the mercy will also come with it which we celebrate, which we look forward to where many people realize that it's as though the very last tax reform was totally to the world was one in which we saw even more of the mercy of a loss of final entire as a reminder before the storm that was to come before the pandemic that was to walk people down to prevent people from hedged and the Allah reward all of those who are continuing to know how much and to prevent us even for the houses on the walk

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all around the world. It was as though it was a necessary reminder before this pendant, that the Mercy will muster timelines I was always there. You may see it's only in something you proceed to the university, you may see a lot of reading on a hot day say this is the law. When a pandemic occurs, we've heard it but the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is here now is the Mercy of Allah is always accessible in all of us to be celebrated, always to be soft. It is not only in terms of ease, and it's not only constructing science, even during this pandemic University, Allah subhanaw taala encompasses all of the leaders. And if you have access to diversity despite the planet, you have

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access to that mercy, even if

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even if people cannot bring the message, you have access to the Mercy of Allah for as close to those who don't even know how long the money will be and obviously, it is close to those who

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Word likes those who are pious those who look for him. So as a reminder with all that we see of this pandemic, by Allah His mercy is accessible now, as it was accessible last year, and it will always be accessible for those who are seeking Allah subhanaw taala is mercy is greater than anything we can also prioritize rear down perception interpretation of world events, Ulster piloti is rare and therefore we say throughout these days and we emphasize Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu La noir along Long, but I felt when learning

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by their brothers and sisters, we always reflect on mercy and tied to this in these blessing days that we celebrate, and we are happy on these days.

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The DUA that you made on the day,

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and the Torah that people make and make all around the world on the day of putting their heart hopefully into their soul into it, hoping that there's football and hoping there's acceptance, the acceptance comes when you start changing something when you start acting applies. When you find yourself when you dedication to a law, that is decided acceptance that was greater than everything around us, Allah is weaker than our distractions, Allah is greater than everything got to take us away from him. And that is why we say a long but no long, long way. Don't only say the prayer as part of the prayer, but feel it as well. When we say don't only say it during these days of the

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week, and especially these next three days we celebrate, don't only say for the sake of savings, feelings, when you say a lot is bigger than everything else in our lives. Allah subhanaw taala is worthy of dedicating ourselves and our lives to Him a long, long, long, long, long backbone, law, you know more

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when he does. So the second point was the point of the actor, and find in yourself renewed dedication moving forward. And number three, the last ones reflect underneath the covenant is useful.

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And this is a topic that surprisingly, we find many people are not aware of. Do you remember the date that you need a covenant for the law? Do you remember the date in which before you were even given a body you testify to a was notice. And I'm also planning on how to reminds us of natural sins. If we find all of the collected reports more than 30 reports in the quality from the compilers, I love to stay in the sixth inning. And combine I'm paraphrasing. The story is that the loss of Hannah Montana after he placed either by yourself on Earth, near the plains of Africa, extracted from Adam it says all of the soles of his offspring until the end of times, all of the

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souls of the project all of the Allah including us on that day, this is a physical appearance that took place and then a loss of power with access to the studio people in my country award and we all and all good things justify all

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we've tested by guessing so that we cannot say on the Day of Judgment we did not know about this. This the thought is the one that is now embedded not as remembering but in your hearts in your spiritual hearts part of your physical, physiological body.

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This is the fifth row that brings our hearts back to our mom. This is the fifth row should be working to purify for many people are wanting to snowball protect this is incorrect. This is logical that celebrates that countenance. How else can we find ourselves returning to a one and celebrating his mercy in this life and in the next life without recognizing that occurrence? This is the covenant we all made. Let us find ourselves celebrating it by acting upon it. Let us find yourself celebrating it by bringing it to other people who may let us find ourselves celebrating the sneaker by bringing happiness into the hearts of others and bringing that along to every mall around the

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world. Let us celebrate somebody thoughtful that we took by seeking the mercy of law for is nearby even the allotment of money for legal aid they are also prioritizing us also to celebrate that we thought by acting upon that may Allah subhanaw taala produce for our shortcomings seek forgiveness or long easy path forgiving the reversal of withholding something along with the selfie.

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How many love the slide was one of the most popular one I heard he was talking to me. Well, I wanna you know, he gives me something I'm ready. Yeah, even

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Yeah, Sunday why'd you listen to my brothers and sisters as we celebrate on these days and we shouldn't be celebrating on the days despite any challenges or hardships we are facing, and even our brothers and our sisters were facing our pressures vocally, globally are trying their best to celebrate on this day however, do not delete them from your drive. Do not forget that despite the pandemic before and after such a pandemic, many of our brothers and sisters don't have access to the houses under the law. So we are not saying celebrate and forget them rather celebrate what we have on the stage and this is the Sunnah of the Congress in the long run, you bring happiness into the

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hearts of your children into the community, to your family's hearts, bring happiness in general to the atmosphere, around you, in person and online. These are the things to celebrate. And these are these to glorify alone. These are days to seek closeness or loss of final data. And that is why we continue to say mildly, frequently throughout these days and throughout the year. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when he does and I want you to reflect on the closing notes on the happiness that we should be seeking on the days of the happiest we should be bringing into our walls, especially in this country living as the minority our children should act somewhat we feel the spirit of lead, they should absolutely feel happiness on this thing. And it has to do with reflecting on the happiness that we seek and the happiness some people find even being able to find a break with social distancing guidelines. Let us reflect as well on the parallel the happiness of the app that we see the happiness agenda what are some genuine so how do we work with efficiency in

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this world is Jenna and rewards minutes of silk everything else on Paradise Blizzard to put

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people agenda tool Peace be upon you so that you have done well, so enter forever? And then people agenda are freezing a lot and haven't really done anything? And have you learned any solar phenomena? And how can we learn that the government has embraced me for more for all of these blessings with us and living off of these blessings losses. So we reflect on that reunion that moment in January wishes peace and happiness and ballistic totally with no marches and no challenges and seeds that happiness by being happy in this world. For the blessing of that young and the law. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make a strong social constancy this mercy number one was at the mercy

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of Allah.

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Number two, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to accept the DUA every day on all of that to give us all that we ask for a plate of this life and the next life and to make a sacrifice in the moment. And number three is the covenants that he took with him on the covenants we all took them a walk may also allow us to renew our hearts, we dedicate ourselves to the policies and the testimony that we need to act upon it and to bring it into the hearts of other people around us may allow us to be happy in this life, and all the day have done this a long way from Walla Walla Walla Walla. Now Yeah, in the law along with Huawei, what do you love the last loss of time was to various for all of

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our shortcomings the major and the minor was in the past, present and future and they asked the loss of power to relieve us of this pandemic and I'm not sure all around the world we asked for some time on how to delete this pandemic from around the world. We asked for the loss of power mentality Rashi factor every person who's seeking Shiva we asked him wants to prioritize our brothers and sisters all around the world and allow us to dignity and safe alone leave alone

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Well, we'll see I was not I said I haven't watched a lot from you add on what you want to hear. Oh, well my

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alarm goes off now.

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What are you putting on an

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alarm so it's not alive in the city along with sort of a city and Slovakia he couldn't be alone. He fell down in the car. He wouldn't be my time alone. Because it was really overwhelming.

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Yeah, come on, walk me

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what he was interested in, walking,

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