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AI: Summary © The Helping Hand for Relief and Development program is a series of recitation and a nightly recitation of the Bible. The program is designed to help people in need and emphasizes the importance of the title "The path of those whom you have" in the book. The importance of submitting to Islam is emphasized, and the importance of learning to become a nurse and being mindful of one's actions is emphasized. The importance of acceptance and breathing practices is emphasized, and the recitation of the holy Bible is highlighted. The importance of learning to become a nurse and being mindful of one's actions is emphasized, and the recitation of the holy Bible is highlighted as a way to draw attention to the guidance of the creator.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a marine. A Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I'd like to welcome everyone to the start and the beginning of our Ramadan programs. This year Alhamdulillah we're very blessed. We're very fortunate, we're very happy and grateful to Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to witness another month of Ramadan. So this particular program, since it's the very first session, I will go ahead and just give a very brief overview of this particular program. This is a program that we're going to be having every day at this time 4:30pm Central time. And if anyone is tuning in from anywhere else, then of course you

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know what time it is.

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But at 4:30pm Central time, every day, the column instructors will be going live to conduct a session on the meaning of the Quran. And what this program will entail is that every day we will be covering the summary the meaning the themes, the messages, the stories, the reflections that are present in each Jews of the Quran. So a Jews is a division of the Quran based off of size based off of number of pages, if you will. And the Quran has been divided into generally speaking about 30 almost equal parts. Of course, there are 114 sutras chapters sewer in the Quran. However, they're obviously not equally divided. So to bacara is two and a half years long, and then sort of to go

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without or certainly class is basically two or three lines. So what the early generations of Muslims did was that they divided the Quran into 30, almost equal portions. And what that does is it allows for people it facilitates for people to be able to have a regimen or routine with the operon where they know if they cover a certain portion, then in a month's time, they will have completed the entirety of the Quran. So oftentimes when it comes to the month of Ramadan, the one just is done on a daily basis because that allows us to complete the Quran during the month of Ramadan. So because for folks for people that are going to be attending to all we prayers in different you know masajid

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locations or, or there may be going to be praying to God at home, or reading a juice of the Quran everyday at home. We are going to everyday at this time, so that it's well in advance of the nighttime, we're going to go through the meaning and the summary of ages every single day. And what if you tune in that day or you're able to watch the recording even a little bit later. What that will do is that then when you stand in tarawih prayers, when you listen to the Quran at night, when you read the Quran at nighttime, you will be able to connect with the meaning of it insha Allah, Allah, and I don't want to confuse everyone. But very quickly I will mention this note for anyone

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who is not able to go to the masjid to pray today we're due to personal circumstances, kids schedules, or maybe even due to still some of the ongoing concerns in regards to COVID and health and safety for someone who is not able to go and attend to tarawih prayers and listen to the Quran. At the masjid. We are going to be having a nightly recitation of one Jews every single night 10pm same place, right so if you tune into alarm, you can go to Calum live comm you can go to Facebook page, you can go to the column YouTube channel, and over there you will have one of the reciters from Allah insha Allah reciting the whole Jews of the Quran with the translation by the side so that

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in sha Allah no matter where you're at, and what your situation is, you can insha Allah complete up or on during the month of Ramadan. And that's something that we look forward to facilitating for you here at Pelham. So that is what this particular program entails. And that is what what, what the objective of this program is. Now I want to start off by first and foremost mentioning to everyone and sharing something very

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Beautiful and beneficial with everyone. So if you take a look, if you're watching it on screen, then you see in the corner that we have a reference to an organization called helping hand for relief and development h h rd. So this series this program every single day of Ramadan 4:30pm Central Time is brought to you by helping hand for relief and development. Helping Hand has been a trusted partner for alum for many, many years. They serve people in need all around the world. And they've been doing so since 2005, with a focus on international relief and development. Mashallah, since the inception of the organization, they've assisted millions of people all around the world, in need

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with emergency aid, they lifted they have lifted 1000s 10s of 1000s of people out of poverty with their long term assistance programs. And so this particular Ramadan, helping hand is focusing on continuing its fight to eradicate hunger, hunger all around the world, and food insecurity around the world. So they have a beautiful campaign called share your plate, go to HR, slash Ramadan, to find out more information and to be a part of such a beautiful cause. So please make sure you do visit the website and see and support the amazing work that they do. So with that being said, I'm not going to belabor the objective of today's program any longer. I'm going to go ahead and get

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right into today's program in Chalabi Neela so

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today we're going to be talking about the summary of juice number one, as you see in the title, we're going to be talking about the meaning in juice number one, so that we understand the message and the meaning and we're able to ensure a lot of benefit.

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When we read and when we listen to the Quran. So the very first juice of the Quran, of course has certain Fatiha certain Fatiha, which the Quran refers to as a sub earned methoni the seven oft repeated verses. So Sultan Fatiha is in the very first Joseph's the very start of the Quran and that's why it's called Al Fatiha, the opening the beginning right and Sultan Fatiha has seven verses as I mentioned, and it is a remarkable, powerful, beautiful sutra and chapter of the Quran. Surah Fatiha is what we are obligated to read and every single rock of every single prayer every single unit of every single prayer that we offer throughout the day.

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So that the Fatiha has many different Beautiful Names. It's called Al Fatiha the opening. It's called the civil muthoni the seven oft repeated verses, it's referred to as a shifa, it is a cure houda it is guidance on will pour on. And that's the one that I wanted to focus on it is called the summary and the essence of the haoran. If the court for the sake of an example, if you think of the Quran as a book, which it is the Quran itself says that it is Al Kitab. And we're going to talk about that in just a moment. So if the Quran is the book, right, so everything Fatiha is like the table of contents of that book. It's like the table of contents. It gives us the most important

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fundamental themes that the rest of the Quran continues to expand, it continues to explain, and it continues to detail to us. And it elaborates on those themes and those fundamental ideas. What are some of the ideas in the themes that are addressing sort of through Fatiha number one, so not what Allah azza wa jal, the praise and the glorification of Allah, the praise and the glorification of God, right, that that is our belief in the oneness of Allah, our belief in the names and the attributes of Allah, our attachment to the amazing attributes of Allah subhanaw taala is very fundamental to our faith and our belief in Allah subhanaw taala. So we believe in the power and the

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majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this surah tells us he is he is Rabbul aalameen that he is a lord and the master and the Creator, the Sustainer, the provider, the protector, the nourisher, of all of humanity, all of the creation.

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Right man, He is the Most Merciful Rahim he is the constantly benevolent and merciful and kind, Maliki Yama Dean. He is the Master of the Day of Judgment in the Day of Resurrection. So this sutra begins by teaching us about the praise and the glorification of Allah. The next thing in certain Fatiha that I want to highlight is a philosophy or a bar the tea. Well, it's the honor to be

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nahi azzawajal and that is to specifically and exclusively worship Allah to make our worship exclusive to Allah we worship no one other than a iyar cannot be the only you do we worship Allah, Allah, what Yak can sustain, and only you do we seek assistance from. And then it concludes and ends with a very powerful, and one could say the most important or the most important supplication, the most important prayer that we will ever make in our entire lives. And that is it, the inner circle must stuffing in a Serato. And we're stuck in that Guide us to the straight path, Oh Allah, The path of those whom you have showered your blessings upon not the path of those people who have encouraged

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Your wrath and anger upon themselves, nor the path of those people who are straight who are lost. So, this sutra is a very powerful summary of the Quran of what we believe what our faith and our belief and our emotion is, and it gives us these very fundamental and important lessons. Now, the next part, the majority of the first Jos is of course, the beginning part of Surah Baqarah Sultan bacara is the second Surah of the Quran Surah Al Baqarah in total has 284 versus 280 286 versus excuse me, 286 versus 286 I out However, in the first Jews, we have a 141 verses of silicon bacala we have 141 verses of Surah Baqarah plus the seven verses of Surah Fatiha so in total in the first

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Jos we have 148 is 148 verses now going to sort of Baccarat the first you know I want to get into the message of it as well. But the very first thing is why is it called so little Bukhara? Right the name of it is Sora to Bukhara Al Baqarah Al Baqarah means cow Why is a sutra named after a cow and this name by the way is the name that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to the sutra he referred to it as pseudo Bukhara so why is it called the bacara? Why is the suit of Quran Why is this? Why is a surah of the Quran called Al Baqarah the cow so there's a story that is mentioned here in the very first jewison This will be the first you know message from the first juice that I

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will share with you here today. So it's towards the middle of the juices. And there's a very interesting story that is told that occurred in the people that came before us very particularly and specifically at the time of the Prophet Musa the Prophet Moses Ani has set up.

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The Quran tells us that at the time of the Prophet Masonic some the followers of Mousavi Salaam were called bunu is Surah Al or Bunny is Surah Al, which basically means the children of Israel, right the Israelites, who were these people? These were the descendants of prophets, right? their ancestor, their common forefather was the Prophet yaku. The Prophet Jacob, who was the son of the Prophet, his heart, Isaac, who was the son of the Prophet Ibrahim Abraham. Right. So yeah, I think he said, I'm the grandson of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis, salam, Prophet jacoba. One of his names that he was given one of the titles that was bestowed upon him was his throne, he and he had 12

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sons, and that basically led to the 12 tribes of bunnies. So that's why they're called Bani Israel ibnu Israel in the children of Israel, he. So these are the followers of the Prophet Musa alayhis, salaam. What happens at the time that the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam is that a man was found murdered, a man was found murder, they found a person just dead.

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And they became very obviously that's a huge tragedy. But it's also a really big issue. A crime has been committed and we don't know who committed the crime. So they went to the Prophet Musa alayhis salam. And they said to Musa alayhis salam that

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we need you to pray to Allah subhanaw taala to explain to us to disclose to us to make a way for us to be able to identify the person who committed this crime. The person who murdered this person.

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So Mousavi said I'm going to add to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala as a test for Bunny is easy to test

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Their compliance, to test their obedience to test their submission to Allah. And also, for this to be an example that we so many 1000s of years later, Allah knows how long ago it was. But so many 1000s of years later, this would be told to us within the Koran, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would explain the situation to us.

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And then we would be able to read it, we would be able to understand it and take lessons from it. So Allah subhana wa Tada, commanded Musashi Sam revealed to Musa alayhis salam inspired to him that go and tell the people that the way that the identity of the murderer will be disclosed, is that go and get a cow and then sacrifice that cow slaughter that cow, right after you have sacrificed that cow, then take a bone from the cow and go and touch it to go and tap the body of the disease, the murdered individual go in top the body with that bone and the identity of the murderer will be revealed to you will be disclosed to you.

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And that's exactly what the Quran tells us in verse number 67 of this surah that way of Kala Mousavi homie he in the La Jolla Moodle comm enter the who Bukhara time that when remember the time when Moses said to his people that God commands y'all to sacrifice account.

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I knew at the time you know who's the one. They responded even though they are the ones who said we need a way that we can identify the murderer. But now what do they say when they're told?

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Who's one? They said are you making a joke out of us? Are you mocking us Are you making fun of us? Mossad a Salaam is offended by even the assertion. And so Musashi Salaam says Kala odo biLlahi and akuna Minal Jai healing that, God forbid, why would I ever do such a thing that would make me a very ignorant person to make a joke and mock what God has commanded you to do? That is not the kind of thing we joke about. So he said, No, that's totally inappropriate. Call it earlier. Now Rebecca, you're begging Lana Mahi. So they said that go and ask pray to our pray to your Lord. And even the verbiage in their language is very interesting to scholars of fsid point out, they don't say make

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your art to Allah. They don't say make your art to our Lord. They say go pray to your Lord.

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That to explain to us what kind of account this should be. So Mussolini's and later on he came back at the instruction from Allah is in Abuja, pulu. God says, in the harbor Curatola 30 don't want to be alone. It should not be old nor should it be very young are a lot of them being the Vatican II should be in between being an old or a young cow.

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For I lose my room, go and do now what you've been told Mussolini's I was pleading with them. Please just do what Ally's telling you to do. calling your own and Rebecca you bagel Nana Mallanna. Then they said well, if you go and pray to your Lord, to explain to us what should be the color of the cow Meadow knew her color in who you're calling in harbach rotten Safra

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that he came back with the answer that Allah subhanaw taala says that it should be a yellow cow, Falcon or low neuheiten so now the name should be pure yellow, very like a bright you know consistent solid yellow. The suit are now leading that is very striking in its appearance.

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Now again Musashi Salaam is hoping that they will now go they come back again to say follow the rule and autoboca ubu Lana, ma here in Al Baqarah shaba Halina insha Allah Allah Mata do

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they came back and they said pray to your Lord, I asked your Lord to explain to us again how the cows should exactly be because we're still confused about it. And hopefully we will understand what we need to do. They've been told what they need to do from the very beginning from the very getgo but once again they say you know hopefully inshallah we'll know what we have to do. Again musala some came back to them for 71 call the inner who Apollo in her Baccarat tune. He came back and he said a lie saying that this cow will be what lather loon to see what are the what are the skill Hertha that this cow should be such a cow that it has never worked the fields. It has never been

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for irrigation, it has never been used for plowing the fields for sowing the seeds has never been put to any kind of labor. It should not be an animal that has been used for labor last year.

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And there should be no defects in the cow. No scars, no markings, no anything.

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Follow an energy, it's been happy. Then they finally responded. They said, Okay, now, you have told us what we need to do, even though he told them from the very beginning. For the hell am I doing it alone. And then Allah tells us in summary, they went ahead and found and sacrificed the cow, even though they were very close to not being able to do it. What does that mean? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him explains to us exactly what happened and what transpired here. He tells us that

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when they started looking for such a cow, they could not find it, they looked and looked and looked far and wide, they couldn't find it. Finally, they found a farmer out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And he had such a cow. And they went to him and they said, you know, we want to acquire this cow, the farmer realizing, okay, there's a whole group of people here, they seem pretty desperate, they seem really enamored with the cow that I have. So he ended up naming a very huge price, and an exorbitant amount.

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And he basically, some generations mentioned that he said, I want the cows weight in gold,

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I want the cow's weight and gold.

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And he would not budge, and ultimately, they had no choice, but they ultimately had to comply. And they ended up having to spend all that money in order to be able to purchase the cow, sacrifice the cow that

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and then take the bone and then they went and they tapped, touched it right on the deceased. And what ended up happening that basically in the narration, the verses go on with but the ultimate lesson for Dada to view our loving vocally Jamaicans wanted to me for putting na in the reboot will be about the heart for 73 go and strike, take a bone of the animal and strike the body of diseased kundalika your high level motor will you require to come talk to you, God has the ability to revive the dead and show you his science. So that you may ponder and think and reflect and the dead person spoke and basically said that my murder is so and so. And that murder was identified and was then

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you know, prosecuted accordingly. So, now this is a story right here in the heart of the first Joe's and this is a story bucket All right, because of which the sutra derives its name, it was given its name because of that story. So this is a very central powerful story in many of the scholars have said when it comes to sutra, Baccarat, and particularly the first Jews, this is the core This is the nucleus This is the heart of it. So what are some of the very important lessons that we can take from this, that the lesson is that we need to learn to submit to Allah. Do not challenge the authority of Allah. Do not be defiant. Do not be insolent. Do not be disrespectful. But when Allah

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subhanaw taala is created ease up the love will become Will you sir, well, are you ready to become a nurse Ah, God wants ease in facilitation, practicality for you. He does not want difficulty obstruction and hindrances. He does not want to put that upon you. Madhya Allah, Allah COVID Dini, Mahajan, God has not put a hardship upon you within this religion. So do not create hardships upon yourself. And those hardships are sometimes created by our own peculiarities. But unfortunately, a lot of times, it comes from a place of not wanting to do something, you know, when somebody asks you to do something, and I'm going to give like a very common kind of example, so that everyone can

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understand, right? If you remember that, you know you. If you remember being a teenager, then you remember you recall, you know, being at that age, and you know, when your parents asked you to do something.

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And then when you don't feel like doing it, you don't want to do it, you're trying not to comply, you just keep on asking why do I have to do it? How do I have to do it? What do you want me to do about it? Well, what about this? And what about that? And what about this, and how about that? Right? And then you just start engaging in this constant back and forth and questioning and it's actually coming from a place of not wanting to comply, not wanting to be obedient, not wanting to be compliant. And that's a huge problem. That's a huge issue. So that's something that Allah subhanaw taala warns us about here. That Don't do that. Don't be that way.

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So we're gonna we're gonna,

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the verse does the first just talks about the same Yeah, now we're gonna say we listened and we obeyed, we comply, we follow what we're told to do by Allah subhanaw taala by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, I jumped ahead a little bit because the name of the suit, I wanted to explain where it derives from, let me go back to the beginning of the first reason, the beginning of the suit off, because it starts off in a very powerful way, something that we need to talk about, that he can keep up. So first of all, it starts with any flat mean, this is going to occur many places in appearance, I'll take the opportunity here to explain it. At least I mean, these are disjointed

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letters. Why? Because normally when words letters are written together, you read them together, like off raw Alif, noon, or on that's like you read a Koran, you read it together. But Olive lamb mean, we say the three letters separately, that's why they're called the hurdles, I thought, the disjointed letters. Okay. What do they mean? Allah knows best? We don't know particularly exactly what their meaning is. But what purpose do they serve? What do we get from them? What benefit can we take from them, the benefit that we can take from them the reflection that we can take from them, the meaning that we can find within them, that the meaning of them, but the meaning we can find

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within them is that number one, it gets the attention of the listener, it is to draw him to pull our attention. And that's why we know every single time we read or we see a leaf

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meme, it's very captivating. It draws us in, it pulls us in. And number two, it's a very powerful reminder that we don't know exactly what it means. And that is, there's a very beautiful, powerful lesson in that, that we as Muslims, we as believers, when we approach the Koran, we must approach it with humility.

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That I don't know anything and Allah knows everything. I don't know anything and Allah knows everything. I am here to learn, I am here to understand I am here to be taught, I am here to receive guidance. So when you come to the Quran, come with that kind of an open mind and an open heart. open yourself to the guidance of the Quran. And that's exactly what Allah says next, he said that he can keep up this book, The Quran larae Buffy, there is no doubt in it. Who then it is guidance. This book is guidance, but for whom they would toughy This book is guidance for those who are conscious of God. Those who think about Allah, those who are aware of law, those who are cognizant of their

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Lord, people who have God consciousness, and then Allah tells us what kind of people are conscious of their Lord, Allah Dena, you may not believe they believe in that which they cannot see and confirm. Like they can confirm with their eyes, it's the unseen, the life of the hereafter the Day of Judgment.

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Where you'll pay more salon they established the prayer five times a day.

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When the model is up now on your own and they spend from that which we have given them, Allah says we have provided to them

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charity, Allah gave us everything that we have everything that we own is from Allah. And so all we're being asked to do is take a very little bit of what Allah gave us, all of it Allah gave us we are being asked we are being told to give a very small part of it. In the way of Allah Fie Sabina when Medina you may not be my own Zilla in a coma on see them in public. They believe in that which was revealed to you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doctrine, and that which was revealed before you the prophets and the messengers, and the revelations that came before as the Quran tells us,

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what we are here he hung up noon and they are very firmly convinced that the life of the Hereafter is coming. Everything I do in this life echoes in the afterlife. Everything I do in this world will have an impact in affecting the hereafter will

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be him. Those are the people that are upon guidance from their Lord, what will go home. And those are the people who are rightly guided.

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So that is how certain Baccarat begins. And it's very, very powerful.

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Now, there's two more things that I'd like to highlight about the message from the first Jews. The second thing The next thing I want to talk about in the message of the first Jews over here is that the first Jews also tells us about that there are three groups of people when it comes to faith when it comes to belief when it comes to eemaan. There are three groups of people. There are believers like we just talked about. There are Kufa, disbelievers, those who reject believing in Allah reject the Quran, don't believe in the process, don't believe in the hereafter. And then there's a third

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very peculiar and a very complicated and a very problematic group of people. And they are called mafia goon, hypocrites.

00:30:11--> 00:30:18

And Allah subhanaw taala tells us, they are people who say the right things but don't do the right thing.

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They pretend to be Muslim, but they actually don't believe. And in fact, they harbor evil intent and evil towards Muslims in the community of Muslims and Islam. And one of the biggest things that Allah mentions is that they delude themselves. One of the big qualities of believers is that believers are very, they hold themselves accountable. They're very self accounted. Right? They hold themselves accountable. They're very honest with themselves. They're very practical and realistic and honest and sincere.

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But the hypocrites, they delude themselves, they are very delusional. Allah subhanaw taala tells us we appeal at home now to see the film or the column in the mononymously.

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Allah in the hamanasi Luna will Akela Sharon, when they are told don't make trouble. They say make trouble. Where are the good people?

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Where are the good people? But Allah says no, actually, they're the ones making trouble but they don't even realize it. So the one big lesson that we can take from this about hypocrites is never get into the business of making excuses for yourself just to find your own behavior. Don't ever delude yourself. You know, as I say, Don't ever drink your own Kool Aid. Don't ever buy your own stock. Don't get into the habit in the business of diluting deluding yourself, excusing yourself but learn to be honest, learn to be honest, before Allah hold yourself accountable, be sincere with Allah subhanaw taala. Now, the next thing and the last thing I wanted to talk about for in terms of

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the message of the first jizz just number one

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is at the end of juice number one, we once again have a very beautiful, powerful story. We have the story of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam

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he, Allah subhanaw taala says what he didn't say that Abraham Rama who became

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a ninja I look at him as he Mama, follow women through your to Allah and Allah it taught me. Allah says that we tested Abraham in a number of different ways, many, many different ways. And he passed with flying colors he always came through.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said, say Brahim that we are going to make you a leader of the people. He said, What about my children, my offspring. And Allah says my promise my reward does not include those who are oppressive who don't believe they have to believe in Allah, they have to do the right thing. And yes, then they can benefit from the same blessing in this gift. But the point is, if I'm honest, I was tested in many ways. I won't get into all of them. But one of them that's mentioned here at the end of the first Jews is that he was told to leave his family, as mentioned, intuitive raw human center number 14 in the 13th. Joe's in another place that he was told to leave his wife

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and his baby, be wild in Haiti, these are in a barren, empty place.

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And Allah subhanaw taala miraculously provided water, the water of zum zum there.

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Eventually, some people came and settled down over there. Ibrahim Ali son was told to leave and go somewhere else and continue to preach the message in the Word of God. Eventually he was given the instruction by Allah to come back to his family. When he came back. His son is my he, his wife, hotjar his son is my only son is Mariela grown up. And Allah subhanho wa Taala at that time told him there is a sacred place of the earth here. The Kaaba. And Allah said that we want you to raise up the foundations of the cover the foundations there, we want you to raise the foundations of the Kaaba.

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And Allah tells us about this in verse number 127. with your fellow Ibrahim will cover them in a way to a smile.

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That when, remember when Abraham raised the foundations of the Sacred House of God, the Kaaba in Mecca, what is my 11 his son, now who was a young man was along with him assisting him. So Father and son are being granted this blessing, this privilege of raising up the foundations of the most sacred place on Earth, the house of Allah, the garba SubhanAllah. And so they're raising this up,

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

engaging in one of the greatest minds

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

noblest deeds of all time. Think about everyone who has prayed there everyone who has worship there, and they raise the foundation of it. It all goes back to them at all connects to them.

00:35:12--> 00:35:17

And so while they're doing this very noble act they're making

00:35:18--> 00:35:35

what do i are they making robina Taco Bell Mina in aconteceu lolly our Lord, our Master, please accept this from us. Indeed you are the one who hears all prayers and everything here's all and knows all.

00:35:37--> 00:36:22

And then they go on to say robina which are mostly maynila women zuri Yeah, Tina mata masoumeh Tilak that our long make us submitted to you and from our generations from our progeny from our offspring, from our generations to come, raise up a nation that will also be submitted in obedient to you. Well, I do not monastic and I teach us how we are supposed to worship you whatsoever Alena And forgive us. In the context of Abraham, you are the acceptor of repentance, and you are the Most Merciful robber now whenever I see him Rasul Allah and Allah in our generations to come in our progeny, send amongst them a messenger, who will be from them. Yet to Luanda, him I Attica he will

00:36:22--> 00:36:44

recite upon them your signs and your verses, we go only Mohammed Kitab over the Hikmah and He will teach them the your the book, and wisdom, we use a key Him and He will purify them, rectify them, he will help them better themselves and improve themselves in NACA until rccl, Hakeem indeed you and only you, Allah, Almighty and all wise,

00:36:45--> 00:37:08

they make this particular draw. And there's two lessons that I want everyone to take from this particular door. Number one, they said, Oh Allah accept this from us. And so behind Allah, the Kaaba is there still till today. macom Ibrahim is there till today and people are doing too often worshipping there even till today.

00:37:09--> 00:37:14

In the midst of a global pandemic, there's people praying and worshiping and doing the Wofford, the Kaaba.

00:37:16--> 00:37:28

When Allah accepts your deed, no one can take it away. When Allah accepts you, when Allah accepts what you have done, when Allah blesses you with acceptance, no one can take it away.

00:37:29--> 00:37:45

So do good. We are in the month of Ramadan, do good pray, read Quran give charity donate. Do whatever good deeds you can. But ask Allah for acceptance will accept my deeds. And if a likes upset no one can take it away from you.

00:37:47--> 00:38:03

And the second lesson is Ibrahim Ali salami to Allah send amongst them a messenger and the prophets a lot a Salaam said an hour to Abraham. I am the answer of my door of the DA of my forefather Abraham Ibrahim on a Sunnah

00:38:04--> 00:38:16

that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the answer to the Dr. Ibrahim Allah Subhana Allah. Right. And so make dua to Allah, open your heart to Allah. ask Allah subhanaw taala

00:38:17--> 00:38:31

you know for whatever it is that you need. And Allah subhanaw taala will answer your prayers as he answered the prayer of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam by sending the greatest blessing in our lives, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:38:32--> 00:38:49

So with that, inshallah, I will conclude today's session of the meaning of the Quran, the message of the Quran, we covered the lessons and the message and the summary of Jews number one. Now,

00:38:50--> 00:39:15

what I'd like to do here is very quickly remind you of what other programs we're going to have going on so that you can, you know, take full advantage and benefit from them in the month of Ramadan, every day at 4:30pm Central time so you can adjust according to your timezone 4:30pm Central Time 530 eastern time, we're going to have this message of the Quran everyday doing one Jews of the opera

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at 7pm, Central Time 8pm eastern time, we're going to have a short session 10 minutes session on a draw from the Quran, where our scholars, our teachers, our instructors will explain the meaning of a doctrine doctrine and give you pointers on how you can incorporate that into your own law.

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

So it's a perfect time right around if our time we're going to have that session and that's going to start today so stay tuned for that. Number three, we're going to attend pm tonight starting tonight. One of our coenraad one of our reciters of the haoran Mashallah qualified reciters of the Quran will

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Be reciting a whole Jews from the Koran. There'll be code today they'll be reciting the first Jews. So in sha Allah, make sure you set an alarm for that. And by the way, if you go to our website, Calum dot Institute, over there, you can even put these into your calendar you can set notifications etc. So you'll be notified whenever we're going live. And then starting from tomorrow morning at 10am we will have morning we will have prophetic supplications where chef Miguel will take you through the beautiful to us the Prophet peace be upon him somebody some used to make every day so that you can incorporate that into your daily routine in your daily lives in shot law. In closing, I

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want to ask everyone to if you benefited from alarm in the past if you are benefiting from these programs support Allah be our partner in doing this good go to support and support the work that we do so that we can continue to bring these programs to you continue to educate you continue to enrich the lives of people all around the world. Just below head on botica low FICO my thank you very much for tuning in. Early Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan getting to everyone which is Akuma located on what salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah lucky of our cartoon