Waleed Basyouni – Do THIS When Muslims Face CALAMITIES

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and the use of the word "attempts" in legal systems is discussed, including the use of "attempts" in court cases and the historical use of the word "attempts" in praying for the people. The importance of praying for the suffering of the people and the need to pray for those affected is emphasized, along with the use of "attempts" in praying for the people who have been oppressed.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu with what is happening in us these days and the attack that taking place against our brothers and sisters in the casualties that by hundreds every day it is from the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah wa to send them when the crisis like this happen to do some that go up and go to NASA a lot is a do app that you do during the salah while you're standing, even though and and Salah is highly recommended institute that this particular under alkaloid is widely standing night while he may consider how to and head over him. Allah said, that's because the Imam, when he prays and he made this too hot, the people behind him will say I mean, so altogether, he

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joined the drop, well not to Nazareth, it's a specific drop that you do when calamity strike a community or the Muslim ummah at large, or a calamity that affect the Nasus. And this is a sin established by the actions of the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, who it was, as it was reported in Behati, and Muslim in the books of CNN and misogyny. And it is way where it's very well established in this another process on them and it is the practice of a PolitiFact Washington, Abu Bakr what Amala man Whitey, and the Sahaba after that, and who had you'd have reported many of veneration in regard to this and all these innovations are some hot him some Hanif MSRB, Allah and blah, blah,

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that didn't that be subtle? Allahu Allahu alayhi wa salam for a whole month made to war against Red where the Quran will say yeah, when a crisis took place at that time 70 of the of the era of Quran they were companions, we used to work in the daytime, and make some money then be go spend it on the poor I was sofa and the people who came in the Prophet saw some of the masjid for learning, so they will come afterwards and teach them the Quran. They're very dear to the Prophet saw some very special type of people 70 of them were send to this tribe tried to teach them Quran but he betrayed them and they surrounded them and they start killing him and in that he's also known for a month

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with making dua for them that Allah received him and Allah father destroy those who are betrayed them. And those who are killing them also are model of Allah and humid dry open which when his army was fighting the Romans in his time, or they allow Ottawa, Ottawa so many iterations was narrated in regard to this.

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So the output is something that you can initiate in the mustard in the congregation, Salah Will you pray if you're an imam or with your community, and a border or they allow the stops and drought or not, and people were praying behind him, little to nothing, I mean for a calamity and whatever the alarm wasn't on the have evolved, I mean, he'd already heard about but she was leaving the fair. And people mean to Auckland with with him and I bought Arabella and used to make drought notes and every Salah and he said that's what the prophets of Allah why you'll send them dead. And we'll also model Orisha and Fajr. And whatever they allow, and he used to make dry canoes in that end of the saliva

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on fourth of our consulate the bullhorn oscillator and the third mode of the fourth inicia. And the second in Fajr. After you hear is from the record, he would say the do app for the believers and against transgressors and also enter some of the Allied reports that the Navy Sossaman did, but didn't abuse of some of them was more consistent. And there are a NASDAQ bulletin hazard as well as the convenience at Fajr prayers. And suddenly, the message should be only restricted to that fragile on model and Asia. But the sooner was established that then there'd be something they didn't also know like that you can do all of them or one of them

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as you wish. And the sooner is to make it out loud. So people behind you will say I mean for your draft, also send it to make it short, as unassailably Allah and sent from sinner and it was a short draw, when the Prophet SAW sent him raise his head from record, and you would make the draw. And from this also, you see that most of the narration that mentioned the dropping within NASA specifically mentioned that it was after the court also in the B sub alladia said lemondrop routine as it would restrict the DA only to the subject only to the issue that is making dua for and against. So it's not ordained it's not recommended for you to make out okay to add to it things like

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oh Allah protect us from that and the day of judgment to forgive our parents and for the living and the dead. No, you only make up for that specific calamity that you're making about also Omar will be allowed as reported by others that are mortal the aligner raised his voice and he was raising his hand while he's making the drop. And the sooner that when you raise your hand in the ground is to connect them together like those and you make and you can make them in the level of your shoulder or the level of your head and it was not reported that and maybe some of it who it was and why and his face after this drop out of fact many of us and specifically inside the salah fish should be right

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after finishing that drop. There shouldn't be an Arabic

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especially if you are meaningless online to miss it because this is the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal or something

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and it is a shout out it's the wave of Muslims have been making the DUA as we do in winter. Salah in Ramadan do our order to Nazareth is contained in congregation so the people will make do I will say I mean behind the Imam so if you pray by himself is no dropper to NASA but you can do which better than not which is to make it Institute to make Durham pray for the people who was in your situation, which is one of the best time to meet there are also before you see us and Amati Kumamoto lay like a minute and as you know, when we in the obligatory prayers, we want to now set up only in the GEMA when you pray within the congregation, and the imam who read him pray do that. One more thing, route

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when we did NASA, according to the majority of the Muslim jurists is not ordained in Salat, and drummer had because it's all to do or you can make them in the hokhmah but in the Salah, no and that's why demanding the type of him considered to be God like goose and others grew up with scars from bitter being sort of be down in America como la and Akhenaten and others and how has said to her it should not be done and there are sold a lot and slotted into MMA, but it seems to be a low and it's much better to make the big ring in the salon there is no need for it. And it's the majority of the optical deposition This is a highly recommended thing to do and these days in the

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masajid so I encourage my brother and sisters who leads the law or administrator in a massage it to revival the sun and to meet this for Allah subhanaw taala to protect the innocent men and woman and I was and for last panel with a harder to stop the transgression that's happening to them. Ask Allah subhanaw taala had to make it with ammonia Heyyo the outcome of this is the best for them. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada to heal the wounded and to protect the innocent or Allah subhana wa Tada to

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start the war, and to bring peace and justice to the people of Boise and the people of Palestine. These are the wordings and meanings that in my opinion will be something that we should all focus on. And why are we doing this, our hearts should be filled with the paint or certain that almost panna Donna will not make this will ever go to waste. I know that it's millions of people making

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millions of requests was made by hundreds of 1000s of Muslims around the world and millions around the world. But I want you to know that no one was dropped ever will be worse. That's always assured me that the future will be always great for those who have been oppressed when we do a new moon and living in a stillbirth that ALLAH SubhanA wa shahada will show his favor would bring his break day as we work to those who have been oppressed to one day. And this day. We do it because that's our duty to words. And we're doing this live we know that the listener hears us I'm also gonna respond in the way that he sees the best. I mean Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us and for

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specifically for our brothers and sisters. And that dear part of the world to our hearts Palestine and especially for the people who was was suffering today was cinematic Muhammad Allah here

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