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The Surah duha book provides guidance on dealing with mental stress and anxiety, including a step-by-step process for dealing with sadness. The book also provides insight into the psychological dimension of sadness and how it can lead to optimism and hope. The importance of optimism is emphasized, along with the need to be part of one's community and rewind to a positive point in one's life. Practice and learning from the experience can improve one's mental health.

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You know, hamdulillah moody who when he noticed the funeral, when you know we hit our qawwali when the older Billa him in Cerulean phocoena comienza yeah Dr. Molina mija de la bufala Medela for me you deliver

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on your Jeem Bismillah he Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What the hell was Lady the soldier? Mo what the aka rabuka woma Paula.

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Over the past two years,

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all of us have had to deal with different trials and calamities in our lives. And this is the nature of the world, that everybody has to go through difficulties, everybody has to go through hardships. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes when too many things go wrong at once. It can have an impact on one's mind and one so you begin to experience anxiety, you begin to experience sadness, you begin to feel yourself drifting away from Allah subhanho wa taala. And many of us don't know what to do in these situations. Many of us don't know what to do, when we feel sad, we don't know what to do, we feel scared, we don't know what to do when we feel that we are moving away from Allah

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subhanho wa taala. So today inshallah I want to share the message of one surah a surah that helps us to overcome our doubts and anxiety about about our lives, when you're going through sadness when you're going through a difficult time, or even when you just go into a period of emotional turmoil, there is a surah in the Quran that can help you to deal with this, if you think about it, if you reflect on it and if you ask them, one of the beautiful qualities of the Quran is that it is Shiva the map is to do it is a healing for the problems of the inner state for the problems of our souls, meaning whatever problem you have internally, whether it is sadness, whether it is anxiety, whether

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it is a worry about the future, whatever it is any internal problems we have, you will find the solution in the Quran. All we have to do is to study it and reflect on it and to practice it. So one of the sutras that gives us a formula for dealing with mental stress and for that thoughts that depress us, the maker said is surah Taha Surah a duha. And recently a lot of work has been done on exploring the psychological dimension of Surah two half. This has become a topic that a lot more scholars are talking about. A lot of psychologists are talking about, as this surah has been explored from a variety of different angles to show us how to deal with the difficulties of life.

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Surah duha was revealed at a time when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself was experiencing a type of sadness Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received the early revelations, right? The ones that we know surah Allah, Philadelphia, Surah Samuel, and then there was a period of time in which there was no revelation. During this period of time in which there was no revelation, he began to worry. Why did the revelation stop? Why is the angel not coming anymore? Is Allah angry with me these thoughts began to play in his mind. And he was at that time that Allah revealed Surah duha to comfort the heart and soul of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the

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beautiful thing about the Quran is that even though the surah was revealed to convert the heart and soul of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam in reality, anybody who recites it reflects on it and lives by it will find comfort, what brought to their own souls. So let's take a look at the translation of this of the surah to understand how it helps us to move from a framework of sadness to a framework of optimism and hope. Allah subhanaw taala begins the surah with two outs. What do you have one lady that a job by the morning light and by the night

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when it is completely encompassing? My word dakara Buka Wallmark Allah, your Lord has not forsaken you nor has he forgotten you. While hero to hero luck Amina Lula, what is to come is better for you that what has passed, what has over you are DECA rabuka Turbo soon your Lord will give you that which will make you happy. Soon your Lord will give you more and you will be happy.

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And then big the karate man for our did we not find you an orphan and we gave you well

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Osaka gold and bajada and we found you string and we gave you guidance what what Judah isn't for now. And we found you from those who were in need of wealth and we gave you financial freedom for me

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Your team of Galatia so when dealing with the orphan, do not be mean to them. Do not be harsh to them, who I must turn her when dealing with the beggars do not chase them away, rudely or mobbing Rob Baker for her this and when it comes to whatever Allah has blessed you with, proclaim it, talk about it. So this surah when you think about it, it gives us a five step formula for dealing with sadness. The Surah begins with a double O Allah takes an oath on the sky at the time of dawn, and on the night. So these are the two things that reflect our two interstates, right? That many of us, we, when we said it's like in a state of darkness. And we always say at the end of every night, there is

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a new dawn. And so the sooner calls upon us to reflect upon that at the end of every night, there is a new dawn. And so Allah takes an oath by the night and he takes an oath by to remind us, that is always tomorrow, tomorrow could be better than today. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us the first of the solutions for dealing with sadness, and that is to connect yourself with Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us My Word, Dr. Rob Guca. Allah, Allah, your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has he forgotten you. You see, many times when we go to sadness, we feel you'll she thought makes us feel like Allah doesn't care about us. She God makes us feel like we are too

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bad people like our doors can't be answered. Like there's no hope for us. That Allah is reminding us Allah has not forsaken. Allah is there for you. You believe in Allah, Allah is there for you. And the Hadith Bootsy, the stated the Allah Subhana Allah says, I am as my servant thinks of me. So if you think positive thoughts, if you believe Allah loves you, if you believe ALLAH is there for you, if you believe ALLAH is going to answer you to us, that is what you are going to get. And so this verse calls upon us to read structure, our thoughts about Allah subhanho wa taala. Don't think about Allah as someone who is distant, someone who is far away someone who doesn't care about you think of

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Allah as a loving, merciful God who is there with you. Allah subhanaw taala tell us the another verse of the Quran, the inner water Masabi Allah is with those who have suffered, that when you're going through a difficult time and you have Subhan, Allah is there with you, Allah is taking care of you. He's mercy surrounding you. So this is the first step towards changing our mindset towards our problems is to realize Allah is on our side is not against us. And when you know, Allah is on your side, you become more hopeful about what comes next. And that takes us to the next two verses, with the two verses, calls upon us to be optimistic about the future. optimism about the future, thinking

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good about the future, is part of Islam is a very important part of Islam. We are not supposed to have a doom and gloom type of attitude towards the future. We're not supposed to think that things are going to get worse, they could get worse. But that shouldn't be our our main thought our thought should be, it's going to get better. We should always approach each day with a sense of optimism that is going to be better than the day before. So Allah shahada tells us this in two verses he tells us when to Pharaoh, the communal Buddha, what is to come is better for you than what has passed. What is to come is better for you than what has passed. There are two meanings to this

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verse, meaning number one in this world, you're going through a difficult time where the time is coming. Right? And this meaning may not apply to everyone. Why? Because someone may be going through a difficult time and the past will be during the period. But that's where the second meaning comes in. What's the second meaning that the Atilla is better for you than what has passed? There, okay, maybe in this world, things might not get better. But the next word is gender, it's definitely going to get better, definitely is going to get better. Right? So there are two layers of optimism here. The first layer of optimism is Inshallah, in this world, things will get better. And that's how we

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approach everything, Inshallah, the pandemic will end in sha Allah, the lockdown will end we have an optimism about the future. But if that doesn't play out, if we had to pass away before that we still have optimism about the future. Why? Because the future of the believer does not end in this world. You still optimistic about Jenna, you still optimistic that after you pass away, Allah is going to give you with eternal agenda. And so the future is always better for the believer, whether it is in this world or the next. And Allah Subhana Allah gives us a promise about his future.

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He doesn't just tell us the future is going to better he says, What are so for your Tikka rabuka Fatah soon your Lord will give you and you will be pleased. Now look at the time of revelation Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this verse was revealed he was very early in the doubt they may be 30 or 40.

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Muslims in the entire world. Allah is telling the prophets of Allah, Allah Soon Allah is going to give you that which will make you please 20 years later Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has over, over 10,000 followers marching with him towards Makkah, when he passes away all over the days Muslim. And now 1400 years later, a quarter of the Earth is Muslim, Allah gave him that which made him pleased, Allah gave him the largest following of all of the messages of Allah Subhan Allah who I think he was.

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And now we take that and we apply to our own lives, that

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Allah gave Rasulullah sallallahu some that which we that we make him happy, Allah will do the same for us. Now, he might not give us exactly what we asked for. But he will give us that which will make us happy for example, right we have the story of Mario, Mario salah, her parents were hoping for a son, right they're making to our son, Allah gave them a daughter. But that daughter Millennium marry was better for them in any Sunday could have had. Right. And this happens to many of us in many things they like if someone wants to get married to a specific person, that Allah opens the door for them to marry somebody else, somebody wants to get a certain job, Allah opens the door to a

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different job with him, somebody wants to start the business, it doesn't work out, Allah opens up a different business for him. Allah might not give you what you want, but he's going to give you that which is best for you. And this is how we approach the future, the what Allah wants for us is best for us. And so what's going to happen in the future is good for us, inshallah. So we approach the future with a sense of optimism about the future.

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So the first two steps of

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reframing our mind towards happiness is to reconnect with Allah, and to be optimistic about the future. What's the third step, the third step is to think about all the good things that have come before. You see, one of the things that sadness does to us is that it makes us think only about the negative thoughts about the past, when you are sad, you only think about all the bad things that ever happened to you. Right. And one of the ways to fix that is to focus on the good things that have happened to you. So Allah calls upon us in the sutra, to focus on the good things of the past, or what helps the profitability is to lower the use up then and do and often we gave you family,

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right, you are looking for guidance, we gave you guidance, you did not have any wealth, we give you wealth. What is this is reminding Rasulullah saw, he said that every difficulty you faced in the past, Allah subhanho wa Taala always helped you out of it. So whatever you are going through today, Allah will help you out of there too. And this is a message for all of us, all of us. All of us have times in the past, where Allah has helped us in amazing ways, in miraculous ways. All of us have times in the past with good things that happened to us. But during the difficult time we forget about all of that we forget about all of Allah's fevers, if you only focus on the negative, and the

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way to fix our minds is to remind ourselves of the famous to remind ourselves of everything Allah has blessed us with. When you think about everything Allah has blessed you when it becomes easier to deal with the difficulties that you are facing right now. The fourth step in the process of healing is to serve the community, to be with the people, especially with those who have less than you. And so Allah tells us in the next two verses, to be gentle with the orphans, and to be kind towards the beggar. Why the orphans in Tobago because especially in the Arab community at that time, these were the two segments of the society that people used to look down upon. And the prophets law you saw

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them, he came with a message of kindness towards offers and generosity towards the beggars. Why, because when you are helping others, you begin to realize your problems are not as bad as you thought you were. I very, very often use up times,

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you may be feeling sad, because you didn't make as much profit as much as you wanted. Right? But then you meet the person who's homeless, and you realize your problem isn't that bad.

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Or you may be feeling sad because you had a fight with a family member. And then you meet an orphan who has no family at all. And you think Allah that you have.

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So what happened is when you are helping others when you are involved with the community, when you are helping those who have less than you, it helps to put your own life into perspective, to put your own property into perspective, perspective and to be able to see the good that Allah has destroyed. So Allah subhanho calls upon us to be kind to the office and to be kind to the beggars, even if you are turning them away to kind of turn them away kind of dystonia can help you today, to be rough, don't be rude, don't be harsh, have the kindness towards others, and is another is another layer to the meaning. That when you are kind towards others, Allah is kind towards you. When you are

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merciful towards others. Allah is merciful towards you

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When you help others other Allah subhanaw taala help you. This is something that we have been promised.

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And the final message in the Surah for helping us to overcome the difficulties or the sadness that we face is to speak that which is positive. Right the final verse of the surah. They are very tough series today, we don't have time to go into all the tough seals, ALLAH SubhanA ins the surah by saying mama Vinnie erotica bodies, as for the bounties of Allah talk about it. So what does this mean? Well, one of the meanings that the Assyrian have explained is that when we talk, we should talk positively, we shouldn't complain, right? We should only talk about that which is good. So when you feeling sad, instead of sitting with people and complaining about life, try to find positive

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topics to talk about. Find the Nygma of Allah in your life to talk about, you find things to say a Hamdulillah. And when you do this, it helps to cope with your sadness, because you begin to realize there are so many blessings in your life. That for example, maybe you are the funeral, right? And somebody you love has passed away. And instead of complaining, and saying, why our taking away why Allah doing this to me, why why is this happening? He said, See, 100 Illa Allah, this is where this person's company 100 Allah gave him a good debt. 100 Allah, Allah, you know, you gave us the time that we spent with that person, how do we benefited from his wisdom? Will you look at the good and

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you asked and you see 100 is up for every good day. What this does, it helps you to cope, it helps you to realize the good in the difficult situation, saying you go into a pandemic, you go into the lockdown, you know, there's a lot of things that we can complain about, don't complain. Hamdulillah we have food on the table. But Hamdulillah I still have a job but humbly like I still have my health. There is a Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that anyone who wakes up in the morning, and they have a roof over their head, and they have food for the day. And no, they don't have any worry about money. Then they have everything. You have everything. If you have what you

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need for the day, you have everything that you have been gifted the entire interview. Ready. We very often we don't take these, you know, we don't take these blessings for what they are blessing Allah subhanaw taala we focus on the negative. And so we are taught in the Hadith to speak that which is good or remain silent. And this is a way of helping us to overcome our problems. When we only talk negative things these become our heightened thoughts. But when we talk positive things, these become our primary thoughts. And so we are called upon in the sutra to be positive in our speech because the positivity of your speech, it affects your thoughts and you begin to think positively as well.

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We ask Allah shahada to guide us we found to be from those who practice what we learn to be from those who live by the Quran to Muhammad is that Yama is a phone for salaam alaikum Selena will humbly let me

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in a hamdulillah Buddha who understand or not stop feeling Pharaoh when we knew we had our colleague bIllahi min surely and kusina when we say Dr. Molina mija the healer who for them with the lava, what may you do for that ha de la vida inner circle Hadi sikita Bula behavior Have you heard the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon morning, they said to have Gokula modesetting Vita, Coco Lupita, Vindolanda Kulu tadacip Enough.

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When it comes to the message of the Quran, it's not enough for us just to memorize the Quran and sometimes read the translation, we need to reflect on it and the fight. And these kinds of students when we live by the sutras, they transform us, they don't just transform our actions, they transform our thoughts they transform our hearts. So one has to take this message and we have to they have to go home, open up the sutra, recite it, read the translation and reflect on every verse and then think how can I apply this to my life? What aspects of this I'm missing from my life? Again, we learn five things today, five things we can do to improve the state of our hearts to remove sadness

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from our hearts to bring about a sense of hope for the future to bring our happiness into our hearts. Five things we can do that we learn from the surah number one is to reconnect to Allah subhanho wa Taala to realize that Allah is there for us to understand Allah is close to us to think positive thoughts about Allah subhana wa Taala work on your relationship with Allah because that is the most really the the most important relationship in your life. Number two, we learned the importance of being optimistic about the future. Our religion is the religion of optimism. And we see this throughout the life of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Even in your darkest of moments,

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there was optimism, even when they were at the Battle of the Trench, and they were surrounded by enemies and they were hungry and they were outnumbered and it looked like they're going to lose and he tells us a haba I see the one day you're going to conquer Damascus one day you're going to call

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conquer the Persian lands when they are going to conquer machu Aqsa, the optimism is there about the future. Even in the darkest moments, there's optimism that one day is going to be better for us. And so we too must approach life with optimism. Number three. Number three, when you are thinking and you're going, your mind is clouded with negative thoughts about the past, focus on the positives of the past. One of the things I like to do when someone comes to me and at the end they full of sadness, and it can't think about good I make them make a list. Write out a list of everything in your life you are grateful for, I guarantee you the list is much bigger than the amount of things

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that are making yourself. We just forget about them because we don't think about them. Nikolas, I'm thankful to Allah for all of his blessings upon me from my from my Eman to my family to everything he has given me make that list and then Allah for everything and you will find yourself feeling happy you find yourself feeling stronger, you find yourself feeling more motivated. Number four, be a part of your community. One of the things today that's causing a lot of depression is that people have become very individualistic. We all focused on our own cells, by a person lives alone in his house, just watching Netflix and playing video games with no involvement with society whatsoever. He

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begins to feel empty, he begins to feel like his life has no purpose, you begin to feel miserable, he begins to feel like nobody cares about him. It's because you've isolated yourself from society. Go out there be a part of society, help the poor, help the orphans, serve the community, be a part of the people and you will find yourself experiencing a greater amount of joy and baraka and happiness in your life. And finally, finally, point number five is when we talk talk that which is positive, talk about that which is positive, that which will which will bring about positive thoughts and change the way that you look at your life. Remember the Hadith speak that which is good

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or remain silent, speak that which is good or remain silent. Remember, the father of use of Elisa Iacobelli Salah when his son was kidnapped and taken to a faraway land? What did he say? He said, I complain only to Allah, meaning when he talks to people, he's only going to talk about the good things. But if he needs to complain, if he's feeling sad, he will do it. When you take into Allah, you ask Allah, you ask Allah about the things that make him sad. Meaning that is not befitting the believer that everywhere you go, you complain, you get some people like that you ask him, How are you and they just give you a complaint for half an hour. Now I understand people feel sad, right?

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You should do that with a with a counselor or somebody you trust one on one in a private environment, but not with every person you meet. Not every person is below the dignity of a believer that every person you meet, you only complain to them, then people begin to know you as a complainer people begin to oh, that person only complaints, the only negative things to say. And then people start to distance themselves from their person and that affects the person's mental health even more because he begins to think that people don't like me, right? So be careful with what we say. If you need to complain, do it in the privacy of a of a safe environment via with a counselor or an imam or

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someone who can help you but do do to just anybody. Rather in general when we are with the people when you amongst others speak that which is beneficial. People ask how are you see on hamdulillah see hamdulillah at hamdulillah no matter what's going on in life say Alhamdulillah let us be people a positive speech, there will be people who have optimism there will be people that we meet each other we give each other hope. We give each other hope about the future, we give each other good news. There are people meet you, as a person of good news media person will feel happy because the words that come out of his heart out of his mouth make us happy. So let us be these kinds of people.

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And what we find if we do this is the quality of our own life will improve the quality of our own mental health will improve and the quality of the lives of the people around us will improve because we will be people who will lift up those around us with our positive words of optimism will be people who serve the community will be people who don't just help to solve our own mental problems. But those of the people around us when we all work together to maintain an environment of optimism and good thoughts and good speech, Allah to guide us all to practice on what we learn in the Lahoma like the Soluna W Hulda genomics denomination to ollie was this Nima. Hanami is MSE foon was Salam o

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was Lena with 100 EULA.