Ammar Alshukry – Ridealong – Debt as Slavery and Donald Trump with Belal Khan

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The host discusses E-Builder, a documentary aimed at millennials who have been struggling with debt and financial tightening. The documentary is aimed at people who have been working full-time and are not experiencing financial tightening, and is also aimed at people who have been working part-time and are not experiencing financial hardships. The speakers emphasize the importance of building a successful life and not just being successful in a perfect world, while also acknowledging the harm caused by Donald Trump's use of his political platform to benefit from the US.
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So do a hand clap

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Yes Give me the microphone first so I could bust like a bubble of content on Long Beach together now you know you in trouble and not in but a G thang baby to look out G's going crazy and no limit slash Death Row slash whoever is the label that pays me the microphone first so I can bust like a bubble by allowing Mr Man we all together you know you in trouble hey buddy Gee things

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just take his unusable now

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anyway we're gonna talk about oh no no no no yes it's going it's going recording broke the green light show

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Okay Welcome to right along I'm your host Martin yoka Hurry go oh god Ray

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not really don't think they just got some some free publicity

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by the way if you want to get to how are you get him on BBM is the only person

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like me and four other people topic that we want to talk about that is delivering the E blee. T I remember one of my colleagues she was a she's a full on Millennial. What is that a millennial ages between Philomena Lille fellow fellow millennial got it? Yes. Oh, that's what that fella Melinda.

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I thought that was one of your marketing terms. specific demographic of millennials. I thought that was when you cross contaminate chicken cross contaminate salmonella. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So.

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So a colleague of mine, we were sharing an office at work. So she basically gives like this, in the middle of the day just decides like we're talking an open air office for all of you whose minds went astray right there.

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Open Office

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Open door

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so just the size

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of like, what's up, actually goes, I just paid off my student loans. I can just imagine for the last 10 years, almost maybe having just working towards paying off that debt. And finally being free of that burden. And it's because of student loans and many other debts, like the whole lifestyle, you know, pay for college and pay for your car you pay for your house. By the time you're 30 you have like, you're up to your eyebrows and debt. And everybody thinks you're doing well. They're like wow, this brother mashallah he's got a nice car, nice house, guys got a little good ball tied to a chain tied to his throat, know that he's a he's a paycheck away from being broke. Not just being broke

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being bankrupt, even if the only debt that they have is student loans. That's still huge. You know, we're talking 30k I like that's, that's like being conservative. Right? Some people 50 150. Like, that's a good chunk of change how many years or decades that might take, like people spent 30 years paying off $150,000 house mortgage. And then they're gonna be spending that same spending time paying off their student loans. So what is your solution? What is your solution? My solution? My solution was to go school part time.

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Not even possible.

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Is that even possible? Like is that even socially accepted? Well, you work full time, work, go to school part time. And how long did it take you seven years? Seven a half years, something like that. No student loan debt.

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You worked full time and went to school part time. Yeah, pretty much. The other problem was also because

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that's not going to the other problems.

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Take more than four classes at a time and pass.

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So the point being is that that is an actual real option. Yeah, I mean, where I will time and go to school part time. I know several people have done that being smothered by Zeebo. Other folks, what they have done is that they worked full time receiving financial aid. Well, the first year I received full financial aid, that's why I was going to school full time. Second year, I got half financial aid, so I continued going to school full time. Third year, I wasn't receiving any financial aid. I ended up going down to maybe one or two classes at a time.

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But my my year, like I'm taking classes throughout the year, so fall, winter, spring, summer.

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Just just classic just throughout over the course of those seven years.

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You know, whether it's

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The Prophet sallallaahu Selim when he established the state in Medina, and he wanted that community to be strong and economically viable, you know how it really got? How real did it get?

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How I really got was that the province of Christendom anyone who died in debt he wouldn't pray over. Wow.

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That's serious, man. That's how you build a community that is free from the shackles of debt. You're trying to build a free society and

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spiritual consequences, but hold other people accountable boiling next to you accountable to not just like letting one person but then the question is, what do you do when debt becomes an epidemic? I mean, it's one thing because society and culture is, is they're not in a lifestyle of, of a, you know, rented living, you know, like, they don't rent the lifestyle.

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But that wasn't the culture at the time. So even if somebody was in debt, you know, it wasn't like it wasn't socially acceptable to be so it was nowadays nowadays, it's like, your car, your home, if you if you've bought a home,

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and your education. It's all rented him. And that's what we're going against the green is something that's positive, true, you know, you're creating a sub culture of success, because we know what success is, you know, we're the ones who it was defined for us. And

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yeah, we've been we've been given guidance, and we've been given the way to have the most like real successful life, not fake successful lives where a person appears to be successful. 50 cents. And then you realize later that, you know, they're worth 50 cent.

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Although I don't believe he's worth that come on. $4 million, all for business, whatever. Just declaring bankruptcy. Yeah, well, that's probably declaring bankruptcy because he doesn't want he wants to get out of that settlement, and net assets that he has is less than what the settlement is requiring him to pay, then I think that's what he's claiming to do is worth like 300 400 million. Well, that's what the appearance was. But when the papers came forth, and the court is like, this is what I'm worth, Donald Trump. Yeah, he's played bankruptcy three times. He doesn't seem broke to me. Well, except Donald Trump's. I mean, he had massive assets. And he also had an even greater, more

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mass. Actually, he lost a lot. His father was a really good business. When his dad died, he lost all of his assets. Whenever you have bad of a business man, he really is. But people don't really, really like to run the American economy. Yeah, like, Okay, let you lose a bunch of it. You know, one thing that I can say that I respect what he said, You know, I mean, fine, I lost it all. But all I need is time I'll get it all back. As long as I have time. I will never respect Donald Trump. Are you

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trying to sell nothing?

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The attitude like No,

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nothing. Yeah. He has nothing. Nothing. I mean, if anything, I would say he's being deliberate about the way he's approaching the political Republicans deliberate how he talked about every liberally unethical and deliberately. I mean, I'm not saying again, can you use very these very strategies in an ethical way and be effective? Yes. What do you think? What are your thoughts about on that? How do you move a community forward in a positive direction, out and away from a debt based lifestyle? That's the question of the day. But it's no

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it's not what

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