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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of spending money in the path of Allah's we'd[[the tap of Allah" is emphasized, along with the need for a clear understanding of what is in one's mind to determine what is new and what is possible. The success of Islam is highlighted as a way to strengthen and influence the world, and a person needs to be mindful of their actions and not give things back. The segment also touches on the topic of wearing underwear and the importance of not giving things back.
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In the setup,

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the average I decided in the first record the one before I will proceed into the Corolla data set your levina armano and vehicle in Rosa for now.

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In complete and utter yo by own fee Walla Walla Shaka

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on Catherine O'Sullivan

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it doesn't matter that I said even though you know I want to all you who believe

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and as you know in the Quran when this is the

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when this is the way of the tap of Allah subhanaw taala when Allah says oh you will believe this is a quote from Allah subhanho data. This is an order from Allah subhanaw taala to the believers so that's why they're saying they will live in Ave and Jacob in Morocco

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spend in the battle a lot from what we have done you

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spend from what we have given you

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mean probably and yet

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before a day comes on you.

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Now buy on de Walla Walla, Walla, Walla, Java, a day in which there will be no trade, no exchange, no barter.

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Nothing of that kind. While our hola and there will be no friendship.

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Hola is in Arabic, there are many levels of friendship.

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And the holly is the closest in the hurry the word value comes from Allah.

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So there will be no friendship. The best of friends will not even recognize

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Allah Hola. Hola. Chava and there will be no one to intercede.

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No one will make sure that

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of course we know the number is 11 is 11 Chela will make sure that we ask Allah subhanaw taala for the files no BS Allah tala. But that is on the basis of Illa Masha Allah

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was regarded as a goose egg and mentioned that when he said that there will be no Shabbat except the one who Allah loves. And we believe that in sha Allah loves her house, Allah will allow for life, Allah, Allah, Allah, and whoever else Allah Subhana Allah wishes will be given the Shanghai.

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So that's a different issue. But in this particular I was saying la by own de la Fullerton, valachi.

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Well, Catherine O'Sullivan, and the people who deny all of this, they are the transgressors, and they are the prices and value.

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Now question is to ask ourselves,

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what are we spending in the path of Allah?

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And I've said many times before, spending is not only money, sometimes people think spending the bother Well, I mean, you have to give some sort of our paradox, right? subjects, spending is money, no doubt. But it's not only money, there are a lot smarter, richer, and the poor women

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spend from what we have given me.

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So what is Allah given us? Our life itself?

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Where does it come from? The time that we have, where does that come from? Any knowledge we have? Where does that come from? Our health and strengthen influence, and so on, and so on, where does all this come from? all our money, that also has a wireless router. So spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala is to consciously use all of what Allah subhanaw taala has given us, for the pleasure of Allah to earn the pleasure of Allah, whether it is money, whether it's influence, whether it is time, and so on, and so forth. So there and consciously do all of this, not just, you know, give money, and then we don't spend any time and we don't know, all of this in Morocco, unless one of the

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whatever we have given it the strange nature of the human being to take a small child, for example, you know, maybe maybe our old two year old, small child right in the right from the beginning. This small child, for example, on his

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little children come to get Ed and they come to the grandfather, the father for

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so the child comes to you to get his Ed. So you give him a DD

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20 rupees or whatever, he's very happy with your visa.

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And then when is going away, that little fella was the one year or one and a half years old, you call him back? And it turns out, give me back that thing, mother money, you will never give it.

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You know, I'll give you much more. I'll give you 1000 times that and give you 20,000 rupees.

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Now, the point is, he does not understand what is 20,000 I mean, at this age of one year, what does he know what he does, he knows what I have in my hand. And he knows that if I give it away

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This will go away.

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And he does not have any concept in his mind that if I give this I can actually get more he does not even think that this money was I got I got from my grandfather and

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now he's asking me baggy, what he gave me is and give it back.

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No, once I got it, it is mine, I will not give it and I will fight even if I have to give it I will fight what bachata is another big is a book

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and this is the nature This is the nature of they will be surrounded by that gift from what we have given is the nature of the drive from the beginning is the nature of the human being to grab hold of what he has and he will not let it go for it. Even they will tell him look if you give this you will get 10,000 times more. So now when we say that, you know you do something in this dunya Allah will give you a palace in Jannah where is the question of understanding the batteries and unless you have a map

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we cannot even under a guarantee or under that 20,000 rupees in this world, wherever you are that Paris is done.

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And that is why the issue of email and yaqeen on the Accra.

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This whole vote was a Why do we go on repeating like a broken record the whole thing every time? What is new, nothing is new, everything is the same old take the one day you will die then it was done before Allah, Allah and Allah will you agenda and so on and so forth empty. Anywhere you go in the world, if you're listening to any talk from the greatest of the Allah,

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to the most general of people will judge anything What is it to say?

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But why is it Why is this so much of reputation? Even in the Quran many, many times Allah has repeated the same thing, what is the need, why you say it once, it doesn't advise you to say the same thing 10 times, because this is the nature of human being, unless we repeat, unless we remind ourselves again and again and again. There's not going and that's why the whole importance of reminding ourselves again, that's why that's the reason why we have five solids in the day, why five in a while, why not just have one in the morning, one in the night enough, maybe even one in the old days,

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maybe just once in a week is enough, not enough five times also is not enough or like one away.

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Even after five days you will do some nonsense, there will be something which you know is not even though your brain right as regularly as

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that is the reason why the benefit of the remainder. And as I mentioned this in the decra SunPower momineen Allah zeker is it beneficial for the woman a reminder is good for the woman. That's the reason why we have all divided so that the divine is when myself when you spend in the Battle of Allah. When we have the money, when we have the health when we have time spend in the Bible as famous as five before five. We won't go into all that now, but I'm just saying that think about that, that when we have the time and we have the resources when we have things.

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Let us spend in the battle. Before a time comes when it will become of no use.

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And then the regret is of no use to anybody. That's why I love that they will come and that they will come that day will come with the promise that the day will come when none of these things will be I can at that time I cannot say no here is what I took from you or I will pay you this but give me some good days.

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No friendship, oh, my dear friends

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afterwards or they have no friendship, no relationship, no fathers and no mother's and no mother daughter nothing.

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Well, a whole lot of Elijah is you know so and so will intercede for me We do not know this as well as runners that are to give but we do not say we cannot say about anyone except the profit or loss or loss Allah we cannot say about any person by name to say so and so we're interested we don't we do not have a gel Allah will give

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us this outfit, to wear turns into what is being told to us before the day when it will be of no use. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to do what is pleasing to Him and to keep us away from what is not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala because in the end, it's only the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala it matters nothing else. Nobody goes from this world with anything of this world. And neither will we. Then we go into the one piece of plot which is wrapped around our body that's it. Period. You will not do an hour and underwear to wear insects.

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It's just a piece of cloth on the body. Think about that. You don't have to wear underwear the

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cloth around the wrapped around the world that's it.

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May Allah help us to understand that before that time comes was a Lola Alana will Karim Allah Allah he was hired me to go

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