Reply to the Allegation that Islamic Method of Slaughtering Causes Cancer

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One Muslim lady I were treated for breast cancer, she was operated for one breast right child breast, in Tata hospital. And second time she got breast cancer in the left breast. And when I've taken photograph of that lady, I came to know about the soul that was present animal soil, what non veg we are eating animal soil, you can visualize the shape of the animal only. So this is energy and electromagnetic energy of any kind is the root cause of 99% of health problem, say mobile, how much mobile is dangerous to kill 100 crore people of India, the mobile itself is sufficient and government doesn't know medical science doesn't know the science of spiritual science of invisible

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energy, that is electromagnetic energy. Any other brother, Dr. Zakir is a medical and a science student. What I would suggest that was keep aside the background ask your question, rather eating a non veg, it is a process which is prescribed how to cut the animal. So if it is cut it once on the soul goes out, energy goes out. And you don't get any health problem from that meat. But if it is not cut properly, and it is cruel way discard the energy remain in that made and you don't know when you're going to get that type of made. If you just cut in a dropper per day, and it is cut in a Petri then it will solve goes out there is no harm in taking that meat. But if it is not cut

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properly, then you're going to get cancer paralysis attack. And this is happening what I have observed for 10 years with a photograph. Now there is each and every answer

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will answer rather than just a question thing that there was a Muslim woman and he cured breast cancer then she got in the other left breast and to cure the cancer. And then he went on to say that the animal is killed. Immediately the soul goes out no problem. If animals will ruthlessly it remains under the problem and cancer come in shot.

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Brother, I'm requesting you again. Why don't do join the Tata Memorial Hospital of cancer.

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I know the doctors there. I can tell you, Brother government has made a law it has in magic remedy act 1954 Brother which says that so many disease cannot be cured, you cannot claim for the disease. And that is 99%. Now, I brother I haven't answered your question. The five minutes left we have to give other people a chance and answer your question. Government is rightly not giving you permission. Because we don't want to have more problem in the hospital. What do you have to do medical, your cancer? Why are you standing here you will get the Nobel Prize medical sciences are great for science. If you can cure cancer and cure the diseases just by spiritual thing, then allows

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the Nobel Committee to give you the Nobel prize but but the committee will never fill it. I'll tell you why. I gave such a scientific reason why Muslims slaughter the animal and let the blood flow out yet you're saying that the soul remains and the soul goes out. You will have cancer brother, your medical knowledge is so weak.

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Today tells us that blood either mutated in medium of bacteria and germs and toxin. If we start as Islamic way, the blood goes out and the toxin goes out. There's less than serving disease. You're saying the opposite no v scientists are talking about I don't know. I'm a medical doctor. I've got MBBS degree. And Quran says in Surah hell chapter 16 Verse 43 And three, Umbria chapter number 21 Verse number seven first aloo Al is victory in quantum law, Solomon, if you don't know as the person who knows. So this is my speciality. You can very well do what you want, the way you want to practice, but I'm giving a scientific reason why we do it. And that the reason the Islamic method is

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far superior and it is much more hygienic and the meat remain fresh for longer time. Hope that answers the question