Ahsan Hanif – Keep Your Tongue Moist With The Remembrance Of Allah

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet's actions in the context of worship, including the creation of a wall of cover and the delivery of bounties to the gods. They also mention the importance of the Heridic receipt of the message of the throne and the Heridic's use of the word "arepha" to describe the great deeds of Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the Heridic's actions in shaping the culture and bringing forward the great deeds of Islam.
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Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah we had early on Sami woman who Allah, I'm bad. I want to share with you very quickly a short Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in what is collected in the January remember, tell me the authority of the companion Abdullah bin Massoud. Radi, Allahu handed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that Allahu Allah He was set them up to Ibrahima Leela to Surya be. I met the Prophet Ibrahim Ali cinammon the night I went on the night journey. And Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam said to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam convey my synonyms to your own man on my behalf. And then he said or the synonym to our

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Prophet sallallahu arte will send them as a message to convey on his behalf to this Oma. He said the Toyama that Jana its first its soil is fertile, and its water is sweet. And that there is a pay hand it is a field that is ripe for sowing fertile for planting and sowing. Well it also had an IT seeds the seeds of Jannah Allah Subhan Allah will hamdulillah or La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. This hadith is something which shows to you the vast amount of reward that is available for one of the easiest acts of worship to perform. And that is the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that your tongue is always constantly moving and it is moist, with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah

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azza wa jal in the Quran when he speaks about the bulkier to Solly hat, the Everlasting good deeds, those good deeds that you perform in the dunya and they will last well beyond your lifespan and you will see inshallah Tada they'll reward on the day of judgment in the position of a number of the scholars have to seal those Berthier to Sally hat are these have come to see Subhan Allah will handle the law without ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar. The Prophet told us that Allah while he was sending me in here, another Hadith that Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah Tamela will Meezan things Subhan Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah I will fill your skills of good deeds. And the Prophet told us on Allahu

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Allah He was telling me what is the last Hadith in the Sahaba Imam Al Bukhari on the third syllable harira the Allah one Khadeem attorney Habib attorney Ihlara man to statements of beloved to Allah, of if attorney under the sun the light and easy to roll off the tongue, tequila attorney Phil Nisa, and but extremely heavy upon the skills of your good deeds to Say Subhan Allah who will be Hamdi Subhan Allah, Allah when this month of Ramadan is a month, in which we excel in many different good deeds. But for many of us, we're still confined and restricted by our jobs by our duties by our responsibilities. So maybe you don't get enough time or as much as you would like to take some time

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out and read external often. Maybe you don't get enough time as much as you would like to read extra Quran because you're busy and you have other things that you also need to attend to. But this act of worship is something that you can do wherever you are in whichever state you're in, easy to perform, quick to do. And it is something which is extremely beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada. It is one of the keys to the Geats agenda to make the Quran Allah azza wa jal as the Prophet said it's and Allah Allah, Allah will send him when the man asked him to advise him to give him something comprehensive. And this religion in terms of advice, he said, make sure that your tongue is never dry from the

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remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. So to constantly be in the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal as you walk as you sit, as you lie down as we move from place to place, it is one of the greatest good deeds may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to do so. BarakAllahu li Kama Sutra

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