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The hedger is a popular animal in Egypt during the coronavirus crisis, with the process of sticking to the law and the importance of staying at least half the night in Vienna. The process involves praying, fasting, and not letting anyone use the license to avoid penalty fees. The hedger also uses water bottles and water bowls to remind people of the upcoming calendar month and to stay true to oneself. The speakers emphasize the importance of not losing momentum and staying true to oneself, as well as giving generous gifts and practicing staying true to Islam.

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Nara mannerheim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah hawala, and he was so happy woman. Voila.

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So we finished the sorry. We finished the tau alpha and now what do we do is we go back to Mina, we go back to Mina. Right and Mira, we spent a amateur shriek, amateurs recording the 11th 12th and 13th of the hedger we spend in Mena.

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Now, the prophet SAW Selim, when he left now, he said he did hatched Iran, right. And he did the site during the initial tawaf of Amara. And so therefore, he didn't have to do Saudi again. So he did so often the Father, and then he left back for a minute. Now on his way to Mena. He is from which tribe?

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Which tribe is he from?

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When he Abdulmutallab, right?

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And so many of them open up their,

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their, their responsibility towards the Hajaj was to provide water for the head judge. So they would take the water from the well, the Zamzam they would pull it out, and they would provide water to the head judge. So as the messenger lost as Hannah was returning to Mina, he stopped by many of them open. And he said that had it not been for the fact that people would crowd you I would have served water with you to the people to the Hajaj meaning what what would happen if the Messenger of Allah sent him is giving water what would happen? Everyone would go to the message everyone was like, I want I want I want this water. Now you forget you man. I want his water right? They want to be

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served from the Messenger of Allah so I sent him to get water from the Messenger of Allah and I said there was no said he said he said that had it he says Noah and yet desert hominess aleikum, the sockeye to Malcolm if it hadn't been for the fact that the people would have crowded all of you I would have given water with you Why am I sharing that because brothers brothers and sisters continue to be in the service of people you know you're with her Georgia with the guests of Allah subhanaw taala What do we say be giving and forgiving not not you know not demanding and requiring be giving and forgiving the messenger like I said of himself was going to serve the people water had he not

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feared that people would have crowded it right so be in the service of people now we go back to Mina another name for Mina is Mona another name for Mina is Mona you actually see signs right in the in the in you know in Mina and will say Mona right will kind of be like this fire like man what's up I couldn't find her guide right get the right get the get the right spelling. Right The is next to the on the keyboard right. So like they spelled it wrong. They didn't spell it wrong actually mean Mona is another name of Mina and Mona What does it mean? It means a desire right? So how is it relevant when you're coming back from was identify you stop and meet and before you go to the house of Allah

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subhana wa Tada. Right. So when you're coming back from his was dead if you're drawing close to the house of Allah from the autofire going close to the house of Allah, when you go to Mina or Moana your heart's desiring to visit the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. And when you go back to me now you're also going back to a place where you feel this desire of the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now let's cover some of this these three days, the 11th 12th and 13th. And these days on the 10th of the Ninja, what are we stone?

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We only stone

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the Damaris and Acaba, the biggest one the third one right, the third geminus are nakaba that's the only one we stone seven pebbles on the 11th 12th and plus or minus the 13th. You stone all three, the 11th the 12th and the 13th. You stone Gemini to solara, Gemini, sun VISTA and Gemini sun Cobra or Gemini sun acaba, you stone the first the second and the third each time you stone with seven pebbles. When can you do it?

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On the 10th of the hedgerow. When do you do it?

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after sunrise on the 11th 12th and 13th? When do you do it? Very good. After there's a while after the or after midday, and there's a difference of opinion whether a person would pray the Lord first and then go or go and come back and prevail it loads out regardless, after though it is a time you're allowed to go. So you cannot go before the huddle. The time has to go after midday after a lot of the work comes in, then you can go to stone the Jamaat Now ideally, you're supposed to do it before, right within the day. But because of the crowds and the amount of people, although jamala has been made very easy now there's five layers five stories and made it super easy is the easiest

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part of hiding out from the law. Still, the scholars have given the Yani the to make it easy on the people because of the crowds that if you if you can do it before my grades, but if not, then you should do it before fudger the next day at the latest. So before 5g comes in the next day, you should do it. Okay.

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Now what's the method of stoning? So you're going to Gen solostar. The first gemorah. So let's say these are the three jamara. Okay, do you have the first one and he said it's a big basin, then the second then the third? Okay. So you come to the first for the first one, you're going to come to it from its rights. Okay. You're walking towards it.

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Come to it from its rights. Then how many pebbles do we throw seven pebbles we say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And like we said, we're casting our servitude to shape on again, we're recommitting our battle with shape on and we're recommitting that we are going to jail. Our our lower desires are our Hawa and our DNS shavon. We're gonna Jayla in this measurement, right, this container that contains these hot embers, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater, he's more capable of helping us free ourselves from our weaknesses in our habits in our, in our, our evil things that we do in our life, right? Allahu Akbar seven times, right? And then after you do that, you stay to the right of

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gentleman. And the heading says the process and then he went to the right now you don't want to be in the way of the other people coming, okay.

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You don't want to be in the way of the people coming. Okay, so you go to the right. And what you do is the process of he stood, he pays for Kava, he raised his hands and he made

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How long did he make drop for?

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He may drop for as long as it takes to read

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Surah Baqarah

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as long as it takes to read sort of bacara

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he may drop.

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So seven pebbles Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, to the rights and he may do that for as long as it takes to resort to the Bukhara after he finishes. He proceeded forward and then he went to the left of the second one. Jonathan Rosa, I same thing Allahu Akbar seven pebbles each time you're feeling that you're literally casting something evil from inside and throwing it in this measurement. right a lot of work about seven times when you finish he went to the left of the second measurement. Again facing the Gabba, he may drop to Allah subhana wa tada for as long as it takes to read. Susan Bukhara. Then he proceeded to Jemison October the third, the third jamara and he threw

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the seven pebbles and this time after the third one, he did not start to make.

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So between the first to the right,

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the second one after the second one to the left. And then after the third you proceed and you go back to your tents. Okay, so that's the method of doing it. And that's the process of them that this is a time when you make drought and hedge those particular times we make drying hedge at the end, I'll ask you for bonus points for the rest of the resistance competition. We'll go over it but this is one of those times Okay.

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Now, what's what's required of you in Mena? The scholars say it is why Egypt according to email, I have an email Malik and email Miss Shafi it is wajib to spend at least more than half the nights in Mena.

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Okay. So you may want to go perform the life of Mecca, you could do enough as the law or the law for the father or whatever it is, but if you're going just be sure you at least come back to spend at least half the night in Vienna. Because if you don't do that, then what happens if you don't do a job you are required to

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offer a sacrifice. Okay, so you have a Abu hanifa and has some diversity. They both say that it is Mr. Hogg it's recommended but if you don't do it does nothing upon you but the majority opinion in America is that it is wise if to spend at least more than half the night in Mena now when you're in Mena or Moana, you pray each prayer shorten but on it's time so so that the voters today guys on it's time to answer this for rock to rock as on it's time. So I'm the mother of 300 assignments after I shot two on this time and finally the same Okay, so you pray at its time, but you do so shortened.

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Now leaving me now we said had is over on the 12th or the 13th of the ledger? Here's an explanation for that, unless my data says was called a la huffy

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And make remembrance of Allah subhana wa Santa in the specified days, this is sort of bacara salted bacara What does this refer to? It refers to a metacity of the 11th 12th and 13th of June hedger, Allah says, inserted hedge was coral Luffy maloom.

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And Baccarat do that in hazmat pneumatics. What is the difference the scholars say and hijuelos referring to or making remembrance of Allah and the known days it's referring to the first 10 days of that hedger the greatest 10 days of the year, the greatest 10 days of the year, right. So by the way, when you land in hajj, you're going to go before you know the sixth, the fifth, me the third, the first. So you're going to be in the hatom, either Mecca or Medina, and the greatest season of the year, you're the last 10 days of the hedgehog, or like equivalent to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We have this all this hype about the last Sunday so Ramadan, we're ready we're prepared

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with the pm and all this stuff, but the first time these are the head Shall we forget about it. These are the best 10 days of the year, the most loved DSLR in this days. So when you're there in the bottom, either Mecca or Medina, maximize your edges fast if you can, right not in the night, but you

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one through eight you can fast if you want, right you could read a lot of code and make they can make netfilter law. All these things are excellent reward, you know, that you can do while you're there. Right? So Allah says was the code of law Am I do that make mention make Vicar avanzada and these days the 11th 12th and 13th. Then he says, feminist geography Khomeini fana is Mali, and the one who leaves after two days, there is no sin upon him, meaning 11th and 12th, unhedged, then he leaves, he stays 11th and 12th of their hedges, then he leaves warmer

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if Marlee and the one who delays meaning he stays the 13th and then he also no sin upon him on one condition, NEMA need to call for the one who has taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you can leave on the 12th, or you can leave on the 13th. But here's the condition, if you're going to leave on the 12th of the hedger, you must leave before when

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before salata the mother, because then the 13th night begins. And if you are there, and Mina, after motherhood comes in, then you must stay until the next day, you must stay until the next day, and there will be groups, there will be groups, the thing is the majority of the Hajaj leave leave on the 12th. So on the 13th, some scholars will say, you know, after the hood is when you start the Jamaat, they'll say to make it easy, you can even go before about the book, which honestly, you know, I definitely see the logic, but honestly, you have like different kinds of photos with hedge, you have the things that are like out of left field. Because you find all types of photos for hide,

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you have things that are left field, you have things that are like reasonable, then you have you know, the people who are very strict, right, the ones who say, you know to do it before is the one before the horror on the 13th there is no justification. There is no crowds, the majority of people have left but the problem is your hedge group might say, Hey, we gotta go, we gotta go 10 o'clock, we gotta be out of here. 10am you know, the 13th so they're gonna make you go to the gym hours before the hood and that's incorrect. That's improper, you go after there's a lot there's no excuse. the excuse of the crowds that is made up for them is not even there on that time. Right. And you

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know, even for like the the crowds for the other days have done that they made it easy until budgeted, that's five stories. Now it's a they made it very easy. So some of these things, you just have to use your and use your best judgment and tell it to Allah. But if you are in Mena, after Muslim on the 12th of the ledger, now becoming the 13th tonight, you must stay unless you were held up for reasons out of your control, you got on the bus, you're leaving in boom, the bus gets stuck or something or whatever, then it's okay, you can still leave. Otherwise, you must stay until the 13th. Okay. And if you say to the 13th, as we mentioned, you still want after the hook just like

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every other day, and then you leave. What are the prompts I sent him do?

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He stayed until the 13th. He stayed until the 13th. Okay. And then what he did was he stone on the 13th nights preceding the day, he said that we will spend tomorrow and Hi, Benny Kenan and we'll talk about that a little later. And so he what he did was he stone the democrats after there's a while and then he went to there and prayed the holder there. He didn't pray the whole minute. That was what the President did. Okay.

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And the President now by the way, the the three white days, right, you guys know, the three white days, the three white days, the 13th 14th and 15th of each Islamic month, it's similar to faster and if you want a reminder about it, because we don't keep track of the stomach months, there is a Twitter account at three white days. Now, number three th e three white days you follow that account sends out tweets every every month about when the white days are in this case, it is not recommended to fast the 13th right people are in the habit of asking 13th 14th and 15th and the reason why is the Messenger of Allah sign Salaam, he says an authentic hadith I am who I am, who actually know

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should have been with Allah He has the origin. He says the days of a tertiary the 11th 12th and 13th are days of eating and drinking and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala number what do we say was Maha machetes thing? You know, the eighth of the ledger is preparation. The ninth of the ledger is the big day, the day of alpha 10th 11th 12th and Eve on throne, the 13th is the days of celebration, right? These are eating, drinking and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let's talk about some of the spiritual aspects of this. Number one

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being the secret of Allah subhanaw taala. And this time, this is a time where you have the most time and hedge, right, you've done your four things, you're out of RAM and all you have to do the whole time you're in Mena is just throw some jamara and that's it. That's all you have to do. And even if you're far away from the Democrats, it's like a one hour walk maybe three hours total. You're done. The rest of the day, you're just chilling and what are you going to do? Allah says with Kota Luffy am not do that keep busy necropolis panels out. I remember the first time I went to Hajj, you know, because people were just kind of like chillin, doing whatever they're doing and stuff. So what

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happened was between the 10th you saw the pictures, you see the pictures of the tents, right? So between the tents, some of them It wasn't like this last year where I was but the first year I went, there was a big tent. Right and then there was between this and the next 10 there was multiple like a stack of water bottles like, like as high as the ceiling not as maybe almost as high as the ceiling. Right just boxes of water bottles. So what I did was I kind of made like a ladder like I took one down and took another one down.

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climbed up to the top so it's at the level of the the height of the tent and then I went on top of it and then I dug out like a little cave for myself

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because it's deep it's like as deep as a tent is full of water bottles and then I just made my little like bar Hara I just sat in there and had my piano reading because the problem is most people are just kind of like chillin you know just talking you wasting time and Allah sees what the cruel off Am I do that so do what you can when you're there to be the kind of Allah subhana wa tada it's difficult is difficult, but do your best to be in Vicar of Allah subhana wa tada as well as that I commend Allah and it also says for either Baba,

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seeker, calm guru La Creme calm

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comb, de craw cervical reverse 200 Allah says, so when you have accomplished your monastic, you fulfilled your monastic. Then Allah says, then remember Allah as you remember your forefathers or with more remembrance, some scholars say that the the two things interpret this two ways. One is that we hold our parents in very high regard. Right. So last thing, you know, they used to remember the virtues the people used to remember the virtues of their forefathers and their parents. A lot commanded them No. And these days remember a lot more can they come back? That they cannot, as you remember, your parents are even more than that. your forefathers, right?

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and the other Some say in this panel, this is beautiful, some interpreted to mean remember a law as you used to remember your parents when you were young? Isn't that amazing? Yeah, Allah can victory come about when you were young, how used to remember your parents, you know, when you have stranger anxiety, that stage in your life, when I come to pick up the kid right here and he's gonna look at me and start crying and cause a scene and he's gonna hang on to you and hold on to you, as a father. You know that that stage when children are in there always they go a couple feet away from the mob, and they run back to them all right, they don't want to be away from mom or dad right along saying

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remember Allah, just like when you were young and used to remember your parents all the time by clinging to them. Remember a lot more than that, right? Just like you will never stray too far away from your parents when you were young and as a child. You don't want to stray too far away from the last panel to add anytime you feel your hearts drifting away. You come running back to Allah subhana wa tada furtherfield rule.

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Allah says, flee. What do you flee from something you run away from something Allah says, flee from Allah by going back to Allah subhana wa lamba Jimena lying in law you know, there is no refuge from Allah, except by going back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is a beautiful interpretation of the ayah. Right, and you'll see a lot of distractions. So try and focus as much as you can, and and Mena, you'll see incredible display of unity from the people, right all corners of life every 10. So what will happen is you'll have a section for North America, a section for West Africa, a section for Australia, you know, different areas. So you can walk around Mena, as long as you don't get

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lost, you know, keep track of where you are in those numbers. Like there's a number for your tent and a section, there's different sections of Mena, you'll see maps, it'll say like section 123. And amongst that section, you'll have on your badge, what number 10, you're supposed to be in, okay, so remember that don't lose that. So that way you can figure it out what the maps, but you can see other visit other tents, you can visit other groups, other Messiah, they'll come to have programs, you can listen to the halaqaat you know, go visit other people and see their, you know, their Brotherhood in Islam takes a very vivid expression here and in in Mena.

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And it's, you know, a panel, that's amazing that, look at all the different colors, look at all the different tongues, all the different cultures and the customs and everything, but everybody, young and old, they're all doing the exact same thing. SubhanAllah it's the beauty of Islam. see somebody from China who doesn't know a lick of anything about you or any, but you're doing the same thing he's doing. It's amazing how often I gathered the people and you know, and and brought our hearts together in worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. It's a testimony to the beauty of this religion. And if you would like you can also go back to the Kaaba and do ineffable law, you can do

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that and pray in the huddle that's allowed, but like we said, as long as you come back before you make sure you get more than half the night in Mena. And, and

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one thing that you can do I recommend is use you will see poverty, you'll see people sleeping in the streets, you have tents in the lobby, you'll see people sleeping on the streets. So what I'd recommend you do one of these days is go and find someone in need, who you in your estimation you find as a need and give them a very generous gift, not just $5 give them 500 1000 return very generous gifts and you know that we'll do imagine he's making he's someone in need poor. He came to Hajj seeking God June agenda to seeking the agenda of Allah subhanho wa Taala pouring the need and he he finds all of a sudden away from the eyes of the people you say Salaam to him and you give him

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imagine he sees that what will be his response will be his reaction.

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He doesn't know you and he probably will forget you. We know it will do increase his love for who? For Allah subhana wa tada Allah

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provided for him answered his top. And how beloved Beloved, is it to Allah for you to increase someone else's love for Allah subhanho wa Taala How much will that increase allows love for you? Right so opportunity for height, seek out opportunities for height and these days to do as much as you can. Then when you're leaving Mina,

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the last thing you do is you stone again hoping that you freed yourself, the last time you saw on the 12th or 13th, you hope that you freed yourself from your servitude to shape on, you've left it there in the measurement fully and forever and you move on and you leave, you leave the gym or you leave Mena and that is the conclusion of hedge with only one step remaining, which is the farewell throw off the waffle for that. So we'll stop there and then our next session is going to go and share some some reflections and hedge and then we'll do the farewell to laugh welcome. Don't have to have a banana me