Zakir Naik – Will Non Muslims go to Heaven or Hell

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The holy month of december is seen as a strong political and religious holiday for non-M-thirsty Muslim people. The success of Islam in attracting young people to their religion is highlighted, and the importance of acceptance and being logical in accepting Islam is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need for a strong personal opinion and being logical in accepting Islam, as some non-M-thirsty Muslim individuals may be bad in practice. It is suggested that people should consider their options before making a decision and accept Islam in a timely manner.
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Salam aleikum. I'm Prabakaran I'm working as a supervisor. Firstly, I would like to know there is a common saying in most of the religions that whoever follows God's sayings religiously, will go to heaven. And if not, we'll go to *. Taking this into consideration, I would like to know what will be the status of non Muslims on the Day of Judgement. Secondly, I would like to know the importance of the holy month of Ramadan for the benefit of non Muslims who have come here. And finally, I would like to say, from the little experience gained in my life, I can strongly say, Islam is the only religion which has clear cut sound theoretical knowledge supported with logical examples with

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The brother has three questions or three statements he had made. The first question was that all religions say that if you don't believe in the commandments of God, you will go to *. What will happen to non Muslim on the Day of Judgment, brother, as I mentioned earlier, the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 48, and 20 psi chapter 416. Allah if he pleases me forgive anything but the sin of Schilke associating partner with body never forgive, single person die the non Muslim, any associate partner with others, he believes in false gods he does idol worship, he shall never go to heaven, compulsory will go to *.

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To go to heaven, you have to believe in one God worshipping alone and follow His commandments. Regarding a second question, what is the benefit of the month of Ramadan to the non Muslims?

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Quran says in Surah Baqarah Chapter two verse 23. Fasting had been prescribed to you as it was prescribed to people who came before you so that you may learn self restraint.

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The reason we fast is because we increase our Taqwa our God consciousness, our piety, and surah Baqarah Chapter number two was wondering if I saved Ramadan was the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guide to the whole of humanity as the criteria to judge right from wrong. dumbed down is this month in which the Glorious Quran the last and final revelation was revealed to the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Quran says this Quran is a guidance for humanity not only for Muslims or for the Arabs for the whole of humanity and it is a criteria to judge right from wrong. So this month of Ramadan, how does it benefit the non Muslims? Quran was

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revealed in it as a guidance for all of humanity, Muslims and non Muslims. Furthermore, Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam said, Ramadan in the month in which the Satan's they're imprisoned, the gates of heaven open and the gates of * are close. That means there are more chances you will do good deeds.

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A person does more good deeds in them than the chances of him doing bad deeds is less. As far as non Muslims, the message of Islam may go very well in the hearts of the non Muslims because the devil, the Satan, the imprisonment for more chances of the non Muslims accepting Islam, more chances if you come closer to Islam. Regarding a third statement, you believe that Islam has got critical points in it. And it is backed up with reason and logic. So when you agree that Islam there are rules and regulations, which are backed up with reason and logic, my question to you in this month of Ramadan, then why don't you accept Islam? It is not a question of accepting Islam for the matter of fact, I

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do accept all the religions, all the good things every Legion is saying. So I don't have any brother, you say you believe in all the good things and all the religions? That mean there are some bad things in some religions? Correct? I do agree strongly agree, you're fine. I want to ask you a simple question. What do you think is bad in Islam? Practically? I've not come across anything bad in Islam, but maybe in practice, people have turned Islam don't talk about Muslim Muslim may be bad. I'm not one Muslims. Okay. Talk about Islam. There are Muslim who may well call them Muslim. I'm not I'm not come across anything.

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You told me very frankly, you take good things of all the religions. You also said you know, there are bad things in other religions. And you also said you don't know if anything bad in Islam. So now in the other religions you are good and bad. In this religion only good. Suppose that you will do glass of water one is pure, pure water. Other water pure water and one drop of urine to which water will drink. Good water of course, pure water. So this is a pure religion.

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absolutely pure without adulteration. Now, when I realize it is pure.

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When you're thirsty, you drink the pure water. No, no, I believe it is. But I won't drink it. It doesn't make sense. If I want to get admission in a university, I do my survey. This university is the best.

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Why did you take admission through well think about it. Hi if you don't have the money to pay your fees. Fine University is very good but too expensive. I can't afford the field. Islam is

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If you agreed the best, we have to accept it, or maybe it's hypocrisy, see if I agreed is the best app to accept it. If you know there are no faults, that means God will question you on the Day of Judgment. If you agree, God gave you the message in your heart, it is the best religion. Why don't you accept it?

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If you agree, it is the best, it's illogical. It's illogical not to accept it. If you think there's something bad, I will clarify a misconception. Now, if you agree to the best religion, if you agree the most logical, unless you are logical, if you are logical, you have to agree the most logical reason unless you consider yourself to be logical, rather,

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you know, sometimes, but the emotions, what remember the say, what my father say? What will society the most.

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So these things may prevent you from accepting. I agree, it's difficult. It's not easy brother. But if you are logical, if you are scientific, you have to accept what is best.

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Therefore, I say if someone proves to me any religion better than Islam, I will accept it.

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If someone proves to me today, anytime there's any religion better than Islam, I'm ready to accept. If someone proves to me Christianity is better, I'm ready to accept Christianity. Someone proves to me better, I'm ready to accept Hinduism. I'm not just talking. I have discussions with the doctors of divinity. With the top Krishna, I'm not a scholar. I'm a student. I consider myself to be a friend of comparative religion, but I have dialogue and discussion and debate with the top scholars of Hinduism. You know, the most popular Hindu speaker Ashish Shankar Have you heard of him? Very much? Yeah. If he agreed with the Quran? I'm a big fan of him. In fact, you are a fan of a Masha

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Allah. Have you seen my debate? VCG Ravishankar? No, I'm not saying debate with your hero. Yeah, she she Ravi Shankar said the student of comparative religion Inshallah, if I get opportunity, definitely. And since you agree, even he agreed that God has got no images. He agreed in the truthfulness of the Quran. Unfortunately, he didn't accept it. You know why? If you accept we will lose all the following.

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I agree. You agree? Do you have a following? Do you have a following brother? No, I don't have any for very good so what will you lose?

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Maybe some friendship. Maybe some relatives. It's difficult. It's difficult but if you know the truth should accept it. There's nothing wrong about it. At least so far. So far as I've no I have not thought about this because this is the very toughest and hardest thing in life to make today in the month of Ramadan. Whoo. You asked me how does it benefit non Muslims it benefits a non Muslim is opening the heart towards the truth. So I request you to think it over. If not today, yet. You have another three weeks. Another two three weeks you have to use the month of Ramadan. If not today, except in the month of Ramadan, it will benefit you and inshallah Inshallah, I can tell you that

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inshallah. fixup Islam, all your previous sins will be forgiven 100%. So today if you accept Islam, if suppose you die today, I can tell for sure, you will go to Jana. I'm not sure about myself, but about yourself. I can tell you because the moment a person accepts Islam, all these previous sins are forgiven. If you accept Islam, and if something happens to you today, I don't know. Inshallah, you're going to Jana. Thank you very much.

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