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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The importance of staying away from certain actions in Iran context is emphasized, including cutting hair and wearing colangios. The journey to achieve Islam is a journey to achieve something, and it is crucial to be patient and not give up on one's actions. The importance of practicing gratitude and staying true to Islam is emphasized, and legislation is legislated for anyone who wants to use its devotion. Practicing gratitude and staying away from negative behavior is also emphasized.
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10 points that he makes Subhanallah

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that's one point that he makes. And then he makes another point Subhanallah the point of when we on the 10th day is the day of aid. There are things that you should do to get out of your Iran because Iran which is another thing that he mentioned, the head arm there are certain things that are impermissible for you to do when you're wearing the garments. You cannot get married. You cannot hunt you cannot put on any any cologne you cannot cut your hair or your nails. And scholars mentioned you do this because it brings you to your essence all of these things are extra. It brings you to your essence command but that no oh well, a harlequin nor Ido as we have created you from

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before in the beginning, we will return you in that state, all of us will return to the ground

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as we were ultimately created, initially created. Why done Elena. Allah says this is a promise, a promise that we will all return, all of us will return. So when he talks about the Haram when Iran were prohibited from doing certain things that are permissible and even recommended marriage wearing wearing cologne, cutting your nails being clean, but in this time you voluntarily are dish in a disheveled state because it reminds you all of this is not important. I need to focus.

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Everyone Raja makes the comparison here. This is us in the dunya. In this world, when we are patient from staying away from sinful practices. Patients have sobre Alhama alsi. Patient, there is something that you have a habit that you know is wrong. But your patients and you stay away from it. A person place or thing you keep away from it. To keep it in proper perspective. Why am I here? Does my Lord want me to do this? Very simple. We don't trivialize this.

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Very simple and each and every single one of us Wallahi. Each and every single one of us knows the demons that we have in our closet.

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Each and every single one of us has a demon, I'm sorry, demons

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in our closet.

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What are we doing to fight those demons?

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Because life is temporary? What are we doing in regards to patients away from sinful practices? Because life is temporary? And I guarantee you I'm sorry, Allah guarantees you that you will stand in front of him. And you will answer for the good that you have done in this life for the efforts that you have made. Allah is a sham for any effort that you have made. Subhanallah even if you had a good intention, Allah reward you for that. But if there was an intention that was acted upon, in a sinful practice, Allah will reward you for that as well but it will be in the opposite. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that remember the ritualistic practices and allow them to be

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extendable upon actions in our life to where it serves as a reminder for us in this life for rarely there will be a next life will answer to him a cola cola Hello Sally. welcome Lisa Elon Musk manifesto fellow in Hong Kong for right.

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Alhamdulillah he certainly he was shook crew let him I let her filthy he wants the nanny.

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So whenever Raja mashallah makes this comparison of the Haram when we wear the garments of these will say spiritual purity for lack of better words in this state.

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That being extendable outside of Hodges, remembering that we are patients away from the morality from the sinful practices he makes another comparison. Here's another one.

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When you get out of your Iran,

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when the Hajj the pilgrim gets out of the garments that he is literally he or she is literally in a state of prohibiting themselves from that which is permissible which we've talked about. And you wear your regular clothing. Now you can clip your nails now you can put on garments, all those things.

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But there is a small interlude here.

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Because what is the day that the one that is the Hajj, the pilgrim takes off their haram, that is the day of aid.

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That is the day of eat the 10th Day, which just passed us two days ago.

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And on this day, it is impermissible to fast. The ninth day of our offer is preferable to fast. The promise was Selim said he forgives the sins from the year before in the year after, but the next day is eight impermissible to fast. And this is a mercy from Allah. You know, sometimes Allah subhanaw taala will order you to do something and every order in prohibition is a mercy. It's a manifestation of mercy, whether we know it or not, because he wants what's best for us. So whatever he led us to

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eats is that which is best for us and it's a manifestation or a way that he shows mercy to us. So on this day of Eid, you eat and drink plentifully. Ibn Raja makes a beautiful comparison Subhanallah

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when he talks about you leaving this action of worship,

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or being patient and staying away from sinful practices, you're doing your best you fail. Sometimes we're human beings, but you do your best.

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He compares the days of Iran to the dunya the world but the transition to the next life starts off by eating and drinking. What does Allah subhanho wa Taala say? There are three situations in Islam where when eats and drinks as a form of celebration.

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One of them are these days. The second is when Ramadan

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in there eat the second eat. And the third is when Yakko Kulu wash Rabu honey and be my Quantum Time Alone. Kudo wash Rabu honey and be my left and Phil am ill Hollier Allah subhanho wa Taala the third scenario where you eat and drink is when you are a Jana. May Allah make us the inhabitants of Jana?

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Do you see the connection? Allah is painting a picture for you look, this hard work that you have done.

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You don't you don't shave, you don't cut your hair, you don't wear perfume. You don't even take a bath.

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A sacrifice, then you sacrifice by sacrificing an animal if you're able to all of this Allah is not unaware of that Allah is a shock or a shock call means the one that is appreciative of what you do. No one will appreciate you more than ALLAH. Whenever you want appreciation from a creation from a form of creation and you forget a lot know that that is a form of deficiency.

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That we have to remind ourselves that we ultimately want a laws approval

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and everything is subservient to that. So here when Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about Jana Allah says Kulu washable honey and eat and drink plentiful eat your brothers and just stop and think about it. When you read about Jana Yanni

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who had Allah talks about the fruits

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he says the fruits will come down Subhanallah the fruits will come down to you while you reclining in velvet chairs. What are you kidding me?

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will come and you have to remember that that's the soul the way you can perceive it is far beyond your imagination. Fee hemella Ainun rights will open on semi automatic. I'll be butchering the province of Allah Allah wa sallam said Jen is like what No, I have seen what no ear has heard and hotter. The heart cannot even It's unfathomable.

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Gender is gender is much more of a higher pure degree than we can imagine. Because things that we think about

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are only going to be from created things that we have encountered.

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There's no way you can think outside of that what you don't know or haven't perceived. Jana is beyond that. That's why it's called Jana gentleman that which is hidden or covered. Janine means the womb. Chin is something that's unseen spirits for lack of better words, Jana, Allah just gives us a description, words that we may know.

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And the rivers of honey lakes of milk, these things will be in Jana, may Allah make us from the inhabitants of Jana. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying Kulu washable honey and eat and drink plenty fully.

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And then another verse b is left to fill a yam in Hollier. From what you have left, from those days

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from the effort that you have made. So when looking at this brothers and sisters, it's important for us to remember, ultimately, in these days of tertiary IQ, it's days of eating, drinking, remembering Allah upon the least thing we can do is to try your best of making Salatin Gemma and at the end of the Salawat Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, all the way to answer the 13th day. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those that are consistent in this. And remembering that these signs of tissue leak is something that is extendable as we've seen, it's not only for those that are in hydrate now May Allah accept it from them, but from all of us now, to be patient on those sinful

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practices. And to realize these are days of celebration upon the best days of the year,

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celebrating that we are alive to have the opportunity to do our best and be our best in those 10 days. And then recognizing these days now our day

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Is of celebration remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and that's whatever Rajim says also two aspects and these beautiful days. Yanni the name will button when I'm when there is the name. There's the bliss and the blessing of the button of the body how eat and drink and then other was the Corolla, remembering Allah as liquid was sugar because when you remember what Allah has done for you,

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it should at least push you to thank him in some kind of way.

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When you remember someone, imagine if you've come to this country, and you met someone because of that after Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'll say because of that person, they got you a job. They said apply at this day. He said he's ready for you to apply, apply Inshallah, you will get an interview, you're going to pass up 100 people, but he doesn't tell you that you're passing up 100 people to get this interview, you get the job

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you get or whatever opportunity is in the land that you're not familiar with, which is a lot of us have come here and someone that was already here has given you an opportunity

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to help you provide for your family. What about Allah subhanho wa Taala that has given you everything will attr Coleman coulomb as ultimo. And he is giving you everything that you asked for not what you asked for that you don't know what's good for you, but what you ask for what you need, He gives it to you when he sees it suitable.

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That is the vicar remembering what Allah has done for you. What Allah has done for others, the wisdom of why Allah chose something, the patience with that wisdom, remembering that that is what causes one to have gratitude to God.

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It is not an easy process. But really ask yourself brothers and this is when Brett says when you say it's hard. What in this life that you appreciate comes easy. What?

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What comes easy, that you don't appreciate. If it's something you worked hard for many of you are working you worked hard. When you first got your job.

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You appreciate the fact the fruits of your labor. But on top of that, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something so beautiful.

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Lay a total agenda to family. He said that none of you will enter agenda with your actions. Now it seems confusing.

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The campaign's even asked well that on Seattle, so Allah, they said Not even you a Messenger of Allah, He said, Well, he said, not even me. In a near term Madani level matter he referred me. He said, except that if Allah only that Allah engulf me with His mercy and virtue and blessings. Because if we think just think about it, if we think that we're getting an agenda because of our actions, that means we should thank Allah for every breath, and hamdulillah in my heart, my vision, every single thing because Allah is allowing it every moment Allah is allowing us to live.

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So when you think about that, there's no comparison. There was no reciprocity with ALLAH SubhanA wa, you give me five years, Allah, I'll give you five law. Allah gives you 1 million and you just have to have an intention.

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And he rewards you 1 million more or seven fold than that. So we look at that reality of the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters, and we look at what he has legislated. And we try our best to think about this legislation. Right now these three days of tissues.

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How we can enjoy what Allah has given us. Ultimately, the message that we want to articulate is for us brothers and sisters, to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and the best way to show your thankfulness to Allah is to practice your deen

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very simple

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is to practice your religion.

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Very simple. This is not difficult. Allah has legislated this for us. It is not for him. It is for you to try your best to get up and pray. It's for you to try your best to stay away from that what you know is not good for you and even if you don't know but you know Allah has said is prohibited. What choice are you going to make?

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It's up to you. Because there will be a day when we will go in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask that Allah subhanaw taala makes us makes us so those that hug each other in Jannah

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that hug each other, saying salaam aleikum

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that drink from the milk and honey that eat from fruit sitting on velvet chairs, thinking about those days. Those beautiful days in the

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we want to be of those individuals may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those individuals Yara Bellamy along with filling Illumina will cafard unless he as you know what's often among abroad.

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alum was citta SNAM al Muslimeen Allahumma Surah Slama one Muslim in Allama suit Islam and Muslim in Allama febrile academica Yara Bella Alameen Allah Muhammad net indissoluble dynamic all I'll make us firm when we are questioned yada yada I mean I'll fill them in the new media and forgive us for our shortcomings yada yada I mean yeah almost almost have that finished equally McCann Allah help those that are weak and destitute in every part of the world? Well I meant to be mother didn't mean indica as easily alcohol you gotta Mateen Yeah Even in Allah yet motivated ideally what exactly we're eating is a quarterback. We're going to hear NFS Share it with me Okay, well above it you're ever

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gonna come to the karoun first Corolla has Qualcomm wash crew Island and he has it come. Well as a crew Allahu Akbar Allah Ya know medicine Ellen welcome.

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Aloha mobile law who is

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a shadow Allah

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