How to Celebrate in Islam

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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of happiness in the age of prophets and how one should not forget the prophets' words about entering underneath someone. They suggest that the focus should be on the "boundaries" of satisfiedness rather than the "matter of happiness" that comes with it.

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Islam is not against you expressing happiness at the moments of happiness. We see this time and again in this era of prophets of Allah who Salam when somebody would enter for example, Jaffa Ibn Abu Talib he entered after a long he was living in Abyssinia, he came back, there was a reception from when Prophet said Salam entered Medina, there was a reception for him. moments of happiness we are rather not commanded but we are allowed and it is recommended to us to joyfully express our happiness making sure that we do not transgress the boundaries if Allah subhanaw taala where does it become a problem? When we forget Allah subhanaw taala in the moments of happiness, for he was very

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the one who puts you into happiness in the first place. That's where the problem happens.