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If you see someone Allah has favored upon you, Allah gave him more wealth. Allah gave him more of his bounty. Do you hear a voice inside yourself saying, well, I deserve that more than him. This is the case. Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we asked for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except a law alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger. Devi was Salam. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. I'm your host, Mata Samad Hamidi. Today we have with us our brothers, brother, Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman, Salaam Alaikum,

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Today, we have another important issue that is considered to be a tumor or a cancer that eats up the body of the Muslim society. And it destroys the mutual love that people usually have. This is what we call an Arabic Allah has had envy and jealousy, envy and jealousy, we know this is

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something that is considered to be a disease in the society, social disease, and people are inflicted sometimes with this, and no one is free from that because we are human beings. But the thing is, to control ourselves, and not allow envy and jealousy to destroy the Brotherhood that we have with our brothers, the love we have for them. And we have come to know how high the position is the Brotherhood that has in Islam in this life and then the next. So what do you what do you have a word to say about jealousy generally like to share with us anything about att has had

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any of course, back in the days, I didn't used to really believe that it could affect bus wanna wanna, any days past and I started to see that when someone envy, it could really affect your success and whatever you're doing. And it's really bad than and it creates hate and hate even could create violence. So it has really bad effects. Yeah, and it could even create crimes. Because someone is he's he's not happy for what he already has. So he goes and he kills someone who has a bigger for example house than him. And so it's really a bad thing. So it's a serious issue. Of course, it has some really serious consequences as well, when need somebody to kill another one.

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Would you how do you think?

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Or the evil effect of hazard and envy and jealousy, and brotherhood Mohamad? Have you noticed that

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envy is like evil, as in Quran said it's shorter, hasn't it hasn't. So it's even also the professor iclm said,

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Do not envy each other's reporting. So should bad things affect brotherhoods

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as anything else any hazard matters should affect Brotherhood's that like it carries in the heart, things like that. Even small stuff, even like, I don't know if if you were a new shirt or something like that. And people like don't

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don't appreciate that you're happy with it or something like that, and they sort envying you about it. But there is a cure for It

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has been reported on a

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Bismillah Masha Allah, Allah

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will elaborate more on the cure, but just to highlight the evil effects of envy and how destructive it is in the society, to the Brotherhood that Muslims have. No.

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It is said that the one who has envy and jealousy, one of the worst thing about him is that he objects to the decree of Allah, because he sees a person with great fortune. Someone Allah has bestowed His mercy upon. And he looks at that man and in his heart, he objects that

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Well, I deserve that more than this person. So he sort of objects to the wisdom of the last panel that I had. And the way he deals with his creation is okay, I deserve this more than this person. Maybe he he doesn't say that with his tongue. But you can find it in his heart, it's in his heart is the feeling that burns in from inside. So it is a sort of objection to the decree of a law, this is the worst thing so he has bad manners towards his creator, towards the wisdom and the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah has has wisdom in whatever he does. And he's just even said that and Hadees that he disallowed himself from being in just two people. So when someone envy, he built

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a it's like, if he doesn't believe that Allah is just here, he thinks this is injustice, because he's maybe poor. Yeah, so it's a really bad it's kind of a disbelief in what and attributes. Yeah, it has this kind of objection, Objection, objection to the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. Yeah, you're not happy, you're not content with what Allah decreed. And you don't really realize that Allah has wisdom. Allah knows who to give wealth, to who to make poor, how to make rich, who to give children to whom not to give children, because Allah through his wisdom knows, he knows, for example, a poor person, he might say, Okay, what does it What does it like if other people money,

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but it doesn't give me that wealth? Well, maybe Allah knows that if he gives you money, he will transgress and you will become a tyrant. And you will use this, to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. Salah has the wisdom and everything he does, and the person was envy, he objects to that. This is what the feeling in his heart entails that there's a love of this person, but he doesn't give me now, Allah mentioned certain examples in the Quran about envy and jealousy and what they lead to

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have you know about the story Mohammed have the two sons of Adam, can you tell us about this? The two souls

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which one, you know, when they sacrifice for Allah subhanaw taala something, and it was accepted from one of them, and wasn't accepted from the other? What did he do due to his brother? Because of that? Jonathan, the heir to the Yeti, I have the two sons. You know, Adam, when he had the two sons kaabil and had been, oh,

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there was a story that happened between them because they everyone made the sacrifice to a lot of likes it did for one of them. So can you tell us what happened? Can you elaborate

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by killing the brother.

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So he envied his brother, because Allah accepted from him. And it led him to kill as you as I said, at the beginning, it leads to murder, to murder. That's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, while at the hospital, he said, Well, it has to do not envy one another. And at the end of the day, he said, Baku, Eva de la Juana and be the servants of Allah, brothers to one another is the beautiful Muslim society, the beautiful brotherhood that we have. Now, there are evil consequences for having envy towards your brother, as we said, it leads sometimes to murder leads that you hate your brother. And there's our main concern, to have this mutual love. We don't want to destroy it.

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And v destroys that some of the other consequences. Can you elaborate more on this? Maybe we have have noticed something about now? No, nowadays. I believe that there's still a lot of people that don't believe in the effects of the bad effects of the hazard of envy. But there's also people that believe there's still some people and even some of them use icons that that are not really

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in Islam, like AI or the stuff of the horse. Yeah, we know all this is to be shipped, shipped, we see the protection of Allah not have anything else, although it is shipped, but we don't say everyone who does that. Is there mostly because he might be ignorant. He might doesn't know that he might be just putting it as an adornment. So you should avoid this because it is an act of ship. Yeah. So what did you notice more? So like,

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back in the days, I didn't used to believe in the effect, but when I saw

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like, recently, when I saw that, I felt the effects. And I felt really the envy has are the

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envy is the event that evil eyes. I mean, it has real big effect. I mean, even once I was I took a car of my friend and it was a Mercedes and it will look good. And it was a diplomat. I had the diplomat stuff on it. And I saw people that these to know me when I was a kid. So they didn't say Mashallah, when they saw me like, Whoa, how did he get this car? It's really

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Nice, oh,

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two minutes later, I did an accident.

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And hamdulillah God He has written for me to live because I was rolling 180 and it wasn't so great because the rolls are big and it could roll really fast with the car. So that was like, because of envy. Yeah, that's the

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result of envy, envy sometimes leads to the evil eye, which is the line the professor slam said,

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the evil eye is true, it takes place. And another narration the professor solemn, highlighted the, the evil of or the evil consequences of the evil eye when he said that the evil eye enters or makes the pert the man into the grave, and it makes the camel into the cooking pot. So at least the person today and it leads the camel to be killed, slaughtered and cooked and eaten to see how it is. So it has an effect. And we know from everyday life sometimes you come across people will have this ability of striking you with an evil eye and it happens. It happens. And it's mentioned in the Quran as well one verse that the kuffaar wanted to bring a person

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to give the professor Simon evil I was known for striking people with his evil eye. And as mentioned in sort of Isra Waikato, Latina casserole, I use the punakha be up sorry him. So, this is one of the consequences of envy, the evil eye and the prophet SAW salamanders he warned us about having the evil eye Do you have anything about this? Have you had any

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Hadith from the prophet or do that how the Companions for example, they used to worry about that?

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will actually it's like it happens in daily life. Everyone

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feels it like brother Rob Roman said, even the small stuff as I mentioned before, like a new shirt that is been thrown or t shirt or something like that. So it's touched in every

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aspect in the life.

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Well, also it's like a sign of weak man. That's true. You know, that's a very good point the prophets Allah Salim Hadith and he said, the La condyloma macabre command, he spoke to the companions in an emphatic way. So the illness of the people who were before you, it has come to you and has said well bah bah bah, envy and hatred because envy leads to hatred destroys the mutual love that brothers have, destroys that beautiful bond, destroys it and it leads to hatred that has to do with Baba envy and hatred. And he he said it he had halophytes the shaver. It is the shaver. I don't say it shaves the hair, but shaves off the religion and the man. So if a person leaves envy in his

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heart, and he doesn't do anything to get himself out of this, then it will destroy his religion to shave off his religion. So it's a very important thing to have. Because, as we said, the one was envy, he objects to the decree of Allah. So he doesn't believe in that he doesn't accept what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed, with Allah spirit Allah has given him. So it's a very important subject. And our main concern is how this envy destroys the Brotherhood destroys that one that Allah has given us, this favor that Allah has bestowed upon us, because we want to maintain it. And we want to improve the love that we have the solidarity that the Muslim society has, so that we give the proper

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systemic example of brotherhood. Now we'll have to stop for a few minutes

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later, let's say to our viewers, stay tuned, we'll come back shortly.

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Last can of Allah choose whom he wins Subhana Allah Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship, for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person would turn to our last panel to Alison sadly, truthfully, asking for forgiveness last panel to Allah promised to forgive, we have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses, the words of our last panel to Allah, and to act according to the Quran, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the

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largest of all mankind since the time of the prophets or send them till the Day of death. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. So we are still dealing with the issue of envy and jealousy and the evil consequences of this shameful deed or shameful feeling to have in the heart.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he warned us, as we said in the Hadith against that, and he said that this was a thing that destroyed the people who came before us. They had envy for one another, it caused them to hate one another and you can feel if that you have a brother and you know, you feel that he has envy

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towards you or towards somebody else, you won't feel safe towards that brother, because you can't really relate to him. You won't even feel that close to him anymore. Yeah, that if you were close for this, what happens because envy destroys the Brotherhood that people have, this is why we want to get rid of that. inshallah, we will see how we will deal with this.

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You know, the profits are low and it was settled out last.

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He himself one day and event that happened. One of his companions was named Hanif, he was making also washing his body next to one river one spring. And one another companion passed by him. And he looked at him.

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When he saw him, he said, Oh, what a beautiful skin you have, because he said is more beautiful than the skin of a woman.

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So the narrator of that, it said, the man said, he fell on the floor, he couldn't move. And he was about to die. He was suffering from from the pains of death. He couldn't move. That's it, he just fell down straightaway. So the companions went to the Prophet for Lotus and they told him what happened. You see how the messages are slim realized what that was, because there was no other reason the man just fell by himself. He said, Who do you accuse? Would you accuse Who do you think the one who did that was? Because Yeah, they said someone so one of the companions. So he said the promise of Salaam listen to this statement. He said, Why does one of you kill his brother? Why don't

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proposals I'm called named as killing killing. Why does one of you murder or kill his brothers and murder? What is one of you kill his brother?

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So he said, If any of you see something that he likes from himself, or his brother or his children, let him say, Masha Allah, La quwata illa Billah. So when you see something you like, say Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah, inshallah, the evil eye will not strike that person or that thing.

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So this is a cure for the evil eye, Masha, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Sha la la quwata.

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So this is what some people they have the ability to strike others with an evil eye. Have you seen people like that?

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The story

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there was this guy, he was known for his evil eye, and he used to do it for a living. People give him money,

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so that he envies someone they don't like, so that the evil eye really harms the person they don't like. So a guy he found him. He told them, Okay, come with me. I want to show you cyanea Let's go find the guy that I want you to end before me. So they went and they were in the desert. So the guy

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told him, okay, he's there. And the person he wanted the MV guy to envy is what he was really for. So

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the the one that does this for a living, he was like, could you see him? So he got blind.

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So the evil

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lives, he was like, Really? You could see that for?

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Some people have this so you should say, remember Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. And he asked for blessings Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah would avoid this evil like you're not a Lost Planet. Allah says, Luna, NASA Allah Mata Mata Houma la homophobe, do they envy the people because Allah bestowed upon them his favor?

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The person who falls into envy, he's rejecting Allah, he's objecting actually to Allah commanded to Allah decree. So this is some kind of a rude act towards Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving Goethe his nominee for Whitman's for this person or something like that. Yeah. But if if you know you've realized that

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One of your brothers, he, for example, you have a car, your own car, and he envies you because of that. How would you feel about this? Of course, it's, as you said before, it's an evil act, and evil brings, like,

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not liking each other. Hayden, would you be comfortable? I wouldn't. I wouldn't. Of course, I'll be saying Bismillah Mashallah. But still, I wouldn't be comfortable to talk about a lot of stuff with that brother. And there is like, I remember No, there is the Saudis, but that there is Good evening. Good. Good, has has a good envy. Yeah, it's portable and heavy, so I sell them

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to good MBs. Yeah, if you're if a man has money, and he spends this money, in regions of loss of hydrodynamic and giving good and things like that, you can envy this man for what he has.

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It's from Allah subhanaw taala. Or a man that has learned the Quran and worships Allah subhanaw taala. Day and night, you can envy that person show a lot. So that's like the nebuta salaam says that there is good evil, good envy, and bad embryos. So what do we call the good envy, we call it in Arabic. Al Hassan. Hassan is the evil one, the other one is

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called pan Arabic. Means you see someone that Allah has favored maybe with money or knowledge, and you wish that you have the same thing as his without you wishing that Allah takes away from that person what he has, but has said which is condemned in the front. The Sunnah is that when you see a person that Allah has bestowed mercy upon him, you wish that Allah takes that away from him. This has said, that is condemned in the Quran, which is the good type of envy. The acceptable one is that you wish you have the same as your brother, with your brother, keeping a law keeps his paper up on your brother as well. And

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there's also a hadith

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where the prophet SAW some like he says, to, to when when, when we have we don't always talk about our private issues. For example, I'm having I'm starting the business in this big business, but I still didn't start it. I shouldn't talk about it. So that I avoid people envy me before that even starts. Because usually if people envy you, what are you planning to do? could get like, maybe not even started? Oh, yeah. And and and

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like, Brother Mohammed says he shouldn't you feel it? He doesn't talk that much to people to people that he feels that they have jealousy or envy. Yeah, because of that. That's a good thing as well to protect yourself from envy. And which is to as the process said, stain Oh, Allah injection how're egb? Kids, man, I mean, seek to seek success in your affairs through, keep it things that don't mean don't announce things publicly. If you have plan to do some kind of business, you don't need to tell everyone. Keep that for yourself. And the ones that you need the ones that you need, because you need them in that business. That's the only thing. Because we are all human beings. We're human

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beings sometimes. Okay, if I'm a poor person might, and I have a brother who's rich. And every time I mean, he talks about his business and the money and about his wealth, leaves something in the heart, leaves something in the heart that well, because we are human beings, we still were not perfect. If someone sees Okay, his brother, Allah bestowed upon him a lot of wealth, or he doesn't feel comfortable, or there's a big difference between them. Will every time you see that because we are human beings. We have this craving for materialistic things, for ease and for wealth. And all, isn't it? Like someone always has a weak thing in him? It's not like people are not perfect. So it's

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like, everyone has certain weak point in him. Right? Definitely. So maybe I got some evidence on the show law to the effect. Yeah, yeah. The thing is to control it, control it, and always say Masha Allah, Allah, Allah. And remember, this is from the wisdom of Allah, Allah has wisdom and the way he gives his seventh Sure. And our main thing is to maintain the Brotherhood and improve it. So don't covet what your brother has done. We don't wish for that. His problem, it's his property. So it's not yours. Allah has given it to him. Why do you wish for something else? And there's also this Hadith of the Prophet SAW Sam say it for dunya heb bacala was a demandingness have become ness. You

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have brokenness. This is exactly

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Don't Don't be really

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stuck to the dunya and wasn't dunya Allah is gonna love you and don't look at what people have and they're gonna love you because they are they will do they'll feel more comfortable around you dresses this hadith is to the point Mashallah. So you see, if you don't you don't wish for what people have people will love you. And this is what we want. We want this mutual love amongst the Muslims to love one another, to love one another. If you feel that somebody wants really what you have, you won't feel comfortable that person, every time we see him, you will have a bitter feeling inside you. I don't really feel comfortable with this man. So you won't be you won't be willing to

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mix with him. And this will cause you at the end to break that brotherhood break that relationship because of shape on and will this shape on or the sin of envy was the first sin

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that Allah subhanaw taala was disobeyed by.

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and it caused all the calamities that we are falling into, which is when shaytaan envied Adam, Allah created Adam with his own hands, and he blown soul into into him. And then he said to the angels, belting or prostrate yourselves before him, okay, just still prostrate yourselves before Adam. There was privilege given to Adam and he said him. So what did

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she say that time refused? He said, How could I bow? Someone who's made of mud and I made? Yeah, you create, He created him from clay, um, created from fire from the place of the fire. I'm better than him. And

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I am better than him. So he envied Adam. And he said, and it caused that hatred between them. So he said,

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and it just said, through some narrations that

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shaytan passed by the buddy of Adam before for the soul was blown into him. And he said, If I am given free power over you, I will destroy you and your descendants. So this is envy. And it caused shaytan to be kicked out from being with the angels because he was with the angels. He was from the worshipers of Allah subhanaw taala. And he was kicked out and he became shaitaan the cursed so it's a strict attribute to the return to the seven so

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even created a lot of stuff like hate, and yeah, and cover, it became. Yeah, and it's the it's the it's the thing at the bottom of most of the problems that we have envy, envy destroys that relationship destroys brotherhood destroys the social life. So the Muslim isn't someone who doesn't envy doesn't look at what people have. And he COVID that no, no, no the Muslim. He accepts what was given him he's content with that he's satisfied with that and happy and he only wants what Allah is prepared for the believers and paradise. This is what the Muslim wants sure what this life is only as a last resort enjoyment matter. So it's enjoyment. It's not what we want. So inshallah we will

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try to benefit from these beautiful Hadith that we have come across and we become attached to the hereafter not to this life. We don't look at what people have envying them. When you see something like you say Masha Allah, Tabata, kala and hamdulillah for Allah has given me I'm happy with that I'm content. So we still have this mutual love that we have the beautiful brotherhood we have to ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us all.

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With us today, I say to our viewers, desikan locker for listening, and I hope inshallah, we will implement that in our lives and maintain the beautiful brotherhood we have. And I say I leave you in the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.