Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 11 – Call upon Me I will respond to you

Nouman Ali Khan
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I'm gonna show you watching

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what he does

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in the quarry

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Wuji Buddha and what

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he found yesterday Bulli when you mean de la la homie. Oh shoot. Oh,

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love maganda minashi rubbish. Actually sorry, we're silly Emily loksatta Melissa Hokulea and hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was happy

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about Today we speak again about a lot of storage and today I want to share with you two of his names that occur that are very unique in the Quran. First place we find this these names is on the tongue of sila had a Salah when he was inviting his people to Allah mentioned in solitude, solitude, he says, in our bakery, Bo Mooji, my master is near, and the one who responds. So two names have been put together, the closeness of Allah that he's near. And to that he responds, and these are important to understand. Because in life, you can have people that are close to you. And sometimes, of course, we all have close relationships. We have parents, we have spouses, we have children, we

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have siblings, we have best friends, we have, you know, people that are just very close to us, we come into contact with them every day. And the closer people are to us, the more expectations we have of them, and the more expectations they have of us and there's rights and responsibilities. But oftentimes those that are closest to us fail to respond to our needs. We have something we need from them, or we need them to give us something and they fail to give that to us. Or we ask them of things and they're not able to provide those things to us. They can be corrib but they can't be Mujib. It can be close, but they can't respond. Allah azza wa jal is above and beyond all of his

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creation, no one is closer to you and me than allows origin. And no one and in that the irony of it is, he's invisible to us. The only place you can sense his presence is in your heart. And if you can feel that presence, then you have to know one thing not only as he closed, he also responds so whatever you ask of him, none of it. You know, sometimes somebody asks, I make sure I asked a lot. I don't even know if he's hearing my prayers. Nobody can hear that closer than the lies that we tell he can hear the sound of your heart when your tongue doesn't even move. Well who it might be that is sure. Allah knows the nature of the chests, the things that you're feeling, the things that you want

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that you never even brought on your tongue, Allah azza wa jal knows those that's how close he is. cabo la cumin, hublin worried are closer to you than your jugular vein. You know, we can even feel our own body as closely as allows origin is to us. And that closeness then is coupled with his name, I respond, but the one who responds The one who gives an answer in the Arabic language, there are two words for one who gives an answer. You can say mujeeb. And you can say Mr. gebe. Mooji means someone who responds immediately. And Mr. g means someone who tries to respond or takes their time and responding or wants to respond. So if, for example, you asked me a question, and I said, let me

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I don't know the answer. Let me get back to you. All this time. I'm not I'm not your Mooji but I'm just Mr. g. I'm trying to answer you. A last name is that Mr. g, a last name is mujeeb. He responds immediately whether or not you it was the response is the way you like it or not. But the response happened immediately. The response happened immediately explaining his own name, Caribbean mujeeb. The best explanation of that is in the Quran itself. It's the ayah that I recited to you and it happens to be an ayah within the IR of Ramadan. This ayah belongs within the instruction Allah gave of how you and I can benefit from Ramadan. Everybody here knows Ramadan is the month of the Quran.

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And the Quran is Allah speaking to us. The book we're standing in listening to in the prayer is Allah speaking to us, but our conversation with Allah when someone is close to you, they don't just speak to you, you also speak to them. So what Allah azzawajal introduced Ramadan, he talked about how he sent the Quran in it. But in the same passage, he says what either Salah carry by the need for any Karim. So he talks to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is the most powerful ayah of the Quran on the subject of talking to Allah. Like if somebody wants to understand how do I talk to Allah, this is the this is the ayah the Sahaba would feel a closeness to Allah azza

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wa jal in the month of Ramadan as we all do, and they want to know how to get even closer to Allah. They want to know more about Allah as they hear his word. So they come to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they asked him about Allah. Tell us something more about Allah. Tell us something you can give us about Allah. So Allah says, what about the enemy? When they come when you're my servants ask you about me. When my servants asked you about me, meaning they come to us a little less and allow us to ask him about allows origin notice first of all, allows origin describes the scene about people who want to know more about him.

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People who want to know more about him and they turn to the teachings of their messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam To find out more about Allah. So everyone, any one of us that tries to learn something about Allah, Allah acknowledges them in this ayah because they asked about him. And every time you try to go to find the teachings of your profits on the lohani, you send them or the teachings of the book that was given to him, acknowledges you in this ayah when he says they come to ask you about me. Now the expected languages, they come to ask you about me, tell them I am close. But Allah doesn't say that. He says, when they come to ask you about me, I am absolutely clothes for

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India Kareem meaning he is so close, that he didn't even tell His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to tell us that. He told us that himself. Just understand this scene. The Sahabi came total sola sallallahu Sallam asking about Allah. Allah was going to tell the messenger and the messenger will tell the Sahaba Allah said, No, I'll tell him directly in the Kareem. I am near. That's how close ally is. That's how close allies origin is to us. But closeness, like I told you before, there can be lots of relationships where somebody is close, but that doesn't mean they respond to you. And the last closeness is filled when we hear a buzz word, it brings us closer to him. But is he hearing

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our words? That's the question each all of us hear the same Quran. But when we have needs when we have pain, when you have sadness inside you, when you have something troubling you, once you have something taking away your peace, what you have to ask Allah is completely different from the person next to you. Each one of us has a different set of problems. Each one of us has a different set of needs a different level of sadnesses and we all want allies, I would love to hear our prayers. So Allah tells us in this ayah Uji, Buddha Dharma, I respond to the single law, the single every single day that law is different from da da is the word everybody knows, it's to call on a law that what

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what is called Mr. Mara when somebody calls on a law only once that hint in this ayah is maybe a less talking about someone who never prays, whenever worships who's forgotten about a lot, and something came in their heart and they decided once in a 10 years to turn to a lion make $1 to Allah $1 to Allah. And you know, usually when someone goes away from you, like if you had a brother who said, I forget you, I don't like you, and it goes away from you. And he doesn't call you doesn't care about you. It doesn't follow up with you. And five years later, he says, Hey, I need something.

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You say Where were you all this time?

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All of a sudden, now you need something you call me. You see, people forget about Allah. They forget about Allah they want, they follow what they want. They follow everything else except what Allah wants them to follow. When Allah gives them instruction, they put it on the side, they never listen to what Allah has to say. They don't listen to Allah's words. They don't listen to their His prophets, teachings from the Lahore audio center, but then they get in trouble, then they fall on their knees, then they're outside of a hospital waiting for their loved one inside the ER, or then they lose a job. Or then they get sick, you know, then they have family trouble, and then he can't

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find me and then all of a sudden they find a law. And they turn back to a line a law could say Where were you all the other times? You know, we were Where are you? Why didn't you remember a law and he was giving you all of and all of a sudden a little bit of pinch. And now you come running to Allah. You know, Allah describes people that are traveling in the ship, everything is going well. And all of a sudden there's a storm, and the ship starts going this way and that way.

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They start making dua to Allah, they become more religious sincere in their religion than ever before. You know, you know for you some people go on a flight, and sometimes there's turbulence right? And people are watching a movie some people are listening to headphones going like that. And so people are people playing video games, entertaining themselves, some people sipping drinks, some people sipping haraam drinks, chillin relaxing, you know, and all of a sudden the plane goes a little bit like just pause pause pause Hold on.

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Hey, Ron, welcome hola who had a long summer

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whatever cron you know, all of a sudden and if if the you know those cups that fall you know, the medical mode cups you know?

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If one of those falls then all of a sudden you become a half of whatever cron you know when it starts rolling out that Oh, lovely see that odd and then the plane is stable again. Sorry about that. We were going through some turbulence. We're going to put the medical mode cutbacks inside and then what happens? Okay, all right. I go back to my movie Now, where was I?

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So Larissa can say you only remember me when you have trouble and when your life is going, okay? You forget about me. You want a party, you want to live your life. But in this ayah Allah says, even if the one who had pushed a lot aside, forgotten about Allah, dismissed the lust teachings, this Miss de luz remembrance they come to Allah asking do I not night after night after night, they came once that wha that water and then he says what kind of person

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is making drama? Is it a McDuffie? Someone who's conscious conscious of Allah? Is it someone who has high faith in Allah? Is it someone who is a Muslim? who prays all the time? You know, people come to someone, sometimes they come to you, they say, MiG LA for me, you're a good person you may draw for me. Maybe because you know, I don't? Well, hopefully, you seem to have a better connection. If you make sure you have a you know, I have my connection is not even 3g, it doesn't go through, you seem to have high speed Wi Fi. If you make the other than you have better chance, you know?

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Because you yourself, are you just came from a club or you just came after drinking some alcohol or you just came from some harassing or whatever. And you're like, I can't be making da, who am I to make Dora and Eliza just has only one qualification for that da to be responded to immediately His name is Mooji, the one who responds immediately, but who does he respond to? He says Adar, the one who calls him that's the only condition. He didn't say da, da, da, da, da da. But the one who calls Him who's a worshipper, the one who calls Him who's obedient, obedient. The one who calls Him who is conscious of a lion remembers a lion has done late nights and nights of either No, no, no, no, no,

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this is someone lost in the darkness and they just turned once to Allah and decided to sincerely genuinely call them Allah. And Allah says, immediately I respond immediately I respond. Now think about that. Think about how you and I don't do that. You and I are not capable of doing that. Even if people are close to us. If you had a you know, some people don't get along with their father. They have an argument. And then later on you say hey, you know, Father sends you a message or you send you know that or you send out a message Hey, Dad, I need something. He looks at it. He shows read.

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But there's no response for two three hours, four hours because it's not it's not an immediate response. I'm still mad at you. I'm not going to respond to you right away. Or maybe no response at all. Or Oh, you need something Hmm.

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You see, even people close to us may not be ones that are willing to respond because we push them away. You see we go away unless stays near Think about that. We go allies never been allies always curry we try to run from Allah and no matter where we run, Allah is Allah have Allah is always closed down and you can't run away from Allah. It's like running. It's as silly as running away from air. Where are you going to run? Where are you going to run? You're You're You and I are lungs are breathing. dorama Avila wherever we go. We can't get away from alaris origin. You know. And so we think we've gotten away from Allah and when we get away from Allah, you know, which headline comes

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in tells you shaitaan tells you Allah is away from you. Allah doesn't want to hear you look at you. What kind of person are you looking to listen to your dog, please? I'm not the kind of person who would listen to you know, those mustard people. Those are, those are a lot of people. I'm not those type, you know? And so Allah azza wa jal says he was

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the one who calls now is an important point of reflection here, that's so powerful. You know, when, you know, I teach. And sometimes I have 100 students, 100 students, each one of them wants to ask me something, or needs my help with something. Even if I give one of them one minute. Then the next one, one minute, then the next one, one minute, then the next one, one minute, what's going to happen? I have spent 100 minutes, I'm almost dead.

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And each one of them thinks I didn't give them any time he only give me one minute he started talking to somebody else. He didn't even completely hear what I had to say. It took me 45 seconds to ask my question. Then he only had 15 seconds. And then he moved on to the next person. What kind of person is this? And I'm trying to answer everyone as best I can. I can't, I can't do it. And on top of all of that, the next day the same student comes he knows that you remember my name?

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How am I supposed to remember your name? I can't. People come to me sometimes. Remember, I ran into you at a speech you gave. And I said Salaam to you. And I was like, yeah.

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I remember something happened.

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I can't I don't remember your name. I don't remember the question. People expect that. I would remember I wouldn't remember. You know, there's sometimes there are CEOs of companies. They have 500 employees. Yeah. Do they know everybody's name? They got 1000 emails every day. Do they know every email and respond to every email unable to answer and somebody comes in says three weeks ago, I sent you an email, did you get a chance to look at it? No, that's not that's that and that's in the spam folder, buddy. That's in the you know that that email is in the cupboard. Now that's not coming back.

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That's not coming back. Think about that. The more important someone is. They can't talk to all their employees. Maybe he's talked to his VP. Maybe you'll talk to some executives, and he'll let them do the talking with everybody else. He doesn't know the security guards name. He doesn't know the Secretary's name. He doesn't know the janitors. He doesn't know everybody's name.

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Allah azzawajal describes not just somebody who calls, he says anyone, anyone who calls on him is not a person who called he says Adar, the person who called and when you put a V on them th e on them, meaning they are special to Allah, He knows them by name, he knows specifically who they are, and he knows exactly their need. Now, here's the thing, the more important someone is, it's hard to get their time is hard to get their time, it must be a special time where you can talk to them. Because I can't just go up to the CEO and say, Hey, I need to talk to you gotta get an appointment, you know, and they say, Oh, the schedule is filled for the next three weeks, come at this time, this

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time, this time. And so allows origins, you know, fine, he will respond, but must be a good time to ask him. You know, he just answered, he's not waiting for my call. I'm supposed to be at his service. You know, he's not just 100% immediately, the moment I call, he's gonna respond a lot as either.

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When ever he calls me, whenever he calls me. You know, he was it was a special time to meet God, there are special times to make law. But think about that in your lowest moments, you, you and I, we commit sin, we make mistakes. And the moment you've made a mistake, you feel like you're furthest away from Allah. And at that moment, when you call on Allah, Allah still responds, immediately is done. Because that moment you called on Allah.

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This is Allah when he's mujeeb. This is Allah when his career he's so close. And he's always ready and willing to respond. Think about this. Now. I'll give you an example to help you think about this. Sometimes, you know, soldiers go to war. And when they go to war, they give hugs to their mothers at the airport. And they're going to war.

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And the mother is waiting for the sun to come back. Yeah. And she's telling her talking to her friends. Does she say if my son comes back, I'll make his favorite cake? Or does she say when my son comes back, I'll make him eat my favorite cake. If for when, when her love for him, and her wait for him. And her desire for him to come back is so strong. She will not say if she says what? When Allah did not say I will respond to your door if you call. He said I will respond to your door. When you call as if Allah is waiting for your da. Allah is waiting for your daughter and his love for you. And his closeness to you. keeps him waiting for you to finally turn back to him. He's already spoken

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to you now it's your turn to speak to him or honors him speaking to you do is you're speaking to him is that on?

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And so law says if you can do that, I'll do this for you. I'll respond to you immediately. But then if I'm willing to do this much for you, I want something in return from you. Allah puts us in this in decide he wants something in return from you and me for him being cut even mujeeb What does he want from us? He says finally esta Ji boo Lee.

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Then at the very least, they should try to respond to me to

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just like you are asking Allah for something. You are asking Allah for health. I am asking a law for peace. I am asking a law for security. I am asking a lot to remove my problem. I am asking a lot of get me away from people that cause me harm. I am asking a lot to keep me away from the whisper of shavon I am asking the law I am asking a lot I am asking Allah. Allah says By the way, I am asking you to. I'm asking you also. And you know what Allah said about himself when you ask how does he respond over time or immediately, immediately. But he says when I asked you, I don't want you I don't expect you to respond immediately. And I

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Doesn't he know who he created. He knows we're not like angels. We take our sweet time we're weak. We forget we have shortcomings, we get lazy. So he says finally yesterday Bulli, they should at least try to respond to me. Let me see in them the want of responding to me. Can I see in their hearts that they want to respond? How can you respond to someone you haven't even heard? It's impossible in any language. If say, Hey, did you respond, respond to what I never heard anything? When Allah says polyester, je Bulli, he's saying, Listen to my foreign here what I'm asking from you, and at least try to respond to me. And when you try to respond to me, even before we listen to

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Allah's words, you know what we say to what Shetland comes to us, and what does he say? Quran is really hard, Quran is gonna make your life difficult, but he's gonna put some burden on you. If you read Quran and you're responsible, better not read it, because if you read it, then you're really in trouble.

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You know, so it's better you don't know. Just listen to the recitation is good thing you don't know Arabic because if you heard what the mom said, Man, you got to make some changes tonight.

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That was way too much trouble. Allah says at the very least, you should try

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respond to me. And then he says, Well, you know, be, and they should have faith in me. They should have faith in me that when a law speaks to us, he doesn't speak to us because he's putting demands on us for his benefit. We put demands on Allah for our benefit. Allah puts demands on us for our benefit, everything goes back to our benefit. In accidentally accidentally and forsaken. If you're going to do your best, you will only be doing your best for your own benefit. Woman jaha in Nevada hidden enough, see, whoever is going to struggle and work hard and try to come closer to Allah is only doing that struggle for his own benefit Quran keep saying that over and over again. And so

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Allah is telling us if you respond, first of all, if Alliance was your dog, you benefit. And if you respond to Allah, you still you benefit. So just have faith that I alized asking you to have faith, he doesn't want things to be hard for you. He wants things to be easy for you. Let him speak to you. Nobody cares more about you than he does. Nobody loves you more than he does. Nobody gives better advice to you than he does. Just listen to his advice. Just listen, it's for you. And it's an act of love from Allah, you need to love ecomo usul. Allah wants things to be easy for you. That's his agenda. That's why he gave you this book. And so he says for you to be. And finally he says that

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Allah whom you're doing, and this is what I end with. This is the explanation of what it means that allez mujeeb he says that Allah home your children, so they may be set on the straight course. And what does that mean? That means we in life, we in life have a lot of different turns and twists. We have a lot of problems that come in life that throw us off. And Alonzo just says if you can respond to me, no matter how strong the winds are, no matter how bad the weather is, no matter how difficult the road is, no matter how many challenges that are in front of you, I will make sure you keep going on the right road, you won't fall off the road, I love them, your children, hopefully they will stay

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on the right track. All of that depends on us calling on Allah, US believing that Allah is the one who responds, US believing that Ally's Mooji The hours are endless this month, is the last thing I share with you. The eyes are endless this month, you and I have to ask Allah for anything we want anything we want. But you have to have hope in Allah. You cannot ask Allah and say, you know, I'm pretty sure you're not going to answer this one. But I'm going to ask anyway.

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You know, sometimes people make draw into like, you know, well, I know I didn't study for the exam. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail. But

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I guess it's time for Donna.

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So the idea is, is like an insurance policy, maybe like a lottery, maybe it'll work. Oh, my God, it worked. But in your head, you actually believe that the AI is not going to work. A door is not going to work. The law will not work if the one who calls doesn't believe. That's why at the end, the law says, respond to me and have faith in me have real genuine faith in the law, your circumstances can be the most impossible. But that's the same Allah that makes a fire cool. That's the same Allah that makes the water part. That's the same Allah that puts young men to sleep for 300 years. That's the same Allah that bends the rays of the sun so they don't touch them. This is this is a like And He's

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the owner of reality. He's the owner of reality. That's the same Allah who can put a prophet to death for 100 years and bring him back to life. For my Bertha, that's Allah. That's the Allah that's not a different God. That's the same God we're calling on. That's the same Allah we're calling on the all powerful one, the one who can respond with anything, the one who can change any reality, the one who can change any circumstance, the one who can give you strength to the most impossible things, you and I don't possess the strength to deal with our problems. That strength can only come from a lot of xojo and it will not come until you beg him until you turn to Him and you until you

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and I acknowledge our weakness. Yeah, like Can't I am not capable. I am belief that parliament will not look what I want is weak and I am weak. You're the only one who's strong you are the one who will respond to me and give me strength May Allah azza wa jal make us people of da and give us strength. Give us give us the strength and the guidance and the commitment that we need more than anything else, except the daughters of our forgiveness and to ask for our guidance and to ask for our protection and to ask for the future of our children a lot. So it does make all of us people whose daughters are never just on the tongue and they're always stem from the heart And may Allah

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azza wa jal finally make us the people who respond or at least try to respond to Allah the way he wants us to barakallahu li walakum and Hakeem when a fan er can be it was the Kyocera molecule

Nouman Ali Khan gives a beautiful lecture on the power of Dua and how it is the weapon of the believer. Dua is the means that one uses to achieve the desired goals that one has.

And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.”

[Surah Al Hud, verse 60]

When we turn to Allah in humility and submissiveness and advocating complete Tawakkul in Him by making Dua to him in continuity, we invoke the pleasure of Allah. No matter how difficult the road ahead is and no matter the number of challenges, the solution lies within us which is to call onto Allah and hope in complete positivity that Allah will surely answer our prayers.


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