Why Should We Pray Salaah & What is the Benefit Praying in Congregation in Mosque?

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So, my name is Sam arriba. Why to some degree student business? Just My question is about Sala, you've mentioned and give us knowledge about Zika and how it benefit our society. So what about Sala why we should gather in the most? What is the benefit of it or the community and the society? Thank you for the question that in Malachi, I gave the example of the cause. What about Salah? What is the benefit of Salah? Why should we go to the mosque and have a congregation and gathering rather view a full lecture on Salah, the programming towards righteousness. it for about one and a half. I don't intend doing that. You cannot cover all the points in one lecture. Salah is the second important,

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the second pillar of Islam after tawheed believing in Allah that there's no one except last month worthy of worship and Mama Soros messenger. The second is Allah our beloved prophet masala Salim said the first deed that will be asked you on the Day of Judgment is about your Salah and avoid the mama Hubby, not praying falls as the fourth major sin in Islam. Number one.

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Second is murder. Third is black magic fourth is for going Salah. It is the fourth major sin in Islam. And

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our beloved Prophet, Allah Salam said mentioned SIBO Hari, Volume One in the book of Salah that if you pray in JAMA, you get 25 times 27 times most of spraying in Java is

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25 to 27 times better

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congregation and there are several hadith of our beloved Prophet Musa masala but as is the problem lucilla seldom it's mentioned in February Volume One in the vocal Salah

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that the Prophet said

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that people do not come to the mosque

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for the Juma Salah. He felt like telling one of the Sahaba to lead the Salah, so that he could go and burn the houses of those people who did not come for the Juma Salah.

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Then another Hadith in which the Prophet masala Salim said so based on the scholars playing Juma Salah

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is first and if you do it for three times without reason

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Allah blocks your heart and upon the mama Barbie, it is the 66th major sin in Islam. Not paying praying persistently Juma salah and congregation is the 65th major sin your mama who say sin number 65. One thing before that, that persistently not praying in the mosque, in the congregation Salah with Jama without a valid reason. Then another Hadith acevo hari Halima man because Allah The Prophet said the hypocrites did not come for the five year Salah or the Shah Salah.

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And if they knew the remote, they would come crawling, I felt like telling one of the Sahaba to lead the Salah so that I can go out and burn the homes of the men with them in it who did not come for the congregation Salah so praying in JAMA the fight and Salah according to very few scholars, it is mustafina majority scholar says it is firm. Mr. Madhavi says in his book, it is carbuyer it is the 65th major sin that if you do not pray fight and Salah in the congregation in the mosque. So most of the scholars agree that you have to pray unless you have a valid reason that if maybe you're traveling or if you're sick

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or normally at the time of the Sabbath, if a person did not come to the mosque to pray, he was either sick or he was a monastic for this.

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So praying compulsory in the Salah in congregation is a must. What are the various benefits? I can give a talk for one hour only on scientific benefits under the permit we bring in theme every day.

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You come closer to the Muslim Ummah, you get guidance from the Imam Yahushua increases the best time the best peace of mind is the time of Salah. And the best part of Salah is the sudo Allah mentioned sidestand so dude in the Quran 92 times.

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But if you know what who shoe is you will understand it. You can only enjoy the fruit if you have a taste of it. So if you know what benefit of Allah, man minor benefit, minor benefit, I'll tell you, you know people say

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you know, the 10 richest men in the world and the list goes on Mukesh Ambani number 10 and Warren Buffett and number one goes to Bill Gates. Now it is Jeff something you know what again, Bill Gates recently, Jeff, someone

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who's the owner of Amazon is overtaking Bill Gates number one

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And there was another post that says number 10 Ambani number three Bill Gates number two Jeff number one is

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a Muslim who offers Torah katha Suna Salah before fudger. Because the Beloved Prophet by masala Salam said that if you pay to retire sooner before fudger it is more valuable than the Earth and the wealth in it.

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So, if you have a Muslim you understand that you will know the reward of that it is a Sunnah Salah

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so now makeda imagine what would be the reward for the further Salah.

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But how many Muslims realize that many new but not all.

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If you know that, you know once a businessman approached me is a billionaire. You know, but I prefer them sir. But I don't get a forfeiture.

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So I told him

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that what if you have a meeting tomorrow,

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early in the morning

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at 530 where if the deal clicks, we'll get a billion dollar. He said I will not think the full night.

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So I told him, you know, the soonest The future is more valuable than the world and the wealth in it.

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trillions and zillions of dollars. So if you have the demand, and if you have that faith, then you will realize what important it is that for the Prophet said, if the moon Africa knew what was the benefit of coming for the shuttle, and for the most, they would crawl coming to it. So unfortunately, most of us Muslims don't know the benefit. But Alhamdulillah I'm happy in Malaysia as compared to India, the percentage of Muslims praying in India is very small in the mosque. I would say less than 5%. But here I'm gonna I'm happy that the percentage of Muslim men Muslim praying in the mosque is multiple times more than India and Pakistan.

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But as a Muslim,

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the benefit to get the sukoon the serenity, the peace, it is much more than the wealth. So if you know what peace is, you will value it. If you don't know you won't value it. So if a Muslim reads the Quran, and the Hadith and understand what benefit is, then you will care less for the material things

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and you will come closer to the deen and refined the benefit. For more details refer to my talk Salah the programming touches sub dances