Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders The First 10 Days Of Dhu Al Hijjah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the 10-day period and mentions the use of "medicals during those days." They stress the need to increase weather during these days and read aloud during those time frames. The speaker also mentions the upcoming weekend and the importance of fasting during the day.
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Number 11 salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Allah, Allah said well first of all I add in ash.

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Allah Delos war by the time of fudger. And by 10 nights. Number four Siri has said that these 10 nights are the nights of the first 10 days of religion.

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And the lovely start those days from today,

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and that is also Lord Allah sallam.

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He said,

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the board may now battle Delano. He said that

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Lana Bella does not like good deeds more in any part of the year

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more than he likes those good deeds during these 10 days.

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And it's our last film somebody asked and they said, Yeah, so what about Jackie's visa.

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And so it wasn't even that

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except if a man goes out,

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to fight for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah with his wealth and with his life, and does not return with either.

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Except divorce initiaves is a real law. Other than that, even GRP Sevilla is a law life with more during these days than any other

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hamdulillah therefore we have been blessed that Allah, Allah chose to give us life, and to give us the toughest to worship,

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and that we are alive and well and healthy during these days. And therefore, it's very important for us to take advantage of that. And to try to increase our weather during these days.

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And try to read as much Qur'an as possible, obviously, also fast during these 10 days.

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And then do more.

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And do more soccer than Kira

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during these days all did which are good deeds, to maximize them during these 10 days, because the reward of those deeds is more and Alice would have liked them to be done in these 10 days more than any other day.

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We ask Allah to make it easy for us.

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In these days also is the day, which is known as yomo Latifah, which is a ninth of the ledger.

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There is a needless controversy, which comes up every year, whether we should be fasting on the open alpha, when alpha is Yamanaka the actual day when people are standing in the

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in alpha, the answer is yeoville. Alpha is the name for the 9000. That's what

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whether anyone is standing in alpha or not standing and has nothing to do with that.

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It's a question the name of nine villager is yoga. So we should fast on that day. But ideally, you should fast for all the 10 days. So there is no need for any controversy anyway. But even if somebody asks you a question and say, and says how is it that we are fasting today, when it is omona, which is the age in Saudi Arabia, it makes no difference. We are breaking the law further now. In Saudi Arabia, they're still sleeping.

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Because the sun has not risen, it will dies after another three and a half hours.

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So we don't say that we will pray father when they are praying father in law,

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what happens on a day to day basis, the same thing applies on a month to month basis. We do what happens in our country on that particular day, that is all. It so happens that that particular day has a name

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like the 10th of Muharram is called Yama Shura.

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So some days have names. So that's all there is to it. You might for example, the day of Java,

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so the maybe Java here in Australia, it was Dubai yesterday.

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And in America, it will be Java tomorrow. So we don't say we will pray Java on the day at the time when they are praying actual Juma in the home because then you will be praying at the demo mode was something

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because of the damage. So don't worry about all those things. in case somebody asks you tell them that first of all, let us first of all the 10 days so there is no need for any controls. hamdulillah Rhonda, like the good deeds have asked for all the dentists. And in case you are not fasting for all the 10 days you want to fast only on the day of alpha, then the Yeoman alpha the day of whatever is the ninth of the leader whether anyone is standing in alpha or not, has nothing to do with the ninth region. So whenever it is ninth of the ledger in your country, you must inshallah that is the correct opinion as far as that is concerned. Well Salalah Alana will Karim Allah Allah He was happy

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as may be aromatic

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