Riyadul Haqq – The Kabah & The Quraysh A Tafsir Of Surat Fil & Surat Quraysh

Allah employs a unique method in displaying and manifesting His many miracles. There is no constraining or circumscribing Allah powers irrespective of if it conforms to logic or not.

The exegesis of two interconnecting surats is contained within this talk. The first of which outlines the miraculous nature of how the Kabah was protected from destruction by the Abyssinian viceroy of Yemen, Abraha, and his assembly of elephants. The story is expounded on in great detail. Allahs power in destroying his ploy, despite of his might and power, is demonstrated within this talk. This event was a harbinger and foretelling of another great miracle which occurred 50 days later, the birth of the Messenger Muhammad SAW.

The talk then progresses to the second surah which outlines Allah countless blessing bestowed upon mankind. We are reminded not to adopt the traits of the Quraysh in disregarding the many favours of Allah. As believers, we should always be grateful for what we have rather than divert our attention to what we dont have. We should not compare ourselves with people above us in wealth and status, rather compare ourselves with people below us. This will enable us to be grateful and to do complete shukr of Allah.

We also learn the correct and in-depth meaning of the word Quran and why it is a means of reminder for us rather than a book of enjoyment and entertainment.

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