Zakir Naik – Why Muslims in India Oppose a Common Civil Code

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller named Raj Kumar is asking about why Muslims in India should not oppose common civil codes. Raj explains that the code is the most practical law in India and that they have a solution for all Muslims. He also discusses the issue of rape cases in the US and Saudi Arabia, stating that the rate of rape increases and the worst cases are related to women.
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Good evening, sir. My name is Raj Kumar. I'm doing a final MBBS in Stanley medical college.

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My question is why do Muslims in India constantly oppose common Civil Procedure Code?

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Why do Muslims in India oppose a common Civil Procedure Code?

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Thank you. So

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a very good question

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that why do Muslims

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oppose the common civil code?

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Brother, I am for the common Civil Code, but that common civil code should be the best code which practically gets resolved.

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I'm for it even if the full Muslims of India are against it, I doctors are can I get for it and I would debate I would be on the platform to discuss logically which is the best code, which is the best law. And you find this that the law which is the most practical law you implement that I would advocate that let India have a common Civil Code, common criminal code or zolani Civil Code, have common Civil Code, common criminal code, but we should have a dialogue that which is the best

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code like a Hindu lady who asked me that, why does Islam allow a man to have more than one map I gave the answer, people appreciate it. So if you are give you the answer, a common civil code that man is allowed to have more than one wife. There is no the answer. For the surplus number of women in the world. There is no other solution. No religion has the solution to all the religions and no religion we say that marry only one except for the Quran. And I gave an analogy

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for a job for a given energy, that the best punishment that you can give

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the best punishment you can give, which has the best result.

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Islam says, the woman should be desktop any job, the man whenever it looks at a woman should lower his gaze. And after that, If any man rapes a woman, he gets capital punishment, the death penalty, and I gave the states of america that according to the FBI report in 19 91,756 cases of * took place every day in the year 1990. In 1996, according to statistics of the US Department of Justice 2713 cases of * took place every day in the year 1996. That means every title second one day is taking place. No, we are yes in the past two hours, more than 200 deaths have taken place in USA from the time we are here.

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Say that if you implement this some Sharia that every man when he looks at a woman you should know this case, every woman should with Islamic company bodyguard accept the face and hand the police after that, if any mandates use capital punishment, I'm asking you the question, will the rate of * increase? Will it remain the same? Or will it decrease?

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It will take you to the practical law. And this you can see there was a program on BBC talking about the part of Nigeria which implemented the Islamic Sharia and they gave the death penalty for * and immediately the cases of * came down the least rate of * in any part of the world in Saudi Arabia. I'm not speaking in favor of Saudi Arabia. But what is that you have to appreciate? And I congratulate lk Advani. I remember a couple of years back in the 1989. In the month of October, he gave a statement being the home minister, that that rap should be given to the * and I congratulate him. He's coming closer to Islam. Maybe the next Home Minister will say that all the

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woman should have a job.

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