Why Should there be Only One God

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Some people may say that why there should be only one God,

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Mike and Debbie many gods,

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if there would have been many gods, surely, these gods would have fought among themselves. And we find this in the mythology, of some of the legends, man God fighting with the other God, one God helping the other God to find the third God.

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Can you believe in such a God who can be defeated? Who can be killed?

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And some people say that why can't there be different God, one God for son, man, God for cloud man, God for wind. Now imagine if there was one God for each, each one having power over his own little thing.

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It's logical to have one God was power of all things, rather than each different, different God fighting among themselves. It's illogical.

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that the reason the Quran says

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in Serbia, chapter number 21, was from 22, that if there would have been Gods besides Allah,

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surely there has been confusion in the universe.

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As mentioned for a moment on chapter number 20, verse number 91, that Allah subhanaw taala does not beget a son is devil God besides Allah.

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Each God would have taken things recreated and hoarded on the other, surely they would have been infighting amongst them. That fortress in the mythology, the best and the most logical is only one God, one and only all powerful, having power of all things.

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That is the reason if you read the scriptures of the major world religions, all the scriptures of the major world religions, they say that Almighty God is one.

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I've got no images, he's not forgotten. He is one and only absolutely eternal, and nothing like him.

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And by the passage of time,

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many of the Scriptures

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almost all besides the Quran,

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the scriptures have changed. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 79. For my little little was enough to Bukit Abbe de su Miko Luna has Aminullah the feminine karela from Makkah in Bologna, Maxi Boone, that vote to those who write the book with their own hands, and then say this is from Allah to traffic with it for miserable pies, vote to those for what they earned vote to those for what they write.

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For you, it's mentioned the Quran, that people write the Scripture with their own hands and then say this is from Allah. So by the passage of time, all the scriptures that came before the Quran, they have been changed. And since they were not the last and final revelation, Almighty God did not think it fit to be preserved.

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Because those were the previous revelations. But in spite of this corruption, in spite of the manipulation, in spite of the change yet, in the remnants of all the major world religions, in the Scriptures, you will find the mention of monotheism, the oneness of Almighty God, that He has got no images, he's not forgotten. He is one and only and nothing like him.

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So if you believe in a concept of God, it should be according to your scriptures.

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There are some religions which agnostic

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you may not call them religions, like Buddhism, they don't comment on God. They are silent as far as God is concerned. And many ethical system which I mentioned earlier, like Confucianism, Taoism, they are more of ethical systems and having a concept of God and as far as the people are atheist, like Jainism, etc. To those who agnostic and atheist, they can refer to my video cassette is the Quran God's word. And I gave that earlier also, as well as recently in Bombay a couple of months back on the 24th of November. On the second day of the peace exhibition, Mumbai, the solution to humanity is the Quran God's word, if they see this concept of the top,

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inshallah, if the human being isn't bashed, with the help of the Quran, have proved the existence of Allah subhanaw taala