Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah 11

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the significance of Gematria's time and the importance of the Darrow- Public Time, which is used to hold events such as the Hanah and the Book patient's wedding. It uses narrational and historical references to describe the significance of Gematria's time and the importance of the Darrow- Public Time in shaping the culture of the United States. The speaker emphasizes the need to be aware of one's own knowledge and love for the throne and to forgive people for their actions. They also discuss the importance of celebrating the rememb surely by listening to the sound of the trigrams of Islam, protecting from bad deeds, and being in the presence of installations of the pretenders.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa Barik Allah so you didn't know have you been a Muhammad? Ali he you're so happy he urged me no but you're really Mr. Mohammed if he was steady he'd be settled in Hassan and I'd be sad Adrian Audrey Ali Allahu Anhu for calling the use of Allah Allah Allah certainly tonight in the collection in my mind, but it has an acceptable chain of narration or interest by sight and Kadri and this is within the theme of the significance of Gematria decrypt your mind it's similar to a hadith and I read it maybe two or three nights ago but there's an additional piece which is why narrating and I just want to shed some light

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on that additional piece because I think it's beautiful. Is what he said out of your source was either akana yo MoodGYM wha wha Datil Mala Iike to Allah wa Bill Messiah GD aktu buena mangia Mina Nursey ILM and xili him Balaji rune cod, Donna Jesu Ron orange Balaji don't cut them back Ratan Raju don't cut them the Jetta and Raju don't pack them house food and put them available. But the rest of the Hadith the raw value Samsung says is that if the day of Juma occurs prior to the Salah, the mullah ICA, they sit in front of the masjid and they write down the names of those who come for Salah based on when they attend and how they attend Ala Moana ZD him is what the Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam said here so here he didn't say depending on the timing, which is what he said another Hadith here he said Allah Munna is at him, meaning at their statuses, these so it's not just how early they came. It's also whether they fulfill all of the other etiquettes of Dunhuang for that day, and they get registered by the ICA that this person and in the profit it is awesome. Would it say we're entrepreneurs union condom AlJazeera and then each person based on how much effort they put into to achieve the significance and the etiquettes of tomorrow, it will be as if they sacrificed a camel or

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a cow or a chicken or a bird or an egg. It goes from something very valuable to something less valuable, but it's all there's all higher color fat either than

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white GLSL imamo I don't remember who we are to sorrowful. Here's the point in time, why da Lu LMS G the yesterday rune is dhikr

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you said that a sorcerer must then make Sudan and the Imam sits on the member and on it but sits within its meaning he's good to sit down and he sits down to go off. Then they close their records. And the point that I want to read it for because you've heard this piece from me maybe a few days before. And then the melodica enter the masjid and they sit and they listen to the vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So when you're praying Jamar, the mullah er is sitting with you. There's not a lot of examples throughout your life where you can say that with full certainty.

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In America, just like the jinn, just like all ilm, Al Habib, the world of the unseen is something that we can, we don't have that connection, that clear connection with all the time, our understanding of it will vary depending on how much knowledge that you have and exactly how in which situation that you're in. It's hard to be certain about things when you talk about value because it's because it's unseen because the knowledge of Allah and you don't have access to measure it. But he gives you all your thoughts within a few nuggets here and there. And this is one of them. At the time of Jamal once the man begins the hotbar entered the masjid and they sit and they listen, just

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like you and you're surrounded for that half hour of Jamal or however long it takes, you're surrounded by the melodica of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're there for the purpose of celebrating the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala with you during this day. And that's the beauty of this, this hadith when you're sitting in Juma and anywhere is remember remind yourself that whether the Imam and the member has any idea what you're saying or not like whether I know what I'm doing or whether I don't know what I'm doing, it makes no difference to the fact that Metallica the the reverence and love for the DEA of Joomla is of that nature that they will if there is a domestic and there's the

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intention of a Joomla being established, then they come and sit up front and they write the names of people coming in based on their status and based on how much effort they put in and the moment the email begins of having to rely on will hamdulillah they close the record, they come inside they sit with you and they attend with you to embrace that and enjoy it on the day of July that you are in the presence of the melodica of Allah subhanho wa Taala which you can't always say and we hope that we're in their presence quite a bit. We hope that they are in the presence where they as the Quran Alladhina Yamuna. How would you said before whenever hamdulillah him were you meaning whenever he

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was top of your own? Manu Robina was here at Akula che in Ramadan were Ilma furtherfield Latina taboo whatever OSA De Luca was to him either about to him was the he was the earthy woman taki si t yo Matt You didn't know him. So the melodica in their nature they they make dua firm for remote mins those are even the Malacca are carrying Allah's throne. They go around and then

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Make dua for the believers, Oh ALLAH forgive them, Oh ALLAH forgive them and protect them from not just the punishment of the Hellfire, protect them from the from the effect of their own bad deeds, protect them from their own bad deeds yada, they make dua for you. So if you're in the presence of Bonanza, they're making dua for you. And that's one of the beauties of the day of Joomla and attending this allowed Joomla. So even if you come to a whole spa, and the Imam is completely useless, and the hook by me is nothing, I'm saying, jibber, I'm speaking in gibberish, and you understand nothing, and I'm just wasting your time. Then remember, you're in the presence of the

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melodica of Allah and they're making dua for you. They're your Soluna Alec

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, Muhammad, but they perform salah upon you during your Salah is during during gym and asking Allah Subhan Allah to forgive you and to grant you the best of both worlds. So embrace that and enjoy Yahweh the amount of Mohammed goofiness, maybe he be sent out in Hassanein and ivsa Eternal Kadri Yogi Allahu Anhu and then it also Allahu Allahu Allah. You also have your Salah makan

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either Cornejo module or RTI that in mela Iike to Allah Allah Bill Messiah GDF to guna manager Amina Nursey ILM and as Ely him But Roger to unpack them all and what are you doing them about Karachi and what are you doing pyjama the Jetta and Raju don't cut them off for and Raju don't pack them available for either isn't anymore as you know. We're gonna sell imam or Allah member to be at your Soho WADA lune Masjid yesterday on your own as Dicker Soraka Rasulullah sallallahu. Hendrickson Allah Allah interested to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad you know what I mean? So I can block antibiotic Allah you

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