What Sunnahs Of Friday Should We Observe During Covid Lockdown – Shaykh Abu Eesa

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the day as a time for worship and the need for everyone to be present during the day. They emphasize that the day is linked to the prayer and that there is no drama or drama-related behavior. The speaker also mentions the importance of not having a shower and not being in a rush to attend the gym.
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What soon as of Friday should we observe during the COVID-19? lockdown?

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So I guess this is a question that we're asking ourselves now that we're praying jamaa home, does that mean that we don't do the other stuff that we do normally on a Friday at home? What's connected to the prayer is often what's connected to the day itself. And this is a matter that the scholars have discussed. And to be honest, there's not a very large amount of evidence that would really categorically help us to make it clear what is what isn't. The main one, I guess, is the hustle of Friday, the actual

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bathing before you go out to Friday. And that does actually look like look as if it's linked to the prayer itself. When you see the evidences and the actions of the companions, it really feels that they're coming to the prayer itself needs to be done in the best way possible, that earlier than giving people to go back home, they're working, they'd stop there, or sweat or whatever whatnot, case off into a good appearance and then go back. If you're not going and making that journey out into the heat to go to the prep, then why would you need to then make the hosel itself and if this is scribed to this position. So I believe that whilst we're praying all the hard prayer, Homer,

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there's no drama, then I think on a Friday, there is no requirement to have the vessel itself. I do not believe that one has to technically speaking have to put on newer clothes or better clothes and wear perfume. Although let's recognize that the day itself is still an honorable day is still the day that the Malaysian was created is still the day that everything came forth. And it will be the day that everything ends on. It's a great day. And so we should still honor the day itself. So we should Yeah, looking good for the day itself looking smelling nice for the day itself, making sure that kids get their truths on this day. That is I think part of the day itself. That's not a

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problem. The other habits of that day Salawat upon the purpose of life, and I'm super emphasize not linked to the prayer whatsoever, must continue as much as possible on the day, the prophet SAW said and said we ever since Salatu, Salam upon me, then Allah sends upon him 10 times over the recitation of sootel calf. This is not one of the more emphasized sooner the Hadith, which established are not the strongest, frankly. But for those who feel that it is then that would continue that's not linked to the prayer that's linked to the day. And of course, there are the progress of licensing really emphasize that there are on Friday that there is an hour in which it is responded to. And therefore

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we should seek that I follow the opinion that there is no clear evidence that is a specific time that that has been taken from us to encourage us to make sure there are all throughout the day. And I believe this is one of the principles of the Sherry our certain acts of worship. So I think there are arguments to be strong and he needs to go out for the majority of the date as well. That's linked to the day. So So in essence, really the only thing that you're not required to do other than the gym opera is the hosel for the gym by itself. But I'm not going to be telling you not to have a shower because you're you know, I mean everybody benefits from a shower. I just don't want you when

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you're having your shower to have the intention. I'm doing it for the opposite of the sweltering drama. And that's pretty much the only difference and the loss of contact knows best. Subscribe to this channel. Share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ