Why Muslims Do Idol Worship by Worshiping Kaabah

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American mother* as you said in your speech, that God is alive image less and formless, as studied in Hinduism, in why Muslims during Hajj pilgrimage, they worship holy shrine as he knew they were cheap.

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That's very good question about that post. That if Almighty God has got no image in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala no form, then why are the Muslims they worship the holy shrine referring to the Kaaba in heartbreak image, whether it's a misconception no Muslim ever, worships acaba. It's a misconception among the non Muslims, that we Muslims, we worship the Kaaba,

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no Muslim worship that above you only worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who we cannot see in this world. What we do is the Kaaba is the Qibla tabla and Arabic means the direction, Kaaba is the Qibla. Because we Muslims, we believe in unity, all within unity. For example, if we want to pray to Almighty God, Allah subhana wa Taala. If we have to offer Salah, some may say, let's face the North, some may say let's face out, some may say east, some may say West, where do we face, we believe in unity. So for unity, all the Muslims throughout the world, they're asked to faith in the direction of the Qibla. That is the Kaaba, it's our direction. We don't worship it. And the first people who

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do the world map were the Muslims. And when the Muslim do the world map, they do with the South Pole on top and not fall down and Kaaba was in the center.

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The Westerners came and they turned the map upside down, north pole on top, South Pole down and Hungary law, yet the Kaaba is in the center, Mecca in the center. And since Mecca in the center, any Muslim in any part of the world, if he's staying in north of Kaaba, he faces towards the south. If he's staying in the south of Kaaba, he faces towards the north, all the Muslims toward the world they face in one direction. Kaaba is the tabla is the direction no Muslim ever worship. And when we go for Hajj pilgrimage, we circumambulate around the Kaaba, we circumambulate around the Kaaba because everyone knows that all circles have only one center. So we circumambulate around the Kaaba

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to testify that there is only one God, not because we worship it. And the statement of the second Caliph of Islam has Allah be pleased with him. He said, it's mentioned in say Muslim.

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In the Book of Mormon number two, he said, Hello, my man Lopez with him that I am kissing the black stone. That is the crab boss and guess what?

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Only because my prophet kissed it. Otherwise, this black stone can neither me neither can it benefit me. The second half of Islam, California somewhat more mellow pleased with him. He made it clear for eternity, that no Muslim ever worship the black stool, it can neither benefit us neither can harm us. And the best example is that during the time of the Prophet, the Sahaba, the Companion of the Prophet the evil to Don the Kaaba and give the as an as an is a call for prayers. People stood on the Kaaba and gave the reason I'm asking you which idol worship or will ever stand on the idol worships to these a sufficient proof. There's no Muslim ever worship the Kaaba. tapa is the Qibla

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and we worship only Allah subhanho wa Taala, who we cannot see with the eyes of them.