Zakir Naik – Why is Eating Pork Prohibited in Islam? Shaikh Fariq Naik

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the exclusivity of eating pork in Islam, citing various legal and scientific reasons. They also mention the dangerous effects of pork on health and the devastating consequences of overmedicated consumption. The speaker provides examples of animal behavior, including the behavior of animals like pig, and suggests that humans should not eat pork.
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The next question

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say the man from Manchester, UK. He asks Assalamualaikum Why is eating pork? haram?

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Allah subhanaw taala says no less than four different places into the Baccarat trap number two was the 173 instead of Maya chapter five verse number three in Deuteronomy chapter six was the 145 as well as in Surah. Chapter 16 was 115 hurry Matala, cumin Mater toward the Morocco, Cinzia warmer, La La Hebei and another place where maravilla believe it left.

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forbidden for you food are dead meat, blood, flesh of swine and any food on which any other name besides our last name has been taken.

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So these types of food they are prohibited for us Muslims.

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So this was is sufficient for a Muslim to be satisfied that pork it is prohibited in Islam.

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Focus even private in the Bible. It is mentioned in the Book of Leviticus chapter 11 was them seven and eight, that the swine though and divided the hoof, yet you know because

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he is unclean for you, Thou shall not eat his flesh, nor shall thou touch their dead carcass, it is unclean for you. A similar message is mentioned the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 14, verse eight, that the swine do divided the hoof, yet should not cut

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his unclean for you, Tao shall not eat its flesh, nor shall thou touch, it's that carcass he is unclean for you. POC is even prohibited in the book of Isaiah chapter 65 was the two to five. So the Bible clearly prohibits the flesh of swine that is spoke

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the Hindu scriptures, even it prohibits the flesh of swine. It's mentioned in manusmriti. Chat number five was the 19 that a Brahmin or two is born, he should not eat cook, onion, or the flesh of swine. a Brahmin should not eat cook onion and the flesh of swine. Furthermore, it is also mentioned in this new sutra, chapter number five was 49.

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that anyone who sells the forbidden meat that is the flesh of swine

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chop off his opposite hands and limbs, a punishment that is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. It is not mentioned in Islam.

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So the Bible as well as the Hindu scriptures they prohibit having poke.

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Now let's analyze what are the logical and scientific reasons why Islam prohibits eating pork.

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There are no less than 70 different types of diseases that you can get if you eat pork,

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roundworm many types of diseases that you can get, and you can get many Hill mentors. And one of the most dangerous is the taenia solium. And in layman's terminology, it is called a staple. And Tom was along the Interstate and it can damage almost every organ of the body. If it enters the brain, it can cause brain damage. If it enters the heart It can cause heart attack.

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Another dangerous element is it is the teacher, our teacher, ISIS. And many people they say that when we cook the pork Well, the flesh of swine Well, these OVA that is the eggs they die. But there was a research out of 24 people suffering from teacher a teacher ISIS 22 had cooked the food well.

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So when you cook pork under normal cooking temperature, these eggs over did not die.

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There are various diseases that you can get due to the consumption of pork

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and pork. It has very little muscle building material. It has a lot of fat, and this fat it gets deposited in the vessels, and it can cause hypertension and heart attack. No wonder more than 50% of the Americans they suffer from hypertension.

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Big it is the most filthiest and dirtiest animal on the face of the earth. It is the best scavenger it survives on dirt, muck and filth.

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Normally the pig, it isn't an area where there's dark muck and filth.

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And many times in the villages, you do not have the modern day toilets. So people they excrete in the open air. Later on the pigs come and the pigs clear the excreta. Many people argue and they say that, you know in Australia the pigs are kept in STI

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and they're taken care of so that they'd not eat dirt muck and filth. Do you know when the patient

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excretes it many times feeds on its own excreta. So do you have a person 24 as Manning

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wherever the pig excretes he picks up the excreta but natural No. Pig is a very filthy and dirty animal.

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And pig it is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It invites its friends to have * with his meat.

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And in America, many times after the dance parties, you have the swapping of the wives. You sleep with my wife, I sleep with your wife, you eat pigs and you behave like pigs.

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