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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The afterlife of the Bible is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding regretting one's actions. The speaker emphasizes the need to address one's pride and consider one's own actions before regretting them. The success of Islam in bringing people to believe in Islam is also highlighted, along with the importance of honoring people who have been punished for their actions. Virginia Bo Ma discusses her experience with a man who claimed to be a god, expressing her desire to stop the messager from reaching out to others.
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Today we will continue our series on solar to shut it off. After a loss of Konnikova to Allah tells the story of Ibrahim.

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He gives us a sneak peek at what will happen in the afterlife, particularly to the inhabitants of health. After that, Allah briefly tell us the story of several prophets no mood, saw the loo unsure ache or a Muslim.

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Although everyone just says what was the consent agenda today, we'll entertain a voter center we're both resultaten Jaffe hole in the wall we need

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a demand for talent.

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On that day, Paradise will be brought nearer to those who fear to law and the Hellfire will be displayed for those who went astray. And it will be sent to them. Where are those idols that you used to worship besides a lot?

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Can they help you now? Or can they even help themselves? Also kind of goes on giving special emphasis here to those punished in *? And then might occur to us to ask well, why isn't that? Is it because Allah subhanaw taala is an angry wrathful God?

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Is it because the best way to motivate someone is always through fear and threats? We know that this can't be true. Allah azza wa jal himself said in a hadith pudsey, and none of my team server comes about loving

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my hursey outpaces my wrath,

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even looking at the poor and usually Allah gives equal space and time to discuss the people of Paradise and the people of hellfire. But in this particular chapter, so to show its difference, Allah azza wa jal focuses on those who will be punished and how?

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To answer why.

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The answer becomes clear when we keep in mind who Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to reach with this particular chapter. So that this

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as well as the other chapters that were revealed around a similar time, these chapters were revealed that not at the beginning of the prophets mission, some of Laquan and some of them, but later on in the backup theory. At this point, before it should have seen that miracle upon miracle. So it's a natural has already been revealed where everyone automatically prostrated at the cabin, to Allah subhana Muthana. The moon has already been split. Pretty much everyone knows the truth at this point.

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They are simply in denial.

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Worse than that, they are too happy to just disagree

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or to debate.

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But they attempt to brutally suppress the message of tarried through threats of violence and physical intimidation.

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The most suitable message for such people is to get tough with them. To tell them point blank, that they are playing with fire here. They are headed for trouble. Allah azza wa jal has been very patient and understanding up until this point, but if they keep it up,

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they will not only be punished in eternity, but Allah azza wa jal will destroy them in a dramatic fashion in this life, just like the nations before them, who rejected their messengers.

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The orientation of the corporation is point towards a lot of signs is one of arrogance, not ignorance. So emphasizing the punishment that awaits them. The Hellfire is just what the doctor ordered.

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This teaches us something about how to deal with other people and how to motivate them. There's not just one way there's a time and a place for encouragement for leniency for gentleness. And there's a time to be stern with people and to warn them.

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wisdom is knowing which situation calls or which approach

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people are different. Some people are a sense of

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To be self critical, and if you treat them sternly they will crumble and break.

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Those people need to be encouraged. They need to be affirmed.

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Other people are so hard headed, that they need to be shaken away. They can't take a hint they need to be told directly.

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In any Muslim community, but especially in a community like ours, which is as diverse as it is, we need to be even more careful about this. Take time to learn what motivates someone before you try to correct them. Or as we say, connect before you correct.

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So Allah subhanahu wa Tada is giving a Quraysh and us to a window into what will happen to the insincere souls who rejected the truth, as they are cast into * upon their faces, they will say that, while he could never be more than it will be

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so evil we will either mean what

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Shafi reading, whatever something if you have any,

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any child water, in a corner, we don't want any

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by Allah will be more clearly stated, when we made you idols equal to the Lord of all of the worlds, and none that led us astray longer than those who were wicked.

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Now we have not to intercede for us or any close friend.

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If only we could have a second chance, then we would surely be believers.

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The people who were gripped by arrogance, the people who shows denial as their way, they will be left with nothing but regret.

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Their confession upon being thrown into the Hellfire is brutally honest. Now they see everything for how it really is. They see how different thinkers in their lives misled them, and how their own ego was willing to be misled. They see how it provided them just a fleeting moments of enjoyment,

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only to leave them bankrupt in the next life. Their entire life has become a source of burning regrets.

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Regrets is a powerful feeling.

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And often a very honest feeling. When I was a students, in Medina, I used to ask for older students, and the graduating students that were about to leave not what was their achievements? What were they most proud of? What were their regrets? What would they have done differently?

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I felt that I think that I was right, that they would be more honest about their regrets than their achievements.

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to regret something in the first place is to confess to a truth that you might have done something better than you did it. It's the voice of your conscience. Even if it's overly harsh, some people are too critical of themselves and beat themselves up over a very, very small things. But the fact that you have that little voice, that part of your conscience is extremely valuable. It's better than the opposite problem not having any regrets at all, about anything that would indicate Americans. This is the meaning of a hadith of our Prophet. How do you Well, we saw it we found that the father and Satan are being sold on either side for just $1 or two Bucha. Now,

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is Steph different with aleria nakoma en hottie the

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one that had the fineness with a lot that if he saw the way that target national would have to the companion while we saw that came to the province of a lot already he was

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he was on a new operating while he was coming. He said to him, you came to ask about righteousness.

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Yes. The companion was also the prophets of Allah while he was salam said Bastiaan hearts. Righteousness is what puts one's soul at ease. And sin is what troubles the soul and causes of hearts

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Sit down.

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Even if other people tell you that it's fine.

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Then always count on us as interviewer Danica, one that can acceptable.

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surely in this is a sign? Yeah, most of them would not believe. And your Lord is certainly the Almighty, Most Merciful. It's all a sign to think about for those who are open to the possibility of belief and faith, the regrets of those who have gone before us, the eternal consequences in the afterlife, the voice of our conscience, everything is there for us to think about and to use the intelligence that Allah Subhana Allah gave us to take heed, to turn back to repent to fix ourselves.

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Those who haven't very have the will to change but not the opportunity. us in this life have the opportunity, if only we could find a will that will have what we had there was talking about having significant stuff you know, in a bowl of good wine.

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Have you been out here on episode

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I haven't

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even watched

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that wanting some of our body finality, he was hoping he will fit or centimeter sleep and Cathedral.

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The very next section of this chapter continues the tone of warning, warning the Quraysh specifically of an impending disaster, a lot as Magellan begins to tell the stories of the prophets in an abbreviated form on one after the other.

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The purpose is to warn the Quraysh of their impending doom, should they continue to reject their own messenger. It's as if to say, if the afterlife if heaven and * are are too far away and too abstract for you to care about, then at least consider what might happen to you here. And now.

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allow as much as we can through the story of Oh, then who would who was set to add that sorry, who was set to demo that note? Who was sent Assad on that charade who said Tibetian I mean, even Sudan, the details of the stories are slightly different. But the main idea is the same. Allah actually repeats the words of the prophets over and over word for word all of them saying the same thing in the local prasun Amin setup of law however, what matters other than the body even as an add in as to that? I mean, if

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I am truly a trustworthy messenger to you, So fear Allah and obey me. I do not ask you for any reward for this message. My Lord is from the Lord of all worlds, So fear Allah and obey me.

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We learn from these stories, the common thread, connecting all the prophets, their message, that they are all calling to the same thing. That's a law however, later on, so theater Allah and obey me, fear here translated from TBWA which also means awareness and caution. This represents the internal dimension of faith.

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When you do when no one's watching,

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what's your motivation to obey? The thing that you feel inside is the love you have for Allah subhanaw avoids the hope that you have in a loss promises the fear that you have a lot of ability to punish.

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Obedience, on the other hand represents the external dimension of faith from the outside. What are our actions? What are our choices, our priorities? How are we living our lives? Fear Allah and obey the law. However,

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these are the two essential ingredients of faith inside and outside. There is

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is not any true obedience without fearing Allah on the inside. And there is no true theory alone on the inside without any obedience on the outside. This is the column of Prophets, internal and external faith.

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However the prophets going to get their people to believe Where's the proof in a local prasun Me or My home on a pageant? It has to be.

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I am a trustworthy messenger to you. I do not ask you for any reward for this message. My reward is only from the Lord of All the Worlds

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being trustworthy,

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comes first.

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Sometimes these days, people take an interest in data

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in inviting other people to ascend.

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That's wonderful. But sometimes when we think of that, we think of debates, we think of some sorts of intellectual combat the virus has changed the Trinity is blasphemy. How could you believe that the universe did not have a creator?

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Again, all of us is wonderful Eliza Joe uses these arguments in the forehand.

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But sometimes, our Dawa is missing a key ingredients.

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Because being right does not mean that we will be believed.

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Are we trustworthy?

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A beautiful message delivered by someone who is not trustworthy is like a sports car without a steering wheel. It's not going to take you anywhere, and no one's even going to buy it. No matter how nice it looks from the outside.

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Our province will love it and

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understood that the importance of being trustworthy and how essential it was to the spread of Islam.

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This is why he was asked the diamond Gerardo and

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he asked me Allah and he hasn't even told me

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all that.

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I believe in Gerrard asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot believe for four decades.

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Can he have illicit relationships?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it's possible. Yes, that is possible. He also Allah has the US economic

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and political monadic then he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot believe or steal

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the profits of a loved one and send them replied, it's possible that that could happen.

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Pollyanna Bo Ma, le enfeeble moved

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to law school he saw my son of all I had the

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baby, setting the kettlebell and

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then he asked the Prophet can a believer lie.

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He replied, No syllable body he was seven

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then the problem is a little over seven recited verse 105 from so it's

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only those who don't believe in min lies.

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The prophecy

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was walking one day in the marketplace in Medina. One day after it had rained.

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He passed by a grain seller who was selling grain out of a basket like they used to do.

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Strangely enough, the green looks dry. Even though it had just rained.

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The problem was a little up all of a sudden he stuck his hand down into the basket. And he found that the grain underneath was less.

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The seller had just put dry grass on top of the white stuff to cover it up.

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The prophets of Allah Allah He was set up confronted the man. And he confessed that he didn't want people to know that his brain was wet and not by it.

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So the Prophet saw a loved one or someone corrected him and said, Oh, my gosh, shuffling is a big thing.

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Whoever cheats has nothing to do with me. And another why a man was Chanel, Hebei, Samina whoever cheats us he has nothing to do with us.

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If someone is going to cheat, it's better that he doesn't even associate himself with us. Because we're trying to bring a movement. We're trying to bring guidance. We're trying to bring the lights to the world and if you cheat someone and you are associated with this movement

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You will damage the reputation of Allah's guidance, and everyone else that follows it.

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It's better than nobody thinks that you're a Muslim. We want nothing to do with you.

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If we follow the guidance of the prophets of the love bombing,

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Amis amazing things will happen. Malaysia, Indonesia, these are all Muslim lands without a single battle being fought without a single sword being lifted. Why?

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Because the Muslims who went there for business, a feared Hola. They were honest, they looked out for the rights and interests of their customers more than they looked out for their own rights and interests.

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And that is the best thing that you could do forget

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to be trustworthy.

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The messengers were trusted,

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and to prove their trustworthiness to their people, they made it clear that they had no conflict of interest or ulterior motive at all.

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In Nigeria,

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I mean, I did not ask you for any reward for this message. My reward is only from a lot of but I mean, rewards come in many, many forms, money, status, praise, reputation.

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people of faith, turn to Allah azza wa jal for their award, not other people.

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We don't serve the messaging to give an example to put our name on it. To get an award at the end of the year, we don't give the charity to others to be nice.

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Or so we can cash in on a favor down the road.

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Sincerity is not wanting any reward from this dunya

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but only in the afterlife and being sincere desire in a war, a reward

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from the afterlife prevents you from being taken advantage of by the devil.

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who threatens you with the loss of what you have and promises you that reward that you really want?

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The messengers were sincere.

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What was the reaction of these to these perfect signs that they brought that the messengers carried and explained? Sincerely?

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Not nothing but excuses. That people have no idea he sat down and said, look at your poor followers, we will follow you if it means associating with these guys.

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That people are solid. And Sharif said you're affected by magic. You're just a man like we are show us a sign.

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Of course, once they got their sign, they just found another excuse.

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That people have mood and the people who resorted to threats of violence. We will expel you we will keep you out if you keep them up. Leave us to our ways.

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Arrogance, not beggars.

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They knew better. They were given a chance and they were not sincere enough to take advantage of that chains.

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Is there any other appropriate response for such people other than punishment?

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Some people are confused. Some people think that the only way to be merciful is to forget it.

00:23:54 --> 00:23:57

Allah azza wa jal is more merciful than you.

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A lot is more merciful than me. He's more merciful than any of us and yet he punishes

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because even his punishment is a mercy.

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Isn't it a mercy to read the nerves of such arrogance. Think of all of the oppressed creatures that breathe a sigh of relief when these people were destroyed from Epic summit without says neither the heavens nor the earth works for them. Like Allah says it's so hard.

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Isn't it a mercy to make them into a sign and example for people later on?

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If they had not been punished in spectacular fashion, the police and every other oppressive people could point to them and say, Look, nothing happened to them.

00:24:51 --> 00:24:54

We don't expect anything to happen to us either.

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Allah azza wa jal is

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Probably the most merciful and also he's

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he's the most just He forgives everything to those who are sincere.

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As for those who are not sincere, Allah azza wa jal has prepared for them a fair and just punishment

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that was

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on me

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maybe yeah

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something funny he was having to sleep on load or something whatever you happen to

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have that some data on a

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what will happen to

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the G Alumni Service or what it was gonna be, whether the shift will push the keys or a deed once regarded meaning what

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does that

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mean? All those upon sold as well and it was thought of in the Macan Aloha affiliate media we're hoping to was mostly me and most of the math

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what is often interested

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determining the order

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that's going to last

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a long

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