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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © Moloch Moloch discusses the weight of Islam's first revelation, surah Islam, in society and describes the three weeks of hesitation and its impact on society. He also discusses the weight of his weight in society and his experiences with difficult time. In a later segment, he discusses the importance of learning to write in the creation process and the potential for success in writing.
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alumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah mursaleen at Nam Hamad in wider early he will remain our beloved brothers and sister in Islam Mr. Moloch Moloch with the law but

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are you all doing and hamdulillah Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala who sent us the rain Alhamdulillah Allah bless May this rain via Blizzard rain, and it rains at the right places and may restore our dam levels and Allah subhanho wa Taala protect anyone from the harm in this rain as well. And Alhamdulillah we are we think about it we've got three weeks ago of Ramadan, next week this time then we would say op bear 15th of Ramadan. A week after that, then we are in the last 10 nights a week often and then it's eat again. So just three weeks between us and Jenna within those three weeks in sha Allah possibly later two quarter is coming. So every bit of effort that we have

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in these three weeks inshallah Allah grant us the strength and the ability to remain steadfast I mean, we continue with out of out of juice and tonight inshallah we will discuss the very first revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the very first Ayat of the Quran to be revealed the start of the revelation of the Quran, the well known story that we all know, the revelation of surah to unlock the beginning of surah Allah to some back ground to this surah Firstly, is it macchio Madani?

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Doubt, it's murky, obviously, it's murky. And we know that the prophet SAW Selim lived in Makkah, and he went through various stages of his life, going from an orphan, being raised about Abu Talib his uncle, until he was about 25 years old when he met and had deja. And for the next 15 years from the age of 25, to the age of 40, it must have been the most enjoyable time in the life of an obese or seldom being a family man raising kids being with his his soul mate, Khadija rhodiola and raising himself up in the status of society becoming a well liked a well known, a very prominent man in koresh, on the verge of really becoming one of the chieftains of koresh, but as he's, you know,

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climbed up society from being right at the bottom and often from being a person who was had no real wealth to becoming a prominent member in society. He looked at his community and as Allah says, what was the Cabal and had that he felt lost in his society. He saw his people worshipping idols, he saw the rich, oppressing and abusing the poor, the powerful abusing the slaves, that everything was based on class, he saw the ugliness of his society. And as he grew older, towards the age of 40, I shadowed him and he tells us in a hadith Muslim, that the prophet SAW seldom he went through a period of deep introspection and longing, where he would actually leave maca and spend weeks and

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eventually more than that, in the caves of maca. maca is in the valley, so he would spend time in the mountains, looking at his people looking up to the sky, looking for something, something was missing in his life, something was missing. And he could not accept, you know, internally that this is what life was all about. And it was at the age of 14, when he was in the cave. When Allah subhana wa Taala sent him that revelation.

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When we saw Solomon sitting in the cave, and he perceives that he's not alone, he expects that he's alone in the cave as has been for many weeks, and all of a sudden these and other prisons with him in the cave. And this being comes close to him and says Mohammed ikura read, we know that our basis was me he had not learned to read or write and he says manner because I am not someone that can read. I mean this being

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either use possibly in the form of a man at this point in time, he grabbed an obese or solemn and squeezed him squeezed him and the profits are seldom seen. he squeezed me so intensely. He was about to fall unconscious. And then he let go. And then the man said once again read and the prophets of Salaam says I can't read and the man with grabs the profits awesome in squeezes him so intensely, he was about to faint. And the third time he did this once again, when eventually the man himself read ikura this miracle lady Holla Holla call insane I mean allok ikura, Google Chrome and levy Allah bill column allemaal insana, Madam yalom. We'll talk about the tough scene in a minute. But once the

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words came out of once the man finished the citing these verses, the prophet SAW Salem, terrified, runs out of the cave, and he runs down the mountain and when he looks back up, he sees an angel in the sky, with his wings covering the east and the west. And every time the officer would turn his face, he would see this presence and he would run all the way back to his home and he

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comes into the place where he felt the most safe. The person that brought him comfort alija and in the middle of the story he said Sammy Looney is a Milani hold me cover me bring a blanket and he was shaking, shivering, he was extremely afraid. And he says to her, deja, I think something bad is just happened to me, I think. And it shows you the humanity of the Navy SEALs alone. He says, I think you know, some shape on or something evil has just come about me, maybe I'm losing my mind. This is disturbed him deeply this experience, and her deja rhodiola on her. She was when she heard the story. She says By Allah, Allah would never let anything bad happened to you. I've seen from you

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that I've not seen from anyone else. You are good to your family, you're good to your neighbors, you speak the truth. You're always honest. You are just an fi, you help the oppressed, you help the traveler, you are a person of upright character never would allow a man like you to be misguided or lost to go through difficulty. So she took the profits or sold them to an uncle of hers who was a priest. And he wasn't the critic Christianity. He was in the last days of his life. And when he heard he was blind, his name was a warlock. And he when he heard the story, he said to the prophets of Salaam, that presence which came to you is the same presence that came to the NBA before that is

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God. This is how Allah reveals to his eye, his eye musalla certain went through the same thing. Maybe Brahim went through the same thing. This is a very similar pattern that you are experiencing. And I wish that I was strong enough. I wish I was a young man. So when the day comes when you have to leave your city and they throw you out, I want to be there with you when you make each other I wish I was with you. So the purpose of the city they really cost me out. And he said yes, no one comes with a simulation, except that the people reject them. So what are these?

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What are these are at the beginning and why did Allah choose these is to start the revelation of the Quran. And if we look back at the sutras, we recited, we understood and we learned from the sutras that man is created by Allah is neffs is balanced. And he has a natural inclination on the fitrah. But it can be corrupted. And the only way to save yourself from this corruption is to believe in Allah and to be guided through guidance from Allah. That's what Allah says in in in in lll alhuda, that up in alayka, in Elena alhuda, that upon us His guidance, we are the ones that give guidance. And without that guidance, our fitrah our neffs would be corrupted. So Allah subhanho wa Taala now

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opens the Quran with these beautiful verses, a lot begins ikura read. The first command to our oma is to read that without reading and learning and acquiring knowledge, you will not get guidance. This is a principle that Allah has with him. But if you do not learn and read 99% of the time, you're going to be off the track you're going to be misguided. Surah Fatiha when we did the tough seat, we said it all comes down to guidance. They are those who will adore lean, they're sincere, they're good intentioned, but they do not have knowledge so they've gone astray. Allah says the beginning to reform your society. The beginning place to fix our problems is a corrupt, a corrupt

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and this isn't the third person now it's as if though God is telling the prophets of Salaam read in the name of your load who created he lifted open, he didn't say created you created all of creation, that this is a revelation from the creator of the universe, the ultimate creator. These are the words read in his name. If you remember a week ago, when he spoke about the bus mela, we say everything begins with In the name of Allah meaning with the Nia to get closer to Allah. So jabril is saying read to get closer to Allah and for the purpose of Allah and to get to know who Allah is the Creator. Allah Collinson, amin Allah. So Allah is the one the Lord who created he in his name,

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and he created in Sun from an Allah. Now the word Allah,

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the word allok

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appears a few times in the Quran. And almost always it refers to stages of man's production, how we are born, allow mentions in insert mode, we know that through Maha lacanau, who knew

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that we created man first his first stage of creation is a * photo and this is when the male and female fluids mix. And then after that, the new tpha becomes an Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and Allah is the next stage after the new the new TVA is when the male fluid and the female fluid mixes, it now forms a new being a new creation. And this thing Alico if you look at the dictionary, where does it come from? It goes back to something which is attached something which is hanging, something which is cleaning

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to something else, this is an era. And it refers to we know now in modern science, it refers to the embryo attaching itself to the uterus of the mother. And there are a number of other meanings in terms of the allok. If you look in the Arabic language, it can mean a clot of blood, it can mean something that is attached. It can also mean a leech, and a low atom, modern science, modern technology, when you look at the embryo, or the very first when we say just after fertilization, the best way to describe this thing that this embryo is a leech like substance that clings to the mother's uterus, and withdraws nutrients. That is what a leech looks like. And that's what an embryo

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looks like. Within its first few days of, of being alive. This thing is called and Allah. So Allah mentioned that you start off an alligator, and then you will move on to different stages. So Allah says to the prophets of Salaam,

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read in the name of your Lord who created everything, and He created man, from an Allah He begins, you begin as a person, as an Allah. And really what this is also saying, we know there's a stage before that not for now, the new tpha is still a mixture of two different people, but the unlock the embryo is a new being on its own. It's the very first stage in being an individual and you begin like that or saying, Look at how you begin. Look at where you start. Absolutely nothing. No eyes, no ears, no thinking, no heart, no knowledge, you're complete blank slate. And that's where you begin a lot begins, you will get ikura bukal a crumb read, and your load is a crumb. And Kareem is to be

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like, say Ramadan, Kareem. Kareem is generous, giving a like we say Ramadan, the month that is just giving you blessings all the time. A crumb is the most generous lead. And your Lord is the one who loves to give gifts, he loves to give you blessings. And if you read, if you study, you're going to get a blessing, almost basically telling the prophets of Solomon all of us, if you open a book, and you read, you're going to get a gift out of it, it's going to benefit you, you're not going to lose out. So read and you'll notice the most generous Allah the alhama bill column, he is the one that taught with Obi the pin. Now what is this pin and the different mufa cd mentioned either this ayah

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could mean that Allah taught men how to write. And we're the only creation on this earth when the universe that we know of that actually knows how to write look at all the animals. There's no other creature that knows how to write. And he's so what I've seen is a lot taught man the ability to write which separates him from the rest of creation. Number two, the pin as we say noon while kalami Amaya stone, there is a special kind of pin above the cedar of the moonta which writes the decrees of all of creation. And Hades it mentions the first thing to be created was the pin and unless it to the pin, right, and the pin Osceola What should I write? And I'll say that right all the decrees of

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creation before any of it was created. And we know we're getting close to later other when some of that decrees which the pain has written will come to pass. Of course we have the ability to make the law but we'll talk more about that inshallah on Monday when you do Sudoku, so to cover but this pin Allah says, He taught by this pin, he taught creation, how to do its functions through this pin LML insane MLM Allah, Allah taught men that which he did not know, in this ayah we see alarming chance ekra twice, he mentions learning twice, he mentioned the pin, and he mentions the creation of insanity. And what is the link between this? What is this ayah? What are these? What is the sutra

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really trying to give all this opening verses of the Quran trying to give you it is to explain a simple principle in the universe that Allah created Nabhi Adam, and we know in the story of Nairobi, Adam, only when he was taught something which the angels did not know did they make sudo to nebbia Adam, Allah is saying that Allah created all of creation, but the ones he gives knowledge. They are the ones that arise up in the ranks in terms of where they are in status and position. And he's given men the ability, the capacity to learn something which no other creation can achieve. That man through this knowledge can exceed even the angels, no other creation can achieve that. And Allah is

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giving you this gift. It's a potential you have to cross that bridge of knowledge. And if you acquire it, you will be the highest of Allah's creations. But if not, as we said in the previous surah tomorrow that now as far as surfing, if you deny you switch that CPU off it Allah has given you, you put it off when you go to the lowest of the low. And this is a principle in the universe with Allah, that the people who are the most knowledgeable, even in in secular knowledge will always Excel will always be better.

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I was listening to something where they said, If you combine all the universities in the Muslim lands, it's less than the number of universities in California. And so why why are these? Why are these countries more advanced than us? We own the guidance and how can we have the Quran? Yes, but those are the people who are eating and learning. And Allah will always give the one who learns above, and gives them position and status above those who don't learn. So Allah is saying to the Prophet look, then at least those who came to a society worse than ours, were people worse than our people. And unless you want to fix the society, begin with reading. And similarly to us, we begin

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with reading begin with acquiring knowledge, and hamdulillah. We've got many resources available to us. Muslim Central, as I said, many times, a wonderful place to get access to knowledge, but we should become a oma of learning and reading and when we did that, we excelled and basically led the world both in terms of the deen and in terms of the dunya. So inshallah with this beginning, Allah opened the heart and mind of Nabeel Salaam and with these verses, we are guided today. This is where our story begins and the Quran began, there is a bit of a controversy and are in love with us. There are some Sahaba, who said the very first sutra to be revealed was Surah Fatiha as a minority view.

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And the reality to make a gem of these two opinions is that Surah Fatiha was the very first surah to be revealed in its entirety from beginning to end, you will find that tomorrow when we discuss the rest of sewer to Allah, the rest of the surah is maybe eight years after this event. Five, six, maybe eight years after these five is revealed, the rest of Sultan Allah was revealed. When you read it now it looks like one surah but if something happened afterwards, then Allah gave the rest of the surah of the miracles of the Quran. So sort of it had when it was revealed soon after this, it was revealed from the beginning to the end, but this without a doubt with the very first verses of the

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Quran to be revealed sort of luck. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the tofik to read and to learn and to obtain those benefits and blessings from him. When you open the Quran and whatever book it might be Alhamdulillah tomorrow we continue with with Allah the rest of the surah and we will discuss the worst man, the worst man of this oma is cursed in the surah by Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll speak about him tomorrow. Last night's question. In our quiz we asked waited nem Nabi Musa receive revelation. We did receive it

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to the scene in Mount Sinai

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and tonight's question inshallah, we will do our lucky draw tomorrow evening. So, but tonight inshallah we will will continue the quiz and in our prizes for tomorrow inshallah. What kind of animal does the allok resemble look like? Does it look like a leech? Does it look like a monkey? Does it look like a camel? Does it look like an elephant?

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of one?

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No gods are they no gods.

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inshallah, tomorrow, I think what are we going to do is we'll repeat the question, and we'll have a question tomorrow, and there'll be double insha Allah, Allah Fado, Sinhala, syedna, Mohammed, Yusuf Islam Sani Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Tafseer of Juz Amma – Surah Al Alaq (The Clot), The Start of the Quran’s Revelation
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa

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